31 canzoni Nick Hornby Giorgio Rinaldi canzoni Esperto d eccezione e grande appassionato di musica Nick Hornby con questo libro si lasciato andare a una lunga chiaccherata su rock pop scegliendo e commentando sul filo dei ricordi e delle emozio
  • Title: 31 canzoni
  • Author: Nick Hornby Giorgio Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9788850206384
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
31 canzoni Nick Hornby Giorgio RinaldiEsperto d eccezione e grande appassionato di musica, Nick Hornby con questo libro si lasciato andare a una lunga chiaccherata su rock pop, scegliendo e commentando, sul filo dei ricordi e delle emozioni, trentuno pezzi che l hanno conquistato e fatto innamorare Una personalissima hit list che celebra la magia delle belle canzoni.
31 canzoni Nick Hornby Giorgio Rinaldi

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    225 Nick Hornby Giorgio Rinaldi
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  1. Nick Hornby contemplates the souls connection to music, and how it shapes our lives and culture while sharing with us 31 of his own favourite tunes and his personal connection to them Hornby s essays, as with all his novels, are beautifully written with equal parts humour and insight and even if you re unfamiliar with the song in that chapter, completely relatable I made a point to listen to every song while reading each chapter which added to my enjoyment as well as introduced me to some gems I [...]

  2. the original hardcover edition is the one to get it s all made up nice to resemble a mix tape you made back in high school and handed, sweaty palm and all, to the girl you were madly in love with she was all long brown hair and old striped izod shirts that were hand me downs from her older brother or father and afterwards days later you sat on a guardrail in a parking lot and talked about the songs and the sun was setting over telephone wires on beat up cars and still it was a perfect landscape [...]

  3. A couple of times a year I make myself a tape to play in the car, a tape full of all the new songs I ve loved over the previous few months, and every time I finish one I can t believe they ll be another Yet there always is, and I can t wait for the next one you need only a few hundred things like that, and you ve got a life worth living.I love Nick Hornby I love his voice And I love that he s so neurotically obsessive about the things that he loves Here he dissects 31 of his favorite songs I ha [...]

  4. Tal como su t tulo ya da a entender, 31 canciones se trata de una disecci n de 31 canciones que por diversos motivos han impactado y llegado al autor No importa que la lista que ha escogido Hornby no tenga ning n parecido con la que hubi ramos escogido nosotros, ni que ni siquiera hayamos o do las canciones de las que habla, porque consigue transmitir perfectamente el amor que siente por estas canciones en concreto, y por la m sica en general, con un estilo que mezcla cr tica musical, ensayo y a [...]

  5. You could, if you were perverse, argue that you ll never hear England by listening to English pop music The Beatles and the Stones were, in their formative years, American cover bands that sang with American accents the Sex Pistols were The Stooges with bad teeth and a canny manager, and Bowie was an art school version of Jackson Browne until he saw the New York Dolls So begins Nick Hornby s chapter on why England s national anthem should change shouldn t they all from God Save the Queen to Ian [...]

  6. Absolute shit Some terrible, terrible song choices Nelly Furtado It s embarrasing Like hearing your dad telling you he watched the fratellis on Jools Holland and thought they were great Awful, awful book

  7. Reposting an old review A few pages into book brought me to the observation It s not the typical Nick Hornby piece Don t expect to find yourself in the psyche of some middle aged guy coming to terms with his personal foibles and neuroses The book is a collection of essays on selected songs that Hornby relates to certain moments in his life his personal soundtrack so to speak Granted, the topic is boring or, at the very least, uninspiring His song selection is quite esoteric Only two of the songs [...]

  8. I was playing Queen for my daughter today, thinking it s 24 years since I first consciously listened to their music and irremediably fell in love with them read Freddie, mostly and I just realized I didn t say a word about this little lovely book Sometimes, very occasionally, songs and books and films and pictures express who you are, perfectly And they don t do this in words or images, necessarily the connection is a lot less direct and complicated than that This quote really sums up what 31 S [...]

  9. I wavered between giving this book three or four stars, but decided on three because of several essays in the middle that I didn t find particularly interesting and could have done without In general, these essays provide an insightful look at music in general, how it plays a part in our lives and its impact on culture Because the essays are written by Nick Hornby, they are often quite funny, and almost always well crafted I love his general lack of pretension about his music tastes, and that he [...]

  10. Bueno, no es una novela, ni un ensayo, ni una cr tica musical como se esfuerza en recordarnos el autor constantemente es una mirada sobre 31 canciones que de alguna manera u otra han calado en Hornby, bien sentimentalmente, bien por otros motivos m s musicales No puedo evitarlo, Hornby me cae bien, me gusta como escribe, y es un fan de la m sica, como yo, aunque no tenga su nivel de conocimientos seguramente pero el libro destila pasi n y eso es lo que me atrapa, aunque no compartamos totalmente [...]

  11. What could perhaps described as autobiographical music criticism Anyone who knows me knows I frequently cite the often miss attributed quote writing about music is like dancing about architecture Costello Monk Mingus Kant so this book is kinda like that Plus, Hornby frequently comes across as an old, liberal fart, especially in his descriptions of 21st century pop music and hip hop BUT HE KNOWS HES AN OLD LIBERAL FART AND HE REALLY LOVES Nelly Furtado so that sort of makes it OK doesn t it Not r [...]

  12. Nick Hornby is a good writer and it is obvious with this book But this was a really boring book As I was reading about songs I didn t know or could care about I wondered how this book even got made and who would really buy it I fill like it was something he just did to fulfill an obligation I m glad I could read it in a day.I won this book on and thank the publisher for my copy.

  13. When I put this on my wishlist, I thought it was a novel I just read a couple of Hornby s books and decided I wanted to read them all I was a little disappointed when I discovered it was just him talking about 31 songs he liked, especially when I looked at the list of songs and either don t know or don t like any of them But this isn t really about those particular songs This is a musical journey that pretty much everyone can relate to Even though the songs are different, they way he s gone thro [...]

  14. Un percorso originale tra 31 delle canzoni che hanno fatto di questo autore l individuo che era nel periodo in cui scrisse questo libercolo 2003, circa Lettura decisamente consigliata a chi stia cercando di ritrovare la propria voce nelle canzoni altrui, a chi stia inseguendo lo swing perduto, a chi stia imparando a conoscere se stessoe anche a tutti gli altri.Se la musica non avesse avuto un impatto cos profondo nella mia vita, mi sarei attenuta alle canoniche 3 stelle del mi piaciuto , ma non [...]

  15. Haciendo bandera del abandono de aquellos libros que no tenemos ganas de leer, pienso que en la adolescencia me hubiese enganchado con el juego de escuchar y conocer cada una de las canciones elegidas por Hornby, que me cae muy simp tico por haber visto adaptaciones como High fidelity o About a boy, para luego sumergirme en la lectura de estos art culos En esos a os de leer con avidez suplementos j venes y revistas como Los inrockuptibles o la Rolling Stone, este libro hubiese encajado a la perf [...]

  16. But sometimes, very occasionally, songs and books andfilms and pictures express who you are, perfectly.I might not have the same music taste as Nick Hornby I mostly related to the references to Sex Pistols, The Clash and Patti Smith but we feel and are driven by our love for it which is exactly what this book is about.Although, I do feel it got dragged by the end of it and the songs didn t feel as meaningful as the first ones and could ve done without.

  17. The other day I read a rather unfair review of Somerset Maugham s The Razor s Edge on The Atlantic, about how he was among the best of second rate writers, or something like that In explaining her position, the writer refered to a moment in the book where a character s library is used as a way of describing him, which is apparently lazy This observation was weird for me, not only because the character in question was Elliot Templeton, who at the time of this description had already been psycholo [...]

  18. Music is such a personal experience that, in the course of writing about 31 songs, one is bound to alienate some and endear oneself to others, possibly at the same time I think that s why I found it difficult to rate this book I was both delighted by it and disappointed with it Some lines were illuminating and others made me laugh out loud But I found large sections irrelevant and actually skipped a lot of it The pace felt schizophrenic and overwhelming, as he pulled in random tidbits from diffe [...]

  19. Rummaging through the music section of my library one day, I found Songbook by Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity and About A Boy, and immediately brought it home There s nothing better than coming across someone who enjoys music and can write about it with skill and verve.Songbook is basically a collection of reflections on 31 songs, not his all time best of list, but rather, songs which he s listened to over and over again and which he wanted to write something about Thus he has essays on ev [...]

  20. A couple of times a year I make myself a mix to play in the car, full of all the new songs I ve loved over the previous few months, and every time I finish one I can t believe that they ll be another Yet there always is, and I can t wait for the next one you need only a few hundred things like that, and you ve got a life worth living I would classify this short book as part memoir, part music criticism, and part pop culture manifesto English novelist essayist Nick Hornby dissects 30 pop songs a [...]

  21. I ve been a Nick Hornby fan ever since I read High Fidelity and was blown away by what I consider to be one of the best pop novels ever written But ever since reading High Fidelity, I ve felt let down by his work It s not that the other novels aren t enjoyable, but they don t emanate the same kind of raw honesty and personal meaning that High Fidelity did for me There was something about that book that just seems very true to me.That said, this is best book I ve read by him since High Fidelity, [...]

  22. This was my first introduction to Nick Hornby, and now that I ve found an author who shares my feelings and taste in music, I m completely willing even willing than I might be for a writer who s only as great as Hornby to explore the novels he s written For one, he s hilarious I laughed and laughed deeply at his jokes especially those regarding his Billboard exploration and songs to have sex to And secondly, he has a writing style that s both candid and eloquent, serviceably invisible My third [...]

  23. I read this book a few years ago I picked up the book because this is the author of high fidelity One of my favorite movies I also was interested because the idea behind the book In this book, Nick Hornby takes the reader through a list of his favorite songs, their significance to him and why and what he loves about music in general as well This is a great book and I believe everyone can relate to the author s emotional connections with a song list, in their own unique way We all love music We a [...]

  24. Bijzonder boek De vele muziekbesprekingen zijn slim, genuanceerd en inspirerend en geven meteen zin om de besproken titels te gaan verkennen zelfs Bruce Springsteen Maar wat het echt goed maakt, is hoe Nick Hornby zijn bedenkingen en associaties bij de songs gebruikt om zichzelf te omschrijven Doorheen het boek krijg je dan ook op een heel subtiele manier een duidelijk gevoel over wie de auteur is Heerlijk.Een van de citaten die ik aanduidde over Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen When it comes down [...]

  25. I thought this would be some kind of pretentious snobbery featuring lots of indie bands I d never heard of Okay, so it did feature lots of bands musicians I ve never heard of but mostly it reveals Hornby s incredible love for music Of all kinds And even if he doesn t like a particular genre, he doesn t diss those who do.

  26. I won this book in a songwriting contest, which is fitting It was the hardcover, which has a great look and feel, and comes with a CD I loved listening to the CD while reading about the individual songs, and following the journey that each song took him on.

  27. Does anyone know if Mr Hornby was serious when he cited the following lines from Aimee Mann s Ghostland as excellent Everyone I know is acting weird or way too coolthey hang out by the poolso I just read a lot and ride my bike around the school.

  28. I won this book in a giveaway and I was excited about reading it This book was terrible I don t understand why the author chose to write a book about songs he likes No story no plot I was bored from the first chapter.

  29. Nick Hornby on Thunder Roadriously, what could be better Some of the essays were better than others, especially since some of the music was pretty seriously obscure, but I enjoy Hornby s thought processes so much that he can pretty much write about anything and I ll dig it.

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