Killing Fear Allison Brennan Killing Fear FEAR NEVER DIESTheodore Glenn loves to inflict pain both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses At his trial seven years ago Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper
  • Title: Killing Fear
  • Author: Allison Brennan
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  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Killing Fear Allison BrennanFEAR NEVER DIESTheodore Glenn loves to inflict pain both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses At his trial seven years ago, Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper, the cop who nabbed him, and beautiful Robin McKenna, the stripper whose testimony put him behind bars When a catastrophic disaster sets Glenn free, he blazes a freshlyFEAR NEVER DIESTheodore Glenn loves to inflict pain both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses At his trial seven years ago, Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper, the cop who nabbed him, and beautiful Robin McKenna, the stripper whose testimony put him behind bars When a catastrophic disaster sets Glenn free, he blazes a freshly bloodied path across San Diego County But the death he craves most is Robin McKenna s Putting aside their past troubled relationship, Will rushes to protect Robin, now a savvy businesswoman operating an upscale club As the killings mount and Glenn proves a master manipulator, Robin and Will become snared in a twisted web of horror But the shocking truth is even worse The evil they are to face is even deadlier than they fear.From the Paperback edition.
Killing Fear Allison Brennan

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  1. Revenge was the only thing on Theodore Glenn s mind as he escaped from prison He was on the hunt for Detective Will Hooper and Robin McKenna and it would just be a matter of time before he found them This is the first book I ve read by Allison Brennan and it won t be my last This definitely was a fast paced thriller which I couldn t put down If you like reading thrillers, mysteries or suspense books, then I suggest you give this one a go, I m certain it won t disappoint you Highly recommended.

  2. 5 stars Romantic SuspenseThis was my first read by author Allison Brennan, but it won t be the last Her style reminds me a lot of one of my favorite writers of dark, chilling romantic suspense, Karen Rose, especially the case solving and the uber creepy villain I would have liked a bit romance between the H h, Detective Will Hooper and his witness, former stripper Robin, but the moments they shared were emotional and steamy It s an intense, thrilling romantic suspense read, and I m excited to h [...]

  3. Allison Brennan Finalmente encontrei uma autora que escreve bons romances policiais ao estilo de Karen Rose Killing Fear tem os ingredientes para um excelente thriller de suspense um bom enredo, crimes horrendos, um leque de personagens carism ticos, bem constru dos e desenvolvidos, assim como uma dose q.b de romance, t o caracter sticos da dita autora que eu tanto gosto.Resumindo, Allison Brennan foi uma grande descoberta para come ar o ano e ser , certamente, uma autora para continuar a acompa [...]

  4. Incredible If you re familiar with the author and had read her previous Evil trilogy, you ll be familiar with some of the characters in this one Carina and Nick, Julia and Connor, and Dillon I m glad they were part of this book.I had read Crystal s review on this one and had to pick it up I d read the previous trilogy and loved it, so this was pretty much a no brainer I m glad I did.Brennan has a way of creating fictional characters that seem absolutely real I could feel Robin s fear, her courag [...]

  5. I can t even imagine how horrible it would be to have your friends turn up dead, and you suspect the creep that can t seem to take his eyes off of you Or maybe the only worse thing would be when that same creep escapes jail, throwing your sense of safety out the window, 7 years later and coming straight for you, because you are at the heart of his troubles This sadly is Robin s life.Robin tries her best to show a brave face, but Theodore s guerrilla tactics make it hard for her to live her live [...]

  6. Killing Fear by Allison Brennan4.5 StarsSynopsis Seven years ago, Theodore Lawrence Glenn was convicted of murdering four exotic dancers and swore revenge against those responsible for his imprisonment Now he has escaped and Robin McKenna, the main prosecution witness, and Will Hooper, the detective who put Glenn away, are reunited and must get past their personal issues if they are to survive the machinations of this sadistic killer Review Wow This book is incredibly gritty and realistic The pl [...]

  7. Seven years ago, Theodore Glenn was convicted of the murders of four strippers Sent to San Quentin, Theodore vowed revenge against Will Hooper, the detective who arrested him, and Robin McKenna, a stripper who testified against him A sudden earthquake brings down some walls at the prison and several inmates escape Theodore gets his chance to return to San Diego and get even with those he believed wronged him When Will Hooper hears the news of the escape, he contacts Robin to warn her They once h [...]

  8. 5 fearful stars Robin had been haunted since her friends end up dead after being tortured and mutilated by Theodore Glenn They all believed that Theodore had ruthlessly killed four of her friends But after a tragic disaster Theodore had escaped prison and played with Robin and Will by saying he hadn t killed Anna, the fourth victim He shamelessly played all of them, as if he is way above their intelligence and capabilities The fear and the chill were true while reading this It helped that the de [...]

  9. Allison Brennan wrote a fascinating story about a serial killer, and I for one, couldn t put it down I don t always enjoy books when I know who the bad guy is, but this story had a twist which kept me reading until late into the night.Detective Will Hooper was a wonderful character, and Robin was my favourite heroine in a long time.My first Brennan book, but definitely not my last.

  10. Thrilling and suspenseful When I started reading Killing Fear , I thought I d be reading yet another novel about a convicted felon tracking down and killing the people who put him in prison What I got was much exciting I enjoyed the way Allison Brennan added the psychological game the killer played with his intended victims Also interesting is the new case related to the older crimes.

  11. When prisoner Theodore Glenn makes threats against all those involved in catching a convicting him of 4 murders no one thinks much of it until an earthquake allows him to escape He is systematically killing off witnesses, jurors, lawyers, cops Very intense Another great book by Allison Brennan

  12. O man this was a good one My first by Allison Brennan but definately wont be my last I loved how she puts the reader in the head of a serial killer Cant wait to read of this author

  13. I have gone back and started reading this author from the beginning I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of this author or the romantic suspense genre to do that Even the really early books are excellent

  14. This book starts out with the prologue set back 7 years previous, with the trial of serial killer Theodore Glenn who was accused of murdering several strippers Everyone at the trial involved with the trial and arrest subsequently become Glenn s targets when an act of nature provides him with a convenient opportunity to escape from San Quentin.When I first started reading this book actually with the first few chapters , the book talked alot about the past I was rather confused for a minute becaus [...]

  15. La perplessit che mi ha lasciato questo libro una sola In alcune parti sembra non essere il primo della serie, ma un seguito di qualcosa Magari non per questioni centrali, ma si ha come la sensazione di alcuni riferimenti a personaggi ed eventi a loro collegati di cui non sappiamo nulla Come il fratello in coma della collega di Will Come finito in coma e perch Non lo sapremo mai I due protagonisti non hanno nulla di originale, ma questo libro il tipico esempio di come non si debba per forza rice [...]

  16. had never read any books by Allison Brennan prior to Killing Fear I can now state I wont read any.I dont like to write bad reviews but this book was just not very good I wont say it was awful or terrible It was just not good.The novel started out okay I find it hard to believe that the antagonist Glenn escapes from prison due to an earthquake knocking down walls Ummm, ok hard to believe but I ll keep reading.I found the writer s style unneccessarily repetitive How many times must we be told that [...]

  17. Although the beginning stretched the imagination and the plot had parallel story lines for both protagonists, and the male protagonist kind of gave me the impression that he was a stalker I certainly wouldn t say I do to a relationship with him because his relationship with the female protagonist felt so contrived, and the ending felt rushed as the antagonists in the story were both dispatched unceremoniously what a let down I finished the book still willing to read by this author.

  18. I have always enjoyed Allison Brennan s books, and this one is no different The introduction to the characters was smooth and they were well developed The story starts by showing us what happened in the trial It then flashes forward 7 years and follows Theodore Glenn in prison Then it all changes when he is able to escape and then has a chance to get revenge.You could feel the pull between Will and Robin from the beginning, even though they were completely denying the fact to themselves I though [...]

  19. Every time I read a new Allison Brennan book, I swear that one is my favorite As this is my seventh book that I ve read by this author, it s happened to me seven times One of the things I love most about Ms Brennan s series is getting to have recurring characters in each of the books I ve really come to love the entire Kincaid clan as well as all the peripheral characters such as Will Hooper, Jim Gage, etc who each get to be the main focus of a novel Another thing I love is that while each book [...]

  20. I liked the book It is the story of Will and Robin, although there are several characters from other Allison Brennan books Seven years ago Robin was working as a stripper Her four of her friends are murdered and Will is the Detective in charge of the case Robin I.D s the killer, Theodore Glenn, and he is sent to prison Robin and Will also have a hot and heavy fling that ends when Will questions if Robin also had a relationship Glenn, like the dead girls did.Glenn escapes San Quentin and heads to [...]

  21. Character wise, this is one of Brennan s strongest books with a tightly knit, established cast, and a dynamic heroine who had a lot of strength However, I think she might be getting too scary for me She s one of the best suspense writers out there, so if you enjoy super scary serial killers, she needs to be on your must read list The romance part of her books has been fading away for the past several books, but it is back here, although I think I would still classify this as suspense thriller A [...]

  22. Theodore Glenn escapes from San Quentin after an earthquake and immediately sets off for San Diego and the woman who testified against him Obsessed with Robin, Glenn is going to make sure she pays for rejecting him Robin hasn t seen Will Hooper in the seven years since she broke it off with him Hooper, the cop in charge of the task force set up to find Glenn, realizes his feelings for Robin never died and he ll do anything to keep her safe Brennan creates some really sick, twisted villains, incl [...]

  23. Killing Fear Prison Break Trilogy 1 Robin and Will Theodore Glenn loves to inflict pain both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses At his trial seven years ago, Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper, the cop who nabbed him, and beautiful Robin McKenna, the stripper whose testimony put him behind bars When a catastrophic disaster sets Glenn free, he blazes a freshly bloodied path across San Diego County But the death he craves most is Robin McKenna s Putting a [...]

  24. Started April 03d, 2014.While the ending was predictable and I hoped for something different, the built up and everything before that, was high suspense and the book a real page turner Again, most twists I could not guess and there where quite a few.A few nice sex scenes and romance, but the romance was complicated and felt real and was just in the right amount as not to distract.Allison Brennan will be on my list as a top female author I only hope that not all books have a predictable ending as [...]

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this romantic suspense It was very good and 4 1 2 stars, but I rounded up The suspense was good Story well writtenIt was not as intense as some others by this author, but just as good Good characters that developed well I wonder if Nico will get his own story What about Hans Hugo I like how this author may write a trilogy, but they are all stand alone s Only the characters may or may not reappear in supporting roles and that s neat This story had Carina Kincaid and N [...]

  26. This book is the first book in her third trilogy and it wasn t Allison Brennan s best book but it was still very entertaining It could have been an even better book if she would have focused on the serial killer instead of the heroine and her problems I got tired of her issues and didn t think the romance section of the book fit with the concept I think Ms Brennan is a much better thriller mystery writer than she is as a romance writer I hope the next one in the trilogy is better I ve noticed t [...]

  27. It has been a few years since I read this book, and I had forgotten how good a book it is Although a little slow to get going, the book is packed full of suspense as the lead detective Will Hooper tries to recapture the elusive escaped convict Theodore Glenn, before he can make good on his threats to kill everyone involved in his prosecution, especially the gorgeous Robin, who also happens to be Will s ex Add in Glenn s legion of willing women, the chemistry between Will and Robin and the chance [...]

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