Tre e sei morto Janet Evanovich Tre e sei morto Dov finito il vecchio Mo Bedemeier accusato di porto abusivo d armi e libero su cauzione Compito ingrato per la cacciatrice di taglie Stephanie Plum visto che il latitante in questione non un perico
  • Title: Tre e sei morto
  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: 9788850221691
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
Tre e sei morto Janet EvanovichDov finito il vecchio Mo Bedemeier, accusato di porto abusivo d armi e libero su cauzione Compito ingrato per la cacciatrice di taglie Stephanie Plum, visto che il latitante in questione non un pericoloso spacciatore, bens un gelataio innocuo e benvoluto da tutti Tanto innocuo, per , Mo non dev essere, perch le indagini portano a scoprire scenari insospettabili e iDov finito il vecchio Mo Bedemeier, accusato di porto abusivo d armi e libero su cauzione Compito ingrato per la cacciatrice di taglie Stephanie Plum, visto che il latitante in questione non un pericoloso spacciatore, bens un gelataio innocuo e benvoluto da tutti Tanto innocuo, per , Mo non dev essere, perch le indagini portano a scoprire scenari insospettabili e inquietanti, in cui Stephanie si trova suo malgrado invischiata A bordo di una mastodontica Buick blu del 53 la nostra eroina riesce a destreggiarsi tra inseguimenti, sparatorie e appostamenti Al suo fianco, l esagitata Lula, ex prostituta dai modi spicci, il tenebroso Ranger e l agente Morelli, che in Stephanie vede ben di pi di una semplice cacciatrice di taglie
Tre e sei morto Janet Evanovich

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  1. Book Review4 of 5 stars to Three to Get Deadly, the third book in the Stephanie Plum mystery series written by Janet Evanovich This was one of the funny books, as the cast of characters just keeps growing full of hilarity And if you love ice cream, you need to read this one Stephanie s kinda like that cousin or old friend who keeps popping back into your life, kinda needs a favor, but is a kick ass person who just sometimes doesn t know how to get things under control But she keeps trying and e [...]

  2. 4.40 The buddy read devoted to fun Stephanie Plum, an international spy No, no, she is a mob assassin No Wait, I got it, a supper scary bounty hunter in crime torn Trenton, New Jersey At least the place and profession are correct, the scary part not so much Third book in the series and we know the setting well The only thing changed in the Trenton area is that because of some unavoidable circumstances, it has one less funeral parlor it burned down, but it is being rebuilt All else is the same th [...]

  3. This book demonstrates an explosive and brilliantly comical story.Stephanie Plum Bounty hunter.I checked my pocketbook to make sure I had the essentials beeper, tissues, hair spray, flashlight, cuffs, lipstick, gun with bullets, recharged cell phone, recharged stun gun, hairbrush, gum, pepper spray nail file Was I a kick ass bounty hunter, or what That about sums her up She s hilarious She s brave and bold She s a woman on the edge I don t know who should be frightened, Joe Morelli or the crimi [...]

  4. Book three was my favorite thus far I rated this book four stars, because I just couldn t put it down I really enjoy Janet Evanovich s writing style because something is ALWAYS happening in her novels Ugh, sorry to be a negative Nancy , but am I the only the that doesn t laugh out loud at these books Lula gets on my nerves even though she s a sweetheart, and Stephanie has the oops hehe sense of humor that just always seems to be getting her in trouble Don t get me wrong, I love reading these boo [...]

  5. This was another light and fun instalment of the Stephanie Plum series This time Stephanie has been tasked with brining in Mo Uncle Mo Bedemier An easy job on the surface given the guy is fast approaching retirement age Unfortunately for Stephanie the whole neighbourhood loves local sweet shop owner Uncle Mo and are interested in scolding her for harassing the poor guy than they are in helping her find him Elsewhere in the Burbs crime is at a low as the local criminal element seem to be disappe [...]

  6. It s a world I am unfamiliar with the world of Chic Lit or, if you are over 18, I refer to as Clit Lit Even though Janet Evanovich s books take up at least three shelves at the local Barnes Noble, I have never noticed Probably because they are in the Mystery section which I pass through on my way to the Science Fiction wall I don t look to either side for fear of turning into a pillar of salt But there is always a but I am in a strange land under strange circumstances these days and Stephanie Pl [...]

  7. Adaptation is one of the great advantages to being born and bred in New Jersey We re simply not bested by bad air or tainted water We re like that catfish with lungs Take us out of our environment and we can grow whatever body parts we need to survive After Jersey the rest of the country s a piece of cake You want to send someone into a fallout zone Get him from Jersey He ll be fine.I ve never been to New Jersey, or anywhere in the Northeast part of the U.S And, from the colorful descriptions I [...]

  8. I was enjoying this book until I got to the final chapters While I appreciate that the Stephanie Plum books are meant to be humourous light reading, Evanovich downplays what the Candy Man Uncle Mo has actually been doing and even seems to want you to feel sorry for him I m probably in a small minority here especially among Stephanie Plum fans but this has really put me off reading any in this series.Lula s character development was good and Lula also provided most of the humour in the book Espe [...]

  9. This was a great read I really enjoyed the humor in the story The characters are great to read and they make me laugh I really enjoy Stephanie s character because she is a kick ass character She does not always know how to handle situations, but she is a person who gives it her all, and that is something that I admire about her She never gives up I thought that the story was great I have found a new love for the mystery genre, and I am glad because these books are funny, while other series are n [...]

  10. Mo is a much loved character around the Burg, he s the owner of the local sweet shop and adored by all, from the youngest children right through to the little old ladies who frequent his shop Unfortunately Mo has skipped his bail and it s Stephanie s job to bring him in, something that might be a little bit easier if his fan club wasn t causing her problems at every turn Nobody can believe that Mo could possibly have done anything wrong so of course Stephanie comes across as the mean woman with [...]

  11. More Stephanie Plum I did not like this one as much as the others It has a few good parts like when her hair gets dyed orange and a when a body flew off the roof of a car on the interstate You do get to know Ranger in this book, but other than that I had a hard time reading it The case she was working was not very interesting and I got tired of reading about her feeding her hamster and taking a shower It would be better if she started learning how to be a bounty hunter instead of bumbling throu [...]

  12. I enjoy these books I love Lula Grandma Mazur They are two of the funniest characters in any books ever Books like these that can make me laugh out loud are priceless

  13. I listen to books at night when I can t sleep The bad thing about listening to these Stephanie Plum books is that I spend a lot of time laughing and this kinda defeats the goal of getting me back to sleep.I m sure these books are just as funny in writing, but the audio versions are really good The narrator does a great job with all the different character voices I m glad I finally started this series.

  14. I m not one to laugh out loud I chortle I chuckle I read the amusing bits out loud to my husband But I rarely laugh out loud I did with this book, than once I m talking tears rolling down my face and me coughing up phlegm from 1974 This is a VERY funny book It seems that each book in her series gets better and better Dare I hope it continues This is the continuing saga of wacky Stephanie Plum, girl Bounty Hunter This time she s traded in her 53 Buick, a pale blue land barge for a pretty little [...]

  15. Loving this Series Off to read book 4 this book makes me want to be a bounty hunter with orange hair LOL

  16. Another awesome book Grandma Mazur cracks me up, as well as a few other characters I like how Ranger stays the mysterious character it s fun trying to guess about him And Stephanie I guess you could say the Italian in her shines through And I really like her She may not be brave, but she s tenacious, and the thoughts in her head make me crack up just the same And Joewhat I wouldn t do to actually meet him if he were real, of course Joyce she got what she deserved I just wish someone would actual [...]

  17. Ce troisi me tome me voit atteinte de Stephanie Plumite aig e, c est d cid , je passe l t Trenton, dans le New Jersey Je suis particuli rement fan de la Buick 1953, du duo form avec Lula, des courses poursuites qui virent au ridicule le coup du cadavre qui tombe sur leur voiture, puis du corps fourgu dans le coffre avec un foulard autour du pied en guise de fanion ha ha , du myst re Ranger, de son potentiel de super h ros, m me si je fonds pour le charme canaille de Morelli, sa fa on de voler au [...]

  18. Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich continues with the trials of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter for her Uncle Vincent Plum s bail bond company This time she s searching for Moses Bedemier AKA as Uncle Mo He was stopped for a traffic infraction and he had an unloaded concealed weapon Bail was posted but he was a no show at his hearing Mo has an ice cream parlor that also sells candy and shacks Lulu, a former hooker, who works as a file clerk at the agency, wants to learn to be a retriever She h [...]

  19. SERIE STEPHANIE PLUM n 3LETTURA DI GRUPPO ELBello bello bello Finalmente ci siamo Questo volume segna la svolta La storia investigativa con le vicende romantiche sono ben equilibrate Soprattutto anche qui si ride come non mai Lula la mia preferita Peccato che si sia vista poco nonna Mazur La Evanovich qui pi matura e fa maturare i suoi personaggi Stephanie meno ragazzina e Morelli non ha solo una cosa in testa Mi piacciono davvero tanto Forse di pi Morelli.e volete sono gusti _ Sei primi libri e [...]

  20. What started as the easiest apprehension, turned into a nightmare Uncle Mo, the neighborhood friendly ice cream man, skipped his court date and disappears Plum has the whole town against her for trying to apprehend Uncle Mo, as uncle mo can do no wrong The steamy chemistry between plum and sexy sugarry donut cream cop Joe Morelli is getting ever so strong The crazy Grandma Mazur was pushed to the background with the return of Lula Lula is by far my second most favorite character, after Grandma M [...]

  21. I liked the book Another fun, cute story I loved the And I have orange hair scene with the bad guys who torment Stephanie, as well as the one of finding out all the little old women and men in her apartment complex have guns They were quite silly scenes The audiobook, however, tested my ability to get through it I really didn t care for the audiobook voice artist of the one I found at the library She really doesn t have the sound I d choose for any of the characters She did a pretty good job rea [...]

  22. I have a feeling I m going to spend quite a bit of this summer counting up the numbered books with Stephanie Plum Found myself laughing out loud through most of this book so far the best of the bunch But if any of the bad guys finally harms the poor hamster Rex, I m OUT

  23. Wenn mir danach ist, beim Lesen aus vollem Hals lachen zu k nnen, dann greife ich gern zu einem Stephanie Plum Roman Allein Grandma Mazur ist jede Lachfalte wert 08 10 Punkte sunsys blog 2016 0

  24. I love the Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter books From Grandma who loves to go to the local lay outs and is a disaster at funeral homes and with guns to Stephanie who has 2 hunks in love with her and so many things happen that it makes you laugh out loud.

  25. Good read This book had short chapters ending in plot twists, cliff hangers, or new information that moved along one of the many storylines Evanovich successfully juggles multiple storylines here without letting the plot get convoluted I enjoyed how Evanovich brought the characters to life by having them be hungry, sleepy, and mistaken The characters get annoyed at their relatives holla and their cars break down There were also many cleverly crafted comedic scenes with the bumbling yet likable p [...]

  26. Not quite as good as the first two, or as funny until closer to the end There are a few parts, but not like the other ones I m not happy with the character Lula I find her very off putting She is abrasive and kind of gets in the way and then runs when things get too rough Some of the later parts were kind of gross and you really don t want to think about stuff like that, but it does exist Stephanie s neighbours are really funny at the end as well I guess I m trying to say that the first parts we [...]

  27. Brassy Stephanie Plum has been given the task of finding Mo Bedemier, Trenton s most beloved citizen.Lula, big, blonde and black, itches to lock a crook in the trunk of a car.Morelli, New Jersy vice cop, makes one wonder what s he up to.Wisecracks, colorful characters keep me reading this series.With the exception of the sex scene, I enjoyed this read Fast paced with funny scenes especially the chicken scene and the unexpected make this one of the best.

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