Ex-Heroes Peter Clines Ex Heroes The first novel in Peter Clines bestselling Ex series Stealth Gorgon Regenerator Cerberus Zzzap The Mighty Dragon They were heroes using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place
  • Title: Ex-Heroes
  • Author: Peter Clines
  • ISBN: 9781934861387
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
Ex-Heroes Peter ClinesThe first novel in Peter Clines bestselling Ex series.Stealth Gorgon Regenerator Cerberus Zzzap The Mighty Dragon They were heroes, using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place Then the plague of living death spread around the globe Billions died, civilization fell, and the city of angels was left a desolate zombie wasteland Now, a yearThe first novel in Peter Clines bestselling Ex series.Stealth Gorgon Regenerator Cerberus Zzzap The Mighty Dragon They were heroes, using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place Then the plague of living death spread around the globe Billions died, civilization fell, and the city of angels was left a desolate zombie wasteland Now, a year later, the Mighty Dragon and his companions protect a last few thousand survivors in their film studio turned fortress, the Mount Scarred and traumatized by the horrors they ve endured, the heroes fight the armies of ravenous ex humans at their citadel s gates, lead teams out to scavenge for supplies and struggle to be the symbols of strength and hope the survivors so desperately need But the hungry ex humans aren t the only threats the heroes face Former allies, their powers and psyches hideously twisted, lurk in the city s ruins And just a few miles away, another group is slowly amassing power led by an enemy with the most terrifying ability of all.
Ex-Heroes Peter Clines

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  1. superheroes zombies should equal neverending delight for undiscriminating nerds such as myself admittedly there was a little bit of delight the action sequences were pretty well done the author can write action, check and one hero in particular a fellow by the name of Gorgon was pretty nifty he wears cool goggles that when dilated open allows his gorgony eyes to drain energy from anyone who looks at him, increasing his strength and martial ability to higher levels, depending on how many people a [...]

  2. Ex Heroes, or a novel about a graphic novel about a comic soon to be a movie coming to a theater near you I have only two problems with Ex Heroes.Characterization and theme I understand that this is a book about superheroes, which lend themselves to stereotypes Except in a genre full of them, Cline seems determined to use them all There is the Boy Scout, who is working for the greater good the Anti hero, who is the bad boy that flaunts authority the Radioactive, who developed powers after being [...]

  3. Need a break from Wink Poppy Midnight b c INSANE Gonna try to hit my superhero zombie groove o.O

  4. 3.5 Stars It seems to be my default rating It doesn t matter I don t care what you believe in The Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, faked moon landings, the 2000 election results you can believe in whatever fairy tale you want.Before you read this book you have to ask yourself 1 Do I like Books that read like summer blockbuster movies 2 Do I like Flawed Superheroes that aren t completely altruistic 3 Do I like Zombie Books 4 Do I like dark humor that also includes pop culture references 5 If Joss Whed [...]

  5. How kickass is this book I am currently sitting on toilet but not going to the bathroom at work just to try and get my thoughts out I figure that if anyone does read this, enjoys the hell out of this book, and comes to thank me because of my review they won t mind Deal with it pSeriously I love the imagery of the entire thing You would think that it s all just blood, guts, and load of undead and in one way it totally is but there is so much Epic This book is totally epic The way Clines tells th [...]

  6. I m rating this high based on how much I enjoyed the plot HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS AUTHOR IS CLEARLY STILL A PREPUBESCENT BOY Every woman in this book is either a hypersexualized wet fantasy or is characterized as a bitch Even the zombies are constantly hypersexualized there are plenty of descriptions of emaciated zombie women in skimpy or torn clothes, at one point the author even goes on to describe the way blood ran between a zombies breasts It probably won t surprise anyone to find out [...]

  7. The concept for this is really cool I certainly have never read anything with superheroes AND zombies before and thia book definitely surprised me However, I find it kind of confusing to keep track of the characters and order of events and so I never really got into the story I am not going to continue the series but if you want a superhero and zombie book, I would give this a shot

  8. This zombie apocalypse superhero mashup isn t bad, but it just isn t grabbing me I could power through and finish it but I don t really see the point Maybe if I were into zombie tales DNF at 22%.

  9. Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic Overall rating 4 1 2 Stars FORMAT INFO Ex Heroes is 261 pages long divided over a prologue, twenty six numbered titled chapters, and an epilogue All chapters are either divided into Then or Now sections Narration is in the first person for all Then chapters and in third person for all the Now sections The POV s both first person and third person are via Stealth, Gorgon, Cairax, Regenerator, Cerberus, Zzzap, The Mighty Dragon, Lady Bee, Banzai, St George a [...]

  10. Not quite as good as either The Walking Dead or The Avengers that s a very tall order, anyway , but still a good combination of zombies and superheroes My main issue was keeping track of who s who and who can do what it s easy to get the characters mixed up, especially right off the bat I m not sure if I will be continuing the series, but I do think that Ex Heroes could be awesome on the big screen.

  11. I hate this I gave 14 a 4w I m giving this a 4, but 14 is better It s just that I think this is better than a 3 Curse you 5 star rating system We ll have to call this one 3.5 as, like I said 14 is better, but this one is good I think this is first Zombie Apocalypse book I ve ever made it all the way through though I could be wrong Anyway as ubiquitous as these booksd movies and video games and short stories and so one you might be temped to think, ayah another zombie book What s the big deal Wel [...]

  12. 3.5 star ratingI borrowed this book from another Kindler because someone chose it as our horror group read on Shelfari and to be honest, I didn t want to buy it It s not the type of book that I would normally read I like superheroes and whatnot but a couple of hundred pages worth YeahI was wary.I have to admit that I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this book There were several superheroes, all original creations At least I think they were because I have never heard of them As the s [...]

  13. Read from May 28 to 29, 2015Ex heroes was not meant for me, but I still recommend checking it out You don t have to love stories about zombies in order to enjoy this book, but you have to be tolerant towards them The sole reason I lost interest in EX heroes was the annoying sense of deja vu that I some times get when I watch a movie, a tv show or play a video game featuring a virus turning everyone into brainless man eating monsters And yes, I know it s a genre on its own, so I don t really have [...]

  14. I really liked super heroes as a kid, but as I got older I started liking my fiction a little darker So I got into Stephen King and zombie stuff, then The Watchmen came out I liked Watchmen because the heroes had a dark side to them They were not all good, they were flawed, I liked that.So when I met Peter at a con and got his book I was curious to read it Super Heroes AAAAND Zombies Sign me up My favorite parts were the origin stories, the heroes and zombies are both relatively new to this wor [...]

  15. 3.5 STARS You can t be Banzai cried Mom Banzai is a boy It was in the paper Yeah, I know It helps hide my identity That name, shouted Dad How could you pick a Japanese name for yourself You re Korean I shouldn t lulz over that exchange, but I did.I could easily hype this book up with big, all caps, and bold proclamations of each heroes abilities on this one okay I may have to indulge The Mighty Dragon because holy hell, A FIRE BREATHING HOOMAN but I should probably start with a disclaimer that m [...]

  16. Man this book was a fanboys dream It took my two favorite genres horror super heroes and smooshed or is it smushed Or should I say smashed them together to make this novel that reads like a blockbuster movie coming out Peter Cline does a great job on fleshing out the characters with flashbacks ala Lost with then now segments of the book Some characters like Stealth you associate with a Batman knockoff or the Mighty Dragon Superman sorta maybe not so much but Clines comes up with some really uniq [...]

  17. I really liked both 14 and The Fold, so I thought I d give this series a try as well Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with the first book It was ok, but just ok, and I was hoping for awesome I don t even know what else to say about it It wasn t anything in particular that bothered me, the story just wasn t that good Disappointing for sure, but since I like Clines I ll go ahead and try book two at some point Hopefully it gets better

  18. This could have been SO HOKEY But it wasn t it was absolutely fabulous For the record, I do not like comic books, superheroes, or comic book superheroes When this book first showed up and was tagged as zombies , of course I looked into it I LOVE zombies But I read the description and I thought, nah, that s not my thing and doesn t sound interesting to me the summary of the plot read like every young boy comic book lover s wet dream, and didn t spark any desire for me to purchase it, being that I [...]

  19. A rather quick fluff read, with a very simple story It doesn t take itself too seriously, so I wouldn t either just sit back, don t think too much, and enjoy the ride Be prepared for loads of pop culture references and humorous dialogue, and just an all all around fun time especially if you re into superheroes.ting zombies.

  20. No thanks I can t finish this one The characters are very stereotypical superheroes and it reads as if it s for a prepubescent boy, which I m not I don t think this is a horrible book, it s just not for me at all.

  21. Superheroes and zombie novels appeal to the fourteen year old boy in me, and when I read one, I am usually disappointed because I am no longer a fourteen year old boy Ex Heroes is the ultimate superheroes zombies mashup, with the Earth s surviving superheroes okay, Los Angeles s surviving superheroes protecting what remains of the living human population from the undead hordes after the zombie apocalypse.This very high concept premise makes for a fun story that would make a pretty entertaining c [...]

  22. I loved Cline s 14 14 was a great, easy, fast paced, and fun read It hit all the right notes for reading pleasure Ex Heroes had a fun premise people with super powers that are turned into zombies still retain their powers as they now hunt for human flesh Sounds interesting right The execution of weaving multiple stories was good, showing each currently serving hero before and after the zombie apocalypse, and how the world came to be the way it is So what went wrong For me it was definitely the c [...]

  23. You don t have to like zombies or superheroes to like this book its just a very good read with a lot of interesting characters.

  24. I have had a 30 plus year love affair with zombies My sister and I almost came to blows over if Night of The Comet was an actually zombie movie, by the way it is, so take that little sister But like any love, after so many years it can get stale I have tried to restore my love by readings from series I love, but when that does not work, sometimes one has to get creative And that is why I am so happy to have found Ex Heroes It was the naughty nurse outfit my zombie love affair needed That s right [...]

  25. Zombies are easy I mean, they were old in 1999 as a metaphor Romero is the original and no one since has really done anything too new with it I ll admit, I liked the Walking Dead comics a point The torture issue finished it for me, and I never went back But I did appreciate the theme running through WD that no matter how brutal the zombies were, it was the cruelty of the living humans that was always the greatest But zombies were old in 1999 when I mocked the gimmick in my first novel, Death by [...]

  26. Ex Heroes is a superheroes vs zombies genre mash up Los Angeles has been overrun by the living dead A few heroes have teamed up with a couple thousand civilians to turn Paramount Studios into a walled compound A large, heavily armed street gang with a grudge against one of the heroes begins making trouble for the good guys.The group s leader is a Batman analog named Stealth She has no true powers, just a mind like a computer, a strategic and tactical brilliance, and a knack for violence Second i [...]

  27. When EX HEROES mixed super heroes and zombies, I didn t realize how dumb un scary zombies would be if there is no threat of dying Besides the fact that three of the main characters are immune to zombie bites, zombies are incredibly slow and dumb, they re developing a vaccine to cure everyone of zombie bites so eventually everyone will be immune Yay Zombies are only cool when there s a high likeliness of the entire world s population ending up as zombies Zombies are not cool when some guy in flas [...]

  28. This is basically a post apocalyptic zombie book with superheroes, which is an interesting premise As powerful as the heroes are, they re not invulnerable, and they re vastly outnumbered They ve established a stronghold called The Mount, in the ruins of Hollywood, where they scavenge for supplies and do their best to protect their citizens from the exes ex humans , as well as a street gang that s discovered some powers of their own.Clines hits a lot of the expected beats for a zombie story, incl [...]

  29. Ernest Cline, author of READY PLAYER ONE describes EXHEROES as The Avengers meets The Walking Dead and that s pretty much it Thumbs up

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