The Waters of Kronos Conrad Richter The Waters of Kronos From the time of its first publication in Conrad Richter s The Waters of Kronos sparked lively debate about the extent to which its story of a belated return to childhood scenes mirrored key eve
  • Title: The Waters of Kronos
  • Author: Conrad Richter
  • ISBN: 9780271022406
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
The Waters of Kronos Conrad RichterFrom the time of its first publication in 1960, Conrad Richter s The Waters of Kronos sparked lively debate about the extent to which its story of a belated return to childhood scenes mirrored key events of Richter s own life As was well known at the time, Richter had spent several years in the Southwest, where he collected the material for his first successful book, EarlFrom the time of its first publication in 1960, Conrad Richter s The Waters of Kronos sparked lively debate about the extent to which its story of a belated return to childhood scenes mirrored key events of Richter s own life As was well known at the time, Richter had spent several years in the Southwest, where he collected the material for his first successful book, Early Americans and Other Stories, but by 1933, he had returned to live in his hometown, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.John Donner, the main protagonist in The Waters of Kronos, traces a similar route from west to east, although he finds that his family home and native town have been submerged under the deep waters of a lake formed by the construction of a hydroelectric dam As Richter narrates his alter ego s efforts to salvage his past, he moves beyond semi autobiography to offer what are widely recognized as his most haunting reflections upon the power of family history, the fragility of human memory, and art s role in structuring the communal ethos David McCullough, a fellow Pulitzer Prize winner, met and befriended Richter in the 1960s and has called him an American master, praising The Waters of Kronos as his most beautiful book.
The Waters of Kronos Conrad Richter

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  1. This started off so promising, an old man visits the town of his youth, only it s laying at the bottom of a lake By some means he manages to travel back in time only he s still an old man and see the town in its heyday as well as all the faces of old, now long since buried However, no one recognizes him and he remains very much an outsider.What can I say It was disappointing Pages of reminiscing, very little dialog, basically an elderly man looking back at his life and his efforts to lay things [...]

  2. This book truly intrigued me My family homestead, was located near a small country town that was flooded for the creation of a dam I was a child of about eight, when we visited the vacant town, just prior to flooding It was utterly spooky All of the buildings, back then, were wooden, and very old early 1900 s, or even earlier You could see the church and it s spire, the dirt streets, the hitching posts and parking lots for those who had cars, which were few back then You could see the general st [...]

  3. Conrad Richter was a well respected mid century writer whose series about a midwestern pioneer family, The Trees 1940 , The Fields 1946 , and The Town 1950 , were his most popular books I read The Town because it won a Pulitzer Prize in 1951 and enjoyed it for the good story telling and the history of the midwest.The Waters of Kronos is a whole different type of novel I would say it was experimental for its time though not as far out there as his contemporaries Wright Morris or John Barth.John D [...]

  4. It may be nasty that I didn t give his National Book Award winner 5 stars, but nothing could be as good as the Awakening Land series.

  5. If the young could only know, he apologized for his uncertainty But then they wouldn t be young any

  6. Exquisite language and sense of place A man searching for home comforts as he approaches death.

  7. My experience with Conrad Richter, as with a lot of folks, began with Richter s Awakening Land series I absolutely fell in love withThe Trees I enjoyed and was similarly impressed with the other two books in the series,The Fields andThe Town.The Waters of Kronos, my latest Richter novel, was a completely different experience The one similarity was a mystical feel in bothThe Trees andThe Waters of Kronos, but that mystical quality was a minor aspect ofThe Trees while it was central toThe Waters o [...]

  8. Though Richter won the National Book Award for this book, it failed to capture my fancy Late in his life, John Donner, the protagonist, tries to return to the town where he grew up but discovers that it is now underwater as a hydro electric dam has been created Though the public is kept from entering the area, he manages to con his way in and the book in entirety is an account as it were actually happening of the people and places he knew much earlier in his life It s written as if he actually s [...]

  9. Loved this book from the very start, beautifully written too I ve read some of the reviews and get why lots of readers were unsatisfied with the last chapter I m not one that has to know the ending or how it all unfolded, so my view on it is different I believe John Donner had the intentions of going back home to die there He needed and wanted to reunite with his family With his old town being under water, and all his loved ones buried there, the only way was to go back in time to see everything [...]

  10. Wavering between two and three stars This short book should have been a very quick read, but I had to push myself to return to it and keep reading I never felt completely draw in by it A old man returns to his childhood home to find it no longer exists Yet, he somehow returns to the town as it was during his boyhood, and tries to seek out his own family Of course no one in the tight knit community recognizes the old man, so he is treated as an outsideranwhile he seems to be trying to resolve som [...]

  11. Water of Kronos by Conrad Richter was an interesting book It is about a man called John Doner who returned to his home town only to find that it was sunk into the water of the lake formed by building a hydroelectric dam He starts to reflect back his memories and recall his life with his family.What I noticed through reading this book is its uniqueness In this book, nothing actually happens The protagonist reflects back and tries to figure out how his life with family was like The feeling of the [...]

  12. A fairly autobiographical story of Conrad Richter and his personal realizations about himself as a child and the relationships he had with his family He admits that he couldn t get away fast enough from his father and his childhood home and all that it stood for Later in life he travels home almost on autopilot where he comes to the realization that what he feared and loathed most about his father was that exact thing he himself was he reminisces and is allowed to see, small, and feel all that h [...]

  13. Beautifully written, slow, rich with detail This is a kind of time travel, kind of fictional memoir written by a man near the end of his life trying to wrap his arms around what was An old man seeks to return to the womb What he finds what we find is not what either of us expected Touching, gorgeous and real, this award winning short novel ultimately left me unsatisfied Like eating a rich chocolate sundae, waiting until the last minute to eat the cherry, then discovering it s actually a radish I [...]

  14. This book is a discard from a library published in 1960, the edition was not available in the list It had a small school picture of a young girl bw in it that had probably been there for decades But it is just a neglected book by a wonderful author The main character makes a visit to his hometown which now actually lies at the bottom of a manmade lake The reader must decide how to interpret this book At my age, it tugged at my heartstrings as I identified with the character s desire to revisit h [...]

  15. This is a 3 1 2 star book It s the story of an old man who visits his home town that was flooded to make a dam and is transported to a time when he was a young kid interacting with his long dead family who don t recognize him It s the story of end of life and thinking about the past, rectifying the things you know and remember Richter is an excellent novelist and this book is a very fast read.

  16. After reading A Light in the Forest repeatedly as a kid, I was surprised to find another book by the same author, and bought it on sight, not having a clue what to expect At first, it read like an old man in a dream, but it soon became very much like a classic Twilight Zone episode I absolutely loved it and never would have expected it from the same writer If I ever see another book of his, I will buy it on sight, and hope for another delight

  17. Not quite sure what to say about this one The writing was technically excellent beautiful and vividly described, but something was just a bit off, and the overall experience for me was unsatisfying.At some point I will try to read from this author perhaps the trilogy that concludes with The Town.

  18. I read of Conrad Richter in David McCullough s Brave Companions and went to the bookstore and got the Waters of Kronos and Sea of Grass Richter grew up in Pine Grove, PA and was a well acclaimed writer in the 50s and 60s The Waters of Kronos is a novel that is a memoir o sorts about a community which was flooded to make way for the DeHart Dam It is wonderfully written, thoughtful and brings great focus to family and community Also very short.

  19. Beautifully written as are all of Richters books This is the story of an old man mysteriously going back to his boyhood town and seeing the people and places as they were when he was a boy It had the feel of a semi autobiographical account of the author confronting some of the demons that haunted him as a child The ending was somewhat unsatisfying, however.

  20. An author with a soul, one who writes with deep emotion and awareness of the human condition David McCullough mentioned Richter in a NY Times book review article I knew nothing of this author before noting McCullough s comment.I will read all I can of Richter He reaches deep into his and the reader s soul.Jim

  21. Picked this up as part of my quest to read award winners This won the National Book Award in 1961 I d never heard of it or of Richter before Quite a good book, though Kind of a time travel or is it a dream story about an older man trying to figure out his life Makes me want to read by Richter.

  22. This is not a review I read about a third of the book before I couldn t get further The story is very interesting although a but strange My major hang up was that he wrote about very familiar towns in my state but the geography was completely wrong If you are going to write about real towns you shouldn t change the geography of that town I couldn t get past the messed up scenery.

  23. 1961 National Book Award This is an odd, dreamy sort of book about an old man who finds that he has traveled back in time to his childhood town It s an unusual choice among NBA winners, which thus far have tended to be gritty or funny realism.

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