The Embedding Ian Watson The Embedding Ian Watson s brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British sf in the s Intellectually bracing and grippingly written it is the story of three experiments in lingui
  • Title: The Embedding
  • Author: Ian Watson
  • ISBN: 9780575071339
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
The Embedding Ian WatsonIan Watson s brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British sf in the 1970s Intellectually bracing and grippingly written, it is the story of three experiments in linguistics, and is driven by a searching analysis of the nature of communication Fiercely intelligent, energetic and challenging, it immediately established Watson as a writer ofIan Watson s brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British sf in the 1970s Intellectually bracing and grippingly written, it is the story of three experiments in linguistics, and is driven by a searching analysis of the nature of communication Fiercely intelligent, energetic and challenging, it immediately established Watson as a writer of rare power and vision, and is now recognized as a modern classic.
The Embedding Ian Watson

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    349 Ian Watson
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  1. Not really science fiction, linguistics fiction if you re a linguist who is the least bit interested in SF, this is a must, whether or not it happens to make sense Super intelligent aliens arrive on Earth in a giant spaceship Their mission is find visitors from another dimension The Change Speakers , who visited them long ago and then suddenly disappeared They have some deep mystical significance for the aliens, which is never properly explained Somehow, the search for the Change Speakers is co [...]

  2. Empotrados No es una novela sencilla ni f cil de leer, entre otras cosas porque est llena de ideas capaces de hacer estallar la cabeza de los incautos lectores Ian Watson tiene p rrafos enteros que merecen ser subrayados para posterior digesti n y an lisis o, simplemente, para ser colocados en marcos como citas impresionantes Esa ling stica ficci n m s que ciencia ficci n que mencionaba alguien, desborda todos los escenarios de la novela y contiene ecos y retazos de verosimilitud no solo de la p [...]

  3. I got this because it sounded like it had interesting ideas about language, but I think I didn t finish it because it seemed really dated.As a feminist, it s kind of hard to read older SF sometimes It was what it was, we stand on the shoulders of giants and all that, but sometimes I just can t.

  4. Concept was cool but just found it went nowhere Probably would have worked better as a short story

  5. conclusionirrelevante Uno tiene la sensaci n al leer Empotrados de encontrarse ante algo especial, algo diferente, algo nico De encontrarse ante un autor en estado plet rico, rebosante de ideas, tantas que se le escapan de las manos, y que pese a sus errores, consigue atrapar al lector en una trama de profundas implicaciones, desplegando un complejo entramado de poleas y engranajes que, al final, y con las ltimas p ginas, cierra con la elegancia y la precisi n de un reloj suizo.

  6. Este libro me gusto pero se que no pude comprender Todo lo que Ian Watson quiere trasmitir con su ficcion linguistica ya que quisiera o no acaba confundido por toda la informacion que se nos brinda Sin duda alguna esta obra debe ser El deleite de todos los amantes de los lenguajes.

  7. Prevalencia del estilo sobre una trama sin tensi n convencional G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Chris Sole trabaja en un centro secreto que experimenta lenguajes especiales en ni os tratados con f rmacos avanzados Pierre Darriand trabaja en la ia y descubre a una tribu que parece usar un lenguaje extra o que s lo se puede interpretar bajo los efectos alucin genos de un hongo local Pero la ia es el objetivo de un ambicioso plan que crear un enorme mar interior con el auspicio de Estados [...]

  8. This book had some interesting moments, but I think Watson s arrangement of the story ruined it in the long run The first half of the book is a bunch of linguistic mumbo jumboyou re forced to read ahead without any hints as to what the true story is Then there s an abrupt transition, followed by an OK ending Too many weird political things were going on, too Didn t work for me.

  9. The first third of the book is horrible lacking in context and shifting abruptly Not till the aliens show up that the story has any meaning The ending if you call it an ending finishes with a fizzle doesn t make any sense to why things are happening Story has many people on weird drugs the children, the Indians Would have been better as a short story.

  10. I don t think I am smart enough to really understand or appreciate this book I think it probably belongs in the 4 stars category good and Good but my lack of ability to make the leap between the said and the unsaid probably rendered it less comprehensible than it ought to have done.

  11. I don t feel as if I read this carefully enough to properly enjoy it, but the ending was far too up in the air to impress The tone of the whole thing seems to be a little beyond my grasp.

  12. Well, I had no expectations before I start reading the embedding , but I ve read only one third part of this book Because, you know, style of narration, the plot linguistic sci fi , etcwell, I stay indifferent to it.

  13. A real gem from the 70s It s a bit cerebral in the beginning but press on The style reminded me of Philip K Dick With elements of H P Lovecraft s The Whisperer in Darkness.

  14. To be honest, I m not sure I get it Great fun What is especially impressive is the way the long passages on living with the tribe of the Xemahoa in Brazil, pull you into their way of thinking so that we Westerners are the ones that feel alien Though not as much as the aliens themselves, who are really weird.In the end, Kayapi brings ambition and corruption to the mythos language of the Xemahoa Does it matter In the end, the language brain boosting drugs of Sole create insanity It s claimed thoug [...]

  15. Hit some moments of real interest when the aliens arrive on Earth hey, what self respecting science fiction story couldn t say the same Said aliens by the way are prototypical Ferengi I.e they live to trade.But the whole things goes into the meh category with plot points and dialogue like this We buy a stinking little peace by sacrificing the stars, when we could have bought the stars with half a dozen brains It s so STUPID Stupid Yes it is Quite often And yes, human brains are the currency here [...]

  16. WellI just read itd my initial review is thus I think that it started out great, but it went in too many directions at once and never really developed ay of them all that well Im left assuming a lot of things, filling in the gaps, and things were sort of rushed at the end I wanted there to be about language examples, explanations, outcomes, etc I also think that the characters could have been drawn better as well I never really got to know any of them That all said, it kept my attention til th [...]

  17. Tarinaa leimaa vahvasti 1960 lukulaisuus Huumeet, vieras rotu Nevadan autiomaassa, unelma p syst t htiin ja taustalla my s Vietnamin sota ja suurvaltojen kylm sota Kirjassa on kolme erillist tarinaa, joiden pohjana on kielen tutkiminen ja kehitt minen Tapahtumat nivoutuvat lopulta yhteen, josta tulee yksi kokonaisuus Alkupuoliskolla joutui pakottamaan itsens lukemaan Kerronta on melko tasapaksua ja kielitiede aiheena ei her tt nyt mielenkiintoa Kirjan loppupuolisko oli hieman parempaa, kun p sti [...]

  18. I wanted to like this a lot than I did I picked it up looking for linguistic scifi not based on out of date science I m looking at you Sapir Worf And this fulfilled that, but I need really got into the plot I thought it might conclude well, but it felt too open ended, too unsatisfying perhaps it was trying really hard to be realistic There were lots of plot elements that I never felt the author offered a reasonable explanation for say, flooding Brazil.

  19. Emm ti r Oikeesti Ei kai t ss voi muuta sanoa, kun ett linnut kyll todellakin lensi ainakin mun p st T ss oli kyll ihan hyvi ideoita, mutta koko juttu silti jotenkin hajos k siin, alam ki alkoi kun ulkoavaruuden asukit saapuivat Maahan tekem n kauppaa Tai sitten mun vajavaiset aivoni ei vaan ymm rt ny Mik nyt tietysti on ehk se todenn k sempi vaihtoehto ettei sill

  20. This novel makes me regret not having read much SciFi in the last couple years A suspenseful yet subtle and cerebral hard SciFi exploring the nature of human language and cognition, yet never losing its forward drive Recommended especially to those interested in language

  21. Rare is the sci fi novel that relies on Raymond Roussel for its central conceit, granted But Watson s storytelling is marred by too many potboiler tics to make this a book as easy to recommend as its ideas might otherwise merit.

  22. Fantascienza datatissima, storia approssimativa e mal narrata Finale buttato a caso Da leggere solo se siete linguisti generativi chomskiani oltranzisti o lettori di sci fi onnivori e di bocca buona Sconsigliato a tutti gli altri Di cuore.

  23. There were seeds of a half dozen really good storylines, but IMO none were adequately explored.

  24. A bit mental I enjoyed it but it was a bit strange and some plot points were very weird Fun overall.One for language geeks too.

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