Italian Folktales Italo Calvino Italian Folktales Pantheon Fairy Tale Folklore Library
  • Title: Italian Folktales
  • Author: Italo Calvino
  • ISBN: 9780394749099
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
Italian Folktales Italo CalvinoPantheon Fairy Tale Folklore Library
Italian Folktales Italo Calvino

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  1. There is an endless fascination to fairy and folk tales As a child, I remember listening to them at my great aunt s knee she was a great storyteller, and often embellished and modified tales, so that cruel and sad parts were left out The same tales were restored to their original form when told by my mother, who was adamant that a child should not be shielded from cruelties and horror Needless to say, I preferred my great aunt.Later on, I came to read and love the Classics Junior series of comic [...]

  2. As a tiny child, I read this an enormous number of times I remember bringing it in to my kindergarten class to show to my teacher who, certainly, had doubts that I d actually read it Psh Yes I am hugely pretentious Regardless I ve read bits and pieces of it again and again over the years, and it remains one of the most delightful books I know There is no reason for this not to be a favorite book for kids it s exciting, full of an enormous number 200 of vivid stories perfect in size for a child s [...]

  3. Wow It s hard to even know where to begin reviewing this collection I started reading it in 2015 for a group read, and finished about a third I set it aside meaning to return to it, but never did At the start of this year, I decided I would read 10 fairy tales from it between every print book I finished And 7 months later, I m finished I enjoyed the process so much I m going to start doing that with another fairy tale collection.And I literally read it to pieces Both the front and back cover hav [...]

  4. Most traditional stories were past down from generation to generation in an oral tradition which made for well paced and entertaining stories Sadly they are often retold in the hands of someone with a pace that is comparable to a three legged horse in a race, and sadly not as entertaining I know some of you are thinking I m awful for that right now and are taking a moment to think the worst of me Thankfully, Italo Calvino lent his hand to the collecting and retelling of Italian folktales and so [...]

  5. My mother gave me this book when I was seven years old She got it from a salesman who was smart enough to convince her that the book was perfect for a seven years old, even though it was a book of than a thousand pages, and an expensive one, with an heavy binding that made it difficult for a little boy to handle Well, this was probably the best gift I ever had I read the book countless times, totally fascinated by the weirdness of the characters and by the gruesomeness of the stories, elements [...]

  6. Calvino wanted to be Italy s Brothers Grimm Not in the sense of collecting the tales, which folklorists had been doing, but creating a popular collection This is the result, down to the 200 tales He notes that he also, like the Grimms, spruced up the tales Unlike them, he put in end notes about what tales he combined, and what little details he added He went by the language and not by the country s borders It s a wide variety, including some religious legends and animal fables and tales about fo [...]

  7. RICORDI D INFANZIALe fiabe raccolte da Calvino sono diverse , nonostante gli stereotipi Sar stato perch mia madre era solita leggermele quando ero piccola Zio Lupo era una presenza fissa nei miei incubi , ma sono state capaci tuttora di affascinarmi e trasportarmi in mondi magici in cui tutto possibile La bambina and alla casa di Zio Lupo Buss Bum, bum Chi Sono io Tanti anni, tanti mesi che nessuno batte pi a questa porta Cosa vuoi Mi manda la mamma, a chiedervi se ci prestate la padella per far [...]

  8. I wish my parents had read this aloud to me when I was little perhaps one of the best collections of fairy tales I ve ever read Calvino finds a very strong narrative voice while still managing to balance his own typical style and the speaking style of those who told him the stories in the first place My favorite is a similar story to little red riding hood except with an ogre Grandmother, what a big neck you have I ve always worn such heavy jeweled necklaces my dear Grandmother, what hairy hips [...]

  9. Well, Neil Gaiman gave it five starsd had this intriguing insight Over a seven year period, Calvino wrote three realist novels, The White Schooner 1947 1949 , Youth in Turin 1950 1951 , and The Queen s Necklace 1952 54 , but all were deemed defective 28 During the eighteen months it took to complete I giovani del Po Youth in Turin , he made an important self discovery I began doing what came most naturally to me that is, following the memory of the things I had loved best since boyhood Instead o [...]

  10. 200 folktales I feel like I have completed a major reading project.Reading folktales fairytales, it s fun to see some of the similarities in European stories and start to pick up not only national but regional idiosyncrasies This extensive collection of Italian tales not only has similarities to some very familiar stories but some also have threads of Arabic tales and Roman myths This is my first experience of Italian folktales outside of Roman mythology, so one of the things I don t really unde [...]

  11. This is a masterful collection of Italian Folktales, where the reader is lured into a world of flux, of metamorphoses, where kings and peasants, tricksters and saints, and a whole zoology of extraordinary animals, plants and fish wend their way through the landscape and history of the Italian nation.Italian Folktales Fiabe Italiane is a collection of 200 folktales, collated from various regions around Italy, and from the works of a whole army of collectors, folklorists, ethnologists etc making u [...]

  12. Calvino es un autor que me gusta Su ensayo de por qu leer a los cl sicos brind siempre geniales discusiones en mis clases Coraz n Jaguar siempre ocupar un lugar especial en mi coraz n de alcachofa Peeeero descubrir esta joya fue extraordinario.Leerlo con un vaso de leche y galletitas, disfrutar cada una de las historias, volverse ni o no preguntar, no decir eso no me lo creo, no cuestionar Disfrutar solamente todas estas historias de hadas, pr ncipes, brujas, dragones y magia tanta Volverse ni o [...]

  13. Too many of these stories followed the same pattern poor character is having a bad time something semi magical happens character gains wealth or nobility.For a writer with communist sympathies and an anarchist father, Calvino sure seems to re tell a lot of stories that glorify kings, marriage, and wealth.

  14. These are some seriously crazy fairy tales I finally finished this book.I ve been reading it, with varying degrees of intensity, since early 2004.It is a 700 page book of 200 folktales with notes and intros.I tried to read one fairy tale every day I failed that goal, but I came close at times These stories were so crazy, and yet most echoed motifs and structures of the fairy tales of other cultures I am so completely fascinated with the psychological need in society that has perpetuated these st [...]

  15. A legt bb mes t ismertem m s, ltal ban teljesebb, tetsz sebb v ltozatban, amit meg nem, az legink bb kalandreg ny kezdem ny s persze joban r ltem volna feldolgozatlan mes knek, szerencs re a jegyzetekb l kider l, hol mancsolt bel j k Calvino, de akkor is.A k pek nagyon sz pek, de hogy j nnek n pmes khez D

  16. Containing short 2 3 page old folktales, this is a charming collection Not the type of thing you pick up and read from front to back nearly 800 pages, 200 stories something you would pick up to read one or two before bed or to a child Not a Calvino novel in the vein of the others of his I ve read, but a very worthwhile addition to the bookcase.

  17. Ah an oldie but a goodie pulled this out to read some of the tales to my 3 year old While she fell asleep during the 1st one, I kept reading This is a book I ve read before parts , but enjoy again and again.

  18. Generally speaking, I don t post books on that I have read than 20 years ago I read this extraordinary and deep collection in 1990, but parts of it still haunt me.

  19. An amusing collection of fairy tales and folk stories that hasn t a whiff of postmodern style Suck it, lit majors.

  20. az c k korkutan sonu hep g lmeli masallar Favorim g m burun babaannemin anlatt masalla, mavi sakal aras nda bi yerlerde

  21. Mas que livro gostoso de ler Terminei o agora a pouco e imediatamente vim escrever a resenha, ainda sobre o encantamento produzido pela prosa combinada dos contos italianos e Italo Calvino.Esse livro tem uma proposta parecida com a de 103 Contos de Fadas, da Angela Carter, mas, curiosamente, uma leitura bem mais leve Misturam se em suas p ginas contos de fadas, f bulas, anedotas, folclore e h um bom humor fant stico que parece permear toda a obra do tipo que me fez ficar rindo de lado como se di [...]

  22. My Grandmother, from Italy, would tell my brother and I Giufa stories every night We loved them I have become the teller of Giufa stories I was convinced that my Grandmother had made all these stories up about this poor farmboy, and his mother When my eldest son was in 1st Grade, he asked me one night after a Giufa story, Is Giufa real, Dad Wanting my son to believe these stories to get the full impact, I replied, Of course Then my son said, Then tomorrow when we go to the library we can get Giu [...]

  23. Fiabe italiane una splendida raccolta curata da uno degli scrittori italiani che amo di pi Italo Calvino, in questo cofanetto di tre volumi, riuscito a condensare il fiore della tradizione fiabesca italiana Ricchi mercanti, orchi, principi, inganni, sorelle invidiose, geniali popolani a volte imbroglioni e perfino Ges e San Pietro sono soltanto una piccolissima parte degli elementi che popolano i libri.Raccontate senza fronzoli, le fiabe di Calvino provengono da tutte le regioni italiane alcuni [...]

  24. Italo Calvino 1923 85 was an Italian national treasure, best known for his fiction and rightly so This book, however, is a departure from his better known offerings a collection of two hundred Italian folktales It is a large work, 766 pages, but each story is relatively short and for me it has stayed in easy reach on my nightstand since I bought it over a decade ago Stories can be chosen at random, each a little gem of insight into the culture of a different region If you are curious about what [...]

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