Соло Rana Dasgupta Alena Likova Raycho Stanev Kirkus Review
  • Title: Соло
  • Author: Rana Dasgupta Alena Likova Raycho Stanev
  • ISBN: 9789544916
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
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Соло Rana Dasgupta Alena Likova Raycho Stanev

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    120 Rana Dasgupta Alena Likova Raycho Stanev
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  1. Rating 5 of fiveMy review has moved to my blog because of the data deletion problem here on.This could very easily be one of the few novels I ll ever re read Ulrich stays with me, years later.

  2. New Review Before the man lost his sight, he read this story in a magazine a group of explorers came upon a community of parrots speaking the language of a society that had been wiped out in a recent catastrophe Astonished by their discovery, they put the parrots in cages and sent them home so that linguists could record what remained of the lost language But the parrots, already traumatized by the devastation they had recently witnessed, died on the way.The man feels a great fraternity with tho [...]

  3. Solo is a novel by Rana Dasgupta that is actually two novels movement one and movement two, the life and the daydreams, the reality and the illusion, or maybe the illusion and the reality Somewhere for me, Solo combined the lyrical existentialism from the cobbled streets of Kafka s Prague with the detached, disjointed sweep of Tulse Luper s suitcases There are three things that, I think, are striking about it 1 THE CONCEPTThe first thing has to do with the conception of the novel, its intent, no [...]

  4. Despite the title SOLO, this is a book that focuses on duality reality versus daydreams, science versus music, communism versus oligarchy, success versus failure It s an audacious book, a highly imaginative one, and certainly an enigmatic one.Given its duality, it s no surprise that I m of two minds about it in many places, I admired SOLO than I loved it Characters are often sacrificed to themes, yet often, the themes do become transcendent SOLO is divided into two movements In the first moveme [...]

  5. The rest room in the railway station is out of order, and has been for decades Ah, but there is a wall nearby and men wander over They stand there, adding their own vignettes to Bulgarian history, through Fascist, Communist and Gangsta times The collective wafts upwards, to a spare apartment, where Ulrich, though blind now and nearing 100, sees and remembers it all.Solo is Art It is what a novel can be.Broken into two Movements , the first part of the book looks back on Ulrich s life Music, in t [...]

  6. Can dreams and reality ever be combined to create a rich work of literature Absolutely, for Rana Dasgupta does that and beautiful is the amalgamation Solo is a masterpiece, in my opinion The effect can be delusional as it becomes hard to distinguish between dreams and reality But the book isn t just a cryptic take on merging existence with hallucination the book is uncannily identifiable Equally retrospective and introspective, Ulrich narrates his hundred year life all that was and could have be [...]

  7. This summer has been a blessing I have read such amazing books that are actually going to stay with me for life.One such book is Solo Initially when I started it I thought it would be another politically forward book and through politics it ll talk about life but I was so wrong.Solo is divided into two parts This man, Ulrich is almost ninety when he decides that he still has a lot to give to the world, that his legacy needs to be out there.The first part of the book is talking about his own self [...]

  8. A Miserable PretensionI picked up this novel because of Anis Shivani s glowing recommendation on an article in the American Book Review Anis Shivani, for those who don t know, is an against the grain literary critic and a lit mag represented poet and probably some other things, who endeared me some time back with an article bashing the contemporary American short story That even in that article on short stories his conclusions ran astray and he ended up making a demand for pointless novels a la [...]

  9. Solo Painting the surreal landscape of love, relationshsips, society, bonds, politics comes naturally to Rana His imagination creeps slowly and steadily binding the reader s thoughts and taking them on this experience that leaves them at the end of the ride either drained or mesmerised or floating Rana is an artist at work, his language flows, On hot days, the smells become overpowering, and rain comes as a relief, washing everything away The blind man sits by the window when the rain is heavy a [...]

  10. I saw Rana Dasgupta speak at the launch of Solo in NYC at 192 Books his word choice is as impeccable in speech as it is in writing Solo is a mystifying book I ll need to revisit.I ll admit it when I arrived at the second half of the book, I didn t understand that I was reading Ulrich s daydreams I saw the scenes unfolding in a fantastic and far fetched alternate dimension As the story of Boris, Irakli, and Khatuna blooms and wilts, and increasingly apparent symbols from Ulrich s life bubble to t [...]

  11. This was an incredible read quite an unusual one for my tastes, but I enjoyed reading this book and conjecturing about it This book has a central character, Ulrich, who is a blind old man, maybe well into his nineties when the book starts In Part 1 of the book he lives alone, is poor and depends upon his kind neighbours for food and other material things He introspects a lot, thinks a lot, and through his thoughts and actions we come to know of his life starting from his childhood a comfortable [...]

  12. Rana Dasgupta says in an interview I have lived in the US and India for a long time and they are such big countries and so obsessed with themselves and think they are the whole world I found it interesting to write about a small country The book tells a story of a 100 year old Bulgarian It was published in Bulgarian by Janet 45 and has a marvellous tranlation.I am too much connected to this book already to comment extensively, just want to say it is a brave and exciting literary experiment.Hope [...]

  13. I chose to read Rana Dasgupta s novel Solo for the Bulgaria leg of my Around the World in 80 Books challenge I went to Sofia on holiday last year, and absolutely loved it it s probably the only capital city I have ever visited which has not succumbed entirely to tourism, and it still felt rather authentic I have read very little set in the country though, and was very much looking forward to this novel in consequence.Solo, which was the winner of the Best Book category of the Commonwealth Writer [...]

  14. Bulgaristan n yak n a tarihi son 100 120 y l i inde kurgulanm bir roman Roman n i i e ge mi hikayeleri tek tek ilgin olmakla birlikte kopuk kopuk, bu nedenle baz eyler havada kal yor Kitapta fahi bilgi yanl l klar var, rne in aspirinin ilk ke fedilen antibiyotik olmad , kemoterapi denilen tedavi eklini bulan ki inin ad n n P Erlich olmas gibi Bir de komik bir zaman hatas var ki g ld r yor insan Yakla k 1920 lere uyan tarihlerde bir yahudi tiyatrosunda Lenin ve Musolini nin taklidinin yap lmas ye [...]

  15. Bulgaria is not a common locale for English language novels, but the verb Balkanize has been disseminated widely, and no longer limited in meaning to just the hostile division of the Balkans Now, author Rana Dasgupta has given the reader an epic overview of Bulgaria s geopolitical hardships and character, acquainting us with a blemished region often overlooked The theme that we all go solo, either literally or spiritually, is identified here, in both the Balkanization of a region and of the soul [...]

  16. WITH his debut novel, British born author Rana Dasgupta threw his cards on the table as if to announce that here was one new writer who refused to play the ethnic fiction game.Hailed as a kind of Canterbury Tales of its time, Tokyo Cancelled, in which 13 travellers exchanged their stories in the neutral space of an airport waiting room, proved Rana s ability to leap in and out of a variety of cultural mindsets.So when his second book, Solo, fades up on an old man who sits alone in front of beaut [...]

  17. In Dana Dasgupta s first book Tokyo Cancelled passengers are stranded in Tokyo Having nothing to do, they tell each other stories However, they have a tenuous connection to each other, or the passengers each has his own stand alone story This makes the book a collection of stories than a novel But in Solo, Dana s new book, the stories seem just as tenuous, but Solo, in fact, is a proper novel, not an story anthology The second story begins in the second half, a tale about a runt of a son of one [...]

  18. Solo was selected by readers of the Guardian s Books page as the inaugural winner of the paper s Not the Booker prize, for the best book that was not nominated for this year s Booker Prize This captivating novel is divided into two distinct and minimally related parts, or movements In the first movement, Dream , we are introduced to Ulrich as he approaches his 100th birthday in his home town of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital He has no heirs and is nearly penniless, and he despairs that his life s [...]

  19. Solo, by Rana Dasgupta, won the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best Book award in 2010, and deservedly so for many reasons It s a compelling tale and highly imaginative but it also explores some confronting truths about the much lauded end of Soviet communism Dasgupta is British Indian, but is really a citizen of the world with an international outlook He spent his childhood in the UK but has studied not only at Balliol College Oxford, but also at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud in Aix en Provence, [...]

  20. Just keep going with this book It s remarkable The second half of the book will blow your mind It reminded me of David Mitchell s Cloud Atlas that way You lose your grounding, but in the most wonderful way.

  21. First half was quite good, but then when Ulrich was no longer the main character the book felt confused, pointless and a little silly Very disappointing There was no flow, and what was charming at the first half was stilted and amateurish and contrived in the second half.

  22. Before reading this, I had come across lots of discussion about whether the structure of this novel works or not It is unusual the first part tells the story of Ulrich a one hundred year old Bulgarian man living through the upheavals of the twenty first century from the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, to the Second World War, then through communism to the rampant capitalism of the 1990s The second half is made up of the daydreams that have kept him going through a life mainly characterised by [...]

  23. Solo is the story of Ulrich, a blind, hundred year old Bulgarian man who has little to do with his days but reminisce and daydream He does during the course of the novel.By most standards, Ulrich s life would be considered a failure Thwarted by his father in his early ambitions to become a musician, Ulrich turned instead to chemistry but abandoned his studies in Berlin and returned to Sofia when his family s investments failed He became a bookkeeper and married a pianist, but that relationship w [...]

  24. Inhalt Wir erfahren von Ulrich, der ein ziemlich normales, beinahe schon trostloses Leben f hrt Dann erfahren wir pl tzlich von Boris, einem anderen als Ulrichs toter bester Freund Und von Chatuna und Katcha Und von Irakli und Plastic, die eigentlich zusammen genannt gar nicht passen Wir erfahren von Politikwechsel und Albert Einstein.Schreib Erz hlstil Was Dasgupta so ziemlich oft fehlte war die Tiefe Keinerlei Charakter konnte mich reizen, zuletzt dachte ich, ich finde meine Sehnsucht in Chatu [...]

  25. Solo, Rana Dasgupta s beautiful and fantastical prize winning novel, addresses themes like thwarted destiny and the ways in which historical events shape individual lives, and looks for inspiration to 20th century science and the ascendancy of Communism in early 20th century eastern Europe Dasgupta s main character is Ulrich, who, blind and 100 years old, is living alone in a shabby apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria The first half of the novel consists of chronologically ordered recollections spannin [...]

  26. Solo is a wonderfully written novel by Rana Dasgupta The novel is engrossing and enchanting, thanks to the compact writing style and the mix of elements of tragedy and hope The story is replete with pain and loss, but, at the same time it is also a manifestation of how there s no success or greatness without loss and sacrifice That behind every great man there are many who have failed, yet if it were not for the success of that one man woman, the loss of others would be futile.Solo has no partic [...]

  27. The book is page turner Consisting of two very different movements or novellas, it centers around a 100 year old Bulgarian man, whose life and imaginations are also a peek into the former communist country s history The first movement is very much in the realist style which rich journey into the history of chemistry and music in Bulgaria in the 20th century, as seen through the eyes of its main protagonist Ulrich The second movement is in a contemporary, even post modernist style and is based o [...]

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