Horizons Mickie B. Ashling Horizons Twenty three year old Clark Stevens a popular wide receiver with a potential NFL contract has a few problems He s got a jealous girlfriend a narrow minded and controlling father an attention probl
  • Title: Horizons
  • Author: Mickie B. Ashling
  • ISBN: 9781935192879
  • Page: 152
  • Format: ebook
Horizons Mickie B. AshlingTwenty three year old Clark Stevens, a popular wide receiver with a potential NFL contract, has a few problems He s got a jealous girlfriend, a narrow minded and controlling father, an attention problem, and an unexpected and powerful attraction to the trauma doctor the male trauma doctor who treats him for a broken bone.Dr Jody Williams is getting some really mixed signTwenty three year old Clark Stevens, a popular wide receiver with a potential NFL contract, has a few problems He s got a jealous girlfriend, a narrow minded and controlling father, an attention problem, and an unexpected and powerful attraction to the trauma doctor the male trauma doctor who treats him for a broken bone.Dr Jody Williams is getting some really mixed signals He can t ignore how much he wants Clark, because it s obvious Clark feels the same way For the out and proud doctor, the solution seems very simple For Clark, it s not His world is not gay friendly, and the obstacles he s faced have led him to deny his sexuality for years.It s the Super Bowl of disasters, no matter how you look at it In the end, Clark has to decide if he s going to stick with the only life he s ever known or take a chance on a new one with Jody.
Horizons Mickie B. Ashling

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    152 Mickie B. Ashling
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  1. DNF at 36%I m going to be kind and not rate this book, mostly because it s an ARC, and I m feeling charitable today Warning bitchy Heather ranting ahead Read with caution.I legit HATED this one I hated the writing style, I hated the unbelievable story I mean, what ER doctor tutors a random patient in literature in his spare time , and I hated the whiny characters But most of all, I hated the narration by John Solo I m done trying books by him because of the simple fact that I just can t stand hi [...]

  2. Horizons has got plenty of 5 star ratings so I thought I d best check it out While the story begins well and there is some great smex, it was the crying that put me off I know it s good to be in touch with your emotions, but harden the fuck up Maybe I am just a grumpy cow O o In saying that, I d so go back and read the grubby bits cause they were rather good sharrow.wordpress 2009 07

  3. In this melodramatic and over the top sports romance, angst and tears are as much a part of the men s relationship as the rampant hot sex From the polarizing personalities to the incredulous happy ending, this story unfortunately fails to deliver an interesting or well crafted story or romance Characterization ran from clich s to immense emotional angst without proper context or meaning leaving the amateurish prose better suited to fan fiction This type of story might appeal to those who enjoy a [...]

  4. Horizons is probably one of the oldest books on my TBR list and to be honest had I known what was in story for me it would still be there ageing like fine wineor vinegar.Disappointed doesn t really cover it on this one There were tearsClark cried, copious amounts Jody cried, not as much as Clark but it was closedid I mention Clark cried A lot Clark s mother cried bit of a psycho bitch this one , his brothers cried on at least one occassion each, Nikki cried a lot s a rough life being an unloved [...]

  5. What an excellent story It was huge in its scope, but wasn t too ansgsty the I read by this author, the I need Also, audio version Ashling is so incredibly lucky she scored John Solo He is incredible and does just a perfect job with her writing 5 huge stars for him.

  6. The lack of research about college football just killed it for me There is no real MVP of the year in college football Of the game and of the week, sure Offensive players can win the Heisman, and the best overall Defensive player get the Bednarik There are awards for the best linebacker the Butkus Award the best running back the Jim Thorpe Award and so on but MVP no Also anyone taken high enough in the draft for that kind of signing bonus has a full scholarship Books, an apartment on campus, tui [...]

  7. 2.5 I became a fan of Mickie B Ashling after reading Loving Edits, which happens to be one of my fave m nages out there Then the awesome continued with Tono, so of course I was totally down with reading Horizons the blurb sounded interesting enough, but what sounded interesting soon started to fizzle and I was left all kinds of disappointed.Clark Stevens is a star football player at his college he s so fantastic that the NFL is most definitely in his future Too bad he s miserable, with his grade [...]

  8. I passed over this book twice because the reviews and ratings were all over the place A good friend finally recommended it to me strongly and I finally dove into this sweet, feel good love story Jody is a serious trauma doctor with a penchant for falling for hard luck cases Clark is a deeply closeted college football star who arrives at the hospital with a broken arm There is than the usual doctor patient relationship between the two men but both are hesitant to act on it This leads to a well p [...]

  9. 3.5 stars, rounded up.Full review can be found at I did something with this series I never do I read 4 Chyna Doll before I read the stories before it I m now going back to where it all began.Horizons tells the story of Clark a closeted football player and Jody a doctor who treats him after an injury Jody is out and proud where Clark s NFL future might be in jeopardy if people find out he s gay The sparks fly immediately between the two men and before long they are in the middle of a secret relat [...]

  10. Meh.I wanted to like this, I really did, but in the end it just sits in the middle and is completely forgettable to me.Horizons is about Jody, a doctor, and Clark, a popular college football player with dreams of the NFL While Jody is out and proud, even has a license plate saying so, Clark is so far in the closet he wouldn t know what way is up Unfortunately, Clark also has a homophobic family with means to destroy Jody, and a friend with benefits who doesn t want to let go of the benefits.Soun [...]

  11. Whilst this got off to a slow start, the pace soon picked up and there are a fair few steamy sex scenes It has a good lot of angst, which I love, with a HEA Only one small thing, as someone else mentioned, I m not sure that Clark s father and mother would have changed their opinions so completely at the end, but there you go Moving straight on to Taste to hear what Lil has got up to

  12. Love love loved this book Just the right combination of searing romance, hot hot sex and addictive melodrama Well written, well developed, extremely satisfying It was maybe a little over the top at times, but that s okay It was entertaining, and the love between these characters exploded off the page Look forward to reading from this author.

  13. Since Mickie B Ashling first published Horizons four yeas ago, a lot has changed for the LGBT community in our country While Horizons was in final edits this time around, changes were happening so fast it was hard to keep up with them I didn t read Horizons when it was originally released, so it was a new book for me.Aside from some timing issues with football seasons, which I know were a pain for Mickie the first time around, I found Horizons to be an enjoyable way to spend a hot day indoors It [...]

  14. da sognipensieriparole4,5 Questo libro esce solo ora per scelta della casa editrice, ma sarebbe in realt il primo della serie Fin da quando ho letto La degustazione e Papi accarezzavo il desiderio di conoscere anche la storia del vichingo biondo e del suo bel dottorino Da vari indizi sapevo che i due nel primo libro avevano gi fatto scintille, e infatti questa lettura tanto attesa non mi ha delusa.Anzi Direi che questo forse il libro pi riuscito della serie Certo, Grieg e Lil, con il loro Luca, [...]

  15. La realt che la maggior parte di noi cercano solo a, come tutti gli altri Vogliamo qualcuno da cui tornare a casa, che ci ascolti quando andiamo fuori di testa, da stringere durante la notte Non siamo diversi dal resto del mondo.La maggior parte degli etero pensa che, perch siamo gay, tutto quello a cui pensiamo il sesso So che ci sono uomini gay fatti cos , come ci sono uomini etero che passano da una donna all altra, ma la maggior parte di noi non diversa da voi Vogliamo tutti le stesse cose, [...]

  16. I always enjoy sports stories The interesting difference with this one is that the gay phobic focus was on the family acceptance with virtually no reference to the possible team reaction And the ADD was a great addition to the trauma that this disorder can cause for any young person, especially when it is purposefully ignored.

  17. I had heard there was a lot of crying in this book, but didn t take it seriously as a problem I ve enjoyed other books in which the characters cried a lot But in this one they kept crying for no apparent reason It was like both main characters were PMSing hardcore, and I finally just couldn t take any I stopped somewhere in chapter 11 heh.

  18. Very good m m romance about a deeply closeted college football player with a homophobic family who finds himself falling despite himself for the very out ER doctor who cares for his broken arm That bizarre cover does such a disservice to this book

  19. Not my type of read The extremely violent homophobic family and the rudimentary writing ruined this read for me.

  20. Review posted on World of Diversity Fiction Reviews3.75 StarsI really liked this book Horizons is an angsty story with a sweet romance While there is nothing new about the story it captured me from the start It has plenty of drama, some of it a bit over the top Clark is a college athlete and gay, he has a family that would never understand his being gay and on top of that he is being looked at by NFL scouts, a league notorious for not being gay friendly, that s two strikes against his coming out [...]

  21. We have college football player Clark Stevens, with the prospects of a career in the NFL But Clark is gay, although very far in the closet, and he s suffering from ADD, and his controlling and somewhat abusive father has never let him get on meds for that.Then there is ER Doctor Jody Williams, he s gay, out and proud And when they meet when Clark is brought into the ER there s instant connection attraction view spoiler They start hanging out and become friends, but the attraction just can t be i [...]

  22. Four and a half stars, really It would have been five but for two little things.I really enjoyed this story The cover art nearly put me off I didn t realise how much I rely on it to get me to click on a book but the blurb was interesting and I started reading it as soon as I bought it rather than start one of the other several hundred books I have waiting on my Kindle The first few pages are odd in pacing and a whole lot of tell instead of show which almost put me off I think taking the slower r [...]

  23. 3,5Alors voici enfin le premier tome de la s rie perspective, il paraissait bien all chant.D une part nous avons Jody qui est un homme qui a accept son homosexualit et d autre part Clark qui r siste son d sir Clark est le personnage qui affronte le plus d preuves car il doit faire son coming out dans une famille peu tol rante et en plus il s agit d un sportif renomm Bref rien qui ne faciliterait son coming out et une vie ventuelle avec Jody Clark par certains c t s m est apparu comme un peu faci [...]

  24. bianchianita1971 2Non ho ancora letto La Degustazione ma ne ho sentito parlare talmente bene che non ho potuto non leggere il primo romanzo di questa serie La storia allo stesso tempo semplice e complicata semplice come l innamorarsi di due persone, complicata poich i due sono due ragazzi e ci sono in ballo molte cose oltre ai sentimenti.Tra Clark e Jody basta uno sguardo per accendere una forte attrazione ma Clark una stella nascente del football, con una famiglia a dir poco omofoba, ed ha semp [...]

  25. I am shocked that I, once upon a time, deemed this to be a four star read After re reading this yesterday I totally have to change my rating here although I usually stick with a rating once given.So, this was pretty much one of the first M M Romance books I ever laid eyes on, and I liked it, back then Lack of comparable books and age, I totally blame it on those So yeah, I liked it then Not so much, any Too whiny main characters, literally It s like these characters start crying every 10 minutes [...]

  26. This story hits all the right buttons Everyone is good looking, there is a handsome doctor Jody with a tragic previous relationship, a hunky footballer Clarke with homophobic parents and brother, but also other supportive brothers, a bimbo girlfriend f buddy while he is in denial.Jody and Clarke meet in ER when Clarke is injured in a game Luckily we do not need to know the rules of football to enjoy this book Sparks fly but are ignored or less they meet again in ER and conversation ensues which [...]

  27. This one just wasn t for meybe it was the writing style I m a sucker for a good OFY GFY story, but from the very beginning, it just didn t do it for me though I finished, because I ve definitely read a whole lot worse Overall, I think there was too much dialogue I kept being told what was happening, never really felt the characters Both seemed a bit juvenile at times, which really didn t work since one was supposed to be a doctor I think my favorite character was Lil, and considering he was a se [...]

  28. AUDIOBOOK REVIEW This was such a conflicting story I want to say it was beautiful, but there were some seriously hard times that made me want to cry because of the hatred displayed by secondary characters Watching the relationship blossom between the two main characters from Doctor Patient to Tutor Student to lovers was really fun and sweet I didn t particularly care that for the fact that Jody wasn t a little careful about protecting his heart and the fact that he accidentally hurt Clark by go [...]

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