You Can Count on Monsters Richard Evan Schwartz You Can Count on Monsters Using a unique teaching tool designed to motivate kids to learn this volume visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers The playful and colorful monsters a
  • Title: You Can Count on Monsters
  • Author: Richard Evan Schwartz
  • ISBN: 9781568815787
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
You Can Count on Monsters Richard Evan SchwartzUsing a unique teaching tool designed to motivate kids to learn, this volume visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers The playful and colorful monsters are designed to give children and even older audiences an intuitive understanding of the building blocks of numbers and the basics of multiplication The introduction and apUsing a unique teaching tool designed to motivate kids to learn, this volume visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers The playful and colorful monsters are designed to give children and even older audiences an intuitive understanding of the building blocks of numbers and the basics of multiplication The introduction and appendices can also help adult readers answer questions about factoring from their young audience The artwork is crisp and creative and the colors are bright and engaging, making this volume a welcome deviation from standard math texts CRC Press Author and NPR s Math Guy Keith Devlin spoke with Scott Simon about how the book makes finding prime numbers fun This is one of the most amazing math books for kids I have ever seen , Devlin says Great colors, it s wonderful, and yet because Schwartz knows the mathematics, he very skillfully and subtly embeds mathematical ideas into the drawings.
You Can Count on Monsters Richard Evan Schwartz

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  1. The author has written a wonderfully illustrated book about the first 100 numbers and their characters prime monsters All you need to know is how to multiply whole numbers together like 2 and 3 , and this book will put you well on your way to understanding factor trees, primes and composites, and how to find prime numbers With imaginative monsters and colorful drawings, this would be a great book for homeschoolers and educators to have on hand to make factoring not so scary except for those weir [...]

  2. Okay I read this entire book No for real I read the introduction and the afterword about how to find prime numbers under 100 Here s the thing this book does not make math easy I mean multiplying is complicated enough without jumbling up a zillion monsters I think the book is interesting in a graphic design kind of way for adults But giving this book to a child that would just be mean I thought if I read the introduction the book wouldn t be confusing any, not that children read introductions

  3. I m torn between loving this book and wondering whether it complicates the whole issue of factoring I love the visual, playful approach to math I love the monsters, and the way of using the monsters to help show the factors that make up a new number And yet and yet the final illustrations don t help me see the way factors help make up a larger number I want to share with some math teachers and see what they think So for now, no stars still undecided.

  4. I m so happy Jen recommended this book to me I loved, loved, loved it It is juvenile nonfiction, and in a delightfully whimsical and artistic manner explains prime numbers and factoring Absolutely adorable and clever My fav was number 87 with its factors of 29 and 3 Check it out and tell me you favorite If my boys were younger, this definitely would have been a Christmas gift.

  5. Learning about prime and composite numbers should be this much fun Although some of the monsters are difficult, I can see students spending fun time with this The preliminary and supplemental materials should help parents and teachers who use this with children.

  6. I would have loved to have a book like this when I was younger It is a great and fun way to teach kids about numbers and math where they can be intersting This would be a great book for probably 3rd graders A great interactive book that kids can read together

  7. My son is currently obsessed with math and this book fueled his fire even If this book was around when I was a kid I may have actually enjoyed math It begins with a few drawings of numbers as monsters and then progresses into delightful drawings showing addition, prime numbers and factor trees The book breaks down multiplication into several visual methods 3 x 3 9 OR images of 3 items in 3 rows OR images of 3 groups of 3 items The illustrations are phenomenal We both enjoyed this and read it se [...]

  8. Amazing visual explanation on how to grasp prime numbers, composite numbers, and the basics of multiplication Brilliant Each and every classroom should have this book.

  9. This colorful book uses a set of initial diagrams to explain the factoring of the first 100 positive integers into prime factors Each prime number is represented by a figure that is a monster and the figures for factorable numbers are compositions of the prime monsters The author has gone to great lengths to make the shape of the monster one that conforms to the number, for example the monster of the number two has two very large eyes The number three is a smiling triangle with triangular eyes a [...]

  10. This book was recommended to me by an English teacher her 9 year old son was fascinated by it Each number is depicted by a monster composite numbers have the accompanying factor tree on the left side, with a composite monster on the right Prime numbers have unique monsters that are not simply divided into smaller parts, like composite numbers that can be factored.This book could be used on several different levels, and in some cases, I wasn t sure how the monster prime ones in particular repres [...]

  11. This creative book teaches about prime numbers using not at all scary monsters Using simple drawings and terms, it explains factoring, whole numbers, and prime and composite numbers.Each page has its own monster and corresponding number, from 1 100 If it s a prime number, it is its own unique monster , which are just silly characters The composite number monsters are made up of their prime number monsters factors It s fun to figure out how the different numbers are making up the monsters For exa [...]

  12. From the other reviews, I see there is some question of whether prime factorization is suitable material for picture book aged children My opinion is that it s always good to begin with the assumption that children are able to understand.Maybe it depends on the child All I can say is that my own children ages 5 and 7 spent the evening drawing factor trees, and creating their own monster pictures for numbers past 100 They also loved counting the tentacles edges hairs on the prime numbered monster [...]

  13. This book is about prime numbers and factoring using numbers up to 100 I really did not enjoy the illustrations in this book because each monster has a defining feature that relates to its number and I found a few monsters whose characteristics were not clear enough to tell the corresponding number I think it would be a little difficult for young children to keep track of the corners of the monsters while counting I did like how the author had visuals of factoring, using groups of dots to show m [...]

  14. A cute math book for precocious children, You Can Count on Monsters illustrates the concept of prime factorization by combining monsters, representing the prime numbers, in strange and silly ways to form composite numbers Also includes an carefully explained version of Euclid s proof that the prime numbers are unbounded i.e that there is no largest prime number.

  15. I bought this book for Shari Brooke because she is obsessed with numbers and counting It s actually quite clever in that it displays the factors of each number to 100 Grant, who also loves math and numbers and clever things, really likes this book It has a several pages of mathematical explanations at the beginning It s not my favorite book, but these two kids of mine really love it

  16. This is a great resource for teaching and reviewing number facts The text is fun and colorful, and the monster illustrations are really cute This book explores the relationship between numbers and the different fact families It would be great for a read aloud or to lead into a lesson about number relationships.

  17. Thanks friends for the suggestion This is exactly how my sons brain appears to think about numbers he ate it up He has looked at it numerous times Even quizzed me, I asked him why he was quizzing me, as the numbers factors were right in front of him, he said to ensure that it was accurate Ha

  18. Presents numbers 1 through 100 and multiples Great visual guide for learning prime numbers and factoring.I would give this 5 stars but I find the monster illustrations to be strange Other than that, it s a winner for people who are visual learners.

  19. Prime numbers and factorization have never been this much fun Grownups and kids will gain a newly complete understanding of how the first hundred numbers relate, and meet some scary monsters along the way.

  20. This book is great for teaching or introducing prime composite numbers and factoring Great for showing students visually how factoring works and the role that prime composite numbers play in the world of mathematics.

  21. A little explanation, very few words, and a lot of pictures to celebrate numbers I think his monsters are too complicated, but the idea of building composite numbers out of elements of the factors is brilliant.

  22. Schwartz draws each prime number as a monster, and then all the composite numbers as, appropriately, composites of the prime numbers that they factor into So 14 is the 7 monster eating the 2 monster It s really a beautiful book, but what age group is it really for

  23. This book would be a great resource for teaching prime numbers and factoring The explanations are succinct and might not offer enough information for some learners to feel comfortable with the concepts I think it would be better for extension activities rather than introducing.

  24. This book about factors has great visuals that show groupings for multiplication The dots can also be counted individually for students who have yet to learn to skip count.

  25. A great book about multiplication, prime numbers and monsters Max is learningmultiplication at school so the timing was perfect for looking at this book I definitely recommend this book.

  26. This book is great for multiplication It shows the reader several ways to explain and figure the product Would use this book with my 3rd graders , who may have a hard time with multiplication.

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