Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini Robert Whitfield Scaramouche With swordfights and romance adventure and treachery set against the backdrop of the French Revolution this is the book that made Rafael Sabatini famous Andre Louis Moreau has good prospects as a yo
  • Title: Scaramouche
  • Author: Rafael Sabatini Robert Whitfield
  • ISBN: 9780786162277
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Audio CD
Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini Robert WhitfieldWith swordfights and romance, adventure and treachery set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, this is the book that made Rafael Sabatini famous Andre Louis Moreau has good prospects as a young lawyer, but an unfair duel with the ruthlessly cruel Count de La Tour d Azyr leaves Andre Louis best friend dead and Andre Louis himself a fugitive from the king s justiWith swordfights and romance, adventure and treachery set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, this is the book that made Rafael Sabatini famous Andre Louis Moreau has good prospects as a young lawyer, but an unfair duel with the ruthlessly cruel Count de La Tour d Azyr leaves Andre Louis best friend dead and Andre Louis himself a fugitive from the king s justice While incognito, disguised as Scaramouche, he becomes both a wildly popular actor and a firebrand of the Revolution His vow to avenge his friend s murder leads him deeper into the political intrigues that surround the Revolution and to a position of power But there are secrets to be revealed that will stun all of Paris One of the best historical romances of all time, Scaramouche was a bestseller upon its original publication in the United States in 1921 Today it remains a classic of swashbuckling adventure.
Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini Robert Whitfield

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  1. At the dawn of the French Revolution, when Aristocrats are about to tumble down into the toxic precipice, there lived in the village of Gavrillac, Brittany, with his Godfather, Andre Louis Moreau A young lawyer of unknown origin, now, but earlier when the infant Andre Louis was brought there, Quentin de Kercadiou, Lord of that settlement, announces that he is the Godfather , the people are amused Obviously the child is a product of an ill fated romance, and Monsieur Kercadiou, is the father, whi [...]

  2. He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad Everybody and their brother quote the opening sentence of the book and no wonder it really is very much quotable In this case I do not want stand up in the crowd and there you have it Andr Louis Moreau was born from unknown parents and raised by a local lord Quentin de Kercadiou Thanks to him Andr Louis received a good education and became a lawyer We are talking about France right before the revolution Try as he could, Andr [...]

  3. 4.5 stars for this swashbuckling historical novel by Rafael Sabatini, set during French Revolution times in the late 1700s Andre Louis Moreau is a young lawyer of unknown parentage, but has a protective godfather, Quentin de Kercadiou, a local lord in Brittany, France Andre Louis is very fond of de Kercadiou s niece Aline, so when he finds out she s planning on accepting a proposal from the Marquis de la Tour d Azyr for practical reasons, not love, he s deeply disappointed Things get worse when [...]

  4. This reviews can be found on Amaranthine Reads He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad Andr Louis Moreau, a country lawyer with no idea and no care for his birth heritage, witnesses the murder of his eloquent friend by a swarthy aristocrat and swears vengeance, yet the laws of pre Revolution France do not equate to justice for all and he is forced to flee for his life when he stirs up Revolutionary madness within the citizens of France He finds safety with a travel [...]

  5. He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad One of the best opening lines I ve ever read I m sure this will end up being one of my favourite re reads of the year.A fast paced read that seamlessly merges Andr Louis story with real history and leaves you wanting to read of both The style is romantic, but the romance s are of the realistic sort view spoiler I love that Andr Louis is shown having than one love hide spoiler and that he is a very flawed, self aware hero Hi [...]

  6. I wavered between four and five stars on this one, but I totally have to go with the five It s just that awesome I was actually a little surprised at how much I loved this book I mean, I love swashbucklers and historical fiction Dumas p re is my man, but the only other Sabatini novel I ve read, Venetian Masque, I found to be a little underwhelming so I did not expect this from Sabatini Speaking of Dumas, I almost think that _Scaramouche_ can be placed in the same company as that master s great w [...]

  7. From the Robe to the Buskin, and now from the buskin to the Sword What will be the end of you I wonder It is always a gamble to re read your childhood favourites Lately I v had a couple of bad hits while trying to revoke the passion towards a few books that I worshipped as a child Scaramouche, is one of those titles Without going into the details of the book, I am happy to conclude that after than a decade I have a better understanding of this book This is a story of swashbuckling adventure, re [...]

  8. Seminal novels have a curious tendency of being very much unlike the genres they inspire It s something I ve explored before, in The Lord of the Rings fantasy , The Virginian western , and The Moonstone mystery , and Scaramouche definitely resembles the latter two in how they stray from what we might expect.Firstly, we have an unusually introspective, complex protagonist Much less the dashing hero, we are shown a doubting cynic, a recluse who sees the cruel inequality of the world and does his b [...]

  9. Andre Louis Moreau is the Scaramouche of fame I am delighted with this knowledge, as it finally helps me to solve one of the many mysteries of Queen But than that, I am absolutely delighted with the work in general Sabatini s evocation of the heady, tense, uncertain, firecracker days before the beginning of the French Revolution of 1789 is beautifully done I classified this as fantasy because I believe that it is painted brightly enough to sear into my imagination as much as any Middle Earth wo [...]

  10. Thunderbolt of Lightning, Very, Very FrighteningScaramouche, Scaramouche, Will You Do the Fandango This a rollicking romantic adventure, circa 1921, following the life, loves and transformation of Andre Louis Moreau in the years leading up to the late 18th Century French Revolution, from cynical lawyer to comic actor playing clownish Italian character Scaramouche and, ultimately, into a swashbuckling romantic It s no literary treasure though.If you enjoyed Alexandre Dumas The Three Musketeers an [...]

  11. Scaramouche was a marvellous surprise I d never read Sabatini before as I harboured the prejudice that an adventure novel written in 1922 would feel clich , out of date, and ultimately disposable Instead, Scaramouche surprised me at every turn.The character of Andr Louis Moreau has qualities both admirable and execrable We admire his daring, eloquence, and instinctive sense of justice that transforms his outrage over the killing of his friend by a nobleman into a life of danger, even as we can r [...]

  12. Written in the 1920s but set directly before the French Revolution, this is the story of a young lawyer from the provinces, Andre Louis Raised and educated among the nobility, he has not the wealth, parentage, or hypocrisy needed to remain in their midst When the Marquis de La Tour d Azyr viciously and cold bloodedly kills Andre Louis s best friend, a naive priest, Andre swears vengeance The corrupt system of laws is no help, and Andre is turned from his home and profession for his trouble makin [...]

  13. This is a book about a fictional character who lived in Brittany, France, at the time of the French Revolution It is a plot oriented tale The central character, Andr Louis Moreau, is educated as a lawyer He is of the aristocracy A close friend is killed and Moreau wants retribution He has a gift for words, which gets him into trouble and then he must hide We watch his path as buffoon in a troupe of traveling actors to becoming a fencing master, a politician and a revolutionary We watch his path [...]

  14. Really sorry that it s taken me so long to read this engaging historical romance played out against the background of the French Revolution.Filled with engaging characters it s a swashbuckling tale delivered with wonderful atmosphere Many reviews already on offer For a free ebook I had no issues at all with the quality of this edition Time well spent.

  15. You know you want to.So most people recognize Scaramouche from Queen s Bohemian Rhapsody, but the original story started in the 17th century in the Italian theater You probably recognize him when you see him In Sabatini s story Andre Louis Moreau witnesses the death of his best friend at the hands of a nasty aristocrat, and thus dedicates his life to taking down the mean ol bastard Andre Louis goes into hiding as surprise Scaramouche in a traveling troupe Then there s plenty of swashbuckling and [...]

  16. I couldn t actually find the edition I readbut I loved this book Find it read it you won t regret it High adventure, romance, intrigue, betrayal So buckle on you swash and sally forth.Set in the midst of the French revolution this is a very satisfying high adventure of swordplay and romance of course it s by Sabatini, what else should we expect Enjoy UPDATE I just reread this.n I ve read it several times and like it immensely, it rates among my favorite novels.I m also a fan of Rafael Sabatini H [...]

  17. A stupendous adventure novel It s been a while since I ve enjoyed a swashbuckler, mostly because the adventures often are overly melodramatic in the classics, but this one has just the exact amount to be enjoyable and not off putting, and since the character at one point becomes an actual Com die actor playing the role of the buffoon, whatever histrionics there are in the plot doesn t feel out of place and goes well with the main lead s personality And Sabatini does establish the personality of [...]

  18. I just finished and loved to distraction The Beloved Vagabond by William J Locke Paragot, the main character, reminded me of the first line in Scaramouche He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.

  19. 4.5 stars Wow What an exciting rideI really enjoyed this fast paced, exciting adventure set during the French Revolution If I hadn t read this along with the Retro Reads group for our January group read, I doubt if I would ve picked it up on my own and that would ve been a shame I want to try new to me authors and books in 2018, and this is a delightful group to do that with.I can also use this book for the Book For All Seasons challenge, reading a book set during a revolution I didn t know what [...]

  20. Rafael Sabatini 1875 1950 joined a long list of authors writing historical fiction of much the same genre Alexander Dumas, p re, with his The Three Musketeers, Charles Dickens with his A Tale of Two Cities, and Baroness Emma Orczy with her The Scarlet Pimpernel, come immediately to mind Like these latter two writers, Sabatini s novel takes place immediately before and during the early years of the French Revolution, his story ending at the beginning of the Reign of Terror It s hero is Andre Loui [...]

  21. Interesting book Went well with Les Mis as it deals with the beginnings of the French Revolution Nicely fleshed out some historical names Hugo mentions but doesn t define Things I liked Sabatini must have had an enormous personal vocabulary There were so many words that I ve never even seen before, and I ve seen quite a few words That s always fun, although I didn t take the time to look them up High moral tone Hero is the epitome of self made man who pulls himself up by his own bootstraps, so t [...]

  22. First line He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad According to Wiki, Scaramouche also called Scaramuccia, means a roguish buffoon character in the commedia dell arte.A great novel, it reminds me Dumas pere books, with a lot of twisting plots, duels and plenty of historical figures, like Marat, Danton , Marie Antoinette and so on.A decade later after Scaramouche publication, Sabatini wrote a sequel, Scaramouche the Kingmaker text , which was not as well received I [...]

  23. This book just wasn t for me I really didn t like the author s writing style I thought the pace was uneven Too many long political discussions, with some action sequences in between An OK read.

  24. H i u khi m i nh n th y c i t a c a cu n s ch n y, m nh ngay l p t c li n t ng t i m t c u trong l i b i h t Bohemian Rhapsody c a ban nh c rock Queen Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango D c c i plot th m i bi t n l lo i ti u thuy t o cho ng v thanh ki m Ki u ng i th ch t m hi u v th i x a, th ch c historical fiction nh m nh th ch p c cu n n y nh c g p n c y, th ch qu C n n i c g n a y n gi n Scaramouche l m t quy n s ch qu tuy t v i T ng c u t ng ch t c gi vi t ra u ch a ng v p l [...]

  25. Th m m t ta c ph m n a cu n hu t mi nh t nh ng do ng u ti n chi sau Hai va n d m d i a y bi n Ti nh c th y em na y tr n tiki pop up qua ng ca o gi i thi u, ng ngay t ca i bi a n n t u ngay kh ng c n o c gi i thi u V y m i th y mi nh li u Nh ng th t s kh ng h i h n vi a t u e m v o c xong cu n na y m i pha t hi n ra ba n th n cu ng say m hi nh t ng ki m si va chi c a o choa ng t i nh ng na o, va y u lu n ca anh nam chi nh Andre Louis r i Li u ai co th t ch i m t ng i nh anh ranh ma nh, la u ca , [...]

  26. Before the reader has had time to settle in, the beloved friend of Monsieur Moreau soon to be known as Scaramouche the pair being young petites bourgeoises with noble dreams of a France committed to libert , galit , fraternit is slain by the haughty and unyielding aristocrat the Marquis de la Tour d Azyr one of literature s great antagonists , husband to be of Scaramouche s cousin Aline Our hero less one dear friend will be forced to flee the long arm of justice after being condemned as a rabble [...]

  27. lots of shenanigans in a fun little novel that i certainly cannot fault for failing to provide adventure these are the many exciting exploits that young lawyer turned revolutionary turned actor the eponymous scaramouche and our hero, andr louis au embarks upon, and the back drop the years of the french revolution make an interesting setting for sabatini s special brand of swashbuckling so entertaining, yes but.ere are too many forgettable inconsistent supporting characters abruptly abandoned for [...]

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