Out Of Her League Kaylea Cross Out Of Her League Christa Bailey is one cut away from making the Olympic softball team when threats from an obsessed fan jeopardize her dream and her safety Forced to put her life on hold she reluctantly turns to ERT
  • Title: Out Of Her League
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781601543103
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
Out Of Her League Kaylea CrossChrista Bailey is one cut away from making the Olympic softball team when threats from an obsessed fan jeopardize her dream, and her safety Forced to put her life on hold, she reluctantly turns to ERT officer Rayne Hutchinson for help, praying the police catch her stalker before she is cut from the team or does something stupid, like fall in love with her unattainable proChrista Bailey is one cut away from making the Olympic softball team when threats from an obsessed fan jeopardize her dream, and her safety Forced to put her life on hold, she reluctantly turns to ERT officer Rayne Hutchinson for help, praying the police catch her stalker before she is cut from the team or does something stupid, like fall in love with her unattainable protector But Christa s stalker is something far sinister than either of them could have imagined With her life at stake, can Rayne keep Christa safe from this patient predator
Out Of Her League Kaylea Cross

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  1. Right.My first attempt to create a book cover for this book Heh David Gandy is a hot papa so I used him to be the hero First things first I don t like the cover of this book which is such a waste because this novel is an enjoyable read Honestly,if I saw this one on a bookstore,I wouldn t buy it unless the author is an auto buy or if you ve already heard of this book.I know I know We shouldn t judge a book by it s cover.But would it really be hassle if you d just took a random hot guy picture, ad [...]

  2. 4.5 starsThis is romance than suspense Seeing that the cop hero, Rayne only whisk the heroine, Christa away and being all knight in shining armor He was not actually involved with the investigation into the stalker issue I don t really feel the suspense much until the last minute during the showdown Love the romance that started off slow and steady, their easy camaraderie, the humor behind every conversation Christa is a the good girl, the girl you bring home to meet your mother Rayne is the la [...]

  3. This is a really good romantic suspense novel by a new to me author, Kaylea Cross It certainly won t be the last time I look up her work The story is edge of your seat suspenseful and gritty and very realistic, almost too realistic at times.Christa is your average girl next door she s a landscape gardener struggling to get her own business off the ground, a nationally ranked softball player and a fabulous cook She s also the unnatural obsession of a crazed stalker murderer who quickly escalates [...]

  4. Too much heroine stupidity Too many frustrating delays before the couple admitted they liked each otherORY BRIEF Christa has a landscaping business and plays baseball She hopes to make the Olympic team Seth is stalking her He comes to every game and yells comments One night he gets too close, following her to her truck She drives to Teryl s house a friend in fear Rayne happens to be at Teryl s home that night Christa and Rayne start spending time together Rayne is a local policeman He advises an [...]

  5. This was a pleasant read, with some aspects which I really enjoyed, and others that just didn t quite make it for me.What I liked about this I liked the plot the stalker plot is an old one, but it works, and I haven t read one for a while The hero he just proves that the person you were in the past is not necessarily the person you are now, and that s it s possible for people to change dramatically in the blink of an eye, including when they meet someone with whom they have a connection lover or [...]

  6. Wowwhat a great book I don t know why in the world i waited so long to read this, but i am so glad i finally decided to take the plunge Such good things were being said about this series and at least with this first book, since it s all i ve read so far was not an exaggeration was soooo good A lot of times the first book in a series is not the most exciting for me s almost as if it takes an author a book or two to pick up the momentum for me to really catch on but that was not the case with this [...]

  7. This one was a bit frustrating for me.Some very reliable friends have warned me that this is the weakest book of the bunch, and I am very happy to hear this This was an okay read at best, but I read it quickly and it was entertaining.My biggest issue was Christa I just think that she is pehaps not the brightest bulb in the box It s kind of like when you re watching a horror movie and the victim should be running out of the house instead of up the stairs I felt like this pretty much the entire bo [...]

  8. It s a pity this author s Suspense series started off with this book The stalker plot device is so over done and unless you have an interesting twist to it, it s way too pass to offer to RS fans these days.Unfortunately, there is no twist and OOHL is a straightforward, ho hum stalker story with no suspenseful moments and a lacklustre romance between two nice individuals, one them the typical TSTL heroine that most romantic suspense authors can t do without, it seems Rayne is such a nice guy one [...]

  9. The first book in the Suspense series by Kaylea Cross Set in Vancouver, Canada, Christa Bailey is a landscape gardener and in the running for the Olympic softball team She also has a fan that shows up at every game and it is creeping her out Rayne Hutchinson is an ERT officer and good friends with Chris friends, Drew and Teryl Chris is attracted to Rayne but feels he is out of her league When the situation with her crazed fan heats up, Rayne is there to offer protection and .My first book by thi [...]

  10. A very good romantic suspense that I enjoyed reading This is my second book by Kaylea Cross, the other being the first book in her Bagram Special Ops series The major flaw for me in Out of Her League was the excessive use of the word kiddo by Rayne when referring to Christa It really bugged me after awhile Maybe a silly complaint to make, but I just found it juvenile and very unromantic in most of the situations where it was used There were some editing problems throughout the book but nothing s [...]

  11. What an emotional book I m pretty excited to have found a new and amazing romantic suspense author, as it happens to be my favorite genre I ve heard great things about Kaylea Cross, and they have all turned out to be true.Poor, poor Christae goes throgh so much The book starts out pretty sweet, with just a few discordant moments that really give it a cinematic feel As her stalker gets and violent, we see Christa begin to break down I absolutely love that Rayne is there for her through it all H [...]

  12. Even though I felt the story never reached its full potential, I enjoyed reading Out of her league.Christa has had a crush on Raine for 2 years, but traumatized by a previous relationship she never acted on it.I liked that in addition to owning a landscape business, Christa is part of a softball team competing to be selected for the Olympic games Unfortunately this aspect of her life is quickly relegated to the background, and to my disappointment the high level sport part of her life was a pre [...]

  13. A nice read, good dramatic storyline, though there were a few too many face plant moments for me This was particularly when a supposedly sweet, strong woman makes choices in which as a reader you are thinking don t do it More than once Loved the hero There was some obvious set up for a series, and I will look forward to reading the next books.

  14. A solid 3 starsbecause it s still better than some of the new cr p bombarding GR.I rated this some time ago, and while looking at comparisons of ratings amongst others, I wondered why initially I gave it only 2 stars So, I went back to the book and did a refresher.This book involved a heroine Christa who is an athlete and Susie homemaker sport softball and some plays described in detail , a hero Hutch or Rayne who is a cop SWAT or SRU , and a psychopath villain with a fixation Though I appreciat [...]

  15. 3.5 stars and I am so sad to give less than 5 stars to a Kaylea Cross book Now that I look at the rating I cannot believe that I didn t enjoys as much this story.So, Christa is a baseball who wants to reach the Olympics team She has her own business and she loves to cook and take care of her garden and house a true Martha Stewart Christa has a stalker who comes to every game and trough his attitude and comments he becomes aggressive.When her stalker finally comes to talk to her she feels threat [...]

  16. I was hooked right away This book kept me up most of the night and took up a large chunk of my day I found it to be nail biting suspense, with a dazzling hero and a lovable heroine I thoroughly enjoyed it I recently attempted to read a New York Times bestselling author s romantic suspense novel and couldn t get past page 25 but this book was nearly impossible for me to put down and it s from a small press and an author I d never heard of before I ll be looking for books from Ms Cross She writes [...]

  17. 3.5 to 4 stars Fast moving, well written book I enjoyed the story and really liked Christa and Rayne The stalker kept me sufficiently creeped out and the plot moved well for the majority of the book The h, Christa, was TSTL so many times that it got annoying She knew it too, which bugged me even She d think to herself, I shouldn t go off on my own with him still out there, and then she d do it So we knew the bad guy would get her, what with her making it so easy on him.Aside from that I enjoyed [...]

  18. pretty good read, my only comment would be that in general, i m not a fan of diminuative names for characters in books darlin etc but the one that irked me the most in this book kiddo totally not sexy at all, why the heck would you call someone you want to be with Kiddo

  19. This is a note to myself to remind me that this series is not one I want to start, as I do read this author view spoiler check out book 5 as a reminder hide spoiler

  20. I don t know how i feel about this book for a while i had been wanting to read Kaylea Cross book and i was going to start with ignited and then decided against it and went with out of her league Christa is some sort of Sweetheart that everyone loves and is described as sweet, caring, loving and nurturing person once i read that i knew i wasn t going to connect with the character right away i don t like my heroine s to be liked this under all of that she was very insecure due to a relationship sh [...]

  21. As I m in a sort of Kaylea Cross binge, I decided to try this series.This first book seemed to me a bit far from the usual Kaylea Cross I know There was a stalker, there was a nice policeman but no soldiers or some far away country In fact I liked it less than the previous series I already read.But, truth to be told, KC s heroines are the best I so loved her women so strong All in all a nice reading

  22. I finished the Titanium Security series by Kaylea Cross last night and as I ve already read Bagram Special Ops, I moved onto the first in the Suspense series.I was not disappointed.Christa is a softball player trying to get into the big leagues while also owning her own landscape gardening business Rayne, an ERT cop, is a friend of a friend, someone she knows to talk to and who she has had a crush on since she met him but she sees him as out of her league Whereas Christa has shied away from rela [...]

  23. When I asked my friend for something she wanted to share book wise I didn t actually think I d get a near perfect mixture of suspense and romance She warned me about the book, rightly so, because when I started reading I found it to be hard to stop doing so So I read on for hours, sacrificed my sleep and don t regret it Especially since these days I have no matters to attend to during the day I only started reading romance novels recently, so I was quite relieved to find that this is not actuall [...]

  24. I am really really excited to start this book This is the first book to Kaylea Cross s series and a good start at that I accidentally came across this author here on and I am so happy I did Her reviews on and are almost 5 stars on every book that she wrote, pretty impressive if you ask me People couldn t stop raving about her So even though I have tons and I mean tons of books sitting on my shelves and kindle waiting to be read, I just couldn t get Kaylea our of my mind I gave in and bought her [...]

  25. TBR Challenge 2011 June Category Contemporary Romance this book has been on my wishlist since August 2010.3.5 to 4 starsThe strength of this book is the author s characterization of the characters Christa was especially well done Her PSTD was shown realistically than I ve ever encountered in a romance book The growing attraction between Rayne and Christa was handled believably, as was Christa s reluctance to act on the attraction and Rayne s determination to give her all the time she needed Ve [...]

  26. An Action Packed Romantic Suspense This is the first book in a romantic suspense series by Ms Cross She has done an amazing job blending all aspects of this book There was a perfect balance of romance and suspense Christa is being stalked by an obsessed fan Known player and professed ladies man, Rayne steps in to try to keep her safe until the can catch the guy Christa has been burned in a previous relationship and has no desire to go down that street again As their lives are thrown together, Ra [...]

  27. A sports and romance combo pack really work for me in a book Usually it s a hot football player or a hockey dude that takes center stage so it was a nice change that the heroine of Out Of Her League, Christa Bailey was the actual sports star It doesn t happen often that the female is the sports personality in a book And I like it I had just finished reading Kaylea Cross s Deadly Descent and really enjoyed it So when I checked out her backlist and noticed all her previous books had gotten really [...]

  28. I bought this book because I heard the series was great I thought it would be an interesting read because I love the premise that the heroine is an Olympic athlete and it would be cool to get some insight into that world How would tbe author weave it into her story I am disappointed to find that this book is fairly ordinary Further, it irritates me when an author takes an interesting premise and make it completely irrelevant to the story The fact is that Christa Bailey s quest to be an Olympian [...]

  29. Good things.1 Heroine is refreshing, something a little different Strong but not a bitch Unusual personality type.2 Writing is smooth, good.Not so good.1 Don t you hate it when women characters do dumb things, like go out alone someplace when there is a killer stalking them I just want to scream at them, OK, so die already See if I care There is too much of that here.2 It seems to me either the cop and the heroine too for that matter wasn t trying too hard or wasn t too bright They know the vill [...]

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