Otomen, Vol. 2 Aya Kanno Otomen Vol Asuka Masamune is a guy who loves girly things sewing knitting making cute stuffed animals and reading shojo comics But in a world where boys are expected to act manly Asuka must hide his beloved h
  • Title: Otomen, Vol. 2
  • Author: Aya Kanno
  • ISBN: 9781421521879
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
Otomen, Vol. 2 Aya KannoAsuka Masamune is a guy who loves girly things sewing, knitting, making cute stuffed animals and reading shojo comics But in a world where boys are expected to act manly, Asuka must hide his beloved hobbies and play the part of a masculine jock instead Ryo Miyakozuka, on the other hand, is a girl who can t sew or bake a cake to save her life Asuka finds himself drawn tAsuka Masamune is a guy who loves girly things sewing, knitting, making cute stuffed animals and reading shojo comics But in a world where boys are expected to act manly, Asuka must hide his beloved hobbies and play the part of a masculine jock instead Ryo Miyakozuka, on the other hand, is a girl who can t sew or bake a cake to save her life Asuka finds himself drawn to Ryo, but she likes only the manliest of men Can Asuka ever show his true self to anyone, much less to the girl that he s falling for Asuka s mother shows up with a surprise announcement it s time for Asuka to meet his fianc e What kind of girl does she have in mind for him And how will Ryo respond to the match
Otomen, Vol. 2 Aya Kanno

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    441 Aya Kanno
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One Reply to “Otomen, Vol. 2”

  1. More of a 3.5 star book, and I couldn t quite bring myself to bump it up to 4.What I liked most about the first volume Asuka himself, and the message that you shouldn t hold yourself to stereotypes are still here But Ryo was a less active participant this time, and the storyline with Asuka s mother trying to marry him off was a little too cliche for me to enjoy, and his mother was herself too manipulative and creepy.

  2. How can I put this I like it I like how Asuka is like a girl but sometimes its a little overdone No one should be that girly And although he s an otomen, he still manages to be a good looking guy who can actually beat some buttocks He hasn t made any real progress towards Ryo But he s really trying and it better pay off I REALLY like Juta He s hilarious Asuka is in danger and all Juta can think about is how the situation his muse is in is great material for Love Chick But it makes me wonder if [...]

  3. I enjoyed this volume nearly as much as the first one However, it felt like the story didn t really progress too much throughout the chapters We were introduced to some rather odd characters in this volume Asuka s mother, for one, who is deeply traumatized by her past relationship which lead to a rather unlikely, although entertaining, plot line for part of volume two Since it s nearing Christmas, I absolutely loved the Christmas themed chapter it was really sweet.

  4. Not as good as the first one, since the plot was in individual stories and therefore a bit jumbled, but I ll continue on.

  5. 1 Masculinity of small fluffy boy affirmed through violence, yay, how revolutionary I do think in that scene it s Asuka s acknowledgment of small fluffy boy s identification as a man which matters than his beating up the thugs, but since the acknowledgment is conveyed by allowing small fluffy boy to beat up the thugs, well.2 I could wish that Miyakozuka got screentime This manga totally fails the Bechdel test so far, sigh I suppose I can sort of appreciate how it helps to have Miyakozuka remai [...]

  6. Volume 1 was fine, but this onewell, I just don t think Kanno had a clear idea of the character of her story Asuka remains likeable, but his mom is off puttingly clinical And while the running joke is that the best example of feminity and womanhood is in fact a man, eventually it feels like maybe the real message is that the notion of what defines feminine and masculine is outdated and incorrect and that s really just not that funny Also, why are the sides of so many panels cut off I expect way [...]

  7. Volume 1 I enjoyed Volume 2 of this series, though, was just random and unconnected The second story in the volume wasn t too bad, but the first story was like missing coming in ten minutes into a movie I won t be reading any of the Otomen volumes after reading 2 Some good ideas are in there, the story execution was just blah.

  8. As you can see, I really couldn t wait to find out what happened in this series because I went out and bought it as soon as I realized that this volume was out In this volume, we meet Asuka s scary mother and a new student who looks like a girl, but is a boy who admires Asuka How will Asuka hide his cute hobbies from his mother and also the new boy

  9. The I read this manga, the I just don t like the fiance story arc It s just irritates me for some illogical reason.

  10. I really love this series and this volume was very suspenseful the last chapter in particular I love the three main characters Asuka, Ryo, and Juta and it was really cute and funny I hope, however, that Asuka s mom doesn t come in for the next books, because she s such a witch.

  11. A cute little manga I love how Asuka is slowly starting to become comfortable in himself and how and people are starting to accept him for who he is.

  12. Asuka has found himself an admirer in the form of an oh so cute boy stalker Eep But it s not love, lust, affection or even hero worship, although the latter does play some part in little Yamato s attentions The fact that he finds Asuka to be the masculine ideal he s been searching for is rather funny, as is his determination to model himself on Asuka s presumed uber masculinity.This gives another layer to Asuka s on going struggles to be known as a real man while hiding his otomen tendencies Wit [...]

  13. Asuka is a guy who likes all things feminine sewing, baking, shoujo manga After his father left to become a woman, and his mother told him he has to be masculine, he tries to hide that side of him, becoming talented at kendo, judo, and karate Will Asuka be able to win the girl he likes and be true to himself at the same time There are three different storylines in this volume The first is about Yamoto, a boy who looks like a girl but who just wants to be seen as masculine The second is a Christm [...]

  14. Oh wow, this volume of Otomen was great I really loved how it was all set up and I have to say that I respect Asuka ten times now because of the decision he made about his future Juta was so funny and I liked how the three of them Asuka, Juta and Ryo changed the creepy building into their own little private space I wish I could do that with some friends of mine, but alas, I don t have any that are close enough to me for that The Christmas part I felt was great, even if Aya Kanno didn t think sh [...]

  15. It looks like this series will occasionally leave the realistic world for something totally deranged, but I m okay with that so far, though I liked the first volume better The series continues to play with genderfuck as Asuka first picks up a small male admirer who looks like a cute girl and wants to emulate Asuka s manliness Asuka sees himself in the kid, so he tries to publicly live up to that manliness harder than usual The Christmas story is rather sweet, as Asuka strives to give Ryo a magic [...]

  16. So I read this and it was pretty much as good as the first It wasn t action but drama, fun and crazy people I did really like it and finished it super quickly I don t feel as if there is just enough stuff to talk about when it comes to this book to be honest, so this will be a fast review I was a little sad that we didn t see Ryo as much in this volume as we did volume one, I feel that she is a very important character and that she needed explaining and depth Once again, Juta is still a very aw [...]

  17. I m really enjoying these, but I do wish Ryo had development Then again she is suppose to be the typical male shoujo lead who tend to be either boring or detestable so at least she s leaning towards the former who is at least likable Asuka is really adorable, and I do love how this manga is very Japanese, as in it s challenging the Japanese gender roles and examining it It might not seem progressive if you re looking at it with western lenses, but it s really out there if you re judging it by [...]

  18. This manga is so cute because of Asuka and Juta.Asuka is contrasted perfectly so that he s mainly looking and you feel safe due to his ability to defend Yet he can cook and craft with the best of them as well as clean and decorate How is that not cool Juta is really all you dislike in a guy as far as ladies men go and telling you what you want to hear so he can get his outcome Yet he s endearing and you want him around as a friend He s a great foil for Asuka as he appreciates Asuka s skills Ryo [...]

  19. Introducing many characters, Otomen continues to develop by inserting problematic situations Asuka gained a male apprentice who wishes to learn from his mannliness, and Asuka s mother who loves masculinity shows up, encouraging him to be married off to this young girl In between, we also have the typical Christmas section which made me realize why do they even celebrate Christmas They re Buddhists But instead of our romantic scene, Asuka and Ryo have their Christmas party in a supposed haunted [...]

  20. I am enjoying this series This is about Askua who s a guy that like girly things But because his mother doesn t agree he has to hide it from her and act all manly Askua like Ryo and is trying to hide the fact he like girly things Askua is so cute when he blushing when he sees something he likes, or is doing things he likes In this volume Askua mother intrudes him to someone that he wants to be come his financee Will Askua like this girl, and how will their meeting go You will have to read to fin [...]

  21. This was just as cute as volume one and twice as hilarious Asuka gains a follower, a fiance, and has christmas with Ryo My favorite was the last chapter because it seemed to have an extra dose of outrageousness with the tiny, childlike girl Asuka is engaged to She even drugs him at one point to dress him in a prince costume Both disturbing and amusing I didn t really get the christmas segment, because everyone in this seems to be Buddhist, but whatevs.

  22. Okey, si bien est interesante no estoy 100% segura de si lo seguir leyendo ya que la p gina me funciona muy lento y se me llena de anuncios y si bien me divierto no estoy tan enganchada a la historia.Es divertida, pero despu s de lo que he le do ltimamente, no se me hace tan buena, aunque por ahora seguir leyendo.

  23. Asuka s mom is one scary character I wouldn t want her to find out either considering she faints at the very thought of him turning out like his father Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with liking cute things and sewing and cooking, although I can see her point of view as well I just don t believe that she should have taken it to that level.

  24. The further adventures of Ryo, Asuka, and Juta turns out to be rather disjointed and downright ridiculous and trite at times Asuka s mother is horrid manipulative, passive aggressive, and worst of all, annoying She could have been a cool dramatic foil or downright evil, but instead she is stupid and irritating and soulless.

  25. We delve a little deeper into Asuka s otomen nature in this volume and out about his idea of romance Not to give out any spoilers, but it involves a lot of fancy dinners This title remains perfectly pleasant entertainment.

  26. Another cute read I love it when tiny cute girls in manga turn out to be control freaks who hold some info over the main dude so he has to do what she wants It happens all the time in shojo manga but I love it.

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