Roll Over!: A Counting Song Merle Peek Roll Over A Counting Song Ten sleepy animals fall one by one out of a little boy s overcrowded bed in this picture book version of a favorite counting song
  • Title: Roll Over!: A Counting Song
  • Author: Merle Peek
  • ISBN: 9780395294383
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
Roll Over!: A Counting Song Merle PeekTen sleepy animals fall, one by one, out of a little boy s overcrowded bed in this picture book version of a favorite counting song.
Roll Over!: A Counting Song Merle Peek

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    334 Merle Peek
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  1. This is a new version of the classic song Roll Over which begins 10 in the bed and the little one said Rollover Rollover They all rolled over and one fell out I assumed that these were stuffed toy animals the boy had crowded into his bed.The illustrations appear to be pen and ink and watercolor The pages are done entirely in soft yellow, blue, and white.The little boy begins his night by sharing the bed with a bear, snake, rabbit, monkey, and so on After all the animals have fallen out of bed an [...]

  2. When I first glanced at this book, I did not like the color scheme presented It is all blue white and orange which is kind of boring for that to be through out the whole book There is a lot of pencil detail but lacks the color that would make it lively The story begins with a little boy and 9 animals that joined him With every page turn, there is one animal that fell out of the bed making one less body This continues until the little boy is the only one left This is a counting song that can help [...]

  3. I had never heard of this version of the song Roll Over I grew up with the version of the monkeys rolling over This book is definitely a great book to read to children, especially before their nap time You could have the children act out this song by them rolling on the floor in a line and knocking the next one the carpet This book is a great book to spark conversation in the classroom on what the child s favorite thing to do is before they go to bed This book is also a great book because of the [...]

  4. Very cute book, I really loved how in the end, it turned out that all the animals in the bed with the little boy, was all in his imagination Cute song to sing to a class full of children, the rhyme of the song was cute and catchy I think that it will be funny to children, the way the animals fall out of bed, and then have to find another place to sleep The illustrations were really cute, and the book was adorable I think that children will be happy and willing to learn how to count, with the hel [...]

  5. One in the bed and the little one said, Roll over This is definitely a counting book This story counts down with the characters who are all rolling out of the bed This story has a variety of animals and is good for practicing counting numbers and identifying animals This book is also good for introducing finger play songs Young children can roll their hands in circles to identify the Roll over part of the story.

  6. This book is really catchy I found myself humming along to the tune in throughout the story I think that the illustrations did a magnificent job in portraying the actual story line It was a very nice story because the main characters turned out to be the animals in the wallpaper Imagination is key here

  7. Title Roll OverAuthor Merle Peek She is a free lance publisher Merle enjoys ice dancing and riding roller coasters Illustrator Merle Peek.Review This is a good math and counting book for young children It is also a good cause and effect book The book also has cute illustrations This book is good for ages three to six years of age.

  8. This song was perfectly made into a book for young children to read, sing or just count along to This book is great for your children because it is already a popular song so it would be easy to follow I really enjoyed the illustrations and the actual song that was written out at the end of the book.

  9. You can use this book to describe how to count and subtract You can also use this book about repetition I could definitely use this book for different types of lessons in the future I really enjoyed the illustrations and the fact that the different characters in the book were really the not real n but on the wallpaper.

  10. This book is a counting book with rhyming in it It is made like a song for children to incorporate while reading Its a fun book to read to young children The illustrations are great and it shows different animals I will recommend this book.

  11. Curricular Connection I would use this book with preschool sutdents I would introduce repition and memorization with this book, and I would let the students see that sometimes songs might come in the form of a book.

  12. This is a good book to practice counting Excellent to teach subtraction and math activities while reading or singing the book content The characters of the story are animal so it will help to capture the children s attention Ages 3 6 yrs.

  13. I would read this book to children ages 1 and above It is a great book to teach counting It is also a great book to show kids what a bear looks like This book is great in teaching children the very basic of subtraction Children can also learn numbers from one to ten.

  14. This book not only showed animals in the book it also involved counting This book counts backwards from ten while using different animals.

  15. This isn t the way I remember the song, which I resent But, it s really easy for beginning readers to master since the same phrase is repeated on just about every page.

  16. We loved this book I remember this song growing up and it s a fun and easy song that we can now sing together.

  17. This book is a math counting song that can teacher younger grade level students a fun way of learning how to count backwards This can serve as a quick wrap up to a lesson.

  18. really enjoyed reading thiswill try for boogie woogie classic counting song with big blue numbers, animals as part of story to add another bit of interest.

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