Ariel Lawrence Block Ariel Ariel Jardell an adopted year old girl is possessed her mother thinks by jealousy and by forces far bizarre An unnerving tale woven together with a fascinating terrifying child at the center o
  • Title: Ariel
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9780786703852
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
Ariel Lawrence BlockAriel Jardell, an adopted 12 year old girl, is possessed, her mother thinks, by jealousy and by forces far bizarre An unnerving tale woven together with a fascinating, terrifying child at the center of each twist and turn it takes, this book gives new definition to the old conflict of good versus evil, sane versus insane.
Ariel Lawrence Block

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    302 Lawrence Block
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  1. This hardcover is copy 334 of 500 published, plus 26 lettered copies, that are signed by Lawrence Block.

  2. Lawrence Block has few fans devoted than myself in my humble opinion This comparatively early work 1980 has much to recommend it, particularly for those of us who feasted upon The Turning of the Screw or The House Next Door This book is laden with long, introspective, what if contemplations of its characters, rich with the speculations that are central to the continuing curiosity of both these characters and the book s readers That can be an issue with two types of readers 1 The Impatient I can [...]

  3. I ll repeat the review I gave it on it was so long ago that you could be anonymous , so I was A reader Originally marketed as occult horror , Ariel is neither It s a story of the madness that lies just under the surface, and what it takes to bring it out the need to give evil a face and a name Who better to scapegoat for unexplainable tragedies than the one who is Different Ariel is adopted, and looks slightly unusual Her unstable mother never fails to assume the worst, almost deliberately misre [...]

  4. If you ve read any number of Lawrence Block s detective stories or noir crime novels, you will be unprepared for Ariel It is quite unlike any of the other books he has written In it, we have a husband and wife David Roberta , their teenage adopted daughter Ariel of the title , and their son Caleb , born not long before the start of the story They live in an old house that may have a ghost in it, a shadowy old woman seen by Roberta and only her just before she finds Caleb dead in his crib.Althoug [...]

  5. Reading the first forty pages, I thought this would be a hackneyed horror story, but as I read I realized this was a unique story I was very impressed how Mr Block subtly evoked the horror as he entered the minds of his characters, using superior writing technique, a subtle technique I was impressed I enjoyed the story thoroughly.

  6. This book is destined to surprise the reader on several levels The first, of course, comes to the millions of long term fans of the author, who are familiar with his already legendary and amazing backlog of titles that range from the world class and world beating Matthew Scudder PI books, to the comic genius of Bernie Rhodenbarr, to the fascinatingly brilliant history lessons come espionage tales of Evan Tanner Mr Block is also prolific and famous for his erotic series of books, written under bo [...]

  7. copied from my blog Disclaimer I ve been a Lawrence Block fan for years Decades, even I went to a book signing of his about 20 years back, and I can report that his self deprecating humor was exactly what you d expect More than that I ve benefited enormously from his books on writing I ve even used his Write for Your Life affirmations meaning, yes, I had them playing over and over while I wrote and slept I d probably do that still, but I lost the copies I downloaded Might invest ten bucks in re [...]

  8. I love this book to bits pieces It was the first Lawrence Block book I read I took out every other one the library had after it, although this book is unique and not like any other Block book to me even though I have liked all the others I ve read I ve probably read it about 5 times The lead character is so real yet so ghost like as well It s a short read, an easy read and the kind of book where you might just turn it over read it again once you ve finished I m not good at doing a really profess [...]

  9. It s a story of suspense which takes after novels such as Bad Seeds The writing is solid after all it s written by Mr Block and the air of suspense is set nicely throughout the story, but things start getting messed up in the ending part, and the ending itself leaves too many things to be desired I feel like Mr Block was merely writing and publishing this book to gain money, it s far from his better works.

  10. Interesting attempt at southern gothic psychological suspense The children in the story are supposed to be 12 but talk and act like high school teenagers Also, while the book was published in 1980 and meant to be contemporary, it really felt like it should have been placed twenty or thirty years earlier Hitchcockian, but not as good as Hitchcock I could see Tippy Hedren as Roberta and Montgomery Cliff as Jeff Channing.

  11. I really wanted to like this book It had all the makings of a book I would love Weird misfit kid with a troubled relationship with her mother Spooky southern haunted house Tragedy Torrid affair It just never came together Then it ended No real closure or suspense Nothing left to wonder, but no real answers.

  12. This one started as a horror book I assure you I m not than impressionable but two nights ago, I was reading late, alone at home, my wife and kids out of town on holidays It was a hot summer night I had the air conditioned on And the first chapters gave me the creeps I though the air conditioned was guilty in part of it so I turn it off and continued reading a couple of chapters with no powerful scenes Then I woke up at 3 in the morning and I didn t dare to continue reading and took a Batman co [...]

  13. 7.5 10281 pagesBook 33 of 2017Not your typical Block book, this one reads like an early King horror tale, think cross between Carrie and Firestarter Set in Charleston, SC, the book follows a family residing in a house filled with mystery and possible haunts Ariel is a twelve year old girl, adopted, and struggling with her own thoughts and dreams Definitely worth a read Ariel surprised me in proving Block is quite the diverse author and has great range.

  14. Meh It started out ok I didn t like the fact that the main story is based around a baby s crib death The story got better as it went on and I was waiting for certain things to happen and they never did People died without explanation I suppose it leaves it to your imagination to decide what was going on in this book but I felt a bit let down at the end Not completely terrible though

  15. An interesting take on psycological horror by a prolific author who, so far as I know, hasn t published any other horror novels to date This one displays a nice subtle growth of the horror elements but comes to a rather abrubt ending I ve read several of his other works and plan to read many .

  16. This novel was a very interesting book While Lawrence Block is known as a crime writer, Ariel was almost supernatural in design I had read this bock decades ago, but had forgotten how spooky this one was, and I mean right to the end A first rate book from a first rate author.

  17. Creepy, funny An unexpected read One of my favorite times of year is riding the state ferry because you are often forced to read the weirdest cast off s of strangers I really liked this It was weird and not typical of the genre, though it uses a lot of it s conventions At the same time, it was a bit messy, like it couldn t make up it s mind what it wanted to be.Disturbing.

  18. I miss the humor in most of Block s work Much to serious I m glad I read it but wouldn t read it again Seriously spooky.

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