A Covert Affair Susan Mann A Covert Affair TRAVEL adventurous ROMANCE secret HOSTAGES saving A CIA librarian and her handsome spy boyfriend find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassa
  • Title: A Covert Affair
  • Author: Susan Mann
  • ISBN: 9781420143317
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
A Covert Affair Susan Mann910.4 TRAVEL, adventurous 306.7 ROMANCE, secret 341.5 HOSTAGES, saving A CIA librarian and her handsome spy boyfriend find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassador is kidnapped from a Library of Congress event Agent in training Quinn Ellington and James Bond Anderson travel to India, where the key to saving the ambassador is tang910.4 TRAVEL, adventurous 306.7 ROMANCE, secret 341.5 HOSTAGES, saving A CIA librarian and her handsome spy boyfriend find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassador is kidnapped from a Library of Congress event Agent in training Quinn Ellington and James Bond Anderson travel to India, where the key to saving the ambassador is tangled up with a long lost sacred library, a desecrated temple, and some very modern machinations At least their cover as blissful newlyweds isn t too hard to pull off 1 Spies sexy 2 India intrigue 3 Terrorism foiling 4 Best friends weddings of 5 Series The Librarian and the Spy I Ellington, Quinn.
A Covert Affair Susan Mann

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  1. Check out all of my reviews at avonnalovesgenresThe second book in the Librarian and the Spy Escapade, A COVERT AFFAIR by Susan Mann is just as much fun as the first Quinn and James are wonderful together once again on their new adventure through India.I really feel these books fill an interesting niche They are action spy thrillers with romance, adventure and interesting, intelligent plots, but they are not as violent or strictly action driven as most in this genre I like to call these books co [...]

  2. Librarians solving mysteries and having adventures seems to be a new trend lately In addition this series, there s also a new cozy mystery with a librarian heroine, Blue Ridge Library Mysteries by Victoria Gilbert I hope we ll see librarian heroines It s pretty cool to see them using their knowledge of books, and their computer and reference skills outside a library setting Quinn Ellington, a reference librarian, has joined the CIA as librarian and is in training to be an agent While still in t [...]

  3. I am really loving this series that start with the book Librarian and the Spy The second book A Covert Affair book started a bit slow and I was worried at the beginning that this would be a case of the second book not matching up to the first STRONG book.I can happily say that I now do not find this to be the case I love the two main characters, of which I honestly think are as strong characters as Amelia Peabody and her husband Emerson in Elizabeth Peters wonderful series.I also loved the histo [...]

  4. 3.5Probably my 1 guilty pleasure series A librarian and a CIA spy being in love and going on operations together, it s great The history and setting in this installment was really intriguing, can t wait to see what adventures Quinn and James are heading for next.

  5. This is a sequel to The Librarian and the Spy, the first book in the series, which I haven t read, but Quinn Ellington is a librarian, and apparently she met her boyfriend, CIA agent James Bond Anderson, in that book she s now an agent in training Her grandfather is a CIA spy she recently learned, and the agency has been watching and waiting to recruit her, so now she s being trained and tested And then her connections get her an invitation to an exhibition of rare Indian manuscripts at the Libr [...]

  6. The second book in Susan Mann s trilogy and perhaps to be I hope , A Covert Affair takes our spy couple to The Punjab, a Sikh region of northern India The glimpse into Indian and in particular Sikh culture elevates this book a cut above Ms Mann s debut The Librarian and the Spy which was quite good in it s own right Though I have rated both 4 stars this is 4.5 in truth I will start the third book shortly to see if she can reach 5 stars I look forward to it Here she weaves an action adventure ta [...]

  7. Fun I d like to be a librarian in the CIA with a super hot spy for a boyfriend I mean, what s not to like about that

  8. This is the second in the Librarian and the Spy series It s a cute series, but it s somewhat marred by the clumsy delivery of information in the same way the Nancy Drew books are, as though the book is trying too hard to be educational There s travel and suspense and the tracking down of terrorists Nancy and Ned no, sorry, Quinn and James travel to India to locate a missing library and a kidnapped diplomat After reading this second one, I think the dialogue doesn t really work for me It tries fo [...]

  9. LOVED this book The unlikely partnership of Quinn, the reference librarian, and James, the very real spy, is delightful In this book, Quinn is in training to become a spy herself, when she is called into action to partner with James on an investigation that has them traveling to India I love the interactions between Quinn and James and especially love how passionate Quinn is about books Additionally, the author has woven so much about India and its history that, in addition to being fascinating, [...]

  10. A Covert Affair by Susan Mann is the second book in her Librarian and the Spy Escapade series and was another fun and intriguing mystery.Quinn is now at the CIA library but being trained as an agent, as well She does love her work in the library but is over the moon about being trained as an operative Her and James relationship is growing and of their characters is shown in this story I also really enjoyed how much of the history of India and it s residents of all religions were described I fou [...]

  11. Quinn Ellington is working her way to becoming a fully fledged agent with the CIA So far, she s learnt a lot of skills that come in handy for her latest assignment alongside her handsome boyfriend, James, when an Indian ambassador is kidnapped during a Library of Congress event Will Quinn and James be able to save the ambassador or will their cover be exposed and put them at risk Having really enjoyed the first book of this series, I was really looking forward to reading this second book, and I [...]

  12. Quinn is now working for the CIA doing research and training as an agent She is loving the work, especially when she works with her spy boyfriend, James Since Quinn has relocated to the east coast, we see the progression of their relationship Which I loved They are so into one another While they are attending an Indian ancient manuscript exhibition, the Indian Ambassador Sharma is kidnapped along with many of the manuscripts Soon Quinn and James are off to India to track down the kidnappers and [...]

  13. My favourite Spy loving Librarian is back Quinn Ellington may be a librarian but she is also in training with the CIA to undertake covert operations This will let her take missions under the tutelage of her boyfriend, and very own James Bond , CIA Agent James Anderson She may have fallen into the spy game accidentally but she comes from a strong spy background, care of her doting Grandfather When Quinn and James take an invitation to a new exhibit of rare manuscripts, they end up in the middle o [...]

  14. I had been looking forward to this book ever since I read the first one I love the premise of this series It s seriously like my own spy librarian fantasies come true Add to that a super hot spy boyfriend and I just can t even stop reading this book Just like the first book, this one is unique and you can totally tell the author s ideas were heard and left in the book To top it off, it was a bit of historical fiction woven into this romance suspense genre There really is nothing else to compare [...]

  15. Susan Mann s A Covert Affair is a truly delicious follow up to The Librarian and the Spy Be sure to check out chapter 17 to see just how delicious it gets In this second romantic spy escapade, both our main heroes have grown deeper deeper into spy life, deeper in love with each other, and deeply developed by the expert hand of their author James and Quinn continue to remain grounded characters that I would love to meet in real life Their banter is witty and geeky, and they make intelligence sup [...]

  16. The second novel in the Librarian and the Spy Escapade series continues the adventures of resourceful librarian Quinn and her secret agent boyfriend James I recommend reading the series opener first to find out how their relationship begins, and how Quinn comes to be an agent in training with the CIA I this novel, Quinn used her research skills to find a kidnapped ambassador and manuscript stolen during a formal event she and James attended at the Library of Congress They travel to India, where [...]

  17. A Covert Affair by Susan Mann is the second book in A Librarian and the Spy Escapade series It is definitely a romance book, but one with plot than the garden variety romance book If you are just looking for hot and steamy, look somewhere else The reason I find this book interesting is because of the spy adventures that the couple has I am likely to skim over the heated parts to read of the plot Ms Mann has good character development and an enjoyable quick read There is a third book in the se [...]

  18. The second in the Librarian ad the Spy Escapade series is even better than the first Lots of character development, action, and a surprise ending When Quinn and James travel to India on a mission to recover a stolen library, they encounter danger and many clues that lead them off the trail but ultimately to the answers, like a good reference query but a bit physically challenging As a librarian, I really love the idea of this series and am looking forward to many of Quinn and James adventures. [...]

  19. I had a really hard time with this book For a good part of it, I was slogging through wondering if I was reading a cozy mystery instead A little too much education and perfunctory mystery to me Just about no progress in relationship building, character building But the end helped redeem it a little bit that I might read book three.

  20. Quinn and James are back at it again This time they are off to India and undercover as a couple Good plot and excellent characters make for quite an enjoyable read.As a fellow librarian, I think it would be awesome to be a part of the spy world Librarian and spy is a very cool combination.

  21. Love this series Missing Ben and Nicole, but Ravi was a fun addition Couldn t believe the twist at the end.James and Quinn are so great togetherAnd the setting is so good, I actually dreamt I was in India last night

  22. I m really enjoying this series Librarians can be really useful trying to solve a crime who knew how much info they would know how to find and have access to And I m loving the teasing between Quinn and James

  23. OK, a little contrived Loved the history of Sikhs and having worked in a library understood those references.

  24. I really enjoy the main characters and the story I do think the physical aspects of their relationship could be a little less I am enjoying the series.

  25. There was so much interesting history and library in here I nerded out over that This series is not a romance I m not sure why this is classed as such.

  26. The I read of Quinn and James, the Librarian and the Spy, the I like them The two of them have such great chemistry, their dialog showing their brains as well as their bodies are involved in this relationship Quinn, again amazed me with her knowledge of, well, everything She is a woman that girls like as well as the guys, and therefore very easy to relate to James, is dashing, cheeky, and deadly with a weapon He was protective of Quinn, yet, let her spread her wings and fly You ve got to admir [...]

  27. SERIES Librarian and the Spy Escapade 2 What s a librarian doing with a gun I make sure people pay their overdue fines A nice follow up to The Librarian and the Spy and it was fun to be back with Quinn and James Punjab s history might have been sad but I really enjoyed reading about it I love when author s take real life historical events and use them in their plots.Once again this book is only from Quinn s POV Not terrible, but I hoped we would learn about James and his history Quinn was as fu [...]

  28. I really enjoyed being introduced to these characters back in The Librarian and the Spy and this was a great second installment in this series What I really liked about this book was the introduction to Indian culture and the historical context of a real event that I had never heard of before Operation Blue Star Mann does an excellent job of weaving her story around the facts surrounding this operation and the burning of the Sikh Reference Library I did wish we saw of Nicole, Quinn s best frien [...]

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