The Twisted Knot J.M. Peace The Twisted Knot A marked man A damaged cop A town full of secrets After her abduction and near death at the hands of a sadistic killer Constable Samantha Willis is back in the uniform Despite being on desk duty rum
  • Title: The Twisted Knot
  • Author: J.M. Peace
  • ISBN: 9781743538678
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
The Twisted Knot J.M. PeaceA marked man A damaged cop A town full of secrets.After her abduction and near death at the hands of a sadistic killer, Constable Samantha Willis is back in the uniform Despite being on desk duty, rumours reach Sammi that someone in Angel s Crossing has been hurting little girls, and before long a mob is gathering to make sure justice is served.So when a man is found haA marked man A damaged cop A town full of secrets.After her abduction and near death at the hands of a sadistic killer, Constable Samantha Willis is back in the uniform Despite being on desk duty, rumours reach Sammi that someone in Angel s Crossing has been hurting little girls, and before long a mob is gathering to make sure justice is served.So when a man is found hanging in his shed, the locals assume the pedophile has finally given into his guilt That is, until Sammi delves further into the death and uncovers a dark family secret, an unsolved crime and a town desperate for vengeance Raw and credible, this is a tough and thrilling novel The Sydney Morning Herald on A Time to Run is taut, believable thriller grabs your attention from the very first line The Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin on A Time to Run
The Twisted Knot J.M. Peace

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  1. The Twisted Knot is book 2 in J.M Peace s Sammi Willis series.Peace s policing experience shows through in her writing She has written real characters with real doubts and feelings Sammi Willis is suffering PTSD after a kidnapping ordeal which is outlined in book 1, A Time to Run, which I am now eager to read Most of her colleagues are supportive but not all as we get to know Sammi s work mates and the different personalities that make up a policing team Peace shows the reader a human side of p [...]

  2. The Twisted Knot Constable Sammi Willis 2 is the second book I have read by talented Australian author J.M Peace istarted it immediately after finishing the first book in the series, A Time to Run Constable Sammi Willis 1, skipping some 170 other books in order to do so.Constable Sammi Willis is still suffering PTSD and on light duties following her abduction and the subsequent trial She elects to go back on full duties on a quiet Monday day shift a time when nothing ever happens until that part [...]

  3. A Time to Run was, without a doubt, one of the best crime thrillers of last year and the thought of a new Constable Sammi Willis made me giddy with excitement Still recovering from her horrible ordeal from a year previously, Sammi is on desk duty when a group of locals come to her demanding action on a known pedophile.Sammi s efforts to try and found who the latest victim is will be hampered by a wall of silence from those who surely know the truth When a body is found hanging at a nearby farm i [...]

  4. Constable Samantha Willis was still working the desk in the station house of Angel s Crossing not ready to hit the streets still traumatised by what had happened to her a year previously But when a few of the locals came to the station, demanding the police do their job with the paedophile that was making his presence felt or they would do it for them Sammie realised it was time As Sammi tried to find out who the alleged victim was she felt an immense sense of frustration She knew the locals wer [...]

  5. Great read Not quite as edge of your seat as J.M peace s riveting debut novel, A Time to Run, but compelling all the same.Twisted Knot is a nicely paced suspense, crime mystery set in a small close knit town called Angel s Crossing.After a considerable forced hiatus, Constable Samantha Sammi Willis is trying to ease herself out of the desk work and back into full duties Since going on stress leave after a vicious abduction and attempted assault was made on her by a madman the previous year A Tim [...]

  6. This sequel to A Time to Run opens with Constable Samantha Sammi Willis back at work a year after her abduction and near death ordeal at the hands of a serial killer She s been getting back into the job by manning the desk at the police station but is ready to get back out into the streets Her first case involves what looks like the suicide of a pedophile but Sammi suspects that it s not all as straight forward as it looks.This is a very different book to A Time to Run, which was a fast paced th [...]

  7. I didn t think I would enjoy this book However, it was an easy read and nice to read a thriller set in the Australian outback Difficult subject matter, but handled quite well Give it a try.I read it on a recent cruise I was on, so finished it in two days Wish we could cruise forever so I could read all day and hang out with my family But then when would I write I received this book for FREE in return for an honest review.

  8. This is Australian police officer J.M Peace s second novel featuring Constable Sammi Willis after last year s A Time To Run After the traumatic experiences of that novel, Sammi is back at work but she s been on desk duty since her return, not quite ready to take that step of strapping on her gun belt and getting into a police car Her colleagues are mostly supportive of her her boss in particular but there are officers that believe Sammi should no longer be a cop if she can t do all facets of the [...]

  9. This is the second crime novel in the Constable Samantha Willis series by J.M Peace, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first one A Time to Run, so it was a joy to slip back into her world I was powering along within the first 10 pages, chuckling while reading a scene involving a member of the public trying to get out of a traffic related ticket The dialogue is uniquely Australian and I loved the small town setting in Queensland, Australia This time Sammi is investigating a crime and not a victim of o [...]

  10. 4.5 It s been a year since Sammi Willis was abducted Back on duty in the police force, she hasn t yet strayed from the front desk but she now feels the time is right to get back on to the road.Her first job out is an apparent suicide, a man accused of being a paedophile many years ago and now rumoured to be offending again but there are some things that don t add up And it s a bit difficult when no one in the town is prepared to name the victim of the so called new offence.I loved J.M Peace s fi [...]

  11. My View A dark and sinister narrative that will send shivers down your spine this could so easily be true crime not crime fiction Jay Peace has created a strong, valiant, empathetic female protagonist Sammi Willis In this novel Sammi once again reminds us of the human side of policing and the ethical and personal dilemmas she faces add tension and humanity to the script Assumptions, lies, fear this town is a powder keg ready to ignite Get your diary out and make a date with this book one night s [...]

  12. I think I m still on a high from A Time to Run which was such an amazing thriller I knew book 2, The Twisted Knot won t be in the same boat because really, she cannot be a victim year after year However, this was still a very good read in a somewhat different way It s still a mystery crime book but Sammi Willis is now a Constable doing the investigation rather than a victim on the run.I love the Australian flavour of this novel set in a small town in the state of sunny Queensland You would ve th [...]

  13. I haven t been reading many crime novels lately, so the offer to read The Twisted Knot was too good an opportunity to pass up J.M Peace is actually a serving Australian police officer, so you know that she knows her stuff when it comes to crime and policing.The Twisted Knot is the second book to feature Constable Sammi Willis I haven t read the previous book, A Time to Run, but I didn t feel that hindered my enjoyment of the book The story opens as Sammi is still recovering from the events of A [...]

  14. 4.5 stars Such a great murder mystery book full of suspense and thrill Review will be up on my blog on the 11th gabbytheblogger

  15. The second novel in the Constable Sammi Willis series, THE TWISTED KNOT, has Sammi returning to work after a close shave with death in the first novel which you don t have to have read to get this one, but it wouldn t hurt.Life back at work isn t easy though, and she s currently mostly behind the desk in the station, a cause of some friction with other members of the team It takes the death of a man, charged but never convicted of paedophilia in the past, to drag her back out in the field and wh [...]

  16. What is this about Sammi is a cop in a small town that is determined to see a pedophile brought to justice, even though there s no evidence or a victim willing to come forward The thing is, the man in question, was accused of the same crime years ago and tensions are running high now that it looks like he could escape justice again And Sammi is the one on the case.What else is this about This is book two of a series that references book one, in which Sammi was kidnapped and held captive by a ser [...]

  17. This novel s main character is heavily influenced by events from the first in the series I have not read the first yet but Peace cleverly gives us the background we need without spoiling it s plot so I can go back and read it, which I will Constable Sammi Willis is still traumatised by events from a year ago, giving a much realistic portrayal of how it s not all over once the killer s caught.Efforts to find out what is happening in this small country toen are stymied by the wilful silence of th [...]

  18. What a great Aussie writer, can t believe I ve never heard of them before This is the second book bit it is a stand alone novel Now to read the 1st book and wait for About a 4.5 star for me.

  19. If you haven t read the first book from JM Peace A Time To Run , never fear Both books do just fine as stand alone s despite having the same main characters The Twisted Knot is based on a highly contraversial topic, child sexual abuse Sammi, the female lead, is a small town cop who has recently returned back to the job after having a year off after being kidnapped by a serial killer in the first book She s nervous but anxious to get back to normal , if there ever is such a thing The book itself, [...]

  20. The Twisted Knot is the second novel from Australian author J.M Peace I devoured Peace s first book, A Time To Run, in less than 48 hours The Twisted Knot, although not quite as fast paced, of a slow burn, is still an engaging story that will keep you wanting to know .The story sees us reunite with Constable Samantha Willis Sammi , now back in uniform after her ordeal in A Time To Run And although The Twisted Knot, can stand alone, readers of the first novel will enjoy reconnecting with Sammi t [...]

  21. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon Please head there for in depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Sammi is on desk duty, unable to face going into the field after her abduction by a killer two years ago When she is faced by a mob of people demanding that a pedophile is caught by police, she finds the courage to start active work again on a case which is as twisted as any you will have read about.It s nice to see a crime novel where I can follow whe [...]

  22. I loved this book 2 sittings and it was done Sammi was abducted in the 1 novel and has finally gone back to work but on a slow Monday decides to go out on beat again instead a nice quiet daye ends up with a body So much for taking things slow I found the storyline quite topical and the pace was fast Didn t want to put it down and basically I didn t Can t wait for the next Sammi Willis novel.

  23. JM Peace Author has created a likeable character in the form of police officer Sammi Willis In this second book, following on from Peace s debut A Time to Run, Sammi has returned to work 18 months after her horrific kidnapping, and finds herself caught up in a case of child abuse, murder and terrible family secrets The people of the town of Angel s Crossing are intent on revenge for a past crime, and Sammi and her co workers must try to uncover the truth This story deals with dark and damaged ch [...]

  24. Constable Sammi Willis is back, after a terrifying abduction and fight for her life Now she is back into police work and is back on desk at her home police station She is happy to ease her way in after what she had been through.Before she knows it, the rumours are flying around town that Pete the Ped pedophile is up to his old tricks again, and the locals want something done about it He is a previous offender but there was not enough evidence to proceed with charging him with the rape of a 15 ye [...]

  25. I finished this book in 2 sittings Really great and a change of pace etc to the first instalment which was so fast moving and a huge adrenaline rush I think Peace made a wise choice setting TTK close to home and the station, showing the impact of prosecuting crime on the heroine Many police procedurals avoid those issues and make the leads superhuman It was important to show the PTSD effects on Sami and also the impacts on the station and the various weak male egos around her TTK followed on sea [...]

  26. Having read and enjoyed the first novel in this series, I was looking forward to this one Having established the characters and locations in the first book, this one gave them texture and context The author is a serving police officer, so there is a great dose of reality behind the scenes She creates police as people with authentic issues, interests and relationships The way she interacts her characters and draws out the petty to the profound can only be done by someone with insight.This story [...]

  27. J.M Peace s first book, A Time to Run, was one of my favourite thriller books last year and so I was very excited to read the next book in the series Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this one as much At first I found the storyline gripping and full of suspense, though my attention started to wane toward the end as I felt the ending was a little drawn out I liked the main character, Sammi She is strong, independent and courageous however I wasn t overly keen on her relationship with Gavin The inter [...]

  28. I really enjoyed this book Even than her first It was interesting how it all played out There were a few characters I wondered what their purpose was though Maybe book 3 will have answers

  29. I hadn t read any other books by this author but decided to give this a go, when it was offered to me I really enjoyed reading it The twists and turns throughout are good Whether you agree with the ending or not I think it is an excellent read.

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