Oheň Julianna Baggott Naďa Funioková Ohe Po otcov smrti se Partridge uj m vl dy v D mu jednom z posledn ch to i v jinak zni en pustin j se Zem stala P vodn si mlad mu p edsevzal e ist m odhal v echny otcovy l i svrhne nel tostn d D mu a
  • Title: Oheň
  • Author: Julianna Baggott Naďa Funioková
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
Oheň Julianna Baggott Naďa FuniokováPo otcov smrti se Partridge uj m vl dy v D mu, jednom z posledn ch to i v jinak zni en pustin , j se Zem stala P vodn si mlad mu p edsevzal, e ist m odhal v echny otcovy l i, svrhne nel tostn d D mu a sjednot jeho obyvatele se znetvo en mi Star mi ij c mi za jeho siln mi zdmi Jenom e s ohromnou moc , kterou m nyn v rukou, je v e mnohem slo it j aPo otcov smrti se Partridge uj m vl dy v D mu, jednom z posledn ch to i v jinak zni en pustin , j se Zem stala P vodn si mlad mu p edsevzal, e ist m odhal v echny otcovy l i, svrhne nel tostn d D mu a sjednot jeho obyvatele se znetvo en mi Star mi ij c mi za jeho siln mi zdmi Jenom e s ohromnou moc , kterou m nyn v rukou, je v e mnohem slo it j a potenci ln nebezpe n j , ne si kdy v bec dok zal p edstavit.Skupina p e iv ch Star ch se vyd v na mimo dn n ro nou cestu k D mu Pressia z skala kl ke sp se, a kdy se j poda ho dopravit a do D mu, Sta se snad vyl a v echny hr zy se ji stanou minulost Jenom e Bradwell tak snadno odpou t t nedok e a navzdory Pressiin m prosb m je odhodl n zni it D m a potrestat jeho obyvatele za to, e se pod leli na zk ze okoln ho sv ta B val v dce rebel El Capitan stoj na Pressiin stran a chce zachr nit tolik lidsk ch ivot , kolik to jen p jde, ale je pro n j mimo dn n ro n se vypo dat se svou temnou minulost plnou n sil.B val spojenci a p tel se st vaj mo n mi nep teli na ivot a na smrt a osud sv ta je nejist j ne kdy d v Z t se lidstvo do z huby Nebo z v udyp tomn ho popela p ece jenom vyvstane nov sv t
Oheň Julianna Baggott Naďa Funioková

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    111 Julianna Baggott Naďa Funioková
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  1. so bittersweet, the third book in any trilogyis one ended strong, staying true to the overall story like mike mullin s kick ass Sunrise, but it also had a couple of things that people who got all mad at Mockingjay and Allegiant are probably going to frown at decisions are made, cause makes effect, and there s no next book to pick up the pieces and make the characters change their minds and soothe the heavy readerly heart s post apocalyptic fiction did you think it was going to end with a thrown [...]

  2. Before readingAfter reading Forewarning I am going to be ranting about the end No spoilers though Okay, fine I ll admit it I am one of those readers that likes a neat ending Something that cleans up all loose ends and doesn t leave me having to wonder what the heck is supposed to happen next, or flipping the last page over and over again just in case there was a freaking chapter that I missed somewhere And this was one of those smack bang hi its the end kind of endings that I hate coughcough Req [...]

  3. I originally gave this book 4 stars, but after a week or so to think about it, I m downgrading to three And if I keep thinking about it, I might downgrade again I am so disappointed Because this series had everything It was everything until it wasn t I m going to hide the rest of my review, because it is nothing but spoilers So, seriously, don t read it unless you ve finished the series or have no intention to view spoiler Look, the writing in this series is haunting Magic But I am struggling to [...]

  4. First off, I hope this review doesn t discourage anyone from reading this book and finishing the trilogy but I just wasn t happy with this bookOP READING NOW IF YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW SPECIFICALLY WHY I WAS DISAPPOINTED NO PLOT SPOILERS This book started out very exciting and seemed to be heading in the right direction for an awesome finale Unfortunately towards the end, it left a lot to be desired As many readers have pointed out, there could have easily been another book The end of the book se [...]

  5. Genre Dystopian Rating 3.0 My Thoughts Apparently, Burn is the final installment in the Pure Trilogy Unfortunately, it has also left me with than a few questions left unanswered with THAT ENDING Once again Baggott centers her story around Pressia, El Capitan w Helmut , Bradwell, Partridge, and Lyda while giving readers a better look into the machinations of Ellery Willux and his diabolical plans for both wretches and Pure s This is a world in which a series of nuclear detonations were intention [...]

  6. The ending to this series is very rushed and some of the characters seem to really change from who we have known them to be Partridge does not do what would be the most obvious thing, and therefore is left alone to try and figure out what to do when there is noone to trust.The biggest problem with this book is the endless stories that are left unfinished A big villain suddenly drops out of the story with no explanation and is barely mentioned again There are so many unanswered questions Maybe if [...]

  7. 21 2 14Ok Here s part of my coherent official review full review here Though Burn doesn t quite meet the sheer perfection of Fuse, Baggot s words are once again placed with meticulous care her world is still darkly gorgeous, if a little haunting than before Her characters are flawed than ever and for the most part they are wonderful for it Something about her writing really draws the reader in, creating a visceral experiencing of the plot that lingers long after you finish reading I literally [...]

  8. We all have those series we think are totally underrated, fly under the radar, and under appreciated For me, THIS IS THAT SERIES I know you guys might be burned out on dystopian I know that feel, I really do But trust me when I tell you that The Pure Trilogy by Julianna Baggott is 100% worth your time Obviously, reviewing the final book in a trilogy is a difficult task So I ll just brush you up on the premise for the entire series Here s the gist There was a detonation that destroyed almost the [...]

  9. Resistencia me ha resultado un desenlace algo flojo para una trilog a que me estaba maravillando por la crudeza y hostilidad del mundo que nos presenta, el realismo que transmite y la fortaleza de sus personajes Sin duda, son unos libros que no me arrepiento para nada de haber le do pese a que su final me haya decepcionadovidasecretadeloslibross

  10. 2 out of 10 This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives please use Chrome Yandex browser or Android IOS to see the page otherwise, spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not work Short Soundtrack Pur Pur No Hope Ana Johnsson The Harder We Fall My Chemical Romance The World Is Ugly Genre dystopia, post apocalyptic, YAStuff mutants, people and damaged worldFail very depressive readPOV 3rd person, multiLove Geometry annoyingQuote Core Here, falling in love can be an event, a proclamation [...]

  11. Partridge has taken his father s place in the dome This is his chance to bring about change But it s not as easy as he seems and whilst separated from his new friends, the tempers in and outside the dome are fraying.Burn highlights how replacing the person at the top doesn t make it easy to change things There are other people, existing prejudices and instability which means no matter how good your intentions, you might not be able to fix things It might be a rather bleak story but it s a refres [...]

  12. While Patridge deals with his new role as leader of the Dome, Pressia, Bradwell and El Capitan and Helmud struggle to return from Newgrange with Aribelle Willux legacy of hope for a cure to the Fusings.Burn begins terrifcally, with some very exciting scenes Baggott s prose works beautifully in the openning sections as she smoothly wrings every bit of suspense and emotion out of her scenario But then, coincidence intrudes with some very staged and cinematic sequences A rescue attempt an amusement [...]

  13. I I am not too sure how I feel about this book Honestly, the ending left me feeling numb confused in the same vein that the ending for Mockingjay did except you know, this book is 93725938759387x better and less of a WTF trainwreck that Mockingjay was Like, it was bittersweet and possibly the closest thing to a realistic conclusion, given the setting and plot of the entire series.But at least Mockingjay s ending felt like it was a real ending, wrapping up all loose ends, you know Not like an en [...]

  14. Pure was n van de beste post apocalyptische Young Adult boeken die ik ooit las De rauwe world building vol imperfecte personages wist me vanaf de eerste pagina te raken Ook het vervolg Fuse stelde allesbehalve teleur Opnieuw wist Julianna Baggott punten te scoren vanwege originaliteit en een fantastische toekomstvisie Je begrijp wel dat mijn verwachtingen voor Burn dan ook ontzettend hoog waren En helaas, helaas, dit boek viel me behoorlijk tegenMijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekom [...]

  15. Z v re n d ly jsou od toho, aby vy e ily ot zky polo en b hem cel s rie Ohe se t hle z kladn pou ce neuv iteln vysm v Cel s rie m la neuv iteln potenci l Super sv t i postavy Ale tohle Za prv se tu prakticky nic nestalo, n kter postavy se chovaly pln iracion ln Hlavn m probl mem slo jedna je PARTRIDGE Kdyby n kdo tohohle kluka vymazal, ud lal by jedin dob e A ten konec Nem m slov Otev en jak n co, nic se nevy e ilo, stalo se p r zbyte n ch v c a prost uh Nope Nope Nope Jedin pozitivum Rozhodn El [...]

  16. Este libro me ha pillado en una poca dif cil y por eso me ha durado tanto Y a ver, aunque no es la genialidad del primero, me ha gustado el final, quiz le habr a a adido una p gina o dos m s, pero ha estado bastante bien.

  17. Oh my god that end oh my god oh my god oh my godMy heart is broen into 1 000 000 pieces and I don t think it will ever recover oh MY GoD

  18. 3,5 5Supongo que Resistencia tendr opiniones de todo tipo Yo, despu s de procesarlo y meditarlo durante unos d as, creo que me ha dejado m s satisfecha que lo contrario.S que es cierto que despu s de dos libros en los que la acci n tiene tant simo protagonismo, choca encontrarnos con este en el que es bastante escasa.Podr amos decir que es una tercera parte m s personal, m s reflexiva, en la que los protagonistas siguen evolucionando acorde con la historia y en la que deber n tomar cada uno las [...]

  19. It s taken me quite a while to settle down enough to write this review If you ve been following me for any length of time, you ll know that I have a lot invested in this trilogy Pressia, Bradwell, Partridge, El Capitan and Lyda have come to feel like family to me Their broken world a place where I felt at home Julianna Baggott has never ceased to amaze me with how easily she weaves a story My expectations for this final installment weren t just exceeded, they were shattered into tiny, bite sized [...]

  20. I feel so conflicted about my feelings on this book I thought it was well written and I enjoyed reading it, but I hated the ending I felt there were so many questions left and overall I didn t feel like any of the characters got a satisfactory resolution I would have liked this a lot if there was another book in the series to follow it, but knowing this is how it ends left me feeling disappointed I don t mind having some lingering questions, but for how invested I got in the story and character [...]

  21. The end is near, the Pure s cower in fear and lash out at the disruption in their comfort zone The Wretch s are beaten back, but have little left to lose Chaos, mistrust, death and history all play into the final outcome There is no HEA that is the myth, the lie spread by the evil that brought all this on.Bradwell, was been forever altered The injection changed him into something repulsive in his eyes He struggles with an inability to forgive He focuses on his mission, to destroy the Dome His a [...]

  22. I eagerly anticipated this book and want to make clear that my interest was held the entire time, and that Baggott included twists and turns in the plot that kept surprising me She is not afraid to give her characters a hard time Had this book ended even remotely satisfying for me, I would have given it four or five stars I loved Pure and Fuse I realize Bradwell had a transformation in Fuse, but I almost didn t care about him at all in this book after I had invested so much in him in the first t [...]

  23. Sin duda, el final de este libro me ha decepcionado MUCH SIMO M s que eso, me ha enfadado y frustrado Esta es una de esas trilog as en las que NUNCA, JAM S, deber as dejar un final abierto, y eso es justo lo que ha hecho la autora Ninguna de las inc gnitas que se plantean a lo largo de la trilog a se resuelven, NINGUNA Lo mejor de esta trilog a era la cantidad de cosas sin sentido que estabas deseando descubrir, y sent una grand sima decepci n al leer la ltima p gina de este libro y ver que no i [...]

  24. Here s the synopsis which I got from I was like, ecstatic when I found it Hope this helps to relieve the pain a little Inside the Dome, Patridge has taken his father s place as leader of the Pures His struggle has led him here, intent upon bringing down the Dome from the inside, with the help of a secret resistance force But things are not as simple from his new position of power and he finds himself tempted by his father s words perhaps if the world is to survive it needs the Dome and Partridge [...]

  25. 5 burned starsI am so sad and a little broken This was not the end I envisioned but it is the only end that could have happened So, as much as it pains me I understand There were many, many things cleared up and some things that were enlightened upon us It was fantastic I enjoyed the journey I enjoyed the roads traveled and the the growth and maturity that some of our characters went through I was a little worried about Lyda Her whole journey this book is a little scary Partridge made some decis [...]

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