Dancing With The Dead Charles Freedom Long Dancing With The Dead For me to live is to die Fahd al Sharfa said I want to destroy Luna City and the space stations and become a martyr for truth But Fahd a brilliant astrophysicist never counted on falling in love w
  • Title: Dancing With The Dead
  • Author: Charles Freedom Long
  • ISBN: 9781515193258
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
Dancing With The Dead Charles Freedom LongFor me, to live is to die, Fahd al Sharfa said I want to destroy Luna City and the space stations and become a martyr for truth But Fahd, a brilliant astrophysicist, never counted on falling in love with Doctor Quenby, his Antal coworker, whom he was now about to kill Nor had he realized the tenacity of Vice Marshal Natil s Eagle Legion, determined to stop him And For me, to live is to die, Fahd al Sharfa said I want to destroy Luna City and the space stations and become a martyr for truth But Fahd, a brilliant astrophysicist, never counted on falling in love with Doctor Quenby, his Antal coworker, whom he was now about to kill Nor had he realized the tenacity of Vice Marshal Natil s Eagle Legion, determined to stop him And especially Aidan Good who dances with the dead A boy genius is taken from his family and trained for a suicide mission on the moon But he falls in love with just the wrong person This powerful and gripping novel explores questions of redemption, truth, love, and life beyond death Richly detailed, imaginative and evocative, Dancing with the Dead blends science and spiritual fiction Filled with vivid and convincingly drawn characters, this gripping tale is at once a poignant human alien love story and a foray into the realms beyond.
Dancing With The Dead Charles Freedom Long

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    352 Charles Freedom Long
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  1. I found this to be both an exciting and philosophical science fiction action adventure story set far into the future The diverse alien, paranormal, and human characters are vividly described and the world building is excellent.For me, the main focus of the story is one man s struggle between good and evil, or love and duty Though I feel the outcome is satisfactory, I would prefer it ended in the way Fahd wanted He had learned so much and come so far and did the right thing in those final moments [...]

  2. In Dancing with the Dead, Charles Freedom Long has successfully wedded a tense techno thriller plot to the deliberate pace and detailed world building one expects in epic fantasy, including supernatural elements As if that weren t enough, he has woven in a great deal of philosophy on what it means to be human Set in the future, the story finds Earth Terra in active contact with technologically advanced beings from several planets Humanity is on probation until we can demonstrate that we ve gotte [...]

  3. Dancing with the Dead, is original and complex in a good way from the science fiction I ve been reading lately The basic theme of those books is Aliens attack earth, hero saves earth by defeating aliens Wash rinse, repeat for the most part in the next book Obviously I like that sort of thing, but Dancing with the Dead, offers a great deal to science fiction readers The theme is original and the plot is complex The characters have a great deal of depth and are quite a bit sensual When reading [...]

  4. Well done This was a universe spanning science fiction that I found reminiscent of Frank Herbert s Dune with perhaps a little of C.J Cherryh s ability to write aliens thrown in.One of the most pleasant parts of this book was that I was introduced to so many different alien species, including spirits of the dead human and otherwise which, in a manner of thinking, qualifies as another alien species They were each different, well portrayed and interesting I was especially intrigued by Quenby, an al [...]

  5. Shades of the Great Isaac Asimov appear.Charles Freedom Long has written an exceptional book in Dancing With The Dead The writing is crisp, clear, and powerful The science fiction world he creates contains sufficient remnants of today to capture readers with honesty, believability, and trust In this respect, shades of the great SF writer, Isaac Asimov, appear I once asked Asimov, over lunch, how he could create his worlds of the future with such honesty He told me to read the non fiction univers [...]

  6. Keeping this many knives in the air, and balancing the momentum is no small feat This novel reminded me why I always struggled to read sci fi myself, because it takes a heartfelt commitment from the reader to pull all of the strings together as they move along with the characters through the story When the final push comes, the rhythm and notes come together into a pummeling crescendo that is as deftly and skillfully woven together as any author I ve read.

  7. I wanted to write something that challenged people s perception of death, life after death and the quest for truth that continues after the change called death If detailed world building, alien cultures, and a unique, human alien love story, that includes a different view of what it might be like to pass beyond the veil called death intrigues you, then you might want to take a look at Dancing With The Dead.

  8. This book was great I was taken away by the story line and the characters This book was exciting and gripping I was taken in by this book from beginning to end I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  9. Read the original review over at chantolaspinall Being in the Caribbean school system, I remembered being introduced to other religions and cultures It seemed very strange and the experience came from either the text book or the mouth of the religious education teacher Back then we didn t take the time to dig deeper to investigate outside of the concrete walls of school We clung to the short summaries and synopsis as if they were good food.Dancing with the Dead is based on Islamic traditions and [...]

  10. I received this novel free for an honest review This is not the normal genre that I read and I had a little trouble getting started because I thought it was going to be another story painting all people that practice the Islam religion as terrorists I actually enjoyed it than I thought I would when I first started reading it There is a totally different view of Islam that, Fahd must deal with when he starts having conversations with the dead I thought it was a little strange when the story went [...]

  11. In Dancing with the Dead, Charles Freedom Long explores the life and death of Fahd Abdul al Sharfa, a jihadist from the Mahrat mountains trained as a scientist to infiltrate the elite Luna base Bartered for gold as a child, he was sold to a terrorist by his clan and raised in the Western style, moulded to be the perfect fit for recruitment by the powerful Lumina Corporation His mission to destroy the works of Satan Luna City and both Earth s space stations However, both on Earth and beyond, the [...]

  12. Dancing with the Dead sweeps you from the Yemeni desert to a manufacturing outpost on the moon It plunges you into a conflict among the forces of progress, faith, revenge, and greed.Making the novel special among space operas, in this one the hallmark of civilization is the integration of the dead into the affairs of the living Startlingly, the passed beyond have as many factions as the living, both on Earth and the planets of the elder races.Initially, I found it difficult to submerge myself in [...]

  13. Mehreen Ahmed s Review PDF copyThis subliminal book by Charles Freedom Long tells a sad tale of a child who is brought up to receive a good education, a western style living, all for a devious purpose to lead a life of a lie and deception Fahd al Sharfa is a jihadist trained for a mission impossible otherwise He is brilliant in what he does but his life is a one way journey to hell suicide bomber trained to bomb satan s followers The drama unfolds with many layers of complexity such as his philo [...]

  14. A sci fi fantasy multi world political novelDancing With the Dead is a sci fi book with a bit of everything in it There is intrigue, fantasy, communication with the dead, aliens, living on other worlds, jihadist groups, and romance The plot is well thought out and creative The characters are well developed and fascinating Enjoyed the book greatly.

  15. This novel tries to be multi faceted Instead of forming a unique chemical mix, it ended up being somewhat of a stew There s nothing wrong with stews, and I tried to enjoy this one, but it really didn t work for me I believe the reason is because no one component was convincing enough to take center stage The spirituality seemed canned I was a student of comparative religion in college and studied quite a bit about Islam The novel addressed the decadent and abused form of Islam through the introd [...]

  16. Note Sorry for my English, it is not my prime language.Firstly I would like to comment something about book rating Is it supposed to be about technical quality or about reader s taste I mean, can one badly rate a book because he did not like it even if the book is good by itself Well my rate on this book is the mix of my own taste and the quality of the book itself.It is not my type of reading, I m an old school sci fi fantasy fan, and I must admit, Dancing with the dead is one of the strangest [...]

  17. Multi Themed, with All that Implies both Good and BadMy gut tells me that many authors today are experimenting with combinations of what previously would have been separate and distinct genres But Dancing with the Dead appears to take this trend to new heights, as it seems to me to be a Science Fiction Fantasy Erotica Thrilleror something to that effect.It s not all confusing and overwhelming in its mixture of memes and subjects For example, I did start to develop a feel for the general cultural [...]

  18. This book was uneven for me, at times the author gave me too much detail and at other times the details were so thin that I didn t fully understand what was going on Probably the best aspect of the book was the explanation of the afterlife It was unique and thought provoking Also there were a couple of spots where the time line jumped around and that threw me a little as well I d recommend it just to see what the author has to say about being dead.

  19. Dancing with the Dead by Charles Freedom Long is both a science fiction thriller and a spiritual journey The narrative would make a good film rendering The story takes us into the near future, although not too distant, when the moon is colonized and mankind is stretching its presence to other worlds The reader is quickly introduced to new races of aliens, the diplomatic interrelationships which exist and the delicate and tenuous balance as these races see man as rather visceral, uncultured, warl [...]

  20. For fans of detailed world building, this worth a look Fans of action and storytelling not so much.A story is as long as it needs to be, is a good guide in writing This book wasn t I m not sure if it needed to be longer and broken up into a series, or shorter and had all the concepts condensed It s clear the author did a lot of world building to make this novel The details of those worlds were lovingly described However, they seemed to pull me out of the story.The world building didn t just stop [...]

  21. Superbly written I quit serious reading about 50 years ago Read on vacation mainly I had the good fortune to retire three years ago and within the last few months have started reading again This book epitomizes what I have always liked about Sci Fi When you can visualize what you read, you have returned Thank you

  22. This book reminds me of the Honor Harrington series in some ways An interesting read full of politics, power plays, and action The dialogue flows well, and I didn t see anything wrong grammatically, though admittedly grammar is not my strongest suit Still, an excellent read if you are looking to reach high Earth orbit 5 5

  23. A nice indie read Charles dabbles in some interesting sci fi topics here including spirituality, telepathy, and an active afterlife beyond the veil.

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