A Witch in Time Robyn Peterman A Witch in Time One of these things is not like the others life threatening community theatre wire hangers chipmunks tree house sex capades with a hot werewolf and head shrinking with a porno loving rabbit Shifter
  • Title: A Witch in Time
  • Author: Robyn Peterman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Witch in Time Robyn PetermanOne of these things is not like the others life threatening community theatre, wire hangers, chipmunks, tree house sex capades with a hot werewolf and head shrinking with a porno loving rabbit Shifter Actually none of these things are even remotely like the others, but it s my life and I m going to make the pieces fit into a perfect puzzle even if I have to shove it togetOne of these things is not like the others life threatening community theatre, wire hangers, chipmunks, tree house sex capades with a hot werewolf and head shrinking with a porno loving rabbit Shifter Actually none of these things are even remotely like the others, but it s my life and I m going to make the pieces fit into a perfect puzzle even if I have to shove it together and glue it with magic New leaf, new leaf, new freakin leaf Caring for people wasn t in my repertoire until I landed in Assjacket, West Virginia Falling in love wasn t anywhere on my agenda It s messy However, I ve been told messy is what showers and therapy are for I m hoping that info is correct because Goddess knows I m trying Never until now have I been a witch that wanted it all the guy, the job, the friends and the place called home Now I just have to fix my slightly irresponsible and somewhat unstable witchy ways so I deserve it I m going for perfect or at least a loose definition of the word Messy here I come.
A Witch in Time Robyn Peterman

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  1. THE REVIEWWhy this book I love this seriesWhat I thoughtThis was my least favorite book of the series,but Just like the other books in this series this book was highly entertaining I read it straight through I couldn t stop It wasn t as funny as the other 2, but there still were times I laughed so hard my stomach hurt I just love the crazy characters and the crazy situations they get themselves into One thing that bugged me though was the thespian Lesbian joke got old fast Overall an enjoyable r [...]

  2. Instead of fun and enjoyable, this one was just exhausting The thespian lesbian joke got REALLY OLD REALLY SOON and reading it in almost in every freaking chapter was grating to say the least Zelda s insistence on being unlovable was starting to get pretty annoying too, but thankfully by the end she had a change of heart.

  3. The Magic and Mayhem Series has been amazing from the beginning Each one is a story in itself while following this crazy Witch who is the new Shifter Whisper But this book was a little different It was Zelda s time to heal herself, and of course in the Peterman way Crazy, fun, loving, with a side of sexy Plus we get a few new characters to add to the mix A total must read this spring

  4. I really needed this book, another hilarious addition to the series This author never fails to make me laugh Also loved the ending Full review to come soon

  5. Loved, loved, loved this bookThis book was fantastic, I loved it and have never laughed out loud so much when reading I can t wait for the next one.

  6. Robyn Peterman has done it again I swear this series just gets better and better with each book A Witch in Time is without a doubt the best and my new favorite I just loved it I love Zelda she s funny, sassy, and has that whole amusing selfish thing going on along with the caring, heart of gold side of her that she keeps on the down low She s her same awesome and amusing self, but she does have this insecure, indecisive side to her as well that kind of made me itch with frustration but didn t fu [...]

  7. Marie s Tempting Reads Review Magic, Mayhem, fun, sexy good timeTHAT is exactly what I got in A Witch In Time the third book in Robyn Peterman s Magic and Mayhem series I am always eager to read one of Miss Peterman s books because I KNOW that she will deliver a book that is fun and full of laughs, outrageous things, and sexy alpha males Heck, I grinned even before I started it because, again, I KNEW what was to come I love Zelda and Mac These two are combustible together and add in the fun and [...]

  8. 5 Candi KissesExcellent Edition to the Magic Mayham SeriesThe cast of characters is huge and they mostly all return for this next installment of the Magic Mayham Series Shifters of all kinds can be found in Assjacket West Virginia, from the Sexy Alpha King of the Shifters to the chipmunks This story has everything you look for in a Robyn Peterman masterpiece Zelda is trying to figure out if she can love Not just herself but anyone Fabio her Daddy has faith that she will find her way to seeing th [...]

  9. Love these booksThese books kinda remind me of Janet Evanowich s Stephanie Plum series but in paranormal format The writing is witty and fun I love the characters, they are fun and interesting Unlike the Evanowich series, Zelda changes from being a horrible wanker shifter whisper to an experienced one, she continued to get better at her job and relationships The relationship between Zelda and Mac is wonderful and it was great to see their relationship change and deepen Definitely cannot wait to [...]

  10. this book is nothing short of brilliant , i laughed so much reading parts of this , ie ber the lesbian honey badger conversation that i got some strange looks from the other people in the hospital where i was reading it.zelda is a witch thats done time in prison , is now the shifter whisper or is that wanker is determined to turn over a new leaf or many new leaves her dad has a career switch from gambler to director of the local community play i will never associate bon jovi with music ever agai [...]

  11. Still my cup of tea but the element of humor was borderline funny and lame Perhaps the book is too short for my liking Still love her idea but some part of the theme was rather repetitive with other series view spoiler You know how all of female leads have such evil mother characters hide spoiler Still love her writing as usual and as always I really loved her characters But the disgustingness of some humor was really a thing to considered before reading the book.Overall a unfortunately sadly ne [...]

  12. I think of all the books in this series I liked this one the best.While Robyn delivers the laughs, as always, there was a serious undertone to this one Zelda is always wondering if she is good enough for Mac, why her Mother didn t love her, does she love her father things that we wonder ourselves at times.She ends up going for therapy to try and figure all these things outl the while she is the star in a play her father is directing, and has some crazy chipmunks trying to kill her.Want to laughi [...]

  13. Oh my godesssOnce again Robyn Peterman knocks it out of the park Woke up with this new saga on my kindle and had to start reading right away All I can say is I want my own Mac and someone I can call yabawhoknowstomuch all for my very own Thank you for your wicked sense of humor and your exquisite word choices Neverdidithinkarunonsentence could be so funny I can t wait to see what the next book will be like

  14. I think this one is my favorite in this series The Mommie Dearest musical had me rolling I have loved seeing Zelda grow and finally realizing that she deserves to be loved and to love people as well I really loved this one And I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a good hilarious read Great job Robyn

  15. Each book keeps getting better and better Zelda is turning over a new leaf Let the mayhem commence Lots of laugh out loud moments with this fun cast of characters This time there were a lot of tender moments with Zelda Mac too SighI love me some Mac You can t lose when you pick up one of Robyn Peterman s books

  16. FunI love the shifter community A bunch of odd balls that are just what Zelda needs to overcome her emotional baggage You think there is no way the story could funnier than the last and then the singing starts Brilliant

  17. OMG Robyn, I love you This is the best book so far I learned so much, about myself and people around me I know that may not have been your intention but I did I don t want to give anything away but I learned And I laughed my ass off through it Thank you.

  18. Another winner If you want to laugh until you cry, read one this author s book This is book 3 in the series and is hysterical Literally, if you re reading this in public, be prepared for strange looks as you laugh through the book Fun plot and great humor what could be better

  19. As in all of Robyn s books I loved it No one can make me laugh like her As usual I am already waiting for the next book

  20. Wonderfully funny I laughed out loud all the way through the book It is charming and sexy, but most important it is gut busting funny The language is blue and the humor racey warning for those who don t appreciate that I had so much fun with this book It s one of those books that you have to read the two previous books to really appreciate the story But the first two books are also really fun.

  21. Snap this book up And if you didn t read the first one s snap them up too First off, this is book three in the series, so I apologise if I give things away from the first books But if you haven t read those by now then shame on you for missing another great Robyn Peterman series Anyways, I bought the book because I d read the first two and couldn t wait to gobble up the next story As for this book I spent a lot of time cheering for Zelda and all the weird denizens in her life Mac, the shifter ki [...]

  22. A Witch in Time Magic and Mayhem Book Threes is AWESOME Robyn Peterman again comes up with a great story line with incredible humor The main characters, Zelda and Mac, generate a lot of heat Zelda is trying to come to grips with a lot of stuff including parental issues, new powers, falling in love, a horrible acting role, and someone out to get her Mac s main goal is to convince Zelda that they are in love The secondary characters are quite a unique bunch They are strange yet oddly lovable and l [...]

  23. Book 3 is worth the price of admission A Witch in Time by Robyn Peterman is the third in the Magic and Meyhem series Zelda has started to settle into her role as the Shifter Wanker, and now it s up to Mac to convince her that she s worthy of both receiving and giving love Zelda and her dad are both trying to be better people, to earn their place in town, so there are some laugh out loud antics involving the local theaters musical theater, which her dad decides to direct In this book we learn a l [...]

  24. OMG This has got to be the funniest freaking book I have ever read I mean laugh out loud embarrassingly so If you have never read this series, seriously, drop what you are doing and buy them now It is better if you read them in order, and this one is the best so far Zelda is absolutely crazy, but in a sane way, and totally foul mouthed, and Mac, her mate is just out of this world sexy This series has a whole cast of characters that are just adorable and Zelda seems to collect them as well I can [...]

  25. This is the 3rd in a series, but it has been a while since I read the other two That being said, I think that this book could easily be a stand alone the other books are a lead up I loved this book It made me laugh, think about life, truths are learned, love live on and life is always unexpected Probably especially if you are a witch but stillI especially appreciate the quote Everyone is crazy We all just wear it differently Some you can see and some is disguised Another winnerlets hope that we [...]

  26. Another great storyLife is not not boring, terrifying, but not boring Zelda is back with questions of how people can love her, when she doesn t feel like she is capable of loving others She is seeing Roger to help her with this issue, trying to help her dad be liked by the town folk, dealing with Sassy, surviving another attempt on her life and dealing with her mate, Max And she wonders why she feels crazy.

  27. This is my favorite so far I was honored to be asked by the author to beta read this one It is even better than the other two and I loved them immensely but this one took it to another level I laughed, I cheered them on and then I cried not a bad cry but it did get me If you have been reading this series you will adore this one If not you need to go get the first one now and enjoy a great book.

  28. When I need to transport myself to an alternate, outrageous place so I can laugh and enjoy myself my go to author Robyn Peterman comes through A WITCH IN TIME is crazy, ridiculously hilarious Zelda is one awesome witch that surely deserves some Prada and Gucci items in her life And should I mention, she can make things happen Granted it s done in her own way Don t miss out on this spectacularly humorous book.

  29. This is the first book in the series that I have read I found it extremely hilarious and entertaining Zelda is outrageous and quirky The author does an extraordinary job in developing the story line so that you don t want to put the book down The book is definitely not a disappointment Can t wait to read others in the series.

  30. Great read I love reading Robyn PetermanHer books are always fun and entertaining This series is no different Zelda is a witch after my heart Mac is her mate Magic and Mayhem ensue throughout this series Read and enjoy

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