The America Ground Nathan Dylan Goodwin The America Ground Morton Farrier the esteemed English forensic genealogist had cleared a space in his busy schedule to track down his own elusive father finally But he is then presented with a case that challenges hi
  • Title: The America Ground
  • Author: Nathan Dylan Goodwin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The America Ground Nathan Dylan GoodwinMorton Farrier, the esteemed English forensic genealogist, had cleared a space in his busy schedule to track down his own elusive father finally But he is then presented with a case that challenges his research skills in his quest to find the killer of a woman murdered than one hundred and eighty years ago Thoughts of his own family history are quickly and violentlMorton Farrier, the esteemed English forensic genealogist, had cleared a space in his busy schedule to track down his own elusive father finally But he is then presented with a case that challenges his research skills in his quest to find the killer of a woman murdered than one hundred and eighty years ago Thoughts of his own family history are quickly and violently pushed to one side as Morton rushes to complete his investigation before other sinister elements succeed in derailing the case This is the third book in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand alone story For updates on Nathan Dylan Goodwin s releases Website nathandylangoodwin Twitter nathangoodwin76 Facebook facebook nathandylangoodwin Pinterest pinterest dylan0470 Blog theforensicgenealogist
The America Ground Nathan Dylan Goodwin

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    228 Nathan Dylan Goodwin
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  1. I think this is the best of the forensic genealogist series In this book, Morton Farrier is determined to delve into his search for his biological father, but a request from the employer of his adoptive father s girlfriend leads him off an a search for the history of Eliza, a woman whose image was captured forever in a painting I particularly like the fact that the historical search is set in an actual historic place about which I knew nothing before reading this book It is of interest that the [...]

  2. Morton Farrier is on the search for his natural father, will he find the clue that will lead him to his father, in the meantime Morton is asked to research the family tree of a woman who was murdered in the 1820 s in Hastings, great story, did not see that ending coming.

  3. The best book by far in the series The fact that it is written about a real place with historical facts to back it up was superb I hope that Mr Goodwin has hit his stride and will continue with excellent books like this in the series.

  4. The third in the Morton Farrier series sees him in danger again as he delves back 190 years into a family on a disputed area of Hastings Interesting research methods as Farrier disentangles the mystery

  5. Forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, returns and this time he s ready to delve into his own past Keen to discover the identity of his biological father, he is soon sidetracked however, when he is commissioned to investigate the history of Eliza Lovekin, the subject of a nineteenth century painting In true Morton Farrier style, the case is not as straightforward as it may seem and soon he finds himself part of a race against time to avoid something untoward happening The America Ground is the th [...]

  6. Morton Farrier is a forensic genealogist who is presented a painting of a woman, Eliza Lovekin, where he needs to find her history The story is set in the America Ground Hastings, Sussex England during the 18th 19th century and present day I like the way Nathan would go back and forth between each time period showing the reader how Morton seeks his information and then showing what happened in the past The plot provides murder, romance and intrigue keeping you guessing till the end To me it s ni [...]

  7. 4.5 stars I just adore genealogical mysteries, and this one is no exception If I m not giving it the full whack of 5 stars, it s only because it took me quite a long time to get into it Then the plot took off, with several good twists I did guess the final twist, but not very early on The research seems very thorough and the historical facts enlightening, especially for someone like myself, since I used to live not far from Rye and Hastings I even learn about archival sources as yet unknown to m [...]

  8. This novel, set in the actual historic place of America Ground in Hastings Sussex, England would have to be my favourite of the Morton Farrier series Nathan has brought to life the interesting history of this area and incorporated an amazing selection of historical records that do exist, although their content is fictional, to suit the life story of Eliza Winter Lovekin and her family Especially sad is the revenge sought by Eliza s first born son Richard Winter for his mother s perceived abandon [...]

  9. Excellent read, just as good if not better than the previous books It can be read following the previous books or as a stand alone The story of Eliza and her descendants is very lifelike and believable because the author researches the background and history of the time they are meant to have lived in I love the way the story jumps back and forward between the past and present which allows the present day research to fill in the blanks in the story Genealogy is a fascinating hobby for all us ama [...]

  10. Not as good as the first two.I was disappointed in this third novel in the series Morton s character felt less developed and the get the indentures at all costs approach by the real estate corp was over the top I almost stopped reading at the chapter where Kevin is first instructed to kill Morton, it wasn t believable This one just didn t have the same mystery about it Was the author under pressure to write a third installment Or maybe so focused on the America Ground that the modern day lost ou [...]

  11. Although I enjoyed all three books in the Morton Farrier series, this is by far my favourite Well written and researched A REALLY cold murder mystery case for Morton Farrier, the forensic genealogist to investigate A mystery and a historical novel all rolled into one The plot goes backward and forward from the old to the present very smoothly.It felt as if the author is getting into his stride as a writer with this book I look forward to reading very addictive books from Nathan Dylan Goodwin

  12. Another wonderful, enticing book by Mr Goodwin I love his books about genealogy He has a creative mind that blends the past with the present He always studies the history of the past that he writes about This brings to life how it was to struggle, win, lose, and live in the times of his characters I always wait with great anticipation the next book that he is writing I have read all of his books now and know I will need to wait awhile for the next Thanks to the internet I know I will receive an [...]

  13. I had no expectations about this book and was pleasantly surprised Our hero must solve a murder committed over a hundred years old using historical records but why is he being chased by hired thugs I was hooked within a few pages This is an intelligent murder mystery It is well written and the story is not only interesting but based on real events I look forward to reading of this author

  14. Another good read from this author Looking forward to the next book So, now I m hooked Please write faster Mr Goodwin It s always a pleasure to find an interesting and convoluted plot mixed with likeable characters.

  15. DisappointingI had read loved the earlier books in this series, but was really disappointed with this book The vocabulary used was frequently awkward the story stumbling The storyline was really interesting, sadly this effort was disappointing.

  16. The genealogy mystery was very well done, and a great lesson in how to do genealogy research I thought the contemporary mystery a bit concerning, Morton is not going to last too long if he thinks he can handle dangerous situations on his own

  17. The stories just keep getting better I ve really enjoyed the progression from book to book of all the characters.

  18. Love all the forensic genealogist books but I think I ll remember this one for a long time An excellent instalment in the ongoing story, a great case story and good genealogy searching tips as well

  19. InterestingVery good a classic cold case with a modern day mystery Enjoyed the hunt for his father but was sad about the way the book ended

  20. Fun Book for Genealogists As a researcher, this book is a dream The author incorporates research tips along with a fast paced adventurous story.

  21. An English forsenic genealogist has cleared two weeks to do research on discovering who his biological father is but before he can get started, he and his fianc e Juliette are invited for supper at the home of his adopted father It is almost a command invitation He gets drawn into a new mystery by the woman his father intends to marry He is given a portrait of a woman who was murdered in 1827 on the land known as America Ground As he is drawn into the case, he soon discovers someone is trying to [...]

  22. I absolutely loved this book Nathan Goodwin brings mystery and genealogy together expertly This is a great crime story with family history links to the past He is an expert in moving smoothly back and forth between the past and the present I highly recommend this book.

  23. Another great offering from Nathan My only slight gripe is that in the thrill of the chase I didn t take enough notice of the subtle differences in the dates and I wasn t smart enough to use the bookmarks on my Kindle, so I spent a lot of time trying to backtrack to find a piece of information

  24. Another good Morton Farrier mystery, This book mixed history there really was an America Ground , genealogy and mystery What makes these books special for me is the process of genealogic research I ve gleaned information for my own research I enjoyed the twists and turns of this book

  25. Excellent book, just thing for an amateur genealogist like myself I don t do spoilers so will just say I highly recommend this book.

  26. It is hard to say if I really liked this because I just laid around reading because I have the flu There were a few twists to keep it interesting.

  27. 2.5 stars.I find it hard to rate this series, because I love genealogical mysteries and I enjoy aspects of the author s plots in particular the historical flashbacks but I feel the writing and editing really need work.Most of the time the vocabulary is average at best and sometimes not even that but then, dotted throughout, are these incongruous passages where it feels like the author is attempting purple prose that doesn t quite work Maybe you achieve the summit of a mountain or a hill, but ach [...]

  28. Morton Farrier has finally set aside some time to explore his own family history But no sooner does he find a clue, when a compelling case is presented to him, and once again he is off on a search into unexpected danger.A painting of Eliza Lovekin, a newspaper article about her murder, and a legal document are the only clues But Morton knows how to use these clues to discover What he doesn t know is that someone has killed, and is willing to kill again to keep some of this information hidden Th [...]

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