Welcome To The Madhouse S.E. Sasaki Welcome To The Madhouse A science fiction thriller in which a young surgeon Dr Grace Alexandra Lord must adjust to life on the Conglomerate s Premier Medical Space Station the Nelson Mandela Hired by the galaxy renowned a
  • Title: Welcome To The Madhouse
  • Author: S.E. Sasaki
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
Welcome To The Madhouse S.E. SasakiA science fiction thriller in which a young surgeon, Dr Grace Alexandra Lord, must adjust to life on the Conglomerate s Premier Medical Space Station, the Nelson Mandela Hired by the galaxy renowned animal adaptations specialist, Dr Hiro Al Fadi, she is stalked by strange androids, courted by a gorgeous psychiatrist, attacked and pursued by bestial patients, and haranguA science fiction thriller in which a young surgeon, Dr Grace Alexandra Lord, must adjust to life on the Conglomerate s Premier Medical Space Station, the Nelson Mandela Hired by the galaxy renowned animal adaptations specialist, Dr Hiro Al Fadi, she is stalked by strange androids, courted by a gorgeous psychiatrist, attacked and pursued by bestial patients, and harangued by a mentor with Megalomaniac Hyperactivity Disorder, Grace must race to find a cure for a lethal agent that cant destroy all organic life int eh galaxy Oh, and she must NEVER be late for the Operating Room
Welcome To The Madhouse S.E. Sasaki

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  1. Ratings Rape Only in the prologue I recommend skipping the prologue entirely Mild grossness.I ve never read an indie book with so few errors The real excitement doesn t get going until after the halfway point But it wasn t boring and because the time was taken to establish the characters, I could properly worry about them The tech to resurrect people made things less scary, though I m not sure if that s a good thing or a bad thing The Good It s been a while since a book called to me, and this on [...]

  2. mild spoilers To be honest, I finished this book some time ago in autumn, I just haven t gotten around to mark it finished or do a review, as I promised the author oh so long ago So, with reddened cheeks, let me just drop a few lines about this nice piece of SciFi.There aren t many examples of medical science fiction around To be honest, the only one I can think of is the Sector General series by James White, from the 70 s The main thing is, there aren t many authors around who could pull it off [...]

  3. An old adage in the writing world is write what you know This is good advice, because few things pull a reader out of a story faster than an author butchering their subject material This was the primary reason why I greatly appreciated S.E Sasaki s novel Welcome to the Madhouse, a story about physicians on a medical space station, as written by a physician.Sasaki s knowledge comes across cleanly and intelligently, which helps the reader focus on a unique and compelling plot that centers around t [...]

  4. I liked the book It achieves what it sets out to do, and it s entertaining while it does is However, figuring out what the book wants to be takes some work Welcome to the Madhouse is interesting, in that it tries to carry 2 tones at once On the one hand, it tries to be a fairly hard sci fi with horror overtones On the other, it s almost Scrubs in space sci fi comedy TV series In fact, when I was trying to think of a one liner description for the book, best thing I could come up with was a medici [...]

  5. Please check out my other reviews at ultraviolentlit This novel has been referred to as a medical space opera, which seems pretty accurate I would say it s a sci fi thriller, with a good amount of goofy comedy thrown in The story follows Dr Grace Lord, beginning with her first day of her new job on the Nelson Mandela, a medical space station Her coworkers are an eclectic mix of personalities, including a group of soldiers bred to be half beast they are part gorilla, wolf and many The human char [...]

  6. As a disclaimer, I received a copy of Welcome to the Madhouse via a giveaway on.I ve read a lot of science fiction a lot but I can t think of too many examples that address space exploration from a medical perspective Welcome to the Madhouse has a little space opera expansion of human civilization to include exploration of other worlds and the inevitable conflict that follows , cyber punk human augmentation as a means to make a living and even what might be a nod to Douglas Adams A.I struggling [...]

  7. I won this book through , and I really, really wanted to like it The cover is eye catching and the description had lots of promise It even came with a nice note from the author HOWEVER, I was so distracted by the excessive use of exclamation marks and the weak dialogue that I couldn t enjoy the story It REALLY needs a good copyeditor If that kind of thing doesn t distract you, I m sure you ll enjoy it there s a lot of potential here, but I spent the whole read itching for my red pen.

  8. This is one of those books that you can t put down until you finish it I really enjoyed it Loved the android, Bud The animal adapted soldiers were very sci fi characters but as the story went on I found myself thinking of them as real humans and feeling empathy for what they were going through The handling of the disaster was very suspenseful I also enjoyed the lighter moments and the bantering conversations I can t wait for the next book by S E Sasaki

  9. This book is a book like no other The plot and the characters were perfect and I am absolutely pleased with everything about this book I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something different S.E Sasaki does a beautiful job telling a story that I would never thought of reading before

  10. A romp through medical corridors In space It s been awhile since we ve seen a new medical space opera As someone who still re reads James White s Sector General novels I can only hope that this continues on into a series.

  11. This book is a great read,full of surprises This is one of the best Science fiction books I have read in a long time I hope there is a sequel David

  12. Doctor House meets Doctor Moreau in this series starter I loved this book Grace is a surgeon who has just received her dream posting, to train under the doctor who works on soldiers and space colonists spliced with animal DNA and infused with some of their primal traits The ensemble of characters were distinct, funny, memorable, and added intrigue to the plot The best part is, the ship staff wear color coded uniforms Look out red shirts They work on a medical space station that serves as the onl [...]

  13. I got this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review It was a good SciFi book with some interesting medical ethical questions posed Good pace Recommended

  14. Welcome to the Madhouse by S E Sasaki is a medical, science fiction, fantasy, romance novel It was selected as a Book of the Day by OnlineBookClub and was available for free on Not Kindle Unlimited KU but free That is a lot of mix of genre There is also a mystery but it has a lighter emphasis that doesn t really qualify the novel as a fit for the genre mystery.The novel starts out fast as is logical Sasaki is creating a world where technology that doesn t exist today has to be described with voc [...]

  15. I just want to say that I fell in love with this book I read a lot, but only rarely love, love, love a book like I do this one I highly recommend this read for any sci fi officianados out there Wow, what a treat I m following the series.

  16. I enjoyed this book, probably a little than I should have Let me back up a little I buy books or download them for one of three reasons 1 The blurb in the email describing the book, 2 The cover, and 3 the Title of the book This book was gotten because of the title I had no clue what it was about until I started reading So, when I found out it was a futuristic medical drama, it piqued my interest than most books The book opens with the protagonist the Grace Lord that the series is named for bei [...]

  17. 3.5Going into this book, I didn t expect it to be a comedy The humor was a pleasant surprise At times it reached a little too far and came across as trying too hard to be funny, but it usually managed to walk the line and I enjoyed it I liked all the characters too, Bud especially The back and forwards banter between the surgeons was amusing and was nicely balanced with the obvious affection the characters had for one another Grace was a little too perfect in all ways, but I managed to look over [...]

  18. This is a real old fashioned space opera, except the setting is an orbiting medical facility instead of a battle cruiser It has the usual cast of alien or semi human creatures in this case, animal human genetic adaptations used as soldiers the usual high tech background and solution to problems, and the usual slightly stereotyped characters It is an atmosphere of extremes Nobody is just plain normal Everyone is just a little of everything.The strength of this story is in the storytelling The ma [...]

  19. I AM NOT a Sci Fi reader and was recommended to read this book which I was very reluctant my surprise extreme delight, I loved, loved, loved the book I was hooked when I read the prologue and by page 5 I was now totally invested The character development was excellent,I got a great sense of not only picturing them in my mind, but a good grasp of their personality I felt much like SAMM E 777 BUD the android did as he continued to evolve with human emotions, I got a real emotional workout myself [...]

  20. I loved this book It was a great read and and very well written, can t wait to read the next one

  21. This was an enjoyable read I won from It s a perfect sci fi book for everyone who likes a futuristic inside the space station story The setting is very Deep Space Nine I saw 2 halves to the novel the first half about setting up the characters and the time they live in where the medical field can add and subtract animal features to people and where AI and androids abound The second part of the book is where the fun starts, where problems begin, and the characters have to scramble to solve catastr [...]

  22. This was an RR book provided by Choosy Bookworm and the author in exchange for a review Thank you, happy to comply System of rating is this 1 is never again, 2 needs lots of work then maybe, 3 is everything OK, 4 is well written,lots of potential and 5 is hunt for this author and read everything they write.This book was a welcome surprise a funny, very readable book after the first chapter I thought I was sent the wrong book from the scary beginning Then the next chapter introduced Dr Grace Lord [...]

  23. I received this in a giveaway I don t think I am in the target demographic for this novel I enjoyed it anyway This is a medical space opera, hard science fiction romance I m hoping that there will be science fiction romance books to compete with all the supernatural romances that have become so popular This is the first book of a series, It reads like the first episode of a television series It mostly is about establishing the characters It doesn t have A plot but has multiple sub plots, like y [...]

  24. I want to start this review by saying that I won a copy of this book in a giveaway on and in no way does this affect my review Looking back, I really shouldn t have read this right after The Lunar Chronicles The themes were similar and I found myself comparing the two which just can t be done I honestly didn t really enjoy this book I didn t love or hate but it just didn t elicit any emotions in me really A couple of the characters were really great but the writing was stiff and awkward Overall [...]

  25. This is definitely something that I would not normally read I enjoy reading sci fi books, but space and medic are not topics I usually read about However, I won this book in a giveaway, so I decided to give it a chance and take a quick read I m glad I did This book was actually really good It started a bit slow, but then jumped right into the story as soon as Dr Grace Lord arrived on the Nelson Mandela The whole aspect of robots, animal adapted people, and everyone living on a space station was [...]

  26. I haven t read much science fiction but this was recommended to me as a starter novel for the genre I LOVED IT Who would have thought that the blend of science fiction, medicine, and psychiatry could have been so compelling Keep writing S.E Sasaki

  27. Fantastic book 1A wonderful sci fi action book Great characters along with a fascinating universe brought alive in this book Looking forward to book 2.

  28. So it s only taken me the guts of 8months to read this book I m not even sure why really because I ended up really enjoying it I kept forgetting about it and getting stuck into something else instead I m not sure whether thats a reflection on me or the book Anyway we meet Grace as she s boarding a medical space station to start a new job as an on board surgeon I enjoyed Grace s character she s a strong female type but the author didn t go overboard with the usual clich s associated with those ch [...]

  29. 2.5 stars All of the exclamation marks and overly repetitive dialogue wore me out The bickering dialogue between the doctors could have been cut to 1 3 or less of what was presented and we d get the idea I did enjoy some of the AI growth of Bud and the moral dilemmas of an android Concept of warrior species was interesting I would have liked that angle explored deeply At this point I don t think I m going to read the second installment of this series.

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