Legion Catrina Burgess Legion In Legion the climactic finale to the Dark Rituals series Colina must face her demons both literally and figuratively once and for all Catrina Burgess Dark Rituals series originally appeared on Watt
  • Title: Legion
  • Author: Catrina Burgess
  • ISBN: 9781633700864
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
Legion Catrina BurgessIn Legion, the climactic finale to the Dark Rituals series, Colina must face her demons both literally and figuratively once and for all.Catrina Burgess Dark Rituals series originally appeared on Wattpad with over three million reads Revenant is the final book of four The first in the series, Awakening, was named Wattpad s Best Suspense Story of 2014.
Legion Catrina Burgess

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    316 Catrina Burgess
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  1. Legion is the fourth and final book of the Dark Rituals series by Catrina Burgess so I won t get too into what actually takes place in this book but a bit of a look back on what the series has been about Colina is a mage that grew up in a family of healers and had been studying to become a healer herself until a group of men came into her home and murdered her family Fearing for her life and wanting revenge she seeks out a death dealer to learn the death arts to protect herself This book again p [...]

  2. Finale to the Dark Rituals seriesHow to write a review of great book without spoilers You don t talk about plot, just praise the book.Short summary Colina is growing up in every meaning of the phrase and wants to fix everything she believes she messed up Legion is at the door and wants chaos Darla wants justice and revenge Luke and Dean want love and Colina I want Luke Freddy, omg how I love him, wants peace on earth and to help his friends Gage wants to rule the world Wendy, oh my poor darling [...]

  3. This book was AWESOME From beggining to end there was no putting this book down It had a bit of everything Magic, romance, and some wickedly awesome fight scenes I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever and the wait was totally worth it You are able to watch Colina grow and finally reach her potential while battling her inner demons as well as real ones I give this book 5 stars

  4. I loved the world created by Catrina Burgess, for sure.I read all the books quite fast, I couldn t get enough and I wanted to know what happened next.The only reason why this doesn t get 5 stars is the fact that Colina is so slow to understand things and then all of a sudden, everything clicks in her head and everything falls into place I feel it was missing some gradual work towards the end goal.

  5. Once I finished reading Awakening, I bought the other three and read them back to back I hope I m not writing any spoilers, only what you will expect to see The people trying to bring forth the legion are out there You ll learn what about the other experiments were Just when you thought Wendy went through enough in book 3, you learn what happened to her The little demon girl has a big role The resolution of the Colina and Luke s relationship Personally I was pulling for Luke, the poor guy went t [...]

  6. This is how a series should end.The final book in the Dark Rituals series and, boy, does it impress The writer does an amazing job of weaving magic, horror, romance, and a load of kick ass fight scenes together to make this the perfect ending to such an awesome series.

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