Rain Dogs Adrian McKinty Rain Dogs It s just the same things over and again for Sean Duffy riot duty heartbreak cases he can solve but never get to court But what detective gets two locked room mysteries in one career When journalist
  • Title: Rain Dogs
  • Author: Adrian McKinty
  • ISBN: 9781633881310
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
Rain Dogs Adrian McKintyIt s just the same things over and again for Sean Duffy riot duty, heartbreak, cases he can solve but never get to court But what detective gets two locked room mysteries in one career When journalist Lily Bigelow is found dead in the courtyard of Carrickfergus castle, it looks like a suicide Yet there are just a few things that bother Duffy enough to keep the case fIt s just the same things over and again for Sean Duffy riot duty, heartbreak, cases he can solve but never get to court But what detective gets two locked room mysteries in one career When journalist Lily Bigelow is found dead in the courtyard of Carrickfergus castle, it looks like a suicide Yet there are just a few things that bother Duffy enough to keep the case file open Which is how he finds out that she was working on a devastating investigation of corruption and abuse at the highest levels of power in the UK and beyond And so Duffy has two impossible problems on his desk Who killed Lily Bigelow And what were they trying to hide
Rain Dogs Adrian McKinty

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  1. DI Sean Duffy once again faces a murder mystery with a puzzle attached when a body is found in the early morning sprawled on the grounds of an eighth century castle, Carrickfergus before the doors are opened to the public With several CCTV cameras, along with a heavy cast iron portcullis weighing two and half tons which is lowered every night, the question arises as to how the murderer escaped DI Duffy will leave no stone unturned until he discovers the reason for the victim s demise, and arrest [...]

  2. I love this series and can t believe that each book keeps on getting better The author, Adrian McKinty is really hitting his stride now writing this series, with a character that he knows inside out and lovely, witty prose that flows from his pen.In many ways, nothing much has changed for Sean Duffy It s 1987 in the thick of the Troubles in Northern Ireland Sean is back in the RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary , still living in Carrickfergus, the only Catholic in a Protestant street, eating poorly b [...]

  3. I can say hand down this is my favorite Sean Duffy novel It had everything in it that you could possibly want it in a good mystery First of all, the murder takes place in a Castle, no less The Duffy novels are set in Carrickfergus that s not far from Belfast, Ireland Carrickfergus has a Castle and it was there a young woman reporter was found dead at the foot of a high wall Was it murder or suicide The murder is tied into a visit of Finnish business people looking for a place to set up a cell ph [...]

  4. Update Apr 27, 2017 This just won an Edgar Award tonight in NYC Well deserved This is the 5th of a series featuring DI Sean Duffy, the token Catholic in Carrickfergus RUC during the troubles in Northern Ireland It s 1987 police are dealing with the usual street riots general IRA chaos On the home front, Sean s girlfriend Beth has left for uni, making it clear their relationship is over He s busy wallowing when he gets an early morning phone call.It all begins with a stolen wallet The victim is p [...]

  5. A excellent read My View This is my first taste of an Adrian McKinty novel and I am hooked It doesn t matter that I haven t read any of the earlier books in this series I was able to understand relationships, characters and their backgrounds, settings and the overall story arch.I really enjoy a character based crime fiction narrative and this one was perfect protagonists that are solid, decent, quirky people, with interesting lives, living in dangerous times How much better could this book get A [...]

  6. Northern Ireland, the year is 1987, among the trouble in Ulster where police is routinely under the threat of car bombing, Inspector Duffy is called to investigate the petty theft of a wallet from a Finnish businessman hotel room Soon after this incident, a young journalist, who was reporting on the Finn delegation visit, is found dead in the courtyard of Carrickfergus castle It looks like a suicide, until Duffy discovers that she was secretly working on a story about an international paedophile [...]

  7. I think this series is getting better and better 4.5 stars CID Detective Inspector Sean Duffy is a wonderful character, flawed in many ways drinking, smoking hash weed, unlucky in relationships , but uncompromising in his principles and supportive of his fellow peelers An attractive female reporter is found dead in a locked tourist attraction Carrickfergus Castle , either an apparent suicide or a murder victim of the elderly male caretaker She was there covering a Finnish company s due diligence [...]

  8. Adrian McKintyThe Detective Sean Duffy series by Adrian McKinty is so original that it s hard to know where to start reviewing this superb example Book number five finds our hero with a seemingly unfathomable case of a London journalist found dead within the confines of Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland But how did she get there Her estimated time of death means that she must ve been inside the castle at a time when it was locked shut Was someone in there with her Was it a case of the kee [...]

  9. All my favorite elements A clever murder mystery, a flawed but likable protagonist, fleshed out supporting characters with complex relationships to one another, strong women, and read by Gerard Doyle with his charming Irish inflections I m going to have to read some Detective Sean Duffy stories.

  10. 5 5 5 stars A This was a lucky find at the library What an excellent crime drama The narrator, Gerard Doyle, was new to me but I thought he did a great job I have never read anything by this author before but now will definitely got back to the beginning of the Sean Duffy series Set in Northern Ireland, during the worst years of the Troubles , this book is dark and interesting and kept me glued to my mp3 player from start to finish McKinty does a fantastic job of creating the scene I felt like I [...]

  11. No one should complain its official the Sean Duffy triology is at least a 5 book series with the release of Rain Dogs With the release of information it is perhaps an author s duty to reflect in fiction some of those deadful events we now know are true and Adrian McKinty has a ready made series into which he can set such a story What is it is a locked room mystery and who doesn t enjoy a seemingly impossible whodunit Already a fan this was a book I couldn t put off reading although I have a gre [...]

  12. So thoroughly enjoyed, Rain Dogs, the lastest in Adrian McKinty s Sean McDuffy trilogy On the plot, etc I ve enjoyed a good locked room mystery I definitely want to visit Carrickfergus Castle whenever I finally make it to the area I have to say I picked up on what I thought was a rather obvious clue quite a bit sooner than our boy Detective Inspector Sean McDuffy I m glad they didn t overplay the German Nazi connection in one of the characters pasts, as I found those elements tiresome in Ratline [...]

  13. What if you suspected that an ostensible suicide was really a murder, but one of the locked room variety and it might have been cleverly designed in a way so that you, as a detective inspector who had already solved a different locked room puzzle, would never considered the new murder as a locked room riddle because the real world likelihood of being faced with two such enigmas was completely improbable And yet, according to Bayes Theorem which describes the probability of an event, based on pri [...]

  14. The fifth novel in the very excellent Sean Duffy series This novel offers all that I ve come to look for in these convoluted police procedural murder mystery themed novels.It s the lead character Sean Duffy and the settings and times depicted that keep me coming back for This novel involves the apparent suicide of a young woman journalist in very unusual circumstances It s up to Sean Duffy and his team to find the answers This novel has of an international flavor as the search for the truth se [...]

  15. I kept thinking I had read this book experiencing deja vu over and over again But I know I hadn t In spite of that, this was another very good McKinty book I loved that Duffy was in fewer physically perilous situations aside from the tilt bomb under his car, and the general, daily peril of life and police work in the time of The Troubles , and was not left at death s door at any point in the story, and actually ended up with the girl, the perpetrator though not directly , and a bit of happiness, [...]

  16. This was a solid 4.5 stars Duffy is as incorrigible as ever, drinking too much and butting heads with higher ups and really dangerous sorts This begins with a kind of locked room mystery, but as Duffy has already dealt with one locked mystery case in his career, the chances of a second are almost impossible This convinces him that this case was designed as a locked mystery that he was certain to investigate as it occurs in Carrickfergus Castle, right on his turf In other words, he knows it s a c [...]

  17. Another riot of a tale featuring Detective Sean Duffy This time the centrepiece is the apparent suicide of an English reporter tangled up with a delegation from Finland, an ex cop turned private security, a young offender s institution and even Jimmy Saville Of course, it s all far complicated than it seems, and Duffy sets out to untangle things with the help of his brilliant supporting cast McKinty tells the story with the perfect blend of black humour and grit, writing with an easy style that [...]

  18. Read out of order, but much enjoyed I hope Mr McKinty will hurry it up and write the next one This has be one a favorite series locked rooms, 80s music, mercury tilt bombs, vodka gimlets and all.

  19. The fifth Sean Duffy novel is aces Sean Duffy is a CID inspector in the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland in 1987 A Catholic in an overwhelmingly Protestant Force a Fenian, some call him , Duffy is a very good cop with a tough, smart way about him, and a tendency to follow his cases where they take him, regardless of opposition He works for people who value resolution he values justice The fifth book in the series hope for takes place in 1987 in a place where checking [...]

  20. Adrian McKinty gives DI Sean Duffy another locked room mystery to solve in his fifth Irish police procedural novel, Rain Dogs No note, a missing notebook, a shoe on the wrong foot When the shattered body of an English journalist is found in the locked grounds of Carrickfergus Castle, it is assumed the young woman committed suicide but something is not quite right and Duffy can t leave it alone With the patient assistance of Lawson and McCrabban the Irish detective unravels a shocking conspiracy [...]

  21. First and foremost, Sean Duffy is one of the great characters in Crime Fiction today Right above Rebus in my opinion So many police detectives in Crime Fiction are troubled and flawed characters This combined with the subject matter can often lead to a gloomy read This is not the case with Adrian McKinty s Sean Duffy Rain Dogs is Duffy s fifth outing and yet again I read through this book very quickly Its a great story, with great characters, great dialogue and wit It is one of those books that [...]

  22. Another good one in Adrian McKinty s Sean Duffy, Northern Ireland troubles series I expected to like this grim but not without dark humor series indeed I have All good.

  23. Gun Street Girl was my favorite Sean Duffy book 4 in the series so naturally I was interested to see how the next installment held up, and, true to form, Rain Dogs is a great follow up or listen, thanks to Gerard Doyle.Rain Dogs is the perfect, though complex take on the popular locked room mystery sub crime genre A female reporter is found dead of a supposed suicide in the courtyard of Carrickfergus Castle, having jumped from atop the castle However, once Duffy, Lawson, and Crabby investigate, [...]

  24. This is my fifth Sean Duffy book and I always finish wanting This was supposed to be a trilogy and I m so glad it s continued First the background Duffy is an Irish Catholic policeman in Northern Ireland during the 1980s Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Irish history in the last century will know that is during The Troubles and might guess that this makes Duffy a bit unique right from the start He s smart, clever, and doesn t let a question go unanswered He s also got enough attitude to [...]

  25. Okay, I m convinced Totally taken in by this series featuring and Catholic policeman in Protestant Northern Ireland And a big fan of narrator Gerard Doyle who adds so much to the book with his impeccable characterizations, accents, and capturing of the grim tone I ll need to go back and read the first 3 I did write about the 4th This time the beleaguered DI Sean Duffy provides security for a visit by Mohammed Ali but then fancies a young Financial Times reporter only to be called in to investiga [...]

  26. I won an ARC of this book from the publisher through a First Reads giveaway Thank you to both.Let me first say that years ago I read Adrian McKinty s Michael Forsythe trilogy and thought it was fantastic I wasn t quite as impressed with this story However, I believe a large part of that is due to the fact that I hadn t realized this was I believe the fifth book in an ongoing series There were some references to past cases that were lost on me While I did like the mystery in this book, I felt tha [...]

  27. Fifth outing of Detective Inspector Sean Duffy Duffy s personal life is yet again on the downspin, as Beth, the girl who s recently moved in with him, is very decisively moving out Duffy, who can be morose at the best of times, isn t taking this too well Although I won t say that he doesn t have time to worry about that, because, being Duffy, he manages to find some, most of it is quickly taken up with two cases an irritating theft in a local hotel, which unfortunately involves some badly needed [...]

  28. McKinty s Sean Duffy is my favorite fictional detective Smart, persistent, erudite, witty, kind Rain Dogs a very satisfying read Sentences often lyrical Characters rich Plot plausible.

  29. It s easy to see why Adrian McKinty s Rain Dogs is drawing all sorts of attention, including being named as a finalist for the 2017 Edgar Award in the category of Best Paperback Original Rain Dogs is rich History, character, puzzle, and plot are all up to snuff in a layered story with a series of juicy, false summit endings that kept me nicely off balance right down to the last wee drop Rain Dogs is a locked room mystery Well, it starts that way The colorful crime scene is the real life, 12th Ce [...]

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