Hot For The Scot Janice Maynard Hot For The Scot It s a dream come true for schoolteacher Hayley Smith No homework to grade no students to corral no social media Internet or cell phone just a month amid the heather and rolling hills around Invern
  • Title: Hot For The Scot
  • Author: Janice Maynard
  • ISBN: 9781601836250
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
Hot For The Scot Janice MaynardIt s a dream come true for schoolteacher Hayley Smith No homework to grade, no students to corral, no social media, Internet or cell phone just a month amid the heather and rolling hills around Inverness A brawny alpha male in a kilt is probably too much to ask for But Hayley is in heaven ambling around Loch Ness, gazing and then falling into the icy water, before beingIt s a dream come true for schoolteacher Hayley Smith No homework to grade, no students to corral, no social media, Internet or cell phone just a month amid the heather and rolling hills around Inverness A brawny alpha male in a kilt is probably too much to ask for But Hayley is in heaven ambling around Loch Ness, gazing and then falling into the icy water, before being rescued by a strong, chivalrous local hero Retired soccer star Angus Munro, aka Angus the Angler, is a little insulted and a whole lot intrigued when Hayley doesn t recognize him How long has it been since anyone saw beyond his wealth and fame And how long before the macho athlete and his modern day American damsel in distress act on an attraction that could make even the misty Scottish moors sizzle with heat Long enough, maybe, for both to figure out if this is an affair to remember or the start of something everlasting
Hot For The Scot Janice Maynard

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  1. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Hayley and her two friends are big Outlander fans, so a trip to Scotland sounds like a dream However, in order to insure they have the adventure of a lifetime, they decide to split up and forgo modern electronics and will only communicate with each other if they are in trouble Hayley s adventure starts off a bit rough when she falls into a loch but her rescuer ma [...]

  2. Hot for the Scot, Kilted Heroes 1 , by Janice Maynard is a 2016 Kensington publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This story is a lot of fun and a must read for fans of Outlander, or those who love Highlanders, and Scottish based romance novels Filled with visions of Harry Potter landmarks, and daydreams of Jamie Fraser, three best friends take off for Scotland on a romantic mission Once they arrive, they agreed to split up [...]

  3. Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI love Scots I love reading stories about Scots I want to visit Scotland someday I want to bring Angus Munro home with me, in a kilt and keep him Janice Maynard brought the hills of Scotland to life in this wonderful story She combined the history of Scotland with the beauty of this land, then she threw in a hot, retired football player To sweeten the pot, she added a shy, open hearted school teacher To spice it up, she stirred in an unexpect [...]

  4. Hot for the Scot offered a lot of my favorites in one read I received an early release copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was not only a great romance but, it was also a great armchair travel book Hayley Smith and her two best friends were very close when growing up But, when they were teens their lives all take different paths, with moving to other areas and choices they make that cause them to not be able to spend as much time together as they did as children But, one th [...]

  5. Hayley and her friends are huge Outlander fans They plan a fantastic trip to Scotland but decide to give up modern day niceties, specifically cell phones, and only communicate if they are in trouble Hot for the Scot is the first book in the Kilted Heroes series and it is Hayley s story.When Hayley is sightseeing she finds trouble pretty quick when she falls into the Loch She s rescued by sexy, hot, Scot Angus Angus is fascinated with the American schoolteacher who won t use a cell phone His inte [...]

  6. This was a cute little read about 3 best friends to who head off to Scotland to find there own Jamie from outlander Hayley and her two friends fly to Scotland and decide to split up so they can each have there own experience I loved and yet hated at the same time that they spilt up but I did like they checked in and wanted to do this own there own This book contained some cute and funny scenes that had me laughing out loud but sometimes I didn t feel so connected to the characters Angus for exam [...]

  7. Think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Outlander That describes Hot for the Scot by Janice Maynard perfectly Although I have never been swept up in the craze drawn by the aforementioned movie, show and books, I loved this one These sisters of the heart have drifted apart but are united by their love of a revered book Outlander and their fantasies about Scotland They journey to the land of their dreams, where adventure waits and maybe even romance Hot for the Scot is the first book of the [...]

  8. DNF 45%Honestly, I m bored and don t care a bit about her or him or the story Time to cut my loses and move on to something that excites me I will be talking about the book on my next Whatcha Reading podcast which is now up on TBQ s Book Palace.

  9. Thanks to Lyrical Shine and Netgalley for the book in exchange for a honest review.Ever since Outlander has become this giant hit, both the books and the show, people have been wanting to do a Scottish trip See where Jamie and Claire stood, find the romance Claire found It s a dream for most but Hayley got to do it with her two best friends One month to explore alone and without technology, perhaps she ll find everything she s looking for.Getting to the place she s staying she s a bit perplexed, [...]

  10. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.I loved this story Hayley and 2 of her friends are going to Scotland for a month Once they get there tho, they are going to split up and all go their separate ways for the month.Hayley is staying at a so called BB This is not like any you have ever seen She is close enough so sight see and relax Hayley play life kind of safe so this is a stretch for her.Within a few days Hayley meets Angus, of course it took her falling into a Loch to do it The [...]

  11. Hot For The Scot by Janice Maynard is a fun vacation of a lifetime read I loved the beginning where the three female friends are together pretty much getting on each other nerves I remember thinking Ms Maynard has done some traveling herself to peg how time changes and traveling fatigue magnifies every quirk that normally does bother a person I knew right then that I was in for a fun read.Hayley and Agnus meet in an unusual situation from there the attraction between them grows There is a bit of [...]

  12. I was provided an ARC for HOT FOR THE SCOT by NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book Truly It s got it all Witty, well written dialogue.A fast pace.A sympathetic main character with a great sense of humor.A hunky Scotsman with a to die for accent and a gruff, teasing manner.In the story, schoolteacher Hayley and her two friends vacation in Scotland Their plan travel together initially, then split up to go their separate ways and avoid social media for o [...]

  13. Cute romance with a bit of heat I love the idea of a group of girlfriends traveling to Scotland for adventure and maybe a happily ever after The story was very well written and it s entertaining It would make a nice beach read or airplane companion as you head out on your own adventure or to a conference you don t want to attend I was a bit surprised at how rigidly Hayley stuck to the no technology rule, but that s just me It did say a lot about the conviction of our heroine.I look forward to re [...]

  14. Lady Maynard, you are one of my new favorite author This first in a new serie was soooo sweet, i loved it As a great fan of Outlander, books and tv series, i just loved the idea of this new trilogy And let me tell you 2 things now 1 i just can t wait to read the book 2 and 3 now I ll order them both to know if Mackenzie and Willow will be as lucky as Hayley 2 Now if you ll excuse me, i need to reread Outlander, once again Thanks Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books

  15. I really liked Angus, I didn t mean anything by that remark It was true I was sweaty, and my clothes were covered in muck But Angus apparently took my statement as an invitation God in heaven, woman, he growled Don t say things like that when I can t do any damn thing about it I really did love Angus, you can ask me anything, little peach I m no likely to deny you at this point I really enjoyed this book I loved Angus.

  16. I m sorry, but I couldn t connect to the heroine and if a book is written in first person, I absolutely have to comprehend the main character in order to enjoy the book I might have liked it written in third person, it s not bad For romance reviews, check out my website katherinasbooks.wordpress

  17. Note I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Hot For The Scot is a cute and romantic book that emphasizes the importance of friendship, while also encouraging an adventurous spirit and an open heart Janice Maynard writes a beautifully descriptive story that weaves gorgeous scenery with delicious romance, humor and human kindness A perfect little vacation read

  18. I received this book as a Advanced Reader Copy It has two of my favourite things in it, Scotland and Outlander, I loved how Janice weaved the story of Angus and Hayley together, the ups and downs of the events that happen to both of them.

  19. This looks like it s going to be an interesting series Three friends decide to live an adventure after watching and reading about romance in Scotland The first book puts us in Scotland and the three have arrived and are going their separate ways Hayley is a schoolteacher and she meets Angus Munroe a retired footballer and we watch a relationship develop between them.

  20. Let the adventure beginThis book was a great start to the adventure that three girlfriends began trying to find there Outlander obsessions somewhere in Scotland A modern day twist with wonderful characters make this a pleasure to read.

  21. The story was sweet, but I got very tired of the main character s self doubt, particularly since it was a first person perspective It was unfortunately to the point of whining Loved the idea of the plot, the setting and the love interest Angus, but found Hayley exhausting.

  22. Hayley and her two friends are Americans who decide to travel to Scotland for a month long vacation They all want to push their boundaries and learn to live without their electronics for a while Hayley is a HUGE fan of the Outlanders series so that was one of her big reasons for choosing Scotland as her vacation destination One of her first days their she falls into the water at Loch Ness and is rescued by a Highlander named Angus Angus isn t used to people not recognizing him because he used to [...]

  23. I m not usually into stories told in the first person narrative I m into the third person narrative because I like to see into the minds of both the hero and the heroine but this story got me hooked and I couldn t put it down until the very end This story is told from our heroine s pov, Hayley, who is embarking on a solo journey to Scotland to kind of find herself and maybe some romance as well It was a very cute story and the reason why I didn t mind so much the first person narrative is becau [...]

  24. I was drawn to this book because of my love of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon , and my love of anything set in Scotland In the beginning I liked the idea of these three childhood friends venturing to Scotland to find their own personal Jamie Fraser but this Hailey seemed a tad desperate and then it all started to get very cheesy I didn t particularly enjoy her dialogue although I did enjoy Angus s but a few little parts of his native dialect weren t quite right Although the plot was enjoyable and t [...]

  25. ExcellentThis is a new author for me and I m so glad I found her I love this book She expressed exactly how I felt when I visited Scotland a couple of years ago and felt such a strong connection there and wondered if the fantasies and time travel I ve read so much about really existed and would love to experience the magical feeling and find your true love But reality doesn t work out that way for us regular people, or does it This was a wonderful story of these three childhood friends that drif [...]

  26. This story introduces the three childhood friends from Atlanta Hayley, Willow, and Mackenzie who share a love of the Outlander novels and TV show and have decided to travel to Scotland They separate after they reach Inverness and go in different directions and will not contact each other unless there is a true emergency This is their big chance to have a grand adventure and they would love to meet their Highland heroes Hayley Smith is a third grade teacher and she has been planning her trip for [...]

  27. This is a relatively short 184 page read, quite a cute love story A group of young girls travel from the USA for a vacation in Scotland, they decide it would be a good plan to lay off of technology in order to relax Of course drama unfolds and the heroine Hayley tumbles into Loch Ness luckily she didn t met the monster and had to be rescued by Angus Angus is predictably a hunk and romance could bloom As much as I like Scotland as a country and agree it s scenery is beautiful I m not convinced ab [...]

  28. 3.5 starsSo I liked this book but at the same time it was a little bit of a let down due to what I thought it would be in parts I enjoyed the story and the characters but I felt like it was a little short and could have been longer so we could see of Angus and Hayley s relationship It went from I could fall in love with you to I love you overnight and it just felt like the ending with its drama and the climax that 99% of romance books have was rushed I didn t have a problem with the drama but i [...]

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