Hale Sandwich DiscontentedWinter Hale Sandwich Steterek Stiles Derek PeterIt s exactly what it says on the box Words
  • Title: Hale Sandwich
  • Author: DiscontentedWinter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
Hale Sandwich DiscontentedWinterSteterek Stiles Derek PeterIt s exactly what it says on the box.Words 5625
Hale Sandwich DiscontentedWinter

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  1. sweet holy baby Jebus Hot, adorable and so awesome ETA 24 09 2015 Chapter 2 Peter Hale, friendly knotting mentor Woop woop

  2. Hale Sandwich is not simply about a threesome with Stiles, Derek and Peter.Peter is the kinky matchmaker and knotting mentor here who helps Derek and Stiles to get together How selfless, huh But no He is manipulative and selfish of course he takes what he wants but in such a fun and sweet way that you ll forgive him right away The best kind of porn it is porn with feelings Superhot smut Everything is sticky and tingly and awesome.Stiles wants that on his headstone.

  3. New chapter WHA If only we could subtract Derek from this equation clearing the way for much spanking and biting and WRECKING of the princess But at least he has a new calling Peter Hale, friendly knotting mentor He should get that on business cards Happy Cupcake is happy All Hale The DiscontentedWinter Peter repeatedly called him princess What can I say It takes very little to please me.Porny Hale Sandwichs fit the bill.Greatly.

  4. ETA Sept 24, 2015 Chapter 2 fulfilled my wish to see Peter go to town on Stiles ass And there s knotting too Fun stuff.Peter Hale, friendly knotting mentor.I approve I did it I popped my Steter cherry Or, well, my Steterek cherry But it s got Peter in it, so that still counts right And I liked it This is so Sterek with a side of Peter Or Sterek with manipulation by Peter Because it s Peter, after all Creepy and manipulative comes with the package But it s good manipulation, if that s a thing.I [...]

  5. CHAPTER TWO Who knew to expect that The Bonus Plan.1.Nothing like a cup of porn in the morning birds sing Mmm such a lovely configuration Even though I m a huge Stetopher fan, the Hale Sandwich is a meat lovers delight gotta use both hands and get your mouth around it, then take a full bite to truly appreciate Which is hilarious, because he s so, so far away from innocence that he probably can t even see it from whatever black shore of moral decrepitude he s beached himself on Yet somehow he can [...]

  6. Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying there ll be a part 3.Steterek kink Freaking awesome I was guffawing my heart out in the office garden, then read the final dirty goodness inside Who cares that I got all flushed and couldn t wipe the grin off my face Obviously i couldn t wait until after work to read this Everyone is so fabulously in character in this Steterek Peter being an absolute delight I bow to Discontentedwinter s awesomeness.If you liked Hale Sandwich, you ll like Broke Str8 Bo [...]

  7. Yum Proof if any were needed why the world needs additions to the old Steterek shelf And how perfect was the voicing in this I mean, every time Peter said Princess I almost choked, because how can something that hilarious also be that hot Maybe I should go read it again to figure out how that works.

  8. I liked this one a lot Sexy, and sweet, and somehow the balance between the three of them worked really well Porny, but not dark or even a touch dub con.I won t lie though, for me the choice is obvious Cough, I mean Of course I do Yay young love Or something view spoiler NopeI lied hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  9. 09 24 2015 on Mr Ian Bohen s Birthday, the second chapter is posted and just as good as the first And this in no longer a WIP , but a completed work For those who are scared of Steterek, this is really Sterek on the emotional level and Peter is the catalyst So so incredibly HOT on the physical level though I want I want to see where Stiles and Derek go from here and if Peter ever gives them a helping hand again A lot of exclamation marks in this review DW is AMAZING

  10. In this story the bread is as tasty as the fillingEAD BREAD The only thing better than the bread in this sandwich is the meat Wink wink There should always be filling than bread, so, here you goMy work here is done.

  11. Edited to add a review for newly released chapter two.Chapter one becuzscience ilovesammiches damnDWmakesmelovePeter ilovepeter thatswhathesaid thatswhatshesaid scorchinghot iwant ilovepeterohwait.Chapter two Two versions of my review for chapter two ILOVEPETERSOFUCKINGMUCHOrrrrrrrr this it s like the dull little caterpillar has broken out of its plaid chrysalis and transformed into a magical slutty butterfly.This is how this chapter opens, basically, and from this point to where things end up, [...]

  12. Re read well now, I forget there was a second chapter fans self Well that s some hot Stiles centric porn Almost didn t read because Hale Hale Sterek is my first love but Peter is temptingly delicious, only I prefer Steter if Derek is not around because it s hard to betray your first love it makes sense to me p Also the uncle nephew aspect is major off putting to me.BUT it s DW who writes some of the best TW fanfics and I m feeling grumpy and in need of a fix It s hard to say no to Peter is just [...]

  13. Perfectly porntastic Chapter One Read 08 06 2015Only way it would have thrilled me is if Derek had knotted Stiles Totally understand why he didn t, and the story doesn t lose anything for its lackbut damnmhmm knottingETA Chapter Two Read 09 24 2015Holy Shit That was soI need a cigarette.Stiles wants his Alpha s knot Derek wants to give it to him, but is afraid of hurting Stiles.Stiles learned at a very early age that stubbornness and a reckless disregard for his own safety get him all the treat [...]

  14. Steterek Porn OH GOD, this was HOT Get his clothes off him, someone says, and Stiles giggles and slaps at the hands fumbling at the fly of his jeans Nuh uh, he says Buy me a drink first Stiles Stilinski, the voice says again, and ohhhh, it s Peter Creepy Peter Creepy but hot Peter.Oh yes.Stiles has hypothermia and needs to stay warm So get naked guys and warm the guy up He needs some loving Wanna stay awake for the Hale sandwich It Was Awesome

  15. Porny goodness I will admit that I would LOVE to be in that sandwich ETA And then there was chapter 2 KNOTTING Peter encourages Stiles to get his knees under himself, to raise himself up so that Peter can reach that delectable ass.Jesus That ass Peter wants to spank it, just to watch the muscles jump And then he wants to bite it, just to hear Stiles moan He wants to wreck its please

  16. I PeterETA 9 24 15 Another chapter And it wins at awesomeness Stiles learned at a very early age that stubbornness and a reckless disregard for his own safety get him all the treatsd Peter is still the best D I m bumping this to 5 stars

  17. OMG, I woke up to the most perfect treat in my inbox this morning afternoon oh, shut up It was Steter and Sterek and Stererek and it was just wonderful Snarky and sweet and all of the things.

  18. An entertaining short fanfic told alternately from Peter, Stiles and Derek s pov Peter and Derek find a novel way to save Stiles from hypothermia Everything is sticky and tingly and awesome Stiles wants that on his headstone.

  19. Well it was of an appetizer sized sandwich, but holy shitballs did it make me happy I ll order the Hale Sandwich any day Yes, please

  20. See, Lisa calls this unapologetic smut , but what we all know is Lisa never just writes smut She also includes the FEELS, and the senses, and the complications, and the personalities.She can t help herself That s what good writers do They sneak shit in.

  21. This is crazy.This entire situation is crazy, and Stiles is crazy too And, if he s crazy, it s probably good that he s not in charge, right Except apparently Peter is in charge, and Peter is actually crazy.Derek Stiles Peter written by DW How could I resist Derek Stiles Peter I rest my case

  22. Hotness level 4Story depth 2I usually go for smut and good smut at that But I wanted story and character development It was too short to make sense of anything And the threesome was uncomfortable than hot.I love everything that DiscontentedWinter writes but most of all, I love the way she portrays her characters.So yeah just 2 stars this time.

  23. Oh you smutty Hale sandwich, where can I order one I ll take two please and thanks OMG NEW CHAPTER It has knotting Bumped up to a full 5

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