Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, Vol. 1 Dan Slott Giuseppe Camuncoli Alex Ross Amazing Spider Man Worldwide Vol Collects Amazing Spider Man The world s greatest super hero goes global Parker Industries is successful than ever with new offices in Shanghai London and San Francisco Peter Parker is racki
  • Title: Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, Vol. 1
  • Author: Dan Slott Giuseppe Camuncoli Alex Ross
  • ISBN: 9780785199427
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, Vol. 1 Dan Slott Giuseppe Camuncoli Alex RossCollects Amazing Spider Man 2015 1 5.The world s greatest super hero goes global Parker Industries is successful than ever, with new offices in Shanghai, London and San Francisco Peter Parker is racking up the frequent flyer miles with his bodyguard Spider Man in tow But success breeds enemies, like the astrological Zodiac who have widened their scope to thrCollects Amazing Spider Man 2015 1 5.The world s greatest super hero goes global Parker Industries is successful than ever, with new offices in Shanghai, London and San Francisco Peter Parker is racking up the frequent flyer miles with his bodyguard Spider Man in tow But success breeds enemies, like the astrological Zodiac who have widened their scope to threaten the entire Earth Pete isn t neglecting New York but his new HQ is in the former Baxter Building, and the Human Torch is going to have something to say about that And while Spider Man has expanded his reach, so have his foes Someone in Africa is masquerading as a member of the Goblin family, and it s up to everyone s favorite wall crawler to investigate.
Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, Vol. 1 Dan Slott Giuseppe Camuncoli Alex Ross

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    168 Dan Slott Giuseppe Camuncoli Alex Ross
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  1. It s post Secret Wars and Peter Parker is now a big shot of global proportions Move over, Tony Stark, Parker Industries is now in bed with S.H.I.E.L.D.Thanks to the initial ground work of Otto Octavius, Peter Parker can now pay his rent and pick up that dozen eggs and milk he promised Aunt May back in Amazing Spider Man Volume 1 Number 13.Hey, and now that their book is down and out, let s kick the Fantastic Four where it hurts.Now that Parker is a high tech guru, he s the target of a group call [...]

  2. I think Dan Slott read Grant Morrison s Batman Incorporated and decided to tell the same story but with Spider Man The relaunched Amazing Spider Man sees Peter Parker as the wealthy head of Parker Industries as they expand on a worldwide level There are doubles posing as Spider Man to throw people s suspicions away from Peter, his most immediate being Prowler, as well as Spidey with other members of the Spider Family like Ultimate Spider Man, Silk, Spider Woman and others I m probably forgetting [...]

  3. In a short time, and with some help from the body swapped Doctor Octopus, Peter Parker became a Doctor and started his own now international company.Parker Industries has become an amazing ground breaking companyso much so that it has it s own enemies Zodiac.It s not clear what they re after, but what is clear is Parker Industries success has caused Spider Man to go global.Worldwide Vol 1 is somewhat odd for me because I hadn t kept up with Peter Parker s exploits It s hard to believe that even [...]

  4. Peter Parker has gotten his shit together He owns a big ass business, he has multiple teammates around the world like the Prowler, Miles, Silk, and He s not a whiny little brat, he s not a useless genius, no he s actually a smart adult for once Except for some slips like his zipper being down I figured it out Dan writes some compelling stories, I usually dig the enemies, and side characters, but I realized he doesn t write a very funny Spider man Listen SPider man is filled with corn, but he s [...]

  5. Sigh Spider Man just to clarify, I mean Peter Parker has always been my favourite comicbook character but it has been so long since a Spidey title has been my favourite comicbookIn this first post Secret Wars Spidey book, Pete has established his company, Parker Enterprises, as a global force to be reckoned with and a close ally of SHIELD It s not that I don t find the concept interesting, provided it s not permanent, but I m just not enjoying reading about Peter as some kind of mash up of Tony [...]

  6. I really don t know about this Peter Parker is basically being taken down the Tony Stark path he s a tech mogul, with his super alter ego posing as his bodyguard The fact that it s called out in the story specifically doesn t make it any less derivative And yet, it s a perfectly reasonable path forward for the character Peter s a legit science genius, and it simply doesn t make sense for him to scrape by on a newspaper photographer s salary forever, not when go the Bill Gates Steve Jobs route in [...]

  7. So many mixed feelings on this Peter s now head of an internationally successful corporation, a far cry from his hard luck days being broke He s recognized for his brilliance and philanthropy and Spider Man is at the top of his popularity On one hand, yes, it s nice to see Peter get what he really deserves happiness, success, etc but now he s just another rich superhero What made Spider Man special was his crappy personal life and his dedication to keep going no mater what His power and responsi [...]

  8. Tech, tech, spidey joke, tech, S.H.I.E.L.D tech, tech, S.H.I.E.L.D tech, spidey joke Wish there were spidey jokes Okay writing overall.

  9. Peter Parker is now Tony Stark Lite with tons of gadgets, money, and a worldwide business phenomenon that is Parker Industries, which might as well be lovechild of Stark Industries and Apple Spider man is now Peter Parker s full time bodyguard No one in the comic seems to question this.I admit, I haven t read Secret Wars, so I m assuming that the status quo changed in that story but Spider man as a rich white dude s bodyguard And everyone is fine with this No Queens and Brooklyn natives feeling [...]

  10. Good, solid Spider Man story Fast paced and funny Overloaded with supporting characters perhaps Camuncoli s interior art is great, and the Alex Ross covers are phenomenal.

  11. I think this volume sees the biggest change in Spider Man ever, arguably even so than the Superior Spider Man story and that was only ever temporary Parker Industries have suddenly become superbly successful and have offices all over the world Peter Parker is therefore travelling from place to place, his bodyguard Spider Man always in tow Inevitably there s villains to be dealt with, here in the form of zodiac, an astrological based terrorist organization yes, really Plus there s a new goblin t [...]

  12. I ve made a few comments recently regarding Marvel s faux accessible, but in fact deeply confusing and off putting, addiction to Volume 1s When Nick Spencer s Ant Man has two in a row, how is someone brought in by the film supposed to know which comes first Yes, they can search it, but why introduce that unnecessary obstacle So anyway, this is Slott s fifth Volume 1 of Spider Man Which can only ever be ridiculous despite big status quo changes each time, but he has been there for ages, and right [...]

  13. I couldn t stand this hot shot version of Peter Parker at first I took a bite of the 1 issue months ago and spat its bitter betrayal right out, deciding to give up on Slott but here I am again, glued to and strung out over the complexity that is my dear Spider Man childhood hero and adulthood muse Though it does get pretty out there in regards to the usual broken down and penniless relatable Peter Parker juggling a usually morally conflicted superhero career, I am actually really really enjoying [...]

  14. Ever since Big Time, Peter Parker has been coming up in the world, and this is a rather enjoyable extension of that, with Parker now operating a company on the global scene.As usual, Slott s writing is great, with humor and characterization blending right together The addition of Mockingbird and SHIELD to the ongoing story are pretty terrific too, with Bobbi getting a particularly nice focus As for the plot, it almost seems like a macguffin, that s just there to move along the story of the chara [...]

  15. I m very conflicted It didn t feel like Spider man, but it also wasn t bad Maybe I m just getting old and am ready to sit on a porch and talk about how back in my day and tell everyone about the good ol days Change is inevitable, I think this is just going to take me a bit to get used to.

  16. Dan Slott returns to fine form after the slightly disappointing ending to SPIDER VERSE A very excellent collection of Spider Man It s everything I want in a super hero comic book.

  17. Originally posted at The Genre Fiend here I love Star Trek My two favourite series are easily The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine They re quite literally apples and oranges TNG focuses on slightly cliche monster of the week episodes, while DS9 gets progressively dramatic and serialised as the seasons go on I like both styles of storytelling, though I do lean to the latter for longer form narratives In either case, both series relied on strong, nuanced characters which were well suited to t [...]

  18. I fell out with Slott s Spider man, if memory serves, early, when they brought back the clone stuff Since then there is a whole Spider Verse, and like seven auxillary characters, that I have zero clue about This is my attempt to catch up If this volume is anything to go by, I ve got my work cut out for me In this iteration, Peter Parker is running Parker Industries, a global leader in wearable tech What I don t know is how Parker got here Is it from Tony Stark Is it from the death of Reed Richar [...]

  19. The first issue of this volume I got chills It was the Dan Slott I know and love who I feel lost his way with the Doc Ock Superior Spider man a bit It was fun, it was optimistic, it had a great action sequence, it even had great art Thene conspiracy Oh for the love of I am getting so tired of Dan Slott going to that well YET AGAIN There is something we the readers know that nobody else knows Doc Ock is in a robot that works in Parker Industries AND Zodiac got exactly what they needed and have a [...]

  20. 21 04 2017I really enjoyed this, though not as much as I thought I would That being said I m sure I ll pick up volume 2 within the next week.

  21. This was alright I may or may not go back to read the next book I m not sure Certainly there were parts that seemed kind of fun But at other times it seemed like a bit of a rip off of Bruce Wayne Tony Stark I feel like Peter Parker is supposed to be a nerd, but in this he s a cocksure globetrotting businessman who tells people that Spider Man is his body guard Why would Spider Man become someone s body guard Isn t he a super hero Doesn t that make him look like a sell out

  22. This is the new Parker, post Battleworld Damn fellow Goodreaders, put down that worn copy of Brand New Day and give this a try You think Parker s life got an upgrade before It s almost like Parker has gone Superior on us finally using the genius tech to respond to modern villains like a big brain would He wouldn t hobble himself out of self loathing, now would he Not like Max Modell and his newly minted husband tried to hobble their wedding guests Or how Parker still subtly subconsciously hobble [...]

  23. I haven t read much of Dan Slott s take on Spider Man, so it was quite interesting to see the direction he had taken both Peter Parker and Spider Man Since this is the first I have read any Spider Man in quite some time, it was a definitely a shock to see him as the head of a global company Parker Industries that rivals Stark Industries I haven t seen the character growth to show that Peter can handle this, so watching everything fall apart around him didn t come as a big surprise His company is [...]

  24. The amazing Spider Man is bigger and better than ever in his newest volume from Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli As the head of his own tech company, Parker Industries, Peter Parker has gone global Peter s designs are making life better for the average resident of the Marvel Universe, his Aunt May is helping in reliefs efforts for his newly established Uncle Ben foundation, and SHIELD is using both Parker and Spider Man as consultants Naturally, this makes it a perfect time for Parker Industries [...]

  25. We have a brand new marvel universe and with it Dan Slott continues the adventures of Spider man Dan takes Peter Parker aka Spider man into a new direction Peter Parker has hit the big time and is now a CEO of his own technology company Parker Industries He now travels the world to gain business for his new venture This is a surprising breath of fresh for fans who have grown up with this character I am waiting to see how the Parker luck will effect where this new Spider man is going LOL How long [...]

  26. Ever since Superior Spider Man , Spidey has been mostly amazing, and this Volume is no exception Parker Industries is booming with the invention and distribution of free wireless internet for everyone, Spider Man has teamed up with SHIELD and has a bunch of new vehicles kind of reminiscent of Batman , AND new partners in Spider Man Miles Morales , Silk, Spider Woman, as well Prowler who doubles as Spider Man when Peter and Spidey need to be seen together.A new villain group here as well Zodiac a [...]

  27. I love post secret wars Marvel so far It was awesome to see Ultimate and Marvel flowing together as if it s always been that way That isn t any big part of the story, just a little thing that I loved to see I really enjoy seeing Peter succeed in life and that he s not a mini Stark He just wants to improve the quality of life for all Yes, Spider Man being his Bodyguard is cliche, but whatever Story wise it makes sense It s fun to see Spidey internationally and working in tandem with SHIELD The ar [...]

  28. It s good to see Peter Parker learning from Tony Stark and Reed Richards about turning his Spidey tech into a money making venture He s not hoarding wealth, either he s doing good things with it He s learned a bit from Doc Ock s approach to being Spider man, too but without being as brutal or cold as Ock was.So far, this shows good promise as the foundation to the Spider oriented part of the post Secret Wars universe The Zodiac group that dominates this arc is unfamiliar, maybe even a bit lame, [...]

  29. This than fixes the problem of this series previous incarnation It is a delight to see Peter Parker not be a dopey schmoe, but someone who has used the experience of his mind swap with Doctor Octopus and his various failures in his personal and superhero life to inform his decisions, rather than drive them While the scope of Parker Industries might be a little wide, I do really like allowing Peter to evolve in how he handles his responsibility Its less neurotic, less ashamed, and while I am in [...]

  30. Peter Parker as an actual adult And a world that is rich and kind of makes sense What is a little jarring is the lack of build up that puts Parker Industries on such a major footing But all the gadgets and connections and world hopping and supporting characters it s somewhat overwhelming but basically works With good enough art and writing Certainly there are down sides including Zodiac being the big bad and SHIELD being involved But a good enough start.

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