Siege: Battleworld Kieron Gillen Filipe Andrade Siege Battleworld THE SHIELD is the only thing that protects the civilized areas of Battleworld from the ZOMBIE HORDES DEATH MACHINES AND ANNIHILATION WAVES Anyone who annoys Doom gets sent to The Shield Anyone who g
  • Title: Siege: Battleworld
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Filipe Andrade
  • ISBN: 9780785195498
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
Siege: Battleworld Kieron Gillen Filipe AndradeTHE SHIELD is the only thing that protects the civilized areas of Battleworld from the ZOMBIE HORDES, DEATH MACHINES, AND ANNIHILATION WAVES Anyone who annoys Doom gets sent to The Shield Anyone who gets sent to the Shield deals with ABIGAIL BRAND Miss America, Lady Katherine, Kang the Conqueror, Leah Shieldmen, the Endless Summers Company, Leonardo da Vinci and aTHE SHIELD is the only thing that protects the civilized areas of Battleworld from the ZOMBIE HORDES, DEATH MACHINES, AND ANNIHILATION WAVES Anyone who annoys Doom gets sent to The Shield Anyone who gets sent to the Shield deals with ABIGAIL BRAND Miss America, Lady Katherine, Kang the Conqueror, Leah Shieldmen, the Endless Summers Company, Leonardo da Vinci and a cast of thousands will fight to the death to keep Battleworld safe COLLECTING SIEGE 1 4, UNCANNY X MEN 2011 9 10
Siege: Battleworld Kieron Gillen Filipe Andrade

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    455 Kieron Gillen Filipe Andrade
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  1. This turned out to be one of my favourite Secret Wars tie ins Gillen manages to tie in very well with the main series and status quo, while at the same time giving a nice cap off to some of his Marvel work His good marvel work as well like Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers Main characters include Abigail Brand, Kate Bishop from 1602 and Leah It s a good book for fans of Gillens marvel stuff, and helps me forgive him for his run on Iron Man.

  2. A ton of really interesting ideas and characters that never quite come together into a smooth plot Maybe there should have been five issues instead of four Or maybe Gillen should have reigned in his ideas a bit and let the story develop I was mostly enjoying it as I read, because there was so much cool stuff going on all the time But when I finished the book, I couldn t help but think, Is that it

  3. Yeah baby you said it gimme Abigail Brand There s a character who hasn t been nearly used enough to my liking.She s sarcastic And draws those around her who share that sarcastic gene And in the face of the kinds of unwinnable fights they re facing, it s only natural This is exactly the setting where Abigail does her best work and it sure doesn t hurt Kieron Gillen s chances either I just want to gorge myself on this endless fun Even when it s endlessly, depressingly never going to end battles f [...]

  4. In the old days, crossover events were a way of killing off big name characters in the Marvel or DC universe We re all rather metafictional now not to mention cynical about character death so Secret Wars is the first crossover where a farewell to creators is a big part of the draw Jonathan Hickman, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Rick Remender have all used the event as a great jumping off point for old writers, and Kieron Gillen joins them, leaving the Marvel Universe for now with a darkly comic romp [...]

  5. Kieron Gillen, writer of many of the finest Marvel comics of recent years, bids their universe adieu with a victory lap of some of the characters he most enjoyed writing America Chavez, Cyclops, Abigail Brand, Unit, Leah a few toys he never got chance to play with before They re all chucked into a Night s Watch situation, manning a great wall against the horrors which threaten the whole civilised world, many of whose attacks we see in glorious spreads by guest artists ranging from James Stokoe t [...]

  6. A lot of the Secret Wars tie ins riff on well known popular past Marvel events storylines Age of Apocalypse, Civil War, House of M, Korvac Saga, etc but Siege doesn t really have anything to do with Brian Bendis Siege book from nearly 10 years ago That one was about Norman Osborn s Dark Avengers battling Thor and co when Asgard was floating above Oklahoma This one is about Abigail Brand defending the Shield a big wall from waves of monsters who want to kill Doom It s a pretty dreary read Waves o [...]

  7. Collects Siege 2015 issues 1 4 and Uncanny X Men 2011 issues 9 10This story is set during the events of Secret Wars, however it doesn t tie into Secret Wars in such a way that makes it required reading for that series With that being said, the story in this collection could only take place within the Battleworld of the 2015 Secret Wars Further, scenes from Issue 4 felt like they could have been deleted scenes from the actual Secret Wars series because it shows how Thanos completed his part of th [...]

  8. While I can t be bothered to go back through all my previous Secret Wars reviews to check, I m impelled to say that this book may well be the best thing to come out of that bloated event.In Siege Kieron Gillen and a whole passel of seriously talented illustrators has crafted a truly tragic visual poem on the hopelessness of war It s genuinely heartbreaking at times.It s not all Doom and gloom, though Gillen also manages to jam in a bunch of references to his previous work that can t help but mak [...]

  9. I ve read about a dozen Secret Wars tie in, even given the fact that they do not really add tot the main storyline I ve enjoyed reading them because the give a view about the different domains in God Doom s Battleworld Definitely one of the best tie ins, it does add a bit to the main story because of the importance of the Shield protecting Battleworld , the art is great, but it could have been so much Instead of adding a old Uncanny X men issue, the authors should have worked out different stor [...]

  10. Great story, my favourite out of Secret Wars so far I m not so fond of the way the characters were drawn, I found it confusing at times It probably works better with other series.Speaking of characters, loved the roster here I haven t read Gillen s S.W.O.R.D yet shame on me , yet I m familiar enough with Brand that the story was perfectly understandable Nice use of America Chavez and it s great to see what happens of her after A Force and all the other characters Gillen has written before.Some p [...]

  11. The Shield protects Battleworld It s manned by those who annoyed Doom and were sent there An ominous message has arrived from the futuree wall falls.Siege shows what events happened on the wall prior to the end of Secret Wars As Secret Wars tie ins go this was better than many of the others It had an interesting group guarding the wall including Abigal Brand, Kang the Conquerer, Scott Summers Clones, and Magik The story was far from revolutionary, but it was solid and it explained things the mai [...]

  12. I haven t actually read Secret Wars yet, but I am enjoying the tie ins Gillen s tale about an attack on the wall was pretty good Though it is called Siege and the covers are reminiscent of the Marvel event Siege, it has nothing to do with that event there s even a joke on the title page of Chapter 3 It s called Siege because it s about a siege While I liked the story, I did expect it to tie into the former event in some way.On the art, I enjoyed it The characters looked interesting and the battl [...]

  13. Most of the Secret Wars crossovers turned out to be big wastes that had no relevance to anything Siege is fortunately one of the very few exceptions It actually uses the Secret Wars world to good advantage by telling us the story of the Shield Pair that up with strong characters centered on Abigail Brand , beautiful artwork especially the two page spreads , interesting storytelling, and a plot that s actually relevant to the larger Secret Wars story, and you have a winner.Oh, there s a bit of sh [...]

  14. The Battle World stories are definitely uneven This one at the wall was definitely one of the better ones, but mostly that means that I ve gotten used to them And that this one was one that moved the plot along, at least partially But the backup X Men story was just an annoying waste of time Abigail Brand is written much stronger here than usual, and yet not drawn especially well nor do we really find out anything about her Mostly what made Siege worthwhile was the writing and the characters th [...]

  15. Nii see l heb, kui hakata m nd koomiksimagnaati lugema nagu Marvel leiad m ne tegelase, kes meeldib, ja siis pead tervet paganama multiversumit navigeerima, et leida, kus ta veel tegutseb ja osad neist on head ja osad ei ole Siin oli koos mitu mu lemmikut America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Leah of Hel , aga sisu oli meh v itu.

  16. was nice, not bad but it felt a bit rushed though I would ve liked a few issues for him to delve into the story a little deeper, I think the story should ve had double the issues that got published but its still enjoyable also fits in nicely into the overall Secret Wars storyline

  17. Nejsem Gillenov m fandou a dle o ek v n m to moc nebralo Je tady hromada v n skv l ch n pad , ale jako celek to byla docela nuda 2,5

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