Captain America: White Jeph Loeb Tim Sale Captain America White Journey back to the Big One as Captain America recalls one of his most incredible missions It s and the Howling Commandos are enjoying a respite from the ordeal of World War II until Cap and his
  • Title: Captain America: White
  • Author: Jeph Loeb Tim Sale
  • ISBN: 9780785194194
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
Captain America: White Jeph Loeb Tim SaleJourney back to the Big One as Captain America recalls one of his most incredible missions It s 1941, and the Howling Commandos are enjoying a respite from the ordeal of World War II until Cap and his faithful partner, Bucky, lead them into the hands of the enemy As the Nazis unleash their latest deadly soldiers, an old ally lends a hand but an even older enemy willJourney back to the Big One as Captain America recalls one of his most incredible missions It s 1941, and the Howling Commandos are enjoying a respite from the ordeal of World War II until Cap and his faithful partner, Bucky, lead them into the hands of the enemy As the Nazis unleash their latest deadly soldiers, an old ally lends a hand but an even older enemy will threaten America s greatest hero like never before Will the Sentinel of Liberty gain his freedom in time to rescue Paris from the clutches of a monster The Eisner Award winning creative team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale DAREDEVIL YELLOW, HULK GRAY, SPIDER MAN BLUE reunites to deliver another colorful exploration of the early days of a Marvel icon Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA WHITE 0 5.
Captain America: White Jeph Loeb Tim Sale

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    152 Jeph Loeb Tim Sale
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  1. Okay How I feel about most Loeb Sale books I m very new to Captain America Seen some movies, read a few comics But I know the common elements of Cap s character and story, which Sale expectedly incorporates here both compliment and complaint, if you couldn t tell World War II 4F teen boy volunteers for super soldier experiment Childhood friend Bucky Barnes Nazis, Hitler, and super villain Red Skull Patriotism One liners That s the gist Loeb s writing is usually good, and this is no exception The [...]

  2. I will preface this by explaining why I simply do not understand why this book exists To me, the purpose of the color series is that the main character is writing recording messages for these people that are lost to them in some way Matt talks to Karen Page who has died Peter records a message for Gwen Stacy who has died Bruce Banner writes a letter to Betty who, while not dead, is lost to him forever The messages are always messages of regret and that is what makes them so tragic So, why write [...]

  3. This latest instalment of Loeb Sale s colour mini series wasn t a bad book but it didn t grab me as much as the others.I think the problem was that it was narrated by a Captain America who was still grieving for his lost partner, Bucky, and we re reading it in a world where Bucky s been back for so long now that the impact can t help but be diminished by this knowledge.Still, it remains a decent enough WWII era Cap story and is enjoyable enough from that angle.

  4. Another good one from Loeb Sale i really didn t expect anything less from them, from the story to the retro artwork it just works really well together but it does kick you right in the emotional balls so be prepared for that The first four issues i really loved, it s cap basically telling the story of how he lost bucky, prior to this i hadn t actually read any cap bucky comics although i ve read winter soldier and captain america comics it was cool to read them working together as a team and ste [...]

  5. A decent WWII story that retells a little of how Cap and Bucky met and developed their relationship The art is the strong point of this book IMHO Many of the panels could stand on their own as art pieces.

  6. Not as strong as the other colour books, I don t think anything will beat Spider man Blue for me anyway , but still an enjoyable read from the Loeb Sale team.

  7. Captain America White by Loeb and Sale is part of the collection of Marvel characters, matched with colors that Loeb and Sale collaborated on There was Spider Man Blue and Daredevil Yellow, both of which were well written and conceived tales The theme in these books seems to be to revisit a tragic loss in the life of the main superhero For Spidey it was Gwen Stacey, for Daredevil it was Karen Page and for Captain America, it is of course, Bucky.It is 1941 and as the war wages on, a young boy fin [...]

  8. A fun throwback to older WW2 Cap stories The story was really light and easy to digest but on the same hand the art is pretty simple and I think it is meant to match the throwback style Cap has just become a war hero and accidentally reveals his identity to a young Bucky He then recruits him to become his sidekick and they travel around kicking Nazi Butt Nick Fury is still enlisted and he crosses paths with Cap and Bucky but he isnt a fan Over the coarse of the story they help rescue France from [...]

  9. Very good So in 2008 we got a 0 of Captain America white, a great story, by legendary team Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, and then silence What followed was FAQs that Tim and Jeph probably got tired of, where is Captain America White 1 Fast forward seven years later, and Marvel now decide to publish the comic Was it worth the wait Well I think so So first off this is, a flash back world war 2, Cap and Bucky comic, so no spies or espionage, or anything that modern day Cap Comics are This is a good old, [...]

  10. I didn t enjoy this as much as some of the others in the Loeb Sale color series It is some stories of early Cap Bucky Adventures with Sergeant Fury and his Howling Commandos It was enjoyable enough, just nothing special.

  11. 4.5 StarsI ve been a fan of all of the Loeb Sale collaborations, and this one was no different The story is set right after Cap wakes up from the ice and he is remembering a mission where he and Bucky faced the Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker in France The Howling Commandos are there, and also someone who turns out to be Batroc s Grandfather.A pretty straightforward Cap vs the Red Skull story with great art As comic continuity gets and mired I find myself drawn to these type of stories so thi [...]

  12. Captain America White is the latest in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale s color themed series spotlighting Marvel s iconic characters.Captain America White focuses on the World War II bond of Cap and his sidekick, Bucky After briefly touching on the origin of the partnership, the story sends the duo behind the lines of occupied France They team up with Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos and work with French resistance fighters It culminates with a Paris set showdown with key villains Red Skull and Baron [...]

  13. Just like the others in this color series, you have Cap thinking back to his origin while imagining himself talking to Bucky He actually doesn t retell his origin but just about some early adventures he and Bucky had.You get the same feeling and sentiment with this one as the others, although I m starting to feel it become a little stale Once again Sale s art is the highpoint, although sometimes his anatomy is a little quirkier than normal.Anybody have any guesses on what the color white represe [...]

  14. In a way I am left with pretty much the feeling I expected I was going to be left with, in this fun and good, but also formulaic and cliche forgive me, fans color themed book that is so perfectly titled White

  15. This book was a big disappointment for me To start off, I could not get into the art It just looked sloppy I know they were trying to replicate an older style but I did not enjoy it I also found the story very underwhelming As a collection stressing the importance of the Bucky and Cap relationship, I found it emotionally lacking I was just expecting much from this book.

  16. Just Captain America and Bucky with Commandos WWII fighting Nazis Great insight on Cap and Buck relationship I love stories done in this era Great stuff

  17. I know this had a lot of delays but it feels super dated The Cap Bucky relationship feels odd with everything that s happened in the last 10 years.

  18. I ve been waiting a long time for this book 5 years I think And it didn t disappoint Like the other books in the Colour series we find the Cap mourning the loss of someone close to him In this case Bucky It s a simple story that finds the balance between heartfelt melodrama and punching Nazis A nice simple story told well Beautiful art work from Tim Sale, as always.

  19. Voto 3,5I disegni di Tim Sale sono decisamente la cosa migliore del volume.La storia, in particolare l ultimo capitolo, non assolutamente nulla di indimenticabile view spoiler Con il nonno di Batroc maestro di savate pure lui si sfiora poi il ridicoloSe non altro offre a Sale la scusa per offrirci una bella scena d azione in stile Kirby hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  20. The fourth in the colours series sees Captain America, just out of the ice, lamenting the loss of his friend Bucky With a rollicking adventure during 1941 we see Cap and Bucky at their full strength Sadly this book isn t the greatest It falls way short of Spiderman Blue and Daredevil Yellow While those stories had multiple parts to really show the sadness this was just one adventure From this we get that Cap misses Bucky but we really don t get the emotional punch that the other books had.Still [...]

  21. 2,5 Cuarta entrega de la serie colores que b sicamente mantiene la premisa de las anteriores, donde ambos autores Loeb Sale se destacan y potencian al trabajar en conjunto.Creo que a la hora de juzgar este tipo de trabajo pesa y mucho el cari o que uno le tiene al protagonista de cada obra En mi caso queda esto muy claro si se observan las estrellas que he otorgado a cada una de ellas, sin dejar de aclarar que Spiderman Blue me parece de las obras mas maravillosas del noveno arte.Solo queda espe [...]

  22. Cap looking back and remembering working with Bucky throughout WW2 and how much he misses him All the color books apparently center both on the hero s origin story and romance, and this is presented pretty thoroughly as Cap s central platonic romance Some really great art, and really excellent emotions The run was half off on Comixology for Cap3, which, yay, but only 1 5, and the book was 0 6, so, um, what I own 0 in print, I think, and will have to track down 6 There s also great interviews and [...]

  23. The fourth of Loeb and Sale s color books for Marvel The story suffers from being put off for 7 years The 0 issue came out in 2008 and the rest in 2015 The main story features Cap and Bucky teaming up with Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos Cap s voice in the book drives me nuts It makes him sound like he s Bucky s mother He s so whiny and treats Bucky like a delicate little flower There s no partnership there at all Tim Sale has changed his art some here, as a homage to Jack Kirby I m guessing [...]

  24. Pretty good character study of the Steve Rogers behind Captain America and his regret over the death of Bucky as well as their brotherly relationship all taking place in WW2 while fighting a bunch of Nazis Not the biggest war story fan nor a big Captain America fan in general, but I enjoyed this one, probably because it was a relationship story than the actual plot of the tale.

  25. Loeb suele tomar historias seminales de los granes h roes y crear miniseries que profundizan en los personajes, jugando con la nostalgia del lector y la distancia a esas primeras historias Por algun motivo este modus operandi que tan buenos resultados dio en Daredevil Yellow, Spider Man Blue o Hulk Gray no funciona con el capi Por un lado el capi carece de inter s rom ntico, uno de los recursos en los que se suele apoyar Loeb Por otro, sus aventuras iniciales son historias maniqueas y de propaga [...]

  26. Kirbylicious Once again Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb have told a great story through words and pictures in the form of a letter The letter is from Cap to his best bud Bucky who tragically died during one of their missions together of course to appear as the mysterious Winter Soldier decades later thanks to Brubaker The writing and feel of the book itself feel right with the timeline and you can see the relationship build of an older brother with his younger It reminded me a little of Bat man and Robin [...]

  27. I understand why some people liked it, but story just wasnt for me it is probably because I m not the biggest cap fan and I think you have to be that to really enjoy this book I liked the three other stories in the Loeb sale colored series better but Tim sale s art is just absolutely gorgeous and you almost cant go wrong with him.

  28. N r jeg l ser den her, bliver jeg virkelig glad for at de har ndret hele Bucky s origin story i filmene Ingen har brug for en snottet teenager som Cap s sidekick.

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