15th Affair James Patterson Maxine Paetro th Affair Detective Lindsay Boxer has everything she could possibly want Her marriage and baby daughter are perfect and life in Homicide in the San Francisco Police Department is going well But all that could
  • Title: 15th Affair
  • Author: James Patterson Maxine Paetro
  • ISBN: 9780316407076
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
15th Affair James Patterson Maxine PaetroDetective Lindsay Boxer has everything she could possibly want Her marriage and baby daughter are perfect, and life in Homicide in the San Francisco Police Department is going well But all that could change in an instant.Lindsay is called to a crime scene at the Four Seasons Hotel There is a dead man in one of the rooms, shot at close range The man checked in under a fDetective Lindsay Boxer has everything she could possibly want Her marriage and baby daughter are perfect, and life in Homicide in the San Francisco Police Department is going well But all that could change in an instant.Lindsay is called to a crime scene at the Four Seasons Hotel There is a dead man in one of the rooms, shot at close range The man checked in under a false name with no ID on him, so the first puzzle will be finding out who he is.In the room next door are a dead young man and woman, also shot They are surrounded by high tech surveillance equipment Could they have been spying on the man now dead in the room next to them And in the utilities cupboard down the hall is the dead body of a house maid The murders are all clearly linked and professionally executed But what is the motive behind it all Lindsay will need to risk everything she has to find out.
15th Affair James Patterson Maxine Paetro

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    276 James Patterson Maxine Paetro
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  1. I use to love this series The mysteries and team up of the ladies should be the focus of these That s how this series started What made it a bit different from other series But the ladies now are hardly ever together and the mystery is a side not taken over with Lindsay and Joe relationship For the last couple of books it s been toyed around if Joe is cheating on Lindsay or not Nothing new in this book we already didn t know For a 14.99 ebook there should have been story character development.

  2. Lindsay and Richie are on scene at the Four Seasons Hotel where four people have been gunned down in cold blood It s a professional hit, leaving behind no witnesses, no evidence of any kind One of the victims, Michael Chan, is a college history teacher with a wife, two small kids, and no record The only lead comes up on the surveillance cameras in the hotel One camera catches a blond woman crossing the lobby, and another shows the same woman entering Michael Chan s room She s been identified as [...]

  3. another great book, by the master of crime, Mr patterson never fails to keep you gripping the book by both hands and never taking your eyes away for a second,the women s murder club series is fantastic, and this book fails to disappoint you, sergeant lindsay boxer is a SFPD officer, and does everything by the book well nearly everything , and if you need the job doing, she s the woman to do it, and all the while of a hectic job, she s also a mother, and that s not easy either, but either way, sh [...]

  4. He s a terrible writer, but he s very successful Stephen King on James Patterson.This series has officially jumped the shark Absolutely fucking ridiculous.This was a Lindsay Boxer Made for television Movie in novel form Plane crashes and the CIA and ruining anything good about Lindsay and Joe s marriage Just absurd, absurd story lines UghI ll give it this though it was fast paced This is no longer a thriller mystery series about badass ladies getting together to solve crimes Now it s just about [...]

  5. 4.5 Loved the spy angle of this installment but now I have so many questions about shady Joe at this point I cannot wait to read 16th Seduction tomorrow There is so much on the line for Lindsay and her family Intriguing plot and very fast paced Took only a few hours to read but it was one curve ball after another My quick and simple overall thoroughly enjoyable with spy double agent content

  6. Let me say this at the start I don t like cliffhangers, mostly because by the time the next book in a series comes out I ve totally forgotten how the previous one ended In this case, it s even worse because I absolutely hate the circumstances an emotion that is exacerbated, of course, because I can t reveal anything specific in a review without spoiling the book for others That, and a plot that s a titch on the far fetched side, puts my actual rating somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars.All in all, [...]

  7. I was very very close to giving this one star, but I can t do it I love d Women s Murder Club But this wasn t Women s Murder Club It was the Lindsay Boxer soap opera and while I love Boxer, this was too much I think we saw the Club all of three times and aside from a throwaway about Cindy trying on Julie for size, we really got no information The high point of this series is them working together, not Linday s unraveling love life I also seriously think the character has gone down hill since the [...]

  8. This definitely was one of my least favorite books in the series It just seemed like too many plot twists were attempted that ended up falling flat for me I don t want to say any spoilers here, but I can state that the dynamic between Lindsay and Joe in this book seemed like a 180 from previous stories and, thus, that part of the storyline ended up feeling contrived to me.I also missed the typical contributions from the other members of the Women s Murder Club Their lack of story in this book wa [...]

  9. This book has twists and turns than the Amalfi Coastline I started the book in the afternoon and before I knew it was late night when I finished it I couldn t put the book down as I had to keep reading to find out what happens next Just about every character carried a secret that intertwined with Lindsay s investigation A gripping read filled with non stop action.

  10. Detective Lindsay Boxer and partner Detective Richie Conklin arrived at the luxury hotel to find four bodies all ruthlessly gunned down, execution style This horrific attack was the beginning of weeks of terror which settled into the hearts of the San Francisco people and their police the culmination was being compared to the atrocities of 9 11 Boxer and her friends in the Women s Murder Club had no ideas no clues to help solve the mess And when Joe, Lindsay s beloved husband and father to their [...]

  11. 3.5 Stars I liked this one, but I didn t love it like some of the previous books I think in a way I preferred how we didn t get too many POV s from the other girls I know, I know, that s part of the whole Women s Murder Club we ve come to expect , because sometimes I get frustrated when POV s change too often in books.I did enjoy reading this, and trying to get to the bottom of the whole big mystery surrounding Joe and all the cases that were going on There s still not a lot of closure at the en [...]

  12. Another series that now sucks I used to enjoy the lady s getting together and solving cases But the books are now all about the relationships and a few absurd crime storylines.Patterson doesn t even try to fake it any He is a greedy greedy man that has other churn out this drivel to make him rich.I m done

  13. I usually like the Women s Murder Mystery Club books This was was mediocre at best While there was one subplot about multiple murders and the shooting down of a plane, what actually took over center field was the marriage of Lindsay and Joe The book deteriorated into a should I leave him soppy melodrama.

  14. James Patterson s Women s Murder Club is my favourite series of his I am fairly sure the first Patterson novel that I read was 1st to Die and I borrowed it from the library I remember loving the short chapters, how quickly I got sucked in to the story and I can even remember what the plot was I ve read hundreds of books since then but this series remains a favourite The fact that the seventeenth book is just around the corner is unbelievable I love the women that make up the WMC however I was di [...]

  15. A Chinese husband is murdered in the Four Seasons, in the middle of a tryst with a married blonde woman The hotel tapes are mysteriously wiped as are some sleuths recording next door Lindsay Boxer is called to investigate Then there is a horrific plane crash diverting resources and attention Then her own husband, Joe Molinari, disappears without a trace, but turns out to be involved in the two stories Sadly, Patterson and Paestro really neglect the other members of the Women s Murder Club, and t [...]

  16. This Women s Murder Club story drew me in from page one and I had a hard time putting it down When a disturbing double murder takes place in an exclusive San Francisco hotel, Lindsey Boxer is drawn into a case with far reaching, even global implications When she sees a man who looks remarkably like her husband on a surveillance tape from the hotel, she becomes personally drawn into the case.Halfway through the book, I was weary of hearing about Lindsey s devotion to her infant daughter the descr [...]

  17. 15 in the Women s Murder Club series 12 by author Patterson with co author Maxine Paetro Patterson wrote the series debut and Andrew Gross co authored 2 3 This series entry jerks around in a confusing manner and then as the parts come together into an unconvincing narrative, there is a slam bang finale and epilogue and a still unresolved issue that will lead to a 16.Women s Murder Club series As she settles into motherhood and a happy marriage, Lindsay Boxer thinks she has found domestic bliss B [...]

  18. Eh, not a great book Loved all of the previous Women s murder club series This one just showcases Lindsays struggling marriage I never got the feeling that she truly loved Joe I always felt she loved Rich There s a cliffhanger , which I will forget about by the time number 16 rolls around The crime is kind of dumb Not a fan of this one

  19. Did not enjoy this book at all I miss the old Women s Murder Club where we actually saw the ladies gather together and work a case together This book was 90% narration about what Lindsay did in her day and calling Mrs Rose to take care of the baby, 8% complaining about her husband and 2% plot Jury is still out on whether I m through with this series.

  20. I m not sure exactly what bugged me about this book It followed suit with other Women s Murder Club series stories, so there wasn t a major departure from previous books.Maybe I was missing involvement from the other members of the club as this book centered mostly around Lindsey and Joe.I enjoyed the book, however, and will definitely continue with the series.

  21. Patterson and Paetro offer up a wonderful story in this 15th instalment of the Women s Murder Club series, showing the true vulnerabilities of protagonist, Lindsay Boxer While finally enjoying a life of bliss at home, Boxer is soon rattled when she attends a crime scene of a man slain in bed and an elusive blond slinking into the room minutes before the crime Upon further digging, she learns that the woman is one Alison Muller, a name which means nothing to her at the time However, surveillance [...]

  22. Spoiler alert James Patterson has come out with another crazy adventure Lyndsay Boxer is back, dealing with a triple homicide at the Four Seasons where the only known witness is MIA or perhaps the killer Then there s a plane crash that has rocked the news with the sheer number of fatalities What brings these two together One name a man who is both shot at the Four Seasons and the plane Boxer and friends have their work cut out for them and very little to go on Through all this, on a personal lev [...]

  23. Holy hell, this book was a fast paced, keep turning the pages, edge of your seat mystery Between the plot twists, the personal revelations and the crimes being committed in this one you will feel yourself reeling That being said, it was an absolute good read and it reminded me why I love this series so much.

  24. Interesting twists and turns Joe may or may not be what he seems Lindsay learns some secrets Chinese spies, CIA, FBI, exploding airplanes there was definitely a lot going on Not sure how I feel about the ending.

  25. 15th AffairThis was a pretty good book I have always enjoyed this series and with the last couple of books I wasn t sure if it was going downhill or not but this one is good and I ll stay with it and read the next one.

  26. I don t know why I keep going back to well on this series Habit Addiction Lunacy I will say that the best thing about them is that they only ruin an afternoon They can be read in just a few hours.

  27. I decided recently to try and clear my TBR pile and I was in the mood for a mystery, so what better book than the 15th one in the Women s Murder Club as I always love being reunited with the club led by Lindsay Boxer 15th Affair starts like any other of the books with crime scenes, but this crime scene takes a massive twist for the book as it looks like Joe Lindsay s husband is one of the main suspects How well does Lindsay know Joe and his past She is about to learn a new side of Joe that she d [...]

  28. THE FIFTEENTH VOLUME of this ever popular series of crime novels goes off with a bang In the opening chapter, no less The book s first murder victim is enjoying some extra marital fun at an exclusive hotel with a gorgeous blond when the room service arrives to deliver something a little than a lught supper A few seconds later, the victim is bleeding out from GSW s to the chest, forehead, and an eye socket Questions should abound immediately for the alert reader, but some of these are soon answe [...]

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