Speechless Jennifer Mook-Sang Speechless Jelly is as surprised as anyone when he decides that he s going to win the annual sixth grade speech contest Just like that Joe Alton Miles better known as Jelly because his initials are J A M and h
  • Title: Speechless
  • Author: Jennifer Mook-Sang
  • ISBN: 9781443142670
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
Speechless Jennifer Mook-SangJelly is as surprised as anyone when he decides that he s going to win the annual sixth grade speech contest.Just like that, Joe Alton Miles, better known as Jelly because his initials are J.A.M and his best friend s are P.B , is faced with overcoming not only his terror of being in the spotlight, but also the wrath of smart, popular Victoria, who believes that the prizJelly is as surprised as anyone when he decides that he s going to win the annual sixth grade speech contest.Just like that, Joe Alton Miles, better known as Jelly because his initials are J.A.M and his best friend s are P.B , is faced with overcoming not only his terror of being in the spotlight, but also the wrath of smart, popular Victoria, who believes that the prize like all prizes is rightfully hers At first, Jelly only cares about winning the awesome prize a new tablet , but as Victoria escalates her campaign against him, Jelly begins to realize that it s not only the prize that s at stake, but also his reputation, his self respect and the friendship he values most Jelly must dig deep inside himself to find out if he s strong enough to stand up to Victoria and show everyone what he s really capable of.Hilariously funny and just as poignant, Speechless is about finding out who your friends are, giving back, standing up to bullying and finding your own unique voice
Speechless Jennifer Mook-Sang

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  1. This was such a great book Jelly aka Joseph Alton Miles it s enticed by the grand prize in his school s annual speech competition And he s determined to beat the school brain and the school bully Victoria Along with his focus on the speech competition, he is also dragged into volunteering at the local food bank, which turns into a job of sorts as he helps the owner into the 21st century and sets up a computer program to help him keep track of the families that come into the food bank Great read [...]

  2. Speechless is a damn good story about friendship and determination And its hilariously funny well done Jennifer Mook Sang

  3. This book starts out with a clever premise and continues to be clever throughout It s aimed for younger kids Middle Grade and the voices are perfect for that age group without talking down to them in any way I found the book witty, insightful and charming It dealt with real world issues with just the right measure of seriousness and humor Kids will be thrilled with this book, as was I I m glad I bought hard copy I just love the cover and the interior layout I may want to read it again.

  4. An easy read and laugh out loud book that every middle grader will love Jelly Joe is a wonderfully funny and irresistible sixth grader who wants to win the speech contest Page after page, hurdle after hurdle, Joe is an underdog the reader hopes will win The secondary characters are full and well developed from his best friend Parker and Sam Parker s sister to the antagonist, Victoria The topics of bullying, friendships, food banks, and finding one self at this age are handled so well they are ne [...]

  5. Speechless is a beautifully written story full of heart and humor, about 11 year Jelly Joe who must face off against the school s queen bee, Victoria, in a speech competition At stake A tablet computer with no less than a Bluetooth keyboard and a gaming controller But Speechless is not merely about winning a competition The author, Jennifer Mook Sang, has adeptly managed to pack a whole lot of messaging into a compact package Themes explored include anti bulling, giving back to your community, l [...]

  6. Borrowed this from the elementary school library where I worked out of the Silver Birch Awards box It s insanely readable and a really great story The bully is of a nuanced character than is sometimes the case, the relationships are very realistic and I was just as incandescent with rage at the perceived injustices as I would have been in grade six Loved it.

  7. Jelly Miles is a mild mannered hero who will make you laugh and cheer as he competes with the smartest girl in the school at the subject he is worst at public speaking That rare book with a male protagonist that isn t about sports or war Can t wait to read by this debut author Jennifer Mook Sang and only hope she writes about Jelly

  8. Cute book The story line was pretty typical for a junior novel and I liked that the book was based around a male character It s a nice easy read for the low level high interest readers in the classroom I had borrowed it from a grade 6 classroom library at the school I teach at s a perfect fit for that age group.

  9. Super short fun read But that s because it was a Junior novel I enjoy reading Willow nominees and I can definitely see why this one is on the list I think this would be a great read aloud or novel study for Middle Years students, as bullying tends to be an issue that needs to be addressed.

  10. Basic Plot An avid video gamer, Jelly really wants to win his very own video game unit And all he has to do is write the award winning speech But he s got some tough competition from a classmate who doesn t care about video games, but wants to win by any means possible.My Thoughts Jelly was a fun and likeable character I like how he gets involved in the food bank and this becomes key to the speech part of the plot later on in the book At times I thought Victoria a little over the top in her mean [...]

  11. Speechless by Jennifer Mook Sang is a book about a boy named Joseph but everybody calls him Jelly This story is about a boy who loves video games and wants to play them as much as possible When a spectacular prize is going to be a award for a speech contest Jelly is ready to write the best speech But when Victoria his enemy tries to sabotage him he has to decide what is most important I liked this book because it had lessons about bullying, and how to find your true friends This book was a good [...]

  12. I don t know why this book took me so long to read Life, I suppose It s a terrific little book, with short chapters, and a compelling storyline The speech competition really speaks to me because the school I work at has one every spring for students in grades 4 6 I loved the inclusion of the food bank angle though and I think it s a cause that will be easy for students to connect with And then there s the hint of romance, add in the issue of bullying, and the book is written with humour I think [...]

  13. Quick, easy but fantastic read I really enjoyed the concept I think there are some really great points and tips in that book It showed the basic life of a kid in school during challenging times It s not one of my favorite books but it still was very enjoyable for me and I don t think anyone can make it better.

  14. SUCH a great story As someone who used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking, I was rooting especially hard for Jelly Miles Full of heart, humour and believable characters, SPEECHLESS would make an excellent read for any young person looking for their own voice.

  15. Great book for Div II and Jr High Easy read About a boy in school dealing with bullying and self confidence Addresses both topics in a way that the reader will understand Encouraging for those getting bullied.

  16. Great book I needed to read this book for class, and I didn t think I d like it but, I really enjoyed it A very easy and quick read Very interesting, fun and heart warming.

  17. I thought it was a very good book overall but there was some moments in the book of nothing going on so in that case I only gave it 4 stars.

  18. Jelly s terrified of speaking in public, but can t help competing with the best student in the class anyway Will he win More importantly, will he ruin his whole life trying

  19. It was a good book because Jelly learned a lesson of that schoolwork is important than free time because he ditched the speech and play with his best friend P.B This a good book and I would recommend this book to you.

  20. This review includes a little spoilersI currently finished reading the book Speechless by Jennifer Mook Sang This was a book that might really leave you speechless, it includes a little drama but this book is mostly realistic fiction Jelly is a boy whose name came from his initials J.A.M Which is very unusual considering the fact that his friends initials are P.B At Jelly s school there is an event that is a kind of tradition Each year there is a speech competition No one really likes this becau [...]

  21. I think that the book speechless is a great book because it has a enough detail and the book is not repetitive.When i say this book has enough detail i mean it has just the right amount of detail When i say this book is not repetitive i mean it doesn t keep repeated the things that happen for example the prize didn t keep getting repeated The author of this book is Jennifer Mook Sang This book was published september 1st 2015 The main idea of this book is that you shouldn t give up This book ins [...]

  22. That left me speechless.Speechless is about Joeseph Miles, or Jelly, who decides to compete in a speech to win a brand new tablet computer His parents don t let him use technology much, as they don t want him to become a social outcast, despite his incredible skill This is his the golden opportunity The problem Victoria, the snobby perfect student, is competing as well I enjoyed many things about Jelly His incredible coding skills, his talent, his sense of humor and his ability to work Robert ad [...]

  23. Speechless is okay but not good as most of the other books that teach you about important life lessons By Jennifer Mook Sang Released september 1st, 2015.There is a grade 6 student named jelly that thinks speeches are for nerds and losers until he found out what the prize was which was tablet with stylus this was his first speech and never knew how to write one before Later in a day or two of time he wrote a speech that surprised all the judges and he made made it to the top 2 For his next speec [...]

  24. Speechless is a great book although I do think it could ve been improved or the story could ve been better and entertaining that other books teach you By jennifer book sangThere is a student named jelly that thinks that speeches are made for nerds and only nerds should do speeches, until this year there is a gaming prize for the winner of the speech contest As you know jelly is a gamer and he would LOVE to have a gaming system and console in his room, after several weeks jelly created a really [...]

  25. Does public speaking make you anxious You are far from alone Joe is eager to win the exciting prize offered at his elementary school, but he s going to have to survive a speech contest to get it first As if mustering up the courage to be stared at by hundreds of scrutinizing eyes isn t difficult enough, he has to get past the school s speech champion, Victoria, first And she doesn t make anything easy unless you count shaking nervously in your boots.As Joe practices with his best friend Parker, [...]

  26. For a number of reasons, Jelly desperately wants to win the speech competition at his school, but he has some challenges to overcome including the school s bossy girl and his fear of public speaking The male main character POV will increase the popularity of this book, but it is still appealing to female readers too Topics of bullying and food bank usage are integral, but not pushy or overdone Overall, Speechless is a cute, quick read, appropriate for appealing to a grades 4 6 audience.Short lis [...]

  27. Joe nicknamed Jelly is a typical 6th grade boy He is struggling with friendships, dealing with a mean girl in his class, and trying to do the right thing There are several reasons I liked this book Jelly makes good choices throughout the book and does not take short cuts even if his choice will be unpopular or get him in trouble He owns his mistakes At his core, he is a good person who wants to help others spoiler alert In the end, Jelly is surrounded by loyal friends and wins even if he does no [...]

  28. Great novel for middle grade readers, fast paced, funny and easy to read Tweens will identify with Joe s aka Jelly fear of public speaking and reluctance to present a speech in front of the whole school But the prize is a brand new tablet complete with game controller and Jelly is determined to win, even if it means trying to beat local mean girl Victoria The sub plots involving bullying and food banks are not forced and may provide young readers with a glimpse into the lives of others.

  29. Jennifer Mook Sang s debut middle grade novel revolves around a boy named Joe a.k.a Jelly whose longing for a tablet computer must force him to overcome his rival and class bully Victoria and, importantly, his own shyness when it comes to public speaking Charming, witty and well paced, this novel had me smiling at the end of it An absolute joy to read.

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