Rolling Thunder Mark Berent Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the White House Fighter pilots and
  • Title: Rolling Thunder
  • Author: Mark Berent
  • ISBN: 9780743486835
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
Rolling Thunder Mark BerentRolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the White House Fighter pilots and Special Forces warriors try to do their best but are hampered by President Johnson, Secretary of Defense McNamara, and their staff members who despise the military Only oneRolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the White House Fighter pilots and Special Forces warriors try to do their best but are hampered by President Johnson, Secretary of Defense McNamara, and their staff members who despise the military Only one aging USAF general, who fought in Korea and WWII, is on their side His clashes with his Commander in Chief, Lyndon Johnson, are epic in proportion and startling in content In Rolling Thunder, the time is late 1965 and 1966 in war zone places such as Saigon, Hanoi, Bien Hoa, Da Nang, and Tahkli While back in Washington, LBJ sits over lunch and personally picks bombing targets in an attempt to fight a limited war In Vietnam the war knows no limits.There, as the hostilities escalate, the fates of three men intertwine USAF Captain Court Bannister, overshadowed by a famous movie star father who fought in WWII as a B 17 gunner, driven to confront missiles, MiGs, and nerve grinding bombing raids in order to prove his worth to his comrades and to himselfAir Force First Lieutenant Toby Parker, fresh from the States, who hooks up with an intelligence unit for a lark, and quickly finds his innocence buried away by the lessons of ward Special Forces Colonel Wolf Lochert, who ventures deep into the jungle to rescue a downed pilot only to discover a face of the enemy for which he is unprepared Airline stewardesses come under attack when they are forced to spend the night on a fighter base in Vietnam after their airliner develops a problem.Through their eyes, and those of many others pilots, soldiers, lovers, enemy agents, commanders, politicians, profiteers Rolling Thunder shows us Vietnam as few other books have, or can Berent captures all the intensity and drama of that searing war, and , penetrates to the heart and soul of those who fought it Rolling Thunder rings with authenticity.
Rolling Thunder Mark Berent

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  1. More descriptive and authentice than most non fiction war books It s clear that this guy has walked the walk, even though this book is fiction Some readers might be turned off by all the flying jargon, for me, it put me in the cockpit On the level of the WEB Griffith stuff.

  2. Started out with a bang but slowly became monotonous and unfortunately boring I want to thank Mr Berent for his service and sacrifice in Vietnam He is a highly decorated pilot and served his country with distinction I appreciate the jabs, and rightfully so, at McNamara and Johnson I know many will say Eisenhower and Kennedy got us into the conflict, but it was Johnson and his administration that botched the entire affair.The story centers around Court Bannister, son of the famous Hollywood Star [...]

  3. I am giving this book five stars, but I understand some of the lower level reviews The very things that I appreciated might not be what others want I am a Marine with extensive experience with the Navy, of course, and the Army I don t have as much experience with the Air Force, and my wars were in the Middle East So the details given in this book were something I really appreciated I read much of the book while on a stationary bike at Nellis, so it was an added bonus to be able to walk out of th [...]

  4. This is the first in a series of five books based on the military pilots who flew in Vietnam, written by a pilot who flew there.This book was a Bookbub freebie and snuck up on me I was somewhat aware of the roles played by the fighter and helicopter pilots there, but not the role played by the forward air controllers A brave and heroic group indeed While I am not a supporter of the Vietnam War, I do believe that most of the soldiers there acted both admirably and heroically The politics of the w [...]

  5. This is another offering from my friend Jim s library featuring the USAF this time The action is seen through the eyes of Court Bannister, an F 100 Super Sabre pilot His squandron was set up for ground troop support rather than dog fighting with enemy aircraft The storyline is good and I have no problem with Mr Berent s writing but I have a serious problem with the way this war was conducted It was almost exclusively orchestrated by politicians in Washington The mission was not to win the war bu [...]

  6. The first of five books about the war in Vietnam, written by a fighter pilot who was there This book sets up the main characters, Court Bannister, fighter pilot, Wolf Lochert, a Special Forces major, and Toby Parker a FAC, Forward Air Controller It also incorporates many of the political arguments of the time and the reasons, real or fiction, why LBJ would not allow the military to prosecute the war in a manner that would lead to victory or at least concessions from the North Vietnamese A very g [...]

  7. I ve read a number of Vietnam War books and this one had too much receptive jargon for me and not enough action I felt the jargon did not help the story and did not make it any authentic it is a work of fiction for me That said it is well written and captures many of the nuances of the age well the cynical journalist, the boredom between bouts of action, and the bootlegging going on between servicemen and locals Not a bad read overall.

  8. Got this free on Kindle so can t really complain, but the story just didn t emerge Manager the first quarter of the book and the only two pieces of action were the almost crash landing at the start and the church bomb Was expecting from an Historical novel of War and Politics definitely won t be getting any of the series.

  9. A good readA good readA well written account of how not to run a military campaign This should be mandatory reading for every president of the United States As a veteran that served in the Air Force in the early 60s, I enjoyed this book.

  10. Too much jargon, too many acronyms and too much bad grammar It may have been a good story, but I gave up.

  11. This book opens as one of the main characters is flying back to base after participating in an airstrike over Vietnam in which he witnesses the fiery crash of a colleague The pacing and suspense don t lessen much over the remaining chapters.The story follows a group of men as they progress through the Air Force involvement over Southeast Asia during the late 1960s Whether they joined as a lark, or because they were young and idealistic, or because they wanted to live up to or surpass the almost [...]

  12. the truth of viet namthis book is riveting , truthful, and agrivating in the way lbj handled the war he did not to win it was like he gave to oklahoma, the university of texas play book, except this was worse I was not interesred during the war because of the press coverage, so I learned quite a lot about polotics as usualis is book one of five and I plan to read them all I have to in order to discover if emd learns of his nemesis wolf and towbee and lizard are unanswered questions lets go mark [...]

  13. Great story, strong charactersThere are probably some people in this present generation who are not aware what is being said when Vietnam is said to be a war that politics would not let the military win This book spells this out from every angle Good guys, enemy, newsies, and incidental characters are presented to emphasize this point I feel that all of the characters did their best within the things they believed I found nothing that I didn t like.

  14. Thunder in VietnamThank you for your service I thought your story of the Vietnam War and the camaraderie between the fighter pilots and the sorties they flew was very moving A lot of the terminology used went over my head, but your glossary at the end was very informative Whoever said War is Hell really had it right I look forward to reading of your work.

  15. Good history of the pilot activities in the Viet Nam warWell done story of a most difficult time for so many My heart goes out to the many who suffered such great loss in this war Thank you for recording the background to some of the poor decision making of that time by our government leaders.

  16. Well done and sadly accurate telling of the lives our military led in Vietnam The ending was all to real and honest There are four books in this series I look forward to reading them with a bit of trepidation.

  17. Though I don t know a lot about the Vietnam War advising mission , I get a good feel for the frustration our military suffered from reading this book The writing is very good and the flight scenes are well described Looking forward to reading the next in the series, Steel Tiger.

  18. Exciting and educationalI lived thru Vietnam, but never understood much about it until now I couldn t put it down Lots of front line action and behind he lines drama A read for beryone.

  19. Very intriguing bookI would recommend this book to anyone The author did Ana amazing job in writing this book Thank you very much

  20. A special reminderDetailed and dramatic picture of the Viet Nam war from the perspective of fighter pilots Very well written A gripper to the end Not a happy story but real.

  21. Riveting story about some of what was really encountered in Vietnam Struggled at time with this not because of how it was written but by the emotions that welled up reading parts A good read.

  22. Rolling thunderA little too much detail regarding cryptic unit designations and military acronyms Long wandering sentences Too many unlikely coincidences to be realistic.

  23. A good, albeit very technical story of the early days of the war in RVN Good character development.

  24. OK, before I jump into this book I ve got to give you a little background First I will date myself and secondly I will show you how lacking my education was while growing up Born just after Vietnam I don t have any personal memories or ties to this period of American History A few years later memories I do have are much about being a kid than stuff that was happening In general there is not much I do know about this period of time outside what I see in movies or read in books I have a couple of [...]

  25. Accurate history, entertaining fictionVerified Purchase What s this This review is from ROLLING THUNDER An Historical Novel of War and Politics Wings of War Book 1 Kindle Edition Factual fiction or fictionalized fact Either way this is entertaining history If you want to know about Vietnam without reading histories or memoirs, this will do it Well written and paced with fine character development by a man who was there This novel contains stories of both air and Special Forces operations.

  26. Mark Berent s book, Rolling Thunder not only tells a war story, but educates readers who are not familiar with the terminology and routines of pilots during the Vietnam War I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed this story in which the author follows the adventures of three strangers, soldiers who cross paths on several occasions during their tours and eventually become friends An Air Force captain and fighter pilot, an Air Force administrative lieutenant and an Army Special Forces Major Their l [...]

  27. It seems de rigueur for the writers of Vietnam Era literature to pepper their stories with technical jargon and acronyms Chapter headings here read like military communiques Having just read a Hamfist novel the contrast is striking Whereas one is essentially an action adventure piece this book spices things up with the occasional bit of flight ops just to keep it interesting but is primarily concerned with ground based operations, the men who make it happen, and the politics of war The airforce [...]

  28. It fatal to enter a war without the will to win it and over when in combat one can either lead or follow but one can not advise others how to fight That was blotched up concept behind the war in Vietnam A war that would see humiliation of the most powerful and high tech military and industrial super power because of really funny objectives and rules of engagement that were less guided by military soundness and guided by political objectives.The author, himself an ex veteran, has portrayed the l [...]

  29. Berent tells a rip snorting story of the air war over Vietnam.The characters are great Hollywood prodigal Court Bannister, soul sick rich boy Toby Parker, and devout killer Wolf Lochert Much like W.E.B Griffin, Berent seems to like priveleged, wealthy characters who don t have to serve, but do anyway and prove to be natural, superb warriors Not easy for me to relate, but the author did a fine job winning my sympathy.And you will probably learn relevant information about Vietnam in this one nove [...]

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