Toxic Bad Boy April Brookshire Toxic Bad Boy This is the third book and conclusion to the Beware of Bad Boy series Caleb and Gianna s lives were ruined by a brutal attack She ended up in the hospital and he was thrown in juvie For Caleb being a
  • Title: Toxic Bad Boy
  • Author: April Brookshire
  • ISBN: 9781511525824
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
Toxic Bad Boy April BrookshireThis is the third book and conclusion to the Beware of Bad Boy series.Caleb and Gianna s lives were ruined by a brutal attack She ended up in the hospital and he was thrown in juvie.For Caleb, being apart from Gianna is worse torture than being locked up He s unable to help her through the aftermath of the assault and dealing with the confinement of youth corrections.GiaThis is the third book and conclusion to the Beware of Bad Boy series.Caleb and Gianna s lives were ruined by a brutal attack She ended up in the hospital and he was thrown in juvie.For Caleb, being apart from Gianna is worse torture than being locked up He s unable to help her through the aftermath of the assault and dealing with the confinement of youth corrections.Gianna is lost, her mind going to dark places She loves and misses Caleb, but doesn t know how to deal with the upheaval and panic attacks Emerging, are new threats to her safety and her relationship with Caleb.While Gianna struggles with her ability to be Caleb s girlfriend after he s released, Caleb struggles to hold on to the only girl he s ever loved Mature YA contemporary romance
Toxic Bad Boy April Brookshire

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  1. Might contain spoilers And just how I d always known it would be if I lost her, I couldn t fucking breathe without her.For the first time, I allowed myself to cry over the loss of air.What an adorable end, however, I want , because I felt that the ending didn t do us justice I mean, it had all build up for the final book, but I felt that the final book didn t give me what I wanted Caleb and Gianna broke up like three times, the first time breaking my heart Salty tears welled, changing the blus i [...]

  2. Toxic Bad Boy by April BrookshireMy rating 3 of 5 starsThis book was amazing when it started out but as the book series continued i felt like the author struggled a bit to maintain the level of drama that the first book had and was sorry to see that since am all about the dramawhich says a lotYHU.As for the characters, they also struggled to maintain my interest and felt that by the 3rd book they had lost their appeal and i was sorry to see that considering how i loved Caleb.All in all it was a [...]

  3. I m updating this blog tour post to include a review I just received the eARC for this yesterday and finished it So I wanted to have an opportunity to include some thoughts about it This book, and the entire series actually, is just as hot as it looks I love Caleb and I love Gianna This final book was such a thrill ride After what happened to Gianna in the second book, which I won t say in case you haven t read it, I was so impressed with Caleb and his actions, and how he stayed so true to her T [...]

  4. Well, Toxic Bad Boy basically had every cliche I don t like in books, and was full of angst, which I m also not a fan of But somehow it worked and I couldn t put it down Probably because I loved the charachters and wanted a big, fluffy happy end for them after everything they went and put each other through I m glad everyone got what they deserved, yes, Josh, I m talking about you I m just sorry he didn t suffer enough.I can understand why Gianna lied, and Caleb s reaction too Yes, they should h [...]

  5. Not the best ending I wanted to like it but I just couldn t I know that Gianna had a traumatic event that cause her to not want to get physical with Caleb but she didn t have to lie to him I felt that most of the book was just misunderstandings that could have been avoided if Gianna told the truth I don t understand why the author brought Hailey back I thought we had moved past that I at least thought Caleb would have I don t understand why they brought Josh back I could have done without that W [...]

  6. Just no I continued because I was 2 3 in If you re reading the reviews without having started any of the books don t start.The author had a chance in switching Gianna s character around but no Total missed opportunity there I guess there was a part of me hoping Gianna would leave Caleb for good and become a stronger person but I was left disappointed All in all One of the worst series I ve ever read.

  7. I pretty much hated this book I understand that gianna went through lots of trauma but the way she treated Caleb was uncalled for she was a total bitch and treated him like shit 80% of the book meanwhile Caleb was doing everything in his power to make her happy and win her back if I wanted to paper cut her all over and rub her in lemon juice if I were you I wouldn t have wasted my time and money all I wanted to know is if there was a happy ending and yes there was.

  8. Book Review Toxic Bad Boy I received this book from the author and Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock I am an independent reviewer This is the third and final novel in the Beware of Bad Boy series and ends in an HEA.Caleb is in juvie for 9 months He can t help Gianna heal Here is another example of these two characters actually acting their ages Gianna lies to Caleb instead of being truthful, causing Caleb to act out with rebound girls that he has to explain later There is a lot of teen an [...]

  9. Caleb and Gianna have both been put in positions to make hard decisions Caleb is currently paying for one of his choices and Gianna is figuring out where she is meant to go from here This is my favorite book in the series because it really has Caleb confronting his life choices and deciding how the future needs to be different Their relationship has been viewed as toxic as there seems to be nothing but destruction around them Caleb shows such a different side of him in this book that made me lik [...]

  10. I gave this book 4 stars because of the hero I read the entire series because of the hero I liked his stalkish manners, his willingness to fight for what he wants, the fact that he fought back and was not afraid to appeal to some tough love when it came to it.The book, per se, was written as if the author just wanted to get this series over with There are a lot of loose ends at the end of the book, there where moments where i thought the POV of one of the characters was needed, but was missing.I [...]

  11. Bad ending to a bad series It felt like this author just wrote whatever came into her head so she could fill enough pages to constitute a full book The result was that a bunch of stupid, unrelated but repetitive over the top incidents kept happening over and over again and it made the main characters look too stupid to live because they kept making the same mistakes and never learning from them Here is a tip for authors plan your story out in advance It doesn t even have to be a big, detailed pl [...]

  12. 3 crazy ending Stars The third book in this series disappointed me It started off with a rush and then slows down to boring life in prison for caleb or other small talk between characters.but this happens over and over again in the book I caught myself skimming over paragraphs and lines to get to the next interesting part oh and Gianna pissed me off even in this book than the rest with her mood swings and pushing Caleb away I wanted to shake her and tell her to shut up and love Caleb Grrr I mus [...]

  13. At first I was so pissed at Gianna for making it so damn difficult on each other, but the girl had her reasons view spoiler although really, she could have just broke up with him, she didn t need to make up all that bullshit hide spoiler But everything slowly started to get better But Norah is a bitch And so is Hailey Just to get that out there I m actually starting to come round to liking Jared now that he s not constantly panting over Gianna Oh and Caleb and Ian Bro s for life, I m telling you [...]

  14. I love Caleb and his cocky sarcastic attitude 3 He comes off as a jerk but you cannot help but love him P The characters have great chemistry I like how the story was written though I was disappointed that the ending went way too fast I m still giving it 5 stars but I really wish the ending wasn t so rushed especially since it was 2 important events

  15. 2.5It was a sweet ending of the trilogy and all three books was really short that s why I couldn t just stop and have to read til the end DIt was a predictable ending but I loved it.It was such a sweet teenage romance and that s just what I needed at the moment so it was perfect for me at that time

  16. oh wow I m so glad I finally got to read this book I loved the first 2 books and this one, wow it was a lot emotional, when reading it I could actually picture it playing out in ny head like movieI m hoping there will be a book on Dante and cece please Say there will be April this series is a must read Love April s books

  17. Wow What a great read I loved loved loved the ending It was a perfect way to end this series Like always life is hard for a couple like them but true love never fails 3 The first book is still my favorite, but the ending is so perfect it almost took my number one spot

  18. review provided by Between the Pages Book BlogI m a little sad that this series has come to an end I absolutely adored reading this series from start to finish it was amazing and I highly recommend it I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have

  19. Great seriesGreat series kept me on the edge of my seat anxious to see what would happen next a must read

  20. I really liked this Full review to come after I re read the first two so it can be comprehensive.

  21. 4.5 stars Literally read all three books In a matter of 24 hours Just could not put them down This book had me so emotional and I absolutely loved it Just the perfect book to end the series

  22. An anti climatic ending to this series Still laced with editing errors and much of this story is just too outlandish for me The on and off relationship between Gianna and Caleb gets tiresome and boring The completely ridiculous things these characters do to create drama in their relationship is eye rolling to say the least And the backstory and mini plots evolving along side the Caleb Gianna drama are worthless and tediously trying as they too are rushed in the end with little or no fanfare It s [...]

  23. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsHo atteso con molta impazienza l uscita di questo romanzo Ho amato molto questa serie e quando ho saputo di un blog tour, mi sono precipitata per prendermi una delle poche date rimaste per ottenere una ARC tutta mia Considerando che si tratta di una recensione di un libro che conclude una serie, avviso le lettrici di ovvie presenze di spoiler Vi consiglio pertanto di leggere le recensioni precedenti, cliccate nelle immagini sottostanti per accedere al li [...]

  24. After all the shit that those two went through, I can finally relax knowing that they re happy yes, I talk about characters like they re real people, I know you do too so don t judge

  25. I felt the ending was a bit rushed It also left a lot of questions, such as what happened to Cece, Dante, Ian, etc

  26. I am glad it s all finally over and everyone is happy except the piece of trash Josh It s cute the Caleb and Gianna are married and stuff But I feel bad for Cece Her and Dante should have gotten back together and rest and peace the baby Cute ending but nothing too huge.

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