Todo, Todo Nicola Yoon David Yoon Xohana Bastida Calvo Todo Todo Todo todo es una novela sobre la emoci n y la angustia que supone abrir nuestro coraz n a otra persona sobre esa sensaci n tan nica que nos hace sentir mariposas en el est mago y sobre las locuras qu
  • Title: Todo, Todo
  • Author: Nicola Yoon David Yoon Xohana Bastida Calvo
  • ISBN: 9788467579178
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
Todo, Todo Nicola Yoon David Yoon Xohana Bastida CalvoTodo todo es una novela sobre la emoci n y la angustia que supone abrir nuestro coraz n a otra persona, sobre esa sensaci n tan nica que nos hace sentir mariposas en el est mago y sobre las locuras que cualquiera de nosotros podr a cometer por amor Madeline Whittier es al rgica al mundo exterior Tan al rgica, de hecho, que no ha salido de su casa en 17 a os A n as ,Todo todo es una novela sobre la emoci n y la angustia que supone abrir nuestro coraz n a otra persona, sobre esa sensaci n tan nica que nos hace sentir mariposas en el est mago y sobre las locuras que cualquiera de nosotros podr a cometer por amor Madeline Whittier es al rgica al mundo exterior Tan al rgica, de hecho, que no ha salido de su casa en 17 a os A n as , su vida transcurre feliz y tranquila hasta que el chico de ojos azules como el Atl ntico se muda a la casa de al lado El flechazo surge por mensajer a instant nea y va creciendo y complic ndose a trav s de un sinf n de conversaciones, anhelos, vi etas, sensaciones, ilustraciones, sue osY es que resulta dif cil volver a la rutina de siempre con todos los ruidos que llegan de fuera De repente, Maddy es consciente del cotilleo de los p jaros y de los rayos de sol que se cuelan por sus contraventanas Y cuanto m s trata de separarse del mundo exterior, m s empe ado parece en entrar Qu tendr Olly que lo hace tan impredecible Y tan especial Qu tendr Olly para hacer que la realidad de Madeline se tambalee
Todo, Todo Nicola Yoon David Yoon Xohana Bastida Calvo

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    118 Nicola Yoon David Yoon Xohana Bastida Calvo
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  1. I was super excited when I read the description and heard the hype, but this story ended up being one of the worst things I ve ever read I m in a very similar bubble girl situation as the main character, who has to stay in her house because going outside would kill her But, view spoiler she actually doesn t have any condition It s all a mistake her life is a lie hide spoiler The cop out ending combined with the tagline of the greatest risk is not taking one felt like such a dismissal or slap in [...]

  2. This is a book I expected to LOVE.It s a book many of my GR friends have loved.It s a book I was kind of liking until the thing happense thing that just cheapens the entire story.I have been dying to read Everything, Everything The reviews were all positive, it received a Kirkus star, it sounded so different all these reasons added up to one of my most anticipated reads of the year And it started quite beautifully written with diverse characters, including an Afro Asian narrator called Madeline [...]

  3. Really impressed with this one Cute romance, funny dialogue, and the format illustrations made this even fun and unique I also thought this book did a fantastic job at balancing the lightheartedness with the serious stuff Personally, I could ve done with a bit resolution at the end it felt a little rushed, and I would ve liked to linger for a few pages Also, there were some things that didn t quite add up when I stopped to think about them, but I was able to suspend my disbelief and just go [...]

  4. this became an instant fave beautiful writing, extraordinary story, rich characters full video review to come

  5. This book is about a the most special different unique girl half black half Japanese girl in the world who has a super ultra extraordinarily rare disease which nobody can figure out which makes her allergic to everything, therefore she has to stay inside all day, who meets a boy who moves in next door, and it is exactly as boring as it sounds There is such a thing as trying too hard.I feel nothing for our doomed character I don t really care that she could kick the bucket at any moment as she ra [...]

  6. 4.5 5I really enjoyed this, especially the last 1 3 of the book It had a unique premise, a great main character, a nice romance, and a great message I recommend to all of you looking for a good quick read, whether you are usually a fan of YA romance or not

  7. 3 Stars Unfortunately, I was a little let down by Everything Everything I have heard people raving about it since 2015, I ve been dying to read it since 2015 I can t exactly tell if it was just overhyped by others and myself or if the book just all around was not the best for me.The overarching positive thing I have to say about this book is that it was entertaining Although I wasn t 100% satisfied with the story as a whole, I wanted to keep reading It was addicting and amusing, and it was an en [...]

  8. Just because you can t experience everything doesn t mean you shouldn t experience anything This was a combination of We Were Liars and The Fault In Our Stars What concerns me is the We Were Liars part Let me explain.This is a very dialouge driven novel Thoughtful but simple, cute and maybe a little cheesy There s a whiff of insta love but that isn t what bothered me It s the plot.1 view spoiler Madeline is sick She cannot leave the house Her mother does everything to keep her alive and far away [...]

  9. 4.5 stars Pretty damned close to perfect And this one is going to make a lot of top 10 lists this year, including mine Review to come.

  10. I can see how this book might be offensive to some people if you ve read it, you know exactly what I m talking about , but the author absolutely didn t mean it to be and it is just fiction Plus, if we want to be mad at someone, we should be mad at a specific character Just sayin When I first saw this book and read its synopsis, I mentally took a step back Hey, didn t I read this one already A big d j vu moment occurred I, of course, was thinking of Magonia, which features a character with a simi [...]

  11. 4.5 5 WeeEooOOW THIS WAS GREAT You guys know I typically despise romance in YA novels, but the relationship and the characters in this book were SO CUTE and so well done that I couldn t do anything but love them Really unique main character, and the ending was sort of open which I felt worked really well with how the story went.

  12. Everything s a risk Not doing anything is a risk It s up to you I ve had about 36 hours to think about Everything, Everything and now that I m actually beginning to write this review I still don t know how I feel about the book It s a really good and interesting story and to claim that it didn t captivate me definitely would be a lie So why do I have those mixed feelings And why is it still so hard to sort out my feelings and thoughts I really don t know, but maybe this review will help me to re [...]

  13. Wow This novel is severely messed up I m still trying to figure out if I m pleased or if I loathed it Yup it s that kind of book GOSH It s just 100% opposite to what I expected What even haaaappened So Madeline has SCID and is basically allergic to EVERYTHING Bummer, right She lives in this completely closed off house, has a nurse, does all her school online, and never ever ever ever leaves the house Her brother and father died in a car crash when she was a baby, so it s just her and her mum The [...]

  14. Update 10 29 16 1.99 on kindle Not sure for how long melissa413readsalotHoly freaking hell How do I write a review for this book without spoilers I can t give out spoilers This book must be read Oh My God I CAN NOT believe what Maddy goes through And the ending I thought I was going to have a panic attack reading what happens Madeline Whittier Maddy has SCID, basically meaning she is allergic to everything and has been sealed inside of her house since she was four years old or she will die Her m [...]

  15. Buddy read with Mini me Ok So this isn t my kind of book There is literally nothing about the blurb that would tempt me to read something like this of my own free will Unless this chick sported some mutant powers, came from another planet, or fought vampires in her spare time No Everythingeverythingabout this story sounds sappy and gross Gonna have to give it a HARD pass.And let me go ahead and apologize to all the people who feel marginalized or disgusted at the way this book treated such a ser [...]

  16. Alright, alright four stars Fine I did it We re good But let s talk about how much I wanted to hate this stupid book Oh I don t know, maybe because it borrows from like every popular young adult novel ever written Funny illustrations, one sentence chapters, hipster chapter titles, nods to classic films and books, unique spins on popular board games, boys who wear black, Tumblr book reviews, mushy romance, wild unchaperoned craziness, the internet, super cheesy descriptions of how beautiful someo [...]

  17. This book was overall enjoyable, and the first half I absolutely adored Amazing writing, realistic characters I love how Olly was smart, but not wise beyond his years cough John Green cough However, the last half of this book just went by too fast, developed instalove, was unrealistic, and predictable Amazing idea, but the way the book was written unrealistically i was able to guess the outcome, which was frustrating because it could have taken such a better twist But it was cute and interesting [...]

  18. 4.5 Video review to come Took off a half star because I have very mixed feelings about the last bit

  19. 3.5 stars rounded up Because it was a cute story dammit.My disease is as rare as it is famous It s a form of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, but you know it as bubble baby disease.Madeline is allergic to the world Just about anything can make her sick and that would be the end for her.Her world exists of her doctor mom, her nurse Carla and her books Her books have to come to her vacuum sealed so that no contaminants can get to her She has never been inside a used book store, Madeline has never [...]

  20. When the ending doesn t matterI, like a lot of you, I m sure, totally called the ending of this thing before I even opened the book and, for once, I didn t even care I really enjoyed this story and the characters And I really love Yoon s writing style The mixed media format was really fun and creative and I had a lot of fun with it I have read a LOT of books in my life over 1700 and, I must say, this is the first time I have ever found myself physically spinning a book in circles like a total ja [...]

  21. UPDATE 7 31 17I m deciding this is actually 2 stars because as I educate myself further with mental illness , I realize this love cures all thing isn t the solution to everything, for everyone, and that s something this book had Love that cured the problem Also, view spoiler the fact that the mental illness was never really even true yet the love conquers all is How did that work Her falling in love cured her fake mental illness Makes sense hide spoiler Love is a terrible thing and its loss is e [...]

  22. 2.5 starsFind this review and others at A Thousand Lives of Frankie Lovely blogI really did not love this book really at all oops The Story Madeline Whittier lives in a bubble No seriously she suffers from SCID, also known as bubble boy syndrome She has never left her house, her bubble She has no friends except her mother and nurse She is alone Until one day, a black clad, daredevil boy moves in next door.What I Liked There were some interesting and enjoyable aspects to this story I really enjoy [...]

  23. Maybe we can t predict everything, but we can predict some things For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly It s almost certainly going to be a disaster Can we first just talk about this cover Amazing right Stunning It fits the story so well.Everything Everything is a novel about a girl named Madeline who is suffering from SCID or as I knew it bubble boy syndrome Madeline has spent the last 18 years trapped inside her house The only people she comes in contact with are her nurs [...]

  24. Second Read August 11, 2017First Read November 4, 2015Wow I didn t think I d like it even the second time around Just look at the amount of time I spent copying quotes and excerpts and taking photos of the pages WHO IS AFFECTED BY HAR Hysterical Abdominal Rhopalocera The disease affects at least one teenaged American girl every 30 seconds and a particular 31 year old woman in the Philippines everytime she s reading a sweet romantic read like this book You re not living if you re not regretting [...]

  25. Literally me trying to write this review this book was backspace I was so backspace why was this book so good backspace backspace tears out hair Now, after giving you a very detailed explanation of the past 30 minutes,here s my actual review Ok You ve already seen my attempts at writing a review that won t bore you to death But does this really matter when I m this shook Repeat I m SHOOK I really have no words, besides the fact that book was probably the most brilliant contemporary novel I ve EV [...]

  26. Maybe growing up means disappointing the people we love Actually I don t read contemporary YA that much, I ve tried to avoid them for no reason, but I really loved this Everything, Everything book It has a thing that impressed me deeply and made me reconsider about my life again Growing up is not easy, especially when your thought is against your parents and they try to protect you at all cost Maddie never sees the real world for has been restrained by her mother all of her life She is a SCID pa [...]

  27. Well, this was as YA as they get, with all the good and bad things that come with that.Let s start with the good the characters are likable This is probably why I gave this 4 stars instead of 3 Both Maddy and Olly are interesting enough to make you turn pages That being said, we have almost instalove here Gosh, I wish I would understand why YA authors always do that I m not saying their love story is badly written Just that it happens waaaaay too fast Slow down Make me care first The novel itsel [...]

  28. Reread just as beautiful and addictive as the first time Can t wait to see the movie This book was wonderful I had heard quite a lot of hype, and a lot of great reviews about it, and I went into it with caution I m happy to say the hype is well deserved The story was interesting from the first page, but it was probably around page 50 or so when something happened I ll just say it was very swoon worthy , when I became completely sucked in I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed every second I [...]

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