Devastation M.J. Haag Devastation Adult Romance The Beauty and the Beast saga ends with Devastation Abused and rejected Benella strives to regain a purpose for her life and finds herself returning to the last place she ever wanted t
  • Title: Devastation
  • Author: M.J. Haag
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  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Devastation M.J. HaagAdult Romance The Beauty and the Beast saga ends with Devastation Abused and rejected, Benella strives to regain a purpose for her life, and finds herself returning to the last place she ever wanted to see She must learn when it is right to forgive and when it is time to move on Intended for adult readers only due to sexual situations, violence, and moderate langua Adult Romance The Beauty and the Beast saga ends with Devastation Abused and rejected, Benella strives to regain a purpose for her life, and finds herself returning to the last place she ever wanted to see She must learn when it is right to forgive and when it is time to move on Intended for adult readers only due to sexual situations, violence, and moderate language.
Devastation M.J. Haag

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    429 M.J. Haag
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  1. Reread December 2017This one still makes me feel all squishy inside That epilogue turned me into a squishy pile of mush Someone please slap me back to normal

  2. Things to know about this book chapters end with Benella s bed dipping Alec keeps asking her to marry him she keeps refusing him her sisters are the worst even a whore is closer to Beauty than her sisters Tennen is disgusting to the very endThat been said, I m glad I m done with the Beastly Tales

  3. Eh What happened to the brave, no nonsense, charismatic heroine of the first two volumes of this Beastly trilogy I loved, loved, loved, Depravity and Deceit by M.J Haag, the first two acts in this trilogy retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, in which I met and followed the journey of the protags, I became a resident of the terrific fantasy parallel universe she has created, I enjoyed the literary style of the author s writing, I was enthralled by the erotic tension, and I hung on to [...]

  4. Mary Sue, she dunno she s beautiful She s a martyr Everyone keeps trying to rape her Beastie Boy spends the book trying to convince, seduce, manipulate, win her heart He must protect his precious, fragile flower because Kidnappers Attackers Rapists The only place she s safe is on his estate It must be a really bad neighborhood or something One rapey dude is dealt some justice The fat, Pillsbury Doughboy rapey baker not only gets away with it the whole town, including her sisters, calls the victi [...]

  5. It happened It s really over I m utterly devastated, but ultimately satisfied with the thrilling conclusion to one of the most original re tellings I ve had the pleasure of reading Not knowing what was in store for my beloved Benella, I had to force myself to stop holding my breath as I read I literally gripped the sheets in some of the intense places, shielding myself from the possibly horrible outcomes Readers of the trilogy are rewarded for their time and patience, but I don t want to spoil [...]

  6. It was hard to like this one as much as the other two, because it felt as though Benella was being willfully ignorant about Alec s true feelings She nursed her hurt than anything else, which made this book feel drawn out and not as interesting.

  7. This review is going to include all three installments and will contain spoilers.I really started out liking this series a lot After reading the first book I might have said that this would be considered one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast retellings It was a little bit dark, just like I like it and definitely not something that could be considered YA due to the sexual content within Despite the Beast being despicable, I didn t really hate him because I felt like I was watching him change fo [...]

  8. Perfect conclusion Will add a review closer to release date Full review posted on 8 25 15 at BookCrushinDevastation is the third and final part, of the three part serial, The Beastly Tales and this may contain minor spoilers from book 1 2, but I will try and limit anything plot blowing as well as keeping this short took keep the risk of spoilers at a minimum My initial thoughts upon finishing Devastation was that it was quite the perfect conclusion I really couldn t ask for I was so pleased and [...]

  9. What I liked of this book was the idea that when the Beast comes back as a human everything is not happily ever after , a whole new set of problems are starting.But that s probably the only thing that I really enjoyed.I was hoping for romance but the title of the book should probably be the making of the Harvest feast.Surely the world building was great but after a while I didn t really care of reading about the day to day chores of running the estate and making preparations for the Harvest fea [...]

  10. M.J Haag is a wonderful magical storyteller The ability to draw a reader in and provide such detail that you feel as if you are in the story is a talent so lacking in today s authors I became so engrossed in the series that I read all three in just two days Yes, two days However with the third, I had issues not with the writing style but with the story plot Warning a few small spoilers if you haven t finished book 2 and are not able to follow foreshadowing The first two books we fall in love wit [...]

  11. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts are 100% my own When we left off in Deceit, I was close to throwing the book I was so mad and hurt and upset I wanted to thrash people at the end of that book than I wanted to shake hands with And that s where we start off RIGHT where that left us So we re dealing with a very hurt and sad Benella So, when Bernard is offered a position at the estate, they both evaluate whether it is a good position for him to take And t [...]

  12. For some strange reason i didn t write a review for this one, so i ll keep it short.First of all, i d like to say this is the review for all 3 books in this series, because they were all short For some strange reason, M J Haag thinks that 150 pages is a good novel lenght book She says that she started it but it was too long, so she divided it into 3 novel lenght books, but it doesn t seem average to me It may be because Sarah J Maas writes long ass books of 600 pages, i think If the series had b [...]

  13. The first pages of this book are sad and frustrating I felt horrible for Benella and wanted her so much to stand up for herself against her idiotic sisters I wanted to punch her father for allowing them to treat her this way and I wanted to punch Alec for not going after her.Benella is scarred psychologically and is completely alone in this situation she needed a hug and someone to rely on.The final part of the story deals with the effects of the broken curse Rose is still there demanding things [...]

  14. I just don t know what to make of this I LOVED the first two books, but this one just didn t have the same vibe I really struggled with finding reasons to like Alec The qualities that were acceptable for a beast didn t translate to human form.Benella spent the majority of this book struggling with PTSD, but Alec kept pushing Then he went all 50 Shades of Beast on her at the harvest dinner I mean, view spoiler Forcing her to accept his offer of marriage by announcing to everyone that she already [...]

  15. I did enjoy this the weeks waiting for it to come out seemed endless On the other hand this book loses some of the action and intrigue of the previous two The cliff hanger we are left with at the end of book two never really comes to anything, other than what seemed an entirely constructed barrier between Benella and Alec I quite enjoyed learning about how they revived the estate and started putting the North in order but I imagine a few people are going to be non plussed, not to say disappointe [...]

  16. Loved Loved this adaptation I only have one unanswered question Rose said two are gone and two remain I didn t think she was referring to Alec and Bini, so who were the other two M J Haag is an excellent story teller.

  17. This author really enjoys writing about what the characters cook And too often chapters ended The bed dipped It got tiring.

  18. I seriously read the entire series in about 3 days I m almost done with this one The aftermath of what happens after the beast turns into a man While Beauty and the Beast is one of my altime favorite fairy tales, it always always bothered me that he turns into this handsome man at the end and she is ok with that She fell in love with a beast This gets into that dynamic I love that If I wrote a story of my own, I would have to deal with this aspect The only other version I ve ever seen that also [...]

  19. This book I ll admit it was a page turner This book was by far the best, I was annoyed with Benella Cinderella Bell Beast and wicked sisters All in all it was a good book that throughly enjoyed.

  20. I m so conflicted right now I liked the fact that the heroine has a good head on her shoulders but this book simply had too much lolly gagging going on Alec had to beg waaaaay too much I mean she fought him tooth and nail all the way down to the end of the book, where she finally agrees to marry him its too bad the marriage and the one and only sex scene takes part in practically the last 5 pages of the book I have to say I m a bit disappointed with the ending its still a good trilogy if you re [...]

  21. This whole series was quiet the emotional roller coasterI thought I wrote a review for at least one of the other books but it appears that I only just told others about it so I ll just review the series as a whole here intstead First I must say that I am happy that in the end Benella and Alec found their happiness and that she was able to also take care of her father The most disturbing thing to me through just how many terrible people were surrounding Benella and involved in her life Her sister [...]

  22. I really liked this series The minute I started book 1, I immediately read book 2 and 3 I would have given this book 5 stars The only let down was that view spoiler I wish it was explained in detail about Alec s scars that he got from Rose 2 I wish Alec would have explained why he did not try harder to save Benella from the near rape from the baker 3 After awhile I got bored and annoyed with Benella constantly giving her sister all those chances The ending with Bryn was too sweet and unrealisti [...]

  23. I need you, he whispered More than the air I breath More than my freedom This series was definitely a welcomed surprise I ve been on a fairytale retelling kick and for the most part I ve been a bit disappointed Not that the other stories that I ve read have been bad, but aside fromCrimson Bound I ve just found them mediocre That s how this series started out for me I am so pleased to say that as the series progressed it improved immensely If anyone has just started the series and isn t sure whet [...]

  24. Devastation is the third and concluding book of M.J Haag s Beastly Tales trilogy Like before, I feel I should mention that there are sexual parts within this entire series, and some are dark attempted rape So please be warned I gave each Beastly Tales book a 3 rating when in truth I was torn between a 2 or 2 1 2 and 3 I decided on giving each a 3 rating because I feel the entire series as a whole deserves 3 s Each book felt too short for me on their own and I think it would be better if they wer [...]

  25. Sure, I read the whole series over the course of two days, but I was still sad it ended This series is a sloooooow buuuuuurn You don t really get the well drawn out smut that the reader hopes for over the course of three books I expected, like, at least half a chapter Or maybe than one go The passion the two MC s share is pretty pronounces Why didn t we get to see I read so much about apples and farming, which I really don t mind, but can I get rewarded in some way Suffering through Benella s [...]

  26. Devastation was an amazing ending to the Beastly Tales trilogy The story contains similar twists and turns seen in the previous books, but on a larger scale The dark mood is continued in a way to keep you guessing and on your toes while still instilling you with so much hope Alec earned every bit of my respect in this book Benella is my favorite character She has a heart of gold but strong enough for anything thrown her way I enjoyed how this part of the story was after the curse was lifted It d [...]

  27. A breathtaking conclusion to an outstanding story This series blew me away I loved every word Every turn, every conflict The love between these two was once in a lifetime They struggled and had to overcome many obstacles but not once did they give up on each other I have fallen in love with this classic tale all over again.I loved all the similarities yet uniquely different ways of telling this beautiful love story There were hold your breath moments and swoon moments and moments you wanted to s [...]

  28. Amazingly Wonderful ConclusionI was on pins and needles waiting for this release and MJ Haag did not disappoint The villains were even villainous I hurt and cried for Benella as she continued down her path and my heart went out Alex as he fought for her love and to please Rose and her continued requirements for him to stay human This series is a must read from beginning to end

  29. I didn t want to see it end, but everything has to come to an end M.J.Haag kept me intrigued wondering what was next to come The entire book will keep you on your toes wanting A spectacular series and a ending You will not be disappointed while reading any of the 3

  30. 4.5 starsI really liked this seeies, but the only title that actually matches the book is the se ond one.That being said, I m completely in love with Alec, he didn t turn into a p ssy when he turned human

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