Juventud Vanessa Blakeslee Juventud Growing up as the only daughter of a wealthy landowner in Santiago de Cali Colombia teenaged Mercedes Martinez knows a world of maids armed guards and private drivers When she falls in love with M
  • Title: Juventud
  • Author: Vanessa Blakeslee
  • ISBN: 9781940430584
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
Juventud Vanessa BlakesleeGrowing up as the only daughter of a wealthy landowner in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, teenaged Mercedes Martinez knows a world of maids, armed guards, and private drivers When she falls in love with Manuel, a fiery young activist with a passion for his faith and his country, she begins to understand the suffering of the desplazados who share her land A startling discoverGrowing up as the only daughter of a wealthy landowner in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, teenaged Mercedes Martinez knows a world of maids, armed guards, and private drivers When she falls in love with Manuel, a fiery young activist with a passion for his faith and his country, she begins to understand the suffering of the desplazados who share her land A startling discovery about her father forces Mercedes to doubt everything she thought she knew about her life, and she and Manuel make plans to run away together But before they can, tragedy strikes in a single violent night Mercedes flees Colombia for the United States and a life she never could have imagined Fifteen years later, she returns to Colombia seeking the truth, but discovers that only questions await.In the bristling, beautiful prose that won her an IPPY Gold Medal for her short story collection Train Shots, Vanessa Blakeslee s Juventud explores the idealism of youth, the complexities of a ravaged country, and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.
Juventud Vanessa Blakeslee

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    351 Vanessa Blakeslee
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  1. This is another book I only discovered after getting Curbside Splendor as my result in the Book Riot quiz, Which Indie Press Should You Be Obsessed With I had not heard of the publisher, and requested a bunch of interesting looking titles from interlibrary loan This book kept me up late into the night just because I couldn t stop reading it I can t tell you the last time that happened I am old now and reading usually puts me to sleep But not this one, I was up until almost midnight because I onl [...]

  2. Full disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review Many thanks to Curbside Splendor Publishing for making it available The epigraph of Vanessa Blakeslee s emotional debut novel includes a quote from the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez which I feel so accurately sums this book up What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it Growing up the daughter of a wealthy landowner in Colombia, Mercedes Martinez l [...]

  3. Juventude youth , the debut novel of Vanessa Blakeslee, is a stunning and unforgettable story The heroine, Mercedes Martinez, is a 15 year old girl living with her father on a sugarcane plantation in Colombia during the time of the drug cartel wars during the 1980s and 1990s The history of this time evolves naturally from the story line, and it s fascinating from the very beginning Mercedes has never known her mother a Jewish American woman who left Columbia when Mercedes was an infant She has h [...]

  4. Yes, yes, I know, an author has every right in the world to write about characters and situations that are vastly different than their personal life, and it s unfair to disparage a book just because the person who penned it doesn t seem authentic enough to get away with it but that said, it s hard not to read Vanessa Blakeslee s Juventud without constantly thinking about the disparity of the subject in this case, of a white New England academe who s written a hefty novel all from the viewpoint o [...]

  5. I obtained this as an advanced reading copy All I can say is, pre order and read this when it hits the bookshelves Blakeslee is a wonderful writer with an inquiring mind She proved her interest in complex characters in her short story collection, Train Shots Now in her new novel, Juventud, she delves deep This is a big, arcing International coming of age story The novel is about family, deception, Colombia s long, sad struggle with the FARC, but it is also about love The power it has over us and [...]

  6. Maestro, play me a song, a soft delicate song that will slay my heart, and bring me a bottle of wine.

  7. Terrific read This novel has so much going for it A well researched look at life among the drug cartels in Colombia An engaging coming of age story Youthful romance A harrowing escape An immigrant s struggle to adjust A mother and daughter struggling to connect A dark family secret that haunts and grows complex It s beautifully written and entertaining throughout, and Blakeslee juggles all of these elements with a deft touch I read it quickly and had a hard time putting it down.

  8. Book buyers who viewed the Netflix Original Series Narcos will be engrossed by this thought provoking novel set in Colombia, the U.S and Israel Juventud recounts the fictitious story of Mercedes Martinez, an idealistic young Colombian American woman, as she grows to adulthood Juventud means youth in Spanish The author cleverly provides a behind the headlines perspective of various factions in conflict in Colombia during the 1990s Young left wing revolutionaries Right wing paramilitary groups Rut [...]

  9. Being totally upfront I have no idea why I m giving Juventud four stars There was a quality to this book where I couldn t put it down I flew through this book in about 3 days But there was another part of me that thought this was going to go in a totally different direction, and in a way, I m disappointed it didn t go in the direction that I thought it was going to, or at least I m disappointed that the protagonist didn t come to the same conclusions that I did.Mercedes is an innocent 15 year ol [...]

  10. Overall, I found this novel to be captivating ambitious in its layers and full of consistent metaphors and illustrations of its themes Young love is wistful and spontaneous, political passion is idealistic and romantic, and reality is unfeeling and disappointing and inevitable.It s a love story It s also a story about loyalty familial, social, and national It s a story about idealism coming of age, and loss of innocence It s a story of social justice, freedom, privilege, and poverty, and how tho [...]

  11. Terrific book and especially of interest as I m going to Colombia in February Teenage girl growing up in Cali on an enormous hacienda Her mother Jewish, American left when she was a baby she has had no contact with her mother and her family since then Father domineering, gradually as Mercedes becomes liberated and connected to friends he and his friends associates become frightening Of course, there s a serious love interest, best girlfriends, all of the expected romance angles but in a setting [...]

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed Juventud Blakeslee took me to another world with the book s setting and tone in Colombia in the novel s first act The protagonist, Mercedes, comes of age with all manner of struggles and intrigues during an already difficult time of growing up Then we follow her through international travels and blossoming into adulthood, learning how her unique teenage years in Colombia continue to influence her world view and choices as a successful woman The book felt escapist isn t the r [...]

  13. A sweeping story of a troubled time in a troubled place, and their effect on one girl seeking the truth about who she is and what her life is meant to look like Blakeslee has created a riveting portrait of Colombia, with the kind of detail and compassion that make this fictional world wholly realized As Mercedes evolves from a fifteen year old with little idea about her family s darkest secrets into a woman who gives perhaps too much importance to the past, Blakeslee shows us the dangers inheren [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this coming of age story about young love amidst the turbulent 90s Colombian drug wars.The first half of the book is told through the eyes of teenager Mercedes Martinez the second half of the books picks up fifteen years later, when Mercedes returns after living in the US for an extended period.It very much reminded me of Julia Alvarez, and of the political writings of Isabel Allende If you enjoy good writing, Latin American political stories, you ll enjoy this book.

  15. Maestro, play me a song, and bring me a bottle of wine, that I may drink while I am transported to another world by the notes from your vibrating strings.

  16. For reviews of literary fiction by women, see my blog, readherlikeanopenbook As serendipity would have it, I ended up reading two books set in South America back to back After a steady diet of fiction set in the U.S and Europe, spending time in Colombia and Brazil constituted a much needed change of scenery for my Westernized imagination.Juventud Youth is Vanessa Blakeslee s first novel after a stellar short collection, Train Shots The standout story in that book was set in Costa Rica, so it s [...]

  17. Mixed feelings about this one s flawlessly, gorgeously written, and a very compelling story Great characters and so many shades of gray as it explores issues of ethics, memory, and the line between personal and political Mercedes makes for a perfect narrator, older and wiser and writing from the perspective of her naive younger self Still, I had my issues with not really feeling the love story why did they like each other Why did Mercedes break from her privileged upbringing and join what she kn [...]

  18. I thought I would like this book better than I did I lived in Medellin, Colombia for three years in the late 1980s and experienced the unrest between guerillas, narco trafficers, and the general violence in the country In telling Mercedes story of a teenager coming to an awareness of the role her wealthy rancher father might have played in this unrest in the late 1990s in the area around Cali, she brings out the political and personal issues well What troubled me the most was a sense that the au [...]

  19. The setting of Vaness Blakeslee s JUVENTUD, as described by contributor Leland Cheuk Juventud is Spanish for youth, which is what is at stake for Mercedes Martinez, the fifteen year old in Vanessa Blakelee s earnest and evocative first novel Juventud is set mostly on a hacienda in Santiago de Cali, Columbia, where camping near the gates are desplazados rural, indigenous people forced to abandon their homes due to the decades long armed conflict between the country s military and various armed gu [...]

  20. This is the story if a young Colombian girl When I picked up the book, I thought it was written by a Columbian At first I thought the awkwardness of this book was that it was a translation Nope this book was written by an American First part 2 stars but it did improve when the character s life was close to the author s realm of experience.I likely would not have finished this book if it weren t something I promised to read for a book swap Others seem to really enjoy this but it seemed hollow to [...]

  21. In this impressive debut novel, Blakeslee recounts the story of Colombian teenager Mercedes Martinez, who lives with her father on a sugarcane plantation We see the turmoil and beauty of Colombia through Mercedes s eyes as she falls in love with a young revolutionary, tries to determine the role her father may have played in the drug trade, and attempts to reconnect with her estranged mother A great read.

  22. A coming of age story I liked this one It was a story of a girl growing up, but it was also about Colombia and drug cartels and wealth poverty It had romance and family drama and secrets I think book clubs would have much to discuss Juventud was an education and held my interest throughout.

  23. This was a great coming of age book It held my attention from the first paragraph to the last page I would recommend this book to everyone

  24. Complex and intriguing book for anyone interested in Colombia or South America in general It s both a coming of age novel and a well researched look into Colombia post the Pablo Escobar era.

  25. I loved the historical background on the drug wars in Colombia I did not love the narrative style

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