Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1) Minecrafty Family Books Diary of a Wimpy Steve series Trapped in Minecraft Book None
  • Title: Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1)
  • Author: Minecrafty Family Books
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1) Minecrafty Family BooksNone
Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1) Minecrafty Family Books

  • BEST E-Book "á Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1)" || READ (EPUB) ☆
    362 Minecrafty Family Books
  • thumbnail Title: BEST E-Book "á Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1)" || READ (EPUB) ☆
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One Reply to “Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Trapped in Minecraft! (Book 1)”

  1. Really good and funnyMan does this book crack me up and lucky him he got to an awesome house and he should of kept some food in his inventory and I m gonna see if he could beat Dirk the jerkface lol I just love this book and I m gonna read it till it s over

  2. I read this book to my boys and they loved it They are completely obsessed with Mindcraft and I thought this would be a fun way to learn some things about the game They thought it was hilarious and we are going to start book 2 tomorrow night

  3. Way to awesome Diary of a wimpy kid Mine craft greatness to very successful things put together.undeniably readable buy this book if you have the money


  5. Awesome Really Awesome Really Really Awesome You neeeeed to get this book I started reading and it was good and then I finished it and started fake crying.I really wanted to get to the rest of the story I highly recommend this book for minecraft lovers.

  6. A W E S O M E The book is not only funny it s SUPER FUNNY If you have not already read this book, I am asking you to do so now Man, I am super duper exited to read to read the next book diary of a wimpy Steve horsing around

  7. This book was AWESOMEAwesome book I love it It was cool when at the beginning he said he was gonna battle Dirk the jerk and he didn t Great job He was gonna lose and it would be embarrassing.

  8. Loved itI really loved this book because it explains how a ordinary boy gets trapped in minecraft and realizes that he can be better at mine craft if he was actually in the game this was really fun to read as a reader and a mine craft player

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  10. Awesome story I can t wait until I get the next book It was a really good story and in the end it left a good cliffhanger about this book about a giant dog So far this is the best book I ve only read the first one and this.

  11. That was a really good book I recommend this book to Cody Chase Lupton because it is a perfect book for him because he loves Minecraft

  12. I read this book with my 9 yr old grandson Without him, I would ve been a bit confused Instead it was a great way to combine our interests my love of reading and his interest in minecraft ,It was a great book to read in parts too We would have to stop for periods of time and we could read so many chapters every week or so.We both enjoyed it.

  13. Good BookI choose this rating because it is a funny Book, great for kids who love minecraft I like this book because it was really funny and enjoyable I would recommend this book to a kid who likes hummer and minecraft

  14. The best parts about the book 1diary of a wimpy Steve dang awesome I loved the most creepy parts best boom bang aaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooh creeeeeeeeeeeeppppppyyyyy ssscccccaaaaaaarrrreeeeddddddyyyyyy Cccccccaaaaaaaaatttttttssssss Or naw, but yeah I loved it

  15. Diary of a reviewerThe Wimpy Steve series is awesome I really like how the Steve guy makes all the names wrong, like Underwear man and Baby goo cubes.

  16. Ahh HMkmmmmmBbbbbnNnnb hhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhjhhjjhjnnn ljjjjgggfvhvgghhhhjjjJjhhNnHHNBLHHHlhHJNGoodNiceAwesome

  17. Good becauseAwesome book about minecraft I really liked it It is about a boy that gets sucked into a real mine craft world crazy

  18. Children Read this I liked the part when the bully calls the Enderman a different name I also liked how there are actual minecraft creatures.

  19. so goodSo good I love the series pls make books Can t wait to read the next book You are guys are awesome

  20. Best book ever written It was a good bookI loved it all That is why I chose to give it a five star rating

  21. DecentOverall a simple book Works with kids, or LITTLE COUSINS I think the concept was very simple, but the book is for KIDS So it doesn t really matter, now does it

  22. Very funny lolI loved it funny even better the guy was a noob I want to read the second one lololol lol

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