Ofiary Mark Billingham Ofiary Pierwsza ofiara by a ca kowicie unieruchomiona skr powana zdana na ask zab jcy kt ry w ko cu udusi j w obskurnym pokoiku taniego hotelu To nie by o przypadkowe morderstwo lecz zbrodnia przemy lana
  • Title: Ofiary
  • Author: Mark Billingham
  • ISBN: 9788360376898
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
Ofiary Mark BillinghamPierwsza ofiara by a ca kowicie unieruchomiona, skr powana, zdana na ask zab jcy, kt ry w ko cu udusi j w obskurnym pokoiku taniego hotelu To nie by o przypadkowe morderstwo, lecz zbrodnia przemy lana i zaplanowana w najdrobniejszych szczeg ach Ofiar by gwa ciciel zwolniony niedawno z wi zienia i fakt ten bynajmniej nie sk ania policji do intensywnych poszukiwa Pierwsza ofiara by a ca kowicie unieruchomiona, skr powana, zdana na ask zab jcy, kt ry w ko cu udusi j w obskurnym pokoiku taniego hotelu To nie by o przypadkowe morderstwo, lecz zbrodnia przemy lana i zaplanowana w najdrobniejszych szczeg ach Ofiar by gwa ciciel zwolniony niedawno z wi zienia i fakt ten bynajmniej nie sk ania policji do intensywnych poszukiwa sprawcy Mimo to inspektor Thorne rozpoczyna mudne ledztwo, pod aj c tropem zab jcy bezlito nie morduj cego kolejne ofiary Dla ka dej z nich sprawca zamawia wie ce w ca odobowej kwiaciarni, w ywe oczy naigrawaj c si ze str w prawa Cho zmarli nie budz sympatii i nie zas uguj na wsp czucie, Thorne, przekonany, e ka de ludzkie ycie to bezcenny dar, pr buje powstrzyma zab jc kieruj cego si w asnym, wypaczonym poczuciem sprawiedliwo ci Inspektor pragnie te ochroni w a cicielk kwiaciarni, kt ra najprawdopodobniej wie o mordercy wi cej, ni mo na by przypuszcza.
Ofiary Mark Billingham

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    280 Mark Billingham
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  1. I read this, the third in the Tom Thorne series, in less than 48 hours a record for me Having read the past two books in the series I already was familiar with the way in which the books are laid out, with Thorne as the main character but with a strong ensemble cast behind him including Holland, as well as the new additions of Kitson and Stone Carol Chamberlain also joins in this book and looks like an interesting addition, especially given her role in the next book The Burning Girl judging by t [...]

  2. Having read the first two in this series in succession, I was looking forward to the third I really liked the first book, was kind of indifferent with the second and by the time I finished this latest book found myself wanting to get onto book 4 For those that maybe haven t read the series, the lead character is DI Tom Thorne a man with a cat called Elvis who supports Spurs and who is obsessed with his very outdated CD collection I think the majority of fans love Tom Thorne and I have to say tha [...]

  3. Someone is killing convicted rapists on their released from prison Tom Thorne and his team have a very nasty serial killer on their hands But not to worry, they re only killing vicious trash after allen t they Tom forgots the most important thing about looking into the abyssmetimes it looks back at you.Brilliant novel Highly recommended.

  4. LAZYBONES Police Proc Tom Thorne England Cont VGBillingham, Mark 3rd in seriesLittle, Brown, 2003, UK Hardcover ISBN 0316724939First Sentence 13 March Dearest Dougie, I m sorry about this being another typed letter, but as I explained before, it s difficult for me to write to you from home, so I do it at work when the boss isn t looking, or in my lunch hour like today or whatever When the brutally murdered body of an ex con, just released for rape, is found, DI Tom Thorne and his fellow officers [...]

  5. This is the third Thorne novel, following on from Sleephead and Scaredy Cat A body is found in a cheap hotel, kneeling on a mattress, hooded and strangled Shortly afterwards a florist, Eve Bloom, calls someone has ordered a wreath The victim turns out to be a rapist, who was recently released from prison During the last three months of his sentence he had received letters from a killer, pretending to be a woman romantically interested in him Before long the killer has struck again and some peopl [...]

  6. Mark Billingham has to be right up there with the best crime writers This is only the second of his books I have read I can t remember the last one, but I will certainly read If you like your leading characters to be normal like most of us who make up the bulk of Joe Public, then you ll be pleased to know that DI Tony Thorne is just like us, as are most of the cops in his department DI Thorne is not one of your Maigret policemen, or cunningly intuitive like Sherlock Holmes, but works hard at so [...]

  7. Chosen part of a series.All a bit silly this one A recently released from jail rapist is found in a shabby london hotel room, dead, bound and raped Intertwined is a story from the past told in reverse order a couple of pages at a time of a woman who is raped in 70s but the perpretator is not found guilty The husband of the victim is slowly convinced that she meant to sleep with him and kills her and herself, leaving two kids.DI thorne is his usual shambolic self and sets out ot solve the crime, [...]

  8. Taken from Fantastic Fiction Someone a woman or somebody pretending to be a woman, is writing to convicted rapists in prison, befriending them and then brutally killing them when they are released DI Tom Thorne must discover the link between these killings and a murder suicide that took place twenty five years before a tragedy to which the only witnesses were two small children, now adults and nowhere to be found How can you escape a past that will do a lot than just catch up with you And how c [...]

  9. One doesn t read crime fiction to better understand the universe but rather as an escape from it Why then would Mark Billingham spend greater than half the novel navel gazing, with hero Thorne at a loss for what to do Even better, why set up a conventional plot line and then bore me for a hundred pages prior to its denouement Absolutely a waste of space Thorne does have promise as a character, however So, two stars instead of one The only Lazy Bones here was the writer.

  10. Nearer 3.5 but at times I felt like drifting off with the padding he inserts I suppose it s relevant to learn about the private lives of the characters but it seemed like half the book was like this I enjoy the Englishness of the writing and that Tom Thorne is not a supercop as you often find in many other detective books, particularly American ones Not bad, but not brilliant.

  11. Another good read in the series of D.I.Thorne, each getting exciting This series is not only about murder cases but about the lives of the police officers involved It explores the highs and the lows and how work impacts on their own relationship.

  12. Probably my favourite of the Thorne books so far Great to see Thorne out of his comfort zone, living rough and swigging Special Brew as he goes under cover to catch a killer.

  13. Another excellent book by Mark Billingham Read it a few years ago Now listening to the Audible Narrated by Robert Glenister.

  14. I found the first Thorne book fairly silly in concept and riddled with too many tropes Years later, needing a break from swapping between Stuart Macbride Jo Nesbo, I decided to see if book 2 was any better Scardycat felt like a soft reset and I found myself enjoying it enough that I picked up book 3 soon after While Thorne doesn t match either McRae or Hole for me, Lazybones firmly establishes the series as entertaining and worth a look.Tropes and predictable turns don t bother me too much so lo [...]

  15. This is my first novel by the author although it is the third in the Tom Thorne series Picked the book up as part of a box of mysteries and thrillers I bought at a sale Basically it is a police procedural with a few thriller elements thrown in Raises a philosophical problem many law enforcement people face how much should they care when the victims are bad guys It s a question most will not answer publically but cops I ve talked to , do think about it.The Great Brittan setting is a refreshing br [...]

  16. Lazy Bones hasn t aged very well Almost a decade ago the adventures of Detective Inspector Tom Thorne were gritty and edgy, an English crime fighter, angry at the world, disillusioned and committed to his job in equal measures Yet now the portrayal of Thorne seems stereotypically British, a grumpy and moaning copper The plot is somewhat predictable, although there are a few cards up Billingham s sleeve, which are produced in the final fifth as per genre standards Pitfalls aside, Lazy Bones is an [...]

  17. For starters, I d say it was a pretty refreshing read The plot, although not entirely unique in the expanse amount of literature present today, was written in a manner that depicted the feelings of the characters very clearly Taking the phase as an example where a part of the book got very slow and boring due to the fact that the investigations had no direction whatsoever, allowing me to feel the exact frustration and tension the characters were undergoing And then came the leads and the cliffha [...]

  18. I m not sure that I love these stories I can t remember who all of the recurring characters are and what their back stories are which is unusual for me , the language in the challenges me I think it s a specific cadence that isn t present in every story set in London and there is slang I m unfamiliar with , and I waver between liking Tom and rooting for the killer to take him out.I m probably going to read the next one because keeps telling me that in the series are like other books I ve really [...]

  19. The third in the Tom Thorne series was a really good roller coaster of a police procedural The story creates a dilemma within the met police squad in which Thorne is DI as convicted rapists on release from prison are horrifically murdered There is little sympathy from Thorne or his colleagues but it creates a moral problem.Lots of twists and turns so I won t say any suffice to say that I will be looking for book 4 very soon.

  20. This is the third book in the Tom Thorne series Tom is investigating the case of several murders of rapists This is my favourite book of the series so far.Once again, I enjoyed reading about Tom I really like this character We also get to know about Holland as well and we get to see how the friendship between Holland and Tom is developing.

  21. Thorne investigates a series of murders and also finds love Excellent investigation that becomes personal.

  22. After watching the Thorne series, I was pleased to pick up and read these books While there are lots of clues as to how it will all go down, it is both entertaining and gripping.

  23. First book of his I ve read and really enjoyed it clever storyline, interesting characters and quite gripping

  24. I want to give this book two ratings First I want to give the majority of the book three stars, but then I want to give the climactic ending Five Stars I think that that is the best way that I can describe it From what I can remember of my reviews for the previous books, I said that Thorne lacked that stand out factor, that it was just another police procedural And to be honest, this book has not changed my mind but the ending, oh Gods the ending, that was brilliantly done, that was unique, that [...]

  25. I ll say from the get go that at no point did I think this title was appropriate at all The phrase lazy bones was mentioned once I think and it had nothing to do with anything It s entirely possible I missed the point, but I thought this was poorly titled.Luckily, this book was excellent in every other way I ve not read the two books that proceed this one Scaredy Cat and Sleepyhead so I wasn t familiar with the character of Detective Inspector Tom Thorne Luckily, unlike the worst mystery novel I [...]

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