3 (Modern Erotic Classics) Julie Hilden Modern Erotic Classics What s the greatest sacrifice you would make for love Maya and Ilan have an unusual marriage Maya will tolerate Ilan s chronic infidelity as long as he includes her in the affairs Initially Maya find
  • Title: 3 (Modern Erotic Classics)
  • Author: Julie Hilden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
3 (Modern Erotic Classics) Julie HildenWhat s the greatest sacrifice you would make for love Maya and Ilan have an unusual marriage Maya will tolerate Ilan s chronic infidelity as long as he includes her in the affairs Initially, Maya finds these unorthodox threesomes as arousing as they are disturbing but when her writing career takes off and she becomes independent, Ilan feels threatened, and opts foWhat s the greatest sacrifice you would make for love Maya and Ilan have an unusual marriage Maya will tolerate Ilan s chronic infidelity as long as he includes her in the affairs Initially, Maya finds these unorthodox threesomes as arousing as they are disturbing but when her writing career takes off and she becomes independent, Ilan feels threatened, and opts for sexual experimentation of another kind one that plays on Maya s fear and ultimately threatens her life.Meanwhile, Maya is drawn into a relationship with a fateful third character When her new liaison begins to mirror her marriage to Ilan, Maya discovers that her lover, seemingly a stranger, knows far about her past than she has revealed.Brave, daring and deeply erotic 3 is a compelling chronicle of obsession and power Julie Hilden does what few writers can dare to 3 is smart, sexy, strange and impossible to put down Dani Shapiro
3 (Modern Erotic Classics) Julie Hilden

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  1. I have always wondered when reading a book that indulges in some sexual gymnastics or kink or whatever, just how much the author separates him or herself from the contents Is the activity something they have experienced, always wanted to, frowned upon So when I saw this book mentioned on Julie Hilden s bio on her column at verdict.justia , a very interesting blog related to court decisions, my eyebrows shot up and I had to scrape them off the ceiling Hilden graduated from Harvard and Yale Law Sc [...]

  2. This book is both beautiful, and disturbing I will tell you up front that this is definitely not for the faint of heart Most of the depictions are extremely graphic, which makes the gut wrenching scenes even so.There are two central themes here, and they are sex and obsession The title implies that the central focus is threesomes, but this subject actually takes up a negligible amount of the book Actually, threesomes are only the beginning Soon, the intimate life of the main characters, Maya an [...]

  3. I ve just finished and 5 stars is the only rating i can even consider.The blurb on the back of the book or less tells you the storyline, but what it doesn t tell you is this is written in first person POV which makes everything starkly intimate The writing is lyrical and sparse not over laced with decription, but this makes it also lush and emotive As the relationship between Maya and her husband Ilan unfolds the reader is taken on a dark and dangerous journey filled with obsession and control, [...]

  4. Page 35 I believe people betray themselves So here to our flaws, the beginning of our own little tragedies, our fractured lives.

  5. Three by Julie Hilden is disturbing yet erotic As the central couple, Maya and Ilan, travel through and negotiate the sexual rules of their marriage, the power balance queasily shifts Newly wed Maya sets out to please her husband physically, he being the sexually experienced of the two, and finds within herself a need to be controlled She becomes a participant in Ilan s philandering through her involvement in the threesomes he arranges on condition the women involved resemble Maya herself When [...]

  6. From the book s description, I anticipated a potentially engaging story about an open marriage I did not expect a complex, gripping story about sex, obsession, and threesomes within an unorthodox marriage relationship.Julie Hilden creates interesting and multifaceted characters that pull the reader into this intriguing story Successfully using a first person voice, Hilden tells this story through Maya s viewpoint and presents the reader with a fascinating look at her relationship with her husban [...]

  7. It wasn t so much dislike that made me give this only one star It was disinterest There was an interesting hook to start the book a woman catching her husband with another woman Okay, I m intrigued And back cover copy told me that said wife would agree to an open marriage of sorts That s why I picked it up The author has already won me halfway over because I picked up the book But, it takes than that to keep me interested The prose was written well The book had a literary look and feel to it A [...]

  8. the American Story of O, Hilden s work, transported to upscale New York City and Yalies, is tightly written and demonstrates an artist s ability for twist of plot narration representing a year s work of effort and refinement through the generally regarded as rigorous MFA process, Three is a return on investment for time and money on the part of the reader not everyone reads erotica, but if you are a reader willing to read a book in the genre, Hilden advances her specialty, and the stepping stone [...]

  9. This book was good enough to get me through an hour long wait at the doctor s office, but I didn t think it was worth much than that The characters are easily to dislike and not easy to understand and I say this as someone who enjoyed The Story of O The reader doesn t ever fully understand the female character s obsession with this man, who frankly sounds obnoxious, controlling in a non sexy way, and doesn t even come off as very intelligent The woman comes off as weak and totally helpless befo [...]

  10. its a good read very easy and open its at times alot self asbsorbing, the maya character is greatly explored but she is very confused, and needy it kidn of sums up the scars that are left from broken childhoods that this modern society has to suffer in the forms of dperession,slef abuse and sexual excess ilan tries to fulfill his need for intimacy by sex, where he can control women, to compensate for the utter lack of control he felt when his mum was ill maya in turn craves the devotion that was [...]

  11. I was first a little pissed at this book, my friend gave it to me because she said it was crazy and hard to read However, I found it to be the opposite What made me mad was the fact that she chose to stay for all the foolery and fuckery in the story, however, if she would have left then there wouldn t have been a story I thought I had the whole thing figured out and then I got a surprise and couldn t wait to hit the end of the book If you don t mind kinky stories then you nay find this interesti [...]

  12. It s a very nihilistic take on Story of O.The lead character, Maya, was never truly invested in what was going on b w her husband and her She just floated along until her husband committed suicide.Yet, even her husband s suicide did not immediately activate her awakening It takes her to almost being killed to do that.Would not recommend if one is interested in a softer read It s very very depressing

  13. This book is almost impossible to rate I read it years ago, yet it still stays with me in some ways It must have had some impact on me, right I can honestly say that I ve never read a book like this one It s all sorts of messed up, dark, confused and completely implausible Yet, I m ok with all of that in fiction If you want to try something different and are ready to let your judgements go, then try out 3.

  14. Interesting premise sexual obsession, suicide, fantasies but I couldn t get past the choppy, dispassionate prose Couldn t figure out if it was stylistic or just bad writing Guess that means it was bad Too much SM to make it appealing to me.

  15. Hmm what can I say about this one beautiful but disturbing story the husband did all the choices she did none a fair warning this book might not be for everyone I thought it made an interesting read.

  16. Not what I expected An open marriage is not what these people had The husband made all the choices, the wife none How could that be considered open It was a story of obsession and overbearing control Yuck.

  17. I absolutely loved this book One of my favorites by far, I happened to stumble upon this book not knowing what I was getting myself into, and fell in love A very well written novel, and a very sexual one, surprisingly enough Please this is a must read

  18. You remember that time you suggested to your partner that you wouldn t mind a threesome Well sometimes it s not all wine and roses This is sexy, dangerous and provocative Julie Hilden is great fun and very sexy and thrilling at the same time.

  19. Had this for a while.Ghought it was well written and very atmospherict terribly believable though

  20. Erotic story of blood play, suicide, narcissism, threesomes, and It is a quick and interesting read if you like things a bit edgy.

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