Shark Will Self Shark May th A week earlier President Nixon has ordered American ground forces into Cambodia to pursue the Vietcong By the end of the day four students will be shot dead by the National Guards in the
  • Title: Shark
  • Author: Will Self
  • ISBN: 9780802123107
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
Shark Will SelfMay 4th, 1970 A week earlier President Nixon has ordered American ground forces into Cambodia to pursue the Vietcong By the end of the day four students will be shot dead by the National Guards in the grounds of Kent State University On the other side of the Atlantic, it s a brilliant sunny morning after an April of heavy rain, and at the Concept House therapeutic comMay 4th, 1970 A week earlier President Nixon has ordered American ground forces into Cambodia to pursue the Vietcong By the end of the day four students will be shot dead by the National Guards in the grounds of Kent State University On the other side of the Atlantic, it s a brilliant sunny morning after an April of heavy rain, and at the Concept House therapeutic community he has set up in the London suburb of Willesden, maverick psychiatrist Dr Zack Busner has been tricked into joining a decidedly ill advised LSD trip with several of its disturbed residents Five years later, sitting in a nearby cinema watching Steven Spielberg s Jaws, Busner realizes the true nature of the events that transpired on that dread soaked day, when a survivor of the worst disaster in the US Navy s history the sinking of the USS Indianapolis came face to face with the British Royal Air Force observer on the Enola Gay s mission to bomb Hiroshima.Set a year before the action of his Booker shortlisted Umbrella, Will Self s new novel Shark continues its exploration of the complex relationship between human psychopathology and human technological progress.
Shark Will Self

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  1. What do the movie Jaws, the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and the sinking of the USS Indianapolis followed by the loss of over 500 of the surviving sailors who were eaten by sharks have to do with one another Find out in Will Self s follow up to the fantastic Umbrella Told in a constant current of prose the whole novel is one, 466 page paragraph that flotsams from one stream of the consciousness to the next, Shark is an impossible to synopsize well, just incredibly difficult but tightly plotted a [...]

  2. A dazzling and maddening soup of full fanged characters, rampaging inner lives, and complex skeins of thought and discourse at once clear headed and torturous, blissful and painful Shark is a stupendous and traumatic achievement Summarising this intellectually rigorous novel is best left to the experts.

  3. Can t wait for Will to get this shit out his system so he can go back to writing good stuff people can understand.Also never, NEVER call someone a genius if they write something you don t enjoy or can t understand, idiot What the fuck is genius about that Did you know I was a genius Yeah I wrote this sj.rfwebvgywelnirgvn oecgeghsn,fgnksugtvlo5nwcgnekghaverlighvenpw5ghwsgkhvelrsvlewiSend my award to Leo Robertson, Norway There s only one of me here and they all know me so they ll know how to get [...]

  4. This is much It is It really is Not as tight as its precursor, Umbrella, but still within the D, right below the hoop Yet not such a slam dunk for many goodly Goodreaders with impeccable taste who have opted to jump the Shark Why so Well, there are a few rubbish bits Let s consider those first, you shameless Self heretics In the olden days, Self brandished his vocabulary like a burnished sword and it became a distinct barrier to entry for most I don t think he does that any I really don t Bear w [...]

  5. Let me be frank here I guess I am a fuddy duddy traditionalist who likes her novels with a plot, characters she can recognize, and maybe some coherent storytelling The book s description was intriguing, the style was one I haven t had much experience in only done a minimum of Joyce and other stream of consciousness writers , so I thought it was high time to try something new Wow What a waste of 400 pages.If merely dragging you, the reader, down to the depths of human pettiness, misery and despai [...]

  6. You din t want any paragraphs anyway, didja, me tidgy didgeridoo No paras, no chapters, not even any section breaks none of that codswallop to slow down the inexorable advance of the beast just one great honking wodge of undifferentiated text, set off only by lots of ellipses and em dashes and the like sometimes both together and by occasional random seeming emphases Shark s got to keep moving or die, mate can t think a wink in between the blitz quick bits of time and space and split perspective [...]

  7. This slipstream of acid consciousness allegory is a goof if you ve ever ventured into the deep end of the lysergic Eternity Pool See Set Setting, Mirror Avoidance, Temporal Witchery, etc But the vast majority of readers wisely are likely to have skipped out on Albert Hofmann s mind scrambling and tremendously unstable compound, which probably renders Self s latest doorstop as maddeningly inconsequential as, say, Finnegans sic Wake Whatever your chemical background, the head scratching errors Sel [...]

  8. Life is too important to be taken seriously Oscar Wilde 1854 1900 Shark 2014 is the colorful and sparkling sequel to Umbrella authored by British journalist columnist novelist Will Self It was quite a unique experience to become acquainted with Self s authorship Self is known for writing in parallel universe a sort of alternative fiction though this style isn t like science fiction, horror core, supernatural, or of the vampire underworld Shark is a spoof on modern psychology psychiatry I would a [...]

  9. Like Jaws, but without the shark I loved it, even though it s let down a bit by the ending, as usual with Will Written in the modernist style of say Virginia Woolf, as was his last book, Shark is one gargantuan paragraph, no chapters, no breaks, no speech marks Its essentially a stream of conscious that jumps from one character to another and across different time periods Give it a go, its not for everyone, but I found it easy to tell who was speaking each time the narrative jumped Even when its [...]

  10. This book is in part about how dangerous it can be to elide the difference between mad and not mad the framing plot in so far as there is one this is to some extent a rebellion against plot is about the potential damage from leaving the lunatics to run the asylum More generously, it s about the importance of giving care.But then, it s not so simple as that the book focuses on individual traumas that stem from collective acts of violence Like Umbrella, this is a book about the monstrous, dehumani [...]

  11. win Will read and review once received.I was really happy when I found out I won this book When it came in the mail I couldn t help but start to read it right away The book was quite interesting and definitely not something I usually read I loved the way the author had with words and writing of the story This book was weird, strange and at the same time a joy to read.

  12. I was so excited to win this book through First Reads and really wanted to like it to give the publishers some bang for their buck Unfortunately I couldn t get through it The stream of consciousness narration was too much for me It s possible I m one of those people who just can t appreciate this style of writing I didn t even like Virginia Woolf In any case, not for me.

  13. Stunning A chore to read aloud, obviously But just stunningly crafted and otherwise mostly stunning.

  14. These recent Will Self books are a lot easier to read than they seem at first Shark isn t quite as good as Umbrella, mainly due to the ill advised ending where Self jumps the shark with 6 7 pages of fragmented, unattributed stream of consciousness that adds nothing to the narrative Other than that it s great.

  15. This was good, absorbing It took 18 hours through audible, and at times, it was difficult to pick up the rhythm But this was a smart, tough, angry book, and hellish in places.

  16. In the same vein as Umbrella but better, although that may merely reflect my preference for contemporary settings.

  17. I m not entirely sure what the difference is between Self s new Modernist style here in Shark and it s premiere in Umbrella Whatever it is, it works for me here while it just put me off Umbrella Of course, it could be that the multiple story arcs entwined in Shark just held appeal to me than it did in Umbrella, but whatever the case, it works.We rejoin Umbrella s avant therapist Zack Busner again here, but even the most recent episodes of his life here happen I think earlier than in Umbrella He [...]

  18. I struggled through Will Self s book Umbrella, which tells the story of disillusioned psychiatrist, Zack Busner, and his patient Audrey Death It flitted between the 1970s and the exploits of members of the Death family in WW1 Shark overlaps with that book, with an earlier version of Zack Busner working in an experimental, RD Laing inspired commune of psychiatric patients Intertwined with this is the back story of one of the patients, an American serviceman who survives the sinking of USS Indiana [...]

  19. The ongoing or not professional experiments of Zack Busner or otherwise wrapped in stream of consciousness style around the past present future lives of the De Aths, Michael Lincoln, Claude Evenrude, and amongst others, the film Jaws and all the actors and malfunctioning models.If you ve powered through the predecessor novel Umbrella , prepare for a shock Shark is denser, darker, complex It opens in the middle of a sentence and doesn t stop for anything as trivial as, say, paragraphs In the gra [...]

  20. For sale one slightly used copy of Will Self s Shark Yikes, is this hot mess of a book a slog to get through It s one continuous paragraph that runs on and on for 466 pages with no breaks, all in a randomly punctuated stream of consciousness style that omits such extraneous details as time, location, or which character s voice might be narrating at any given moment I m not averse to avant garde postmodern writers I m a huge fan of David Foster Wallace but this book jumped the shark I keep pickin [...]

  21. I won this as a First Read on.I thought the book was awful.I felt guilty but I could not finish reading it,which is a sign of how much I disliked it.Even when I am not enjoying a book too much I will always finish it as sometimes it improves.This book is so bad,I couldn t waste another minute on it.I do feel bad when I give a bad review ,as I can t begin to imagine how difficult it is to write a book but we win these books to give an honest review.I found the writing style chaotic and muddled.An [...]

  22. Are Jeanie and Genie two different people I spent most of the book thinking they were the same person, but then something happened that made me question this Then I read a review that made out they were two different people.The narrative switches from character to character without warning so sometimes I would find myself imagining a scene with one character in it only to discover that the scene had switched a paragraph or two in to it So basically it s not my fault I thought they were the same [...]

  23. Thank Jeebus that s over I wanted to gouge my own eyes out there.I ve had a revelation a good way to measure books is by how many mistakes made it into print Think about it, it means the proof readers were bored as fuck and not concentrating I spotted at least 5 glaring errors and I definitely wasn t concentrating the whole time.466 pages, 1 chapter, 1 paragraph, little punctuation to help you work out when people were speaking, or which character it was, or even whether it was past present or f [...]

  24. I couldn t cope with reading this book as it has no punctuation or chapters.I listened to it through the library It has some deeply troubling passages a sinking American ship in Ww2 and an abusive relationship between mother and daughter who subsequently becomes a drug addict It s worth sticking with it ,one of Selfs best.This book questions the fashionable anti psychiatry movement of the 70 s,the way technology and war combine.Borrowed it from Librarieswest OneClick Digital,audiobooks.The first [...]

  25. Dr Zack Busner reflects on life in the Concept House and his interactions with the female residents, The Creep, and next door neighborsJeanie s chaotic, sad and often violent childhood upbringing is given focusGenie attends a nuclear protest with her seemingly ageless motherCreep remembers sinking of his ship and a lot of other things theft of lifejacket, his father, nuthouse pharmaceuticals Morning breakfast at Concept House with Busner trying to figure out who where of mysterious letter delive [...]

  26. This, along with Umbrella, aren t books meant for readers who want to understand the entirety of a book s meaning the first time through, or even the third This means readers who expect to be on completely solid footing every step of the way will likely give up early.But here s some advice buy the Audible versions, which are both performed very well, and read along with the text Suddenly the lack of paragraphs or quote attribution are no longer problems You ll enjoy the book much that way, and [...]

  27. The second of Will Self s forays into stream of conciousness style writing, Shark acts as a prequel of sorts to his first, Umbrella Unfortunately, however, it didn t work as well for me For every part that was brilliantly entertaining or totally engrossing, there would be a section that would leave me wishing he would just get it over with or at least hurry up and get on with Both stylistically and narrative wise, I think the ideas for this book were better than the actual execution I am, howeve [...]

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