Ruins Dan Wells Ruins New York Times BestsellerKira Samm and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and humans in the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence a series that combines the thrillin
  • Title: Ruins
  • Author: Dan Wells
  • ISBN: 9780062295286
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
Ruins Dan WellsNew York Times BestsellerKira, Samm, and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and humans in the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence, a series that combines the thrilling action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Blade Runner and The Stand.There is no avoiding it the war to decide the fate of both humans and Partials is at hNew York Times BestsellerKira, Samm, and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and humans in the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence, a series that combines the thrilling action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Blade Runner and The Stand.There is no avoiding it the war to decide the fate of both humans and Partials is at hand Both sides hold in their possession a weapon that could destroy the other, and Kira Walker has precious little time to prevent that from happening She has one chance to save both species and the world with them, but it will only come at great personal cost.
Ruins Dan Wells

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  1. War, Blood, Death This is dystopia.Ruins achieved everything Allegiant and Mockingjay failed to deliver as trilogy enders THIS is how you end a series I ve said it before and I ll say it again, The Partials Sequence is one of the most underrated recent YA science fiction and dystopian series today Dan Wells is a great story teller and an excellent world builder, and he never disappointed me throughout the three books four, if you count the Isolation novelette.Before I started the first chapter o [...]

  2. 2.5 stars SpoilersMeh, I was bored through a lot of it, the plot and majority of the characters didn t capture my attention until well into the second half There were a few too many parts that were dragged out, generic, and predictable Summary Partials and humans still dying and at war Everyone desperate to save their own species humans trying to find a cure for RM and partials want to find a way to stop their expiration date The beginning was slow and uninteresting, and all the various POV s ma [...]

  3. Fairly satisfying end to the series, still focusing on the ethics of the situations than little things like action, but that s fine because the tension is all right there for us The reveals really came to a nice head in this one, with serious choices needing to be made, and it really isn t all about the nuke in the background or even in the foreground.It s about whether either species should continue to live, whether all the species could be considered one, or, as everyone else seems to think, [...]

  4. While i loved this series as a whole, i find this specific book a bit disappointing.The world building we found in the previous books is consistent Dan Wells is master of atmosphere The depicting was so genuine that at times i had memories of places i have never saw in real life Amazing.There is also a philosophical aspect of this series The musings about humanity, the age old question of what makes us human , consequences of playing god, all this introduced as someones monologue or a side tough [...]

  5. Read for the 2015 Reading Challenge 11 A book with a one word title 4.5 Dan Wells took away the political and scientific plot lines we had in the first two books and completly embraced an emocional one in the middle of chaos and destruction and if that is not worth of acclaim, then nothing is Both Partials and Humans are way too far away from the definition of people , with the hopelessness that neither of them will survive, they have tilted to revenge and extreme solutions This trilogy has the [...]

  6. I can t believe that I am giving this book a 1 star review but here it is The book fell flat on its face and never got up I admit that after 60% of the way I was just skimming because I was incredibly bore The plot was a convoluted mess and all the different POV s got confusing and annoying This book could have been 200 pages shorter if all the excess had been cut out I also just don t buy that Kira, a teenager, would outsmart scientist with decades of experience, and figure out the cure and mak [...]

  7. RuinsBook 3 of the Partials SequenceBy Dan WellsA Review by Eric AllenI had a great deal of expectation coming into this book I expected it to be yet another example of why Dan Wells is one of my favorite authors And I was not disappointed Ruins finishes out the Partials trilogy, tying up many loose ends, and leaving a few loose to keep you thinking about it after you ve finished If you re not familiar with the works of Dan Wells, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of I Am Not a Serial Killer [...]

  8. This is a pretty decent conclusion.The series brings up many questions and mysteries and I feel like almost all of them were answered and explained However, there are some aspects that I m still fuzzy on.I liked how everything wrapped up and I am happy with the ending This series focuses on the question what does it mean to be human and deals with morality and approaches many situations from a psychological view There are definitely heavy themes introduced and I enjoyed how those tie in with a [...]

  9. A fantastic ending to the gripping trilogy about life at the end of the world Hearing the numbers here really freaked me out A few thousand humans left in the entire world Two hundred thousand Partials super soldiers built by humans, now turned into the human race s enemies , and their self destruct is about to go boom A bare handful of people know how to save everyone, but they have to cross wastelands and fight genetically modified enemies and even then, they don t know if it will work This i [...]

  10. Love is when you have the opportunity of turning someone s feelings or trust or vulnerability against them, but you don t You make promises you don t want to keep, but you keep them because they re right you help people who can t help you back Samm, Page 271.That quote alone makes me love this book It was full of action and suspense, I was on the edge of my seat multiple times, the characters, oh my god, the characters are awesome Dan wells is a master at story telling and building relationships [...]

  11. I wonder what the tittle will be First Partials then Fragments what could be next SEGMENTS maybe Update Ruins Really That s the title It doesn t really go with the partials pieces things I guess it does in a way Oh well I guess i ll just have to suck it up and deal with it I m probably going to love it anyway Update Still no darn release date Really Come on man

  12. Muy buen final, muy emocionante y con mucha acci n.Para mi gusto le falt un epilogo y algunos hilitos me quedaron sueltos, pero me encant y emocion mil veces, no pued restarle puntos por eso

  13. Best of the series Loved how it ended The idea of gene mods is fascinating as is the idea of sensing moods and intentions through pheromones Wow the father figure was creepy Still shuddering just thinking of him.

  14. This is a really good ending to a great series Plot So the plot moves a bit slow in the beginning but thats because the reader is getting caught up on what is happening after the second book After that, its takes off into lots of action and drama Every little detail is explain nicely and carried into the new chapter well I don t think there is ever a dull moment in the book.Love Friendship We do get point of views from Kira as well as Sam and a few other characters Each point of view is well don [...]

  15. No spoilers I really enjoyed this conclusion to the series There was a good amount of action throughout to keep me wanting to read on apart from a couple of places when they were travelling When they are travelling there just seems to be pages of just uninterrupted description sometimes and it just makes me lose interest a bit.One thing I really appreciated was not knowing what was going to happen There are many times when reading that I can guess what is coming, but so many things happened that [...]

  16. WELL I feel accomplished having finished this even though, I, umally didn t like Ruins This trilogy went steadily downhill for me I was totally lured in by the unique premise and the hilarious characters, but s not character driven NOT AT ALL It s plot driven It s about disease and peace and war, which I didn t really connect to I basically wanted to skim this book I was full of dry monologues between characters I don t care about I JUST WANT TO KNOW ABOUT KIRA AND SAMM AND MARCUS So consider me [...]

  17. Warning Minor Spoilers Ahead.Fear is only as deep as the mind allows Japanese proverbDan Wells completes me The man also scares me since he is not kind to his characters This fear was further cemented after reading the dedication page This book is dedicated to everybody you hate Sorry Life s like that sometimes Whaaa Mind games, man Mind games I was ready to curl up into a fetal position after that But no, it was a great ending to a great series At least it was for me because I got what I wanted [...]

  18. I ll start by saying I m a fan of Dan Wells, I really enjoy his style and the sense of humour and fierce determination he brings out in some of his characters Unfortunately that wasn t enough for me to rate this higher than 3 stars While I loved the first two entries in this series, both receiving 5 star ratings from me, I couldn t help being rather underwhelmed by its conclusion.In Fragments I enjoyed the introduction of additional POVs, here I felt the numerous POVs chopped the story up into t [...]

  19. Wow This has to be in my top 5 all time favorite dystopian series ever The battle of the partials and the humans comes to a head, people die, struggles and challenges happen Kira is our true heroine and will it be Samm or Marcus who wins her heart Or maybe both Will she find her father Will she find her purpose Does she truly have one Can we all just get along The answers are coming and I won t give them away here The world building was just amazing and it felt so very real to me Isn t that what [...]

  20. view spoiler PlotPicking up where Fragments left off, Kira is in the hands of Dr Morgan, who runs a series of painful tests on her in the hopes of finding the cure for Partial expiration When that amounts to nothing, Kira decides run off on her own and go looking for the other Partial factions in the hopes of bringing them together to test her ingenious theory for the cure if the Partials breathe out the cure to RM, then maybe the humans breathe out the cure for expiration Incredible It s so sim [...]

  21. This is the third book in a Young Adult dystopian trilogy called Partials Sequence I loved the whole premise of this trilogy because it was new and different and it also posed some great philosophical questions I always love when a book promotes food for thought The characters seemed to be on a frantic search to save themselves, both the humans and the super soldiers in the second book, and that was still the main theme for the third one They would think they had it figured out, but then noen th [...]

  22. MORE MORE P.S I love that book The third and final book in Partials Sequence trilogy, oh boy oh boy I was so excited I literary marathoned this series THE WORLD The world gets even interesting in this book Besides the Island where humans live we finally get a look at the partials everyday life and their cities It was crazy really, very military but I loved it And also we have war in progress with partials invading human territory and all rebels and all and just yeah wow It is a pretty awesome w [...]

  23. A n no se que calificaci n darle Estoy un poco indecisa Todo el comienzo del libro me result bastante aburrido y muy dif cil de encontrarle el ritmo, sin embargo estos ltimos cap tulos, a pesar de no haber valido 100% la pena, fueron gratificantes y la historia deja una linda moraleja sobre el racismo, la segregaci n y otros problemas bastante presentes en la sociedad estadounidense de hoy en d a M s all de eso, me agradaba m s la historia cuando predominaba lo distopico a la ciencia ficci n En [...]

  24. Le do para el 2015 Reading Challenge 11 Un libro con una palabra por t tuloYA LO TENGO YA LO TENGO YA LO TENGO la cosa es que ahora no s si volver a leer partials por 3ra vez ser a y fragments por 2nda Que dif cil me la veo.

  25. It took me nearly 2 months to get through the first too books Got through this one in less than 24 hours.Content language and violence

  26. OH WHY OH FRIGGEN WHY I WANT THE THIRD BOOK NOW Kill me please sigh I totally called it with Samm and Kira and I just loved that part I WANT TO CRY AND CRY AND CRY CRY AND CRY AND CRY CRY AND CRY AND CRY

  27. Oh thanks God Love you Dan Wells for giving us a happy ending I m proud of you as a reader But I m also thorn between a 4 and a 5 star While I loved the ending, there was so much I would have wanted I might start off from the dedication This books is dedicated to everybody you hate Sorry Life s like that sometimes You threw me off That was the truest thing I read in a long time PlotIt kind of moved slowly in the beginning For the finale of a trilogy I usually prepare myself for a heart wrenchin [...]

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