Last of the Season Holley Trent Last of the Season A paranormal romance novella from the author of The Problem with Paddy Hestia s curse bound Simone Bristol to the Hearth Motel Just when she thinks she can make her escape and pick up the pieces of he
  • Title: Last of the Season
  • Author: Holley Trent
  • ISBN: 9781301847891
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
Last of the Season Holley TrentA paranormal romance novella from the author of The Problem with Paddy.Hestia s curse bound Simone Bristol to the Hearth Motel Just when she thinks she can make her escape and pick up the pieces of her old life, the fates send her a curve ball in the form of a gang of s dhe bikers one of whom claims to be her fated mate.
Last of the Season Holley Trent

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  1. I really, really enjoyed this book I was scrolling down the pages I received a PDF version as fast as I could because I wanted to know what would happen next So, in the Prince in Leather the title is to be taken quite literally We have a young woman named Simone who gets saddled with misfortune due to some nasty and quite tricky relatives She just wants freedom She wants to go back to her old life, but it is definitely not in the cards for her Not a minute before she can get her freedom back, a [...]

  2. This is slightly spoilerish, but I think it s something readers should know before starting this book because if I d know this aspect was in the book, I probably would ve pass on it The main characters engage in threesome activity, which is fine for others to read, but I just don t enjoy that type of thing it diminishes the connection between the main characters for me, so I tend to stay away from book that type of thing Also, it was a weird threesome, the guy felt like a creeper to me, so after [...]

  3. Holley Trent has become one of my favorite authors because of series like Afotama and Shrew that have strong women who are smart, independent and caring, much as Simone in this book In this spinoff series opener, Trent features the leather clad Heath Horan, Sidhe Prince, and leader of a group of motorcycle riding fairies No joke Introduced in the Afotoma Legacy series as the cousin of Ollie, a half Sidhe chieftain mate of the Afotama Queen Tess, Heath has been a trusted ally to the Afotoma In He [...]

  4. This is the first book in the Hearth Motel series Simone Bristol has been cursed to stay in the rundown beach motel for the past six years when she has a chance to break free of it, some visiting guests check in and she is stuck there again Heath Horan, is a S dhe prince and leader of a crew of fairy, motorcycle riding assassins who says Simone is his mate.But he also claims that her mother was a runaway from the fairy realm and that Queen Rhiannon his mother would love to see both of the women [...]

  5. So this is like a Prequel to what looks to be a promising series, we get to meet Simone and Heath and get a short glimpse into what brings them together We also get to meet various other characters that I m guessing play some kind of role in all of the magic, curses and anything else going on I would have liked a bit of an explanation but i m guessing the thorough explanations will be done in the actual first book Nice chemistry between Simone and Heath, but no explicit sexual scenes Only about [...]

  6. This book was not as good as others by this author and I got really confused at times Some of the H s actions and feelings where not that of a prosesive, protective mate Or they might have been bit I just couldn t see it And the h, I feel, didn t have enough reaction to something s, they made it seem like she s be living with that type of stuff all her life so it doesn t bother her when it had just been somewhere close to a week Even tho that stuff annoyed and confused me it was still an okay bo [...]

  7. Good oneThis found this story exciting on a variety of levels I laughed, was sad, incredulous that a fairy mom was so wicked, and upset at the way the story endedat it ended so open ended I guess there is an HEA for the couple but the story plot line just keeps going on I have read four in the series and will continue to read the rest It s a good story and I enjoy the writer s style of writing and the world she has created But she only got 4of5 cause I think there should have been to get the 5

  8. Prince in Leather by Holley Trent is a great story It is so well written and has a great cast of characters that I want to spend a lot time with in other stories A woman is cursed to operate a hotel Her life changes for the better when a group of men and women on motorcycles come to the hotel They are fairies and open up a whole new world to her She learns about her family and her own abilities I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  9. Heath and Simone are two individuals that are not aware of their destiny in the beginning Simone has been raised as a human unknown of her fairy status Heath was raised by a manipulative mother Together they angered his mother but Simone was his mate and would not give her up despite his mother Simone was placed with a curse

  10. This was a fun intro to Trent s latest series The paranormal characters are intense with interesting dynamics The idea of the main character being trapped by a magical curse passed down through the family created an interesting dynamic It was a short but well written read with entertaining humor and surprising romantic elements as well I m looking forward to

  11. One of my favorite paranormal reads in a long time I loved what the author has accomished with this storyline Even the smallest detail was addressed which made reading this book a pleasure The characters were absolutely fabulous and funny.

  12. I read this in The Masters of the Hunt Box SetAnd I couldn t finish it It was over the top which I should have guessed from the title but not clever or funny just made me roll my eyespeatedly.

  13. Good readWhat a interesting book I was a little confused about Simone mom overall found the story to be quite entertaining I really like the interaction between Simone and Heath right hand man Thom can t wait to see what else is in store for this series.

  14. Fun, quick read Looking forward to the next installment I want to know what the sidhe do when they leave the hotel.

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