Playing with Her Heart Lauren Blakely Playing with Her Heart A standalone romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren BlakelyHe s sexy sophisticated possessived my boss I m trying to resist him I swear I m good at resisting and at playing preten
  • Title: Playing with Her Heart
  • Author: Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN: 9781301290185
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
Playing with Her Heart Lauren BlakelyA standalone romance from 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren BlakelyHe s sexy, sophisticated, possessived my boss I m trying to resist him, I swear I m good at resisting, and at playing pretend too It s what I do for a living But as Davis Milo directs me in my first Broadway play, I m having a harder time pretending that I don t want him to take me OnA standalone romance from 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren BlakelyHe s sexy, sophisticated, possessived my boss I m trying to resist him, I swear I m good at resisting, and at playing pretend too It s what I do for a living But as Davis Milo directs me in my first Broadway play, I m having a harder time pretending that I don t want him to take me On the piano In the limo In the dressing room Anywhere and everywhere And the he guides me through staged kisses, the I want them to be real I damn well know the first rule of directing Never fall for your leading lady But I m captivated by her raw talent, and fighting this desire grows harder every day I spend with her Keeping things professional isn t an option I want all of her Soon we re staying late in the empty theatre, our private rehearsals spiraling into new, forbidden territory I swear I m not playing with her heart, but how can I be sure that what she feels is real, and not a part of the play
Playing with Her Heart Lauren Blakely

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  1. FREE on US today 6 23 2017 Stand alone book 5EE Playing Her HeBLURB He s sexy, sophisticated, possessived my boss I m trying to resist him, I swear I m good at resisting, and at playing pretend too It s what I do for a living But as Davis Milo directs me in my first Broadway play, I m having a harder time pretending that I don t want him to take me On the piano In the limo In the dressing room Anywhere and everywhere And the he guides me through staged kisses, the I want them to be real I dam [...]

  2. 3.5 Two Obsessed Make a Right Stars 1 2Free For Limited Time Years ago when I first started reading romance, I would troll the free books and click on what caught my attention Lauren Blakely s Caught Up in Us Caught Up in Love 1 was one of those books It was a first in a series and I remember liking it Well, years have gone by and my reading relationship with Lauren Blakely has become one of my favorites Her writing talent was clear with the first book I read and it has only gotten sharper, clea [...]

  3. THREE AND A HALF STARS Playing with her Heart is a story of growth for our heroine, Jill McCormick Landing her first broadway gig, she meets and becomes involved with her director, Davis Milo, who draws out her true self, the self that she has been hiding ever since a horrible tragedy occurred six years ago Davis teaches her how to let go of the past and of the guilt she has been carrying, allowing her to finally shine, both on and off of broadway.This was a fun read It was frustrating first get [...]

  4. Aw this was a lovely treat It makes a change that the backdrop of the story is about a broadway show.Davis is the director and having been burned in the past he promised himself he won t fall for an actress again.The first rule of directing is you don t fall for an actressThen we have Jill who is playing the understudy for the show who has been traumatised in the past Wow I loved the sexual tension between these two and there was the right amount of saucy scenes.This is one of those books where [...]

  5. ARC provided by author for an honest review For additional reviews please visit realitybites letsgetlostsThere is one thing I am very certain of after finishing Playing With Her Heart.Lauren Blakely has been holding out on us She has a sexy side and she has let it shine through in this book How you ask Two words.Davis Milo.If you look up alpha male in the dictionary, I have no doubt you would find a picture of Davis Milo He is a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it And he [...]

  6. 5 Sexual Tension Filled Stars Playing with her Heart was such a great book Lauren Blakely definitely knows how to write some pretty steamy stuff Jill McCormick has found her nitch in life She loves to act and be on stage The theatre has always been her escape A place she felt safe and free from her past A place where she felt her happiest.Something that happened in Jill s past has made falling in love with someone a thing that remains out of her reach She has placed a lock on her heart and isn t [...]

  7. This Review was posted at Angie s Dreamy Reads Sizzling, sexy, sweet and seductive A perfect romance for the hopeless romantic Lauren Blakely NEVER disappoints Angie s Dreamy ReadsOne of my favorite things about Lauren Blakely books is that I can always count on her to deliver a solid 5 star romance The woman writes incredibly They re sexy without being nasty, sweet without being corny and romantic without being cheesy The characters always crawl into my heart, pull on all the right heart string [...]

  8. This book was brilliant Absolutely loved it What made it unique was that it created sex appeal without the actual act itself at the end some lovin does happen but from the energy, dirty talk and sexual tension and connection the two characters have for one another that created physical flames my friends That is talent to generate the heat without the actual act itself.The story says it best at one pt It hits me what s happening Because he s doing it to me again He s fucking me with his words, a [...]

  9. If you have read any of Lauren Blakely s other books, you are already familiar with Jill She is the room mate of Kat in Caught Up in Us, friend to Reeve in Pretending He s Mine, and sister of Chris from Trophy Husband So it was time for Jill to get her own story Because love like that only happens when it s make believe At least, I ve always thought so Then I met Davis Milo and everything in my life changed Irrevocably.Jill just landed her almost dream job She made understudy and chorus for a ne [...]

  10. Playing With Her HeartAdult Contemporary Interrelated Standalone 3.75 starsPlaying With Her Heart by Lauren Blakely is a really hard book for me to review On one hand, I really enjoy Lauren Blakey s hot dirty talkers and unique and sweet romances But the narrators in this audiobook, especially the male narrator, completely ruined the book for me Usually I can power through a crappy narrator and get used to them, they even grow on me But in this case, Milo, the sexy, dirty talking male lead, soun [...]

  11. Wow, just wow This is without a doubt, my favorite of all of Lauren s books Compelling, almost hypnotic writing that immersed me into the story so deeply, the sizzling hotness you ve come to expect from Lauren but at an amazing new level, and wonderful characters that stay with you long after you re done reading Simply incredible You re all going to love it.

  12. Lauren Blakely is one of my go to authors when looking for a nice, romantic, sexy read I recommend her books to friends who want to try the genre, because her stories consistently deliver on all fronts they re romantic, sexy, a little drama just to keep the pages turning, but with an HEA Oh, and did I mention sexy Oh, ya So I was thrilled to be offered an ARC of Playing With Her Heart in exchange for an honest review Well, let me just say that this time, Lauren Blakely has outdone herself, and i [...]

  13. Fantastically written story that pulled me in It made me feel happy, it was compelling, and intense I loved the characters, how they developed and grew When they were playful with one another it was wonderful and when it was serious it was so emotional I loved it all I think Jill McCormick and Davis Milo are great characters From the start I m curious about both of them and their pasts Davis is drawn to Jill and her to him but they both seem to be in major denial even though the pull they have o [...]

  14. 3.5 starsWhoa whoa whoa There is to Jill McCormick than meets the eye She seems so carefree but she carries a huge baggage with her, and that kind of affects her relationships or explains why she lacks one.Jill and DavisWHOA Insta lust Davis has the charisma and charm, and it s hard not to fall in lust with him They have the connection which can only be described as explosive Major fireworks Though I do have one issue view spoiler I think they talk too much while giving each other the business [...]

  15. Playing With Her Heart, by Lauren Blakely was a thrilling read I was lucky enough to win this book after participating in a Twitter party for the release of Lauren Blakely s new book Far Too Tempting.Jill is an under study for the Broadway Show Crash The Moon She has a self deprecating sense of humor and is very gracious for the opportunity to be a part of the chorus and possibly play the star Ava for Crash The Moon Jill carries a lot of baggage with her that she hides as best she can.Davis is t [...]

  16. OH MAN THE THEATRE DIRECTOR ACTRESS TROPE WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS BOOK EARLIER.This one reminded me so much of Lucy Parker s Pretty Face Maybe the age difference wasn t as obvious here there was a lot graphic Hot Stuff, but I m definitely recommending it to everyone who loved Pretty Face because the same fun aspect was still thereE HOT STUFF THOUGH REAL HOT AND NICE SCALDING LEVEL Both Jill and Davis were likable and the secondary cast of characters were a treat especially Davis s sup [...]

  17. Lauren Blakely s Playing with Her Heart is the third book in her Caught Up In Us series and, in my opinion, it s the best one yet Blakely writes with such vivid detail that it s easy to picture the story coming to life The characters are three dimensional, with detailed backstories that provide insight into their current states of mind I was captivated by the two protagonists, Jill and Davis, who are two very similar characters, both haunted by their past, which has made them cautious when it c [...]

  18. Shey s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSLauren Blakely has done it again with her third book in the Caught Up In Us series, Playing With Her Heart and I have to say is now my favorite Ms Blakely has a unique contemporary writing style but in this book she steps outside of the box and made this one edgy, sensual and emotional She broached a tough subject that hit especially hard for me and had the tears flowing, however, she made it wo [...]

  19. You are in for a Steamy Emotional Ride Davis Milo is the ideal Man If he was a Biscuit he would be a Cookie, Hard and sometimes a bit tough to break on the outside but take off the top and there is a sweet, soft, lickable centre You Will Fall In Love With Jill, I did, she is Wonderful You are routing for her the whole way through, i shed a tear for her, was her cheerleader, and shouted Go Girl when Well You know When Jill is not a sniveller for no reason, she doesn t run or whinge for no reason, [...]

  20. Book Launch on my blog August 20thReview Except Giveawaypleaseanotherbook.tumblr pThis book is so so so good it needs six, seven, ten stars I want the best on stage for this I want someone who is fresh and amazing and who is going to blow the audience away I don t want a diva I want the next star That woman Jill McCormick I want to read stories and say in Paybills for years to come that she got her first break, her first Broadway show, when she was cast as Ava in our show She is going to be a st [...]

  21. It rook me a couple of days to work out my thoughts on this As a theatre geek, I loved the book I liked the H, Davis, an accomplished musical theatre director I liked the h, Jill, an up and coming actress who is chosen for the chorus and as understudy for the lead in her first Broadway production Both have been burned by relationships in the past, and healing from the past is a big part of their burgeoning relationship Their attraction was undeniable, but welcoming that attraction was problemati [...]

  22. I am just going to warn you now, I am STILL a bit actually a LOT gushy about this book I sat down last night to go over my review, touch it up, and make sure I didn t leave any thoughts out it, but what I wound up doing was rereading the book again for the 3rd or 4th time Yup, after driving for 10 hours to get home from Vegas, I stayed up until 3 30 in the morning reacquainting myself with Davis and Jill I always enjoy Lauren s style of writing, I love her fun and feisty female characters, her s [...]

  23. Playing With Her Heart is most definitely one of my favorite books of 2013 I instantly fell in love with this bookLauren has outdone herself Jill is an aspiring actress auditioning for her big break on Broadway Milo is the Director who is looking for the next rising star.le does he know that his heart is about to take center stage and Jill has the staring role Lauren s writing is always very fun and enjoyable to read, I definitely felt a different edge to the book and I completely LOVED it The c [...]

  24. 4.5 starsPLAYING WITH HER HEART is the perfect example of a great romantic read I enjoyed every minute reading this book I ve liked Jill since the beginning of this series, so I was thrilled that she finally got her own book Up until now, Jill has been the best friend, sister, and actress, but in this book I got to know her She s as likable as I knew she would be She s finally getting her chance to work with a famous director on Broadway It s also exciting for her because she gets the chance to [...]

  25. ARC received in exchange for an honest review Holly s 5 Star ReviewI have been anxiously awaiting this book since I was sent the cover reveal and nearly hyperventilated from all the hotness Just LOOK at him How could you not want to read a book that that man graces the cover of But sexy cover aside I know it s hard not to think about this book was truly fantastic and did not disappoint in the slightest.Told from dual POV, we get inside the minds of Jill and Davis Jill has dreamed of staring in a [...]

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