Learning to Heal R.D. Cole Learning to Heal If Fools rush in then most people in love are idiots And I m the biggest one of all JazzMeet Jasmine Coleman She s the girl that s outgoing beautiful and full of self assurance a confidence that s
  • Title: Learning to Heal
  • Author: R.D. Cole
  • ISBN: 9780991289400
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
Learning to Heal R.D. ColeIf Fools rush in, then most people in love are idiots And I m the biggest one of all JazzMeet Jasmine Coleman She s the girl that s outgoing, beautiful, and full of self assurance a confidence that s forced to cover the scars she hides When rushing into love becomes a heartbreaking mistake the last piece of it disappears Now she is left uncertain, weak, and full o If Fools rush in, then most people in love are idiots And I m the biggest one of all JazzMeet Jasmine Coleman She s the girl that s outgoing, beautiful, and full of self assurance a confidence that s forced to cover the scars she hides When rushing into love becomes a heartbreaking mistake the last piece of it disappears Now she is left uncertain, weak, and full of self loathing But her strength is needed now than before Mason Reed is the quiet computer geek that s always the friend and never the boyfriend Putting his social life on hold to help his single mother has left him shy when it comes to the opposite sex And Meeting Jazz is no different However being in love makes you do crazy things and his crazy has major consequences Especially when the truth is revealed to others who are determined to rip them apart Rash Decisions have major consequences Some good Some bad All Life Changing The Truth doesn t always set you free Sometimes it breaks you apart and leaves you in pieces.
Learning to Heal R.D. Cole

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  1. Oh sweet sweet Mason There was 2.5 seconds I wanted to kick you in the balls but I got over it I loved Jazz and Mason s story Sweet, hot, and heartwarming This book had some angst but not as much as book 1 I really felt their connection better than Jax and Tru s Mason was the perfect guy He had guts to stand up and stake his claim I was hooked from the first chapter I highly recommend this one Personal note I ve been a FGL fan for years way before they hit it big and when an author slips in my f [...]

  2. If Learning to Live, brought me life, then Learning to Heal brought me healing I have to say I fell in love with this series even after reading Learning to Heal Learning to Live broke me open in so many different ways, not only did you mourn along with Trudy but you cried in her highs and lows And for me Learning to Heal was the same caliber of book but on a totally new level You got to see 2 broken people come together and become whole again Mason stole my heart from the beginning, and by the [...]

  3. Given ARC for honest review tour For info and reviews follow me at pageturningbookjunkie3.5 out of 5 Love Inspiring, Resilient Stars image error Well this was another delightfully surprising series I didn t even know existed While reading, I got the impression that there was something I was missing from the secondary charters, Tru and Jax Then I find out that there was a book before this one called Learning to Live, which was Tru and Jax s story Oh, and there is still books to come in this ser [...]

  4. JODIE S REVIEW You know the euphoric feeling you get when you see the perfect shoes and it s the last pair that happened to be your exact size It s way better then that Yep this book is that good.When I finished Learning to Live, I was waiting for my tears to dry and I wanted Jazz s story but OMG I was not prepared for how much I was going to fall in love Learning to Live broke me and I sat with a box of tissues eating ice cream I am happy to report the intensity of emotions are still here with [...]

  5. I was giving an ARC of this book for an honest review,so here goes I was dying to read this book Literally dying The first book in the series LTL ends on the mother of all cliff hangers Where Jazz stands up at thanksgiving dinner and tells the world okay just her family that she pregnant Yeah,everyone is shocked to there core to say the least Then the dreaded question is asked Who s the father Eeeehhhhhhhhh Yeah not wanting to say Oh its just Oliver,you know my college professor she stall s And [...]

  6. This series has sucked me in First things No Cliffhanger, leaves you a teaser for book 3 and Dual POVs Can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest reading the series because you get of a feel for the characters Great characters R.D Cole s writing makes you feel as if you are right there with the characters You also get to revisit characters from previous books Although you only get the POV s of the characters that this particular book focuses on This book concentrates on Jazz, college freshman, [...]

  7. Still enjoying this new series however, wasn t quite as taken by the second installment as the first Left off with somewhat of a cliffhanger as to what s next and who just rode into town on a big black Harley surprising a bar full of old friends.

  8. 4 SWOON WORTHY STARS Jasmine Coleman aka Jazz recently learned she is pregnant by her college professor When she discovers that he is married with kids, she is devastated and embarrassed In her shame, she opts to omit the identity of the father when she announces her pregnancy to her family at Thanksgiving dinner.Mason Reed this guy steps up and does the unthinkable claims to be the father of Jazz s child He makes this claim to her family knowing full well that his statement is nowhere close to [...]

  9. Well I was totally hooked with the first book Learning To Live in this series Jax and Tru won my heart and I adored Jazz.e first books ending was an OMG moment when Jazz announced so casually she was pregnant at Thanksgiving dinner So I have been dying for this book to come out so we can see what happens with Jazz and her baby Jazz being 19, adopted by a loving family as a child, she had a serious heart condition that kept her from living the life of a normal child Now after having an affair wit [...]

  10. R.D Cole Learning To HealI was given a BETA copy in return of giving an honest review R.D Cole is a truly amazing individual ,,, her work is AWESOME ,,, I loved her first book in this series so obviously I was keen to get my hands on this one too and ,,, OH ,,,, MY ,,,,, GOD ,,,, I frigging loved it There s no disappointment and you will find the right amount of angst and heart warming story lines to keep you going and wanting to turn the pages ,,, you ll be in conflict with wanting to get throu [...]

  11. I m not speechless I am the opposite I finished this book at like 11 30 last night and sat there in the dark debating on if I should run down the stairs and call you because I just couldn t process everything that I had just read Mason was so amazing The way he steps in regardless of the consequences gave me a huge soft spot for him I loved Jazz from the first book but this book shows a vulnerability I didn t know she possessed As the book goes on you see Jazz insecurities and to be honest I was [...]

  12. This is my 5 star review for Learning to Heal by R.D Cole for Keepin It Real Book Blog.Learning to Heal is about friends Jasmine Coleman and Mason Reed Jasmine Coleman is beautiful, caring, and has a personality everyone falls in love with When Jasmine makes a decision for the sake of love she believes she has it all She knows her decisions could negatively impact her life but she is willing to do what she has to for the sake of love What will happen when she finds out that the man she loves has [...]

  13. Learning to Heal by R.D Cole In the second story from R.D Cole it continues with Jazz and Mason s story, at the end of book one with Jazz telling her family, during Thanksgiving dinner that she is pregnant This book was even better than the first Mason who has been in love with Jazz from the moment he saw a picture of her, decides to stand up and say that the baby is his Hoping that Jazz will come rationed and see how much he loves and adores her, he does all he can to help her in this time of n [...]

  14. 5 5 healing stars This review might be a spoiler if you haven t read Learning to Live.Jasmine Coleman is a lively girl that doesn t let her scars define her She s beautiful and socially confident Only one mistake changes her life dramatically Will she ever trust someone and love again There s one person she needs most, and that s her best friend Mason Reed Mason Reed is a computer geek and is majoring in biochemistry At an age of 8 he helps his mother take care of his little sister, Grace But wh [...]

  15. Oh my I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I could so I could find out what was going to happen in this story I was immediately captivated The characters were great and the story line was well written.Mason and Jazz are a great couple Total opposites in many ways but together they complement each other really well Mason is quiet and very smart, especially when it comes to anything technical or mechanical He s sweet yet built sexy as hell Jazz is feisty and despite he [...]

  16. I was given an ARC for a review.I unfortunately didn t read book 1 Learning to Live so at first I was a little lost but I caught on pretty quickly I really liked the book but I really wish I had read book 1 first I liked that the story was in Mason and Jazz s POV I actually find that I really like story s that are in a characters POV s The book started off with us learning that Jazz is pregnant and even though she ends up having health issues she is going to push through it I really fell in love [...]

  17. I reread Learning to Live which was in And and Tru s POV then read Learning to Heal which is Mason and Jazz s POV I think I enjoyed book 2 than book 1 because there was angst and a lot of unexpected twists for a major page turner I won t give anything away so you will have to read the book to see if Jazz is pregnant from her Professed or Mason I fell in love with Mason right from the start owning real life responsibilities while going through college and helping to provide for his mom and sist [...]

  18. 4 starsWow were has this series been hiding I just finished learning to live and I loved every minute of it couldn t wait to read Learning to heal Jazz is done and fed up with everything she has been hurt two many times to count Then the shy quiet Mason walks into her life but can she really give love a second chance The Love Mason has for Jazz is passionate and amazing he stands by Jazz through everything and he is just amazing I love this book it had the right amount of love, drama and everyth [...]

  19. While I loved Tru and Jax in Learning to Live, I couldn t wait for Learning to Heal because Jazz just captured my heart from the start She s fun and quirky but we learn she s also guarded and insecure Mason, oh Mason What woman in her right mind wouldn t want a Mason in her life I m pretty sure if you did a Google search the words perfect male species Mason would pop up.Through Mason, Jazz realizes who she really is and her own self worth With her newfound self discovery she opens herself to lov [...]

  20. 5.0 stars in the first book we learn how to live in this book we learn how to healis book was emotional and raw and heavy on the heart I just fell in love with it and the storyline r.d Cole is an amazing author she writes her books so you can connect with the characters on a whole new level and I thought I couldn t love anyone other than Trudy and Jaxon but I was wrong I don t think any other character can out beat Jasmine and Mason or their relationship I m still speech less to what to say beca [...]

  21. 4 stars This is a cute and sweet romance story Mason is in love with Jasmine who thinks of him as one of her best friends But what happens when she gets pregnant and tells her family at Thanksgiving, his nerdy self stands up and claims to be the father I loved this story because I am a sucker for single mom romances and nerd heros There was one scene in the book that had me SO pissed at Mason Jasmine drove me crazy for a bit as well with her fighting her feelings and her crazy insecurities Overa [...]

  22. Loved it, loved it, loved it It s really amazing This is story about Jazz and Mason Mason took my heart He really is a perfect guy He has been in love with Jazz since the moment he saw her picture and they soon became best friends Jazz was born with a heart defect and pregnancy puts her in the risk, but she is determined to keep it Mason stepped in as the babies father, even though he s not her biological father I really enjoyed the development of Jazz and Mason s connection.Author gives us anot [...]

  23. WowWowThis book picks up right where the first one left off I can honestly say.hot the story flows so easily the chapters are short cause personally I hate stopping in the middle of one I wasn t expecting this one to have so many twists and turns I loved how she started with a few character s but kept adding as the story continues This is the second book I ve read by this author and I seriously can t wait to read another one Simply putFreaking Fantastic

  24. What can i say i love it What an amazing love story, it was so sweet, i really fall in love of Mason I could understand Jazz and her insecurities of her body I cant wait for Blaire and Lyric, i need to know what happen to her and about Lyric, i hope the author write about Ryan and Cory and i need David s story hahaha.I really recomend this serie is an amazing and lovely and now is one of my favs.

  25. after reading learning to live teaching you how to live learning to heal is just that healing I loved this book just ad much as I loved book one Amazing story of starting over again The story was amazing as well as the writing Truely love the meaning behind each story R d Cole you rock

  26. Check out my review at.fulliterature learningBe sure to check out of my reviews at lustfulliterature facebook lustfulliter

  27. What a great read There was a kidnapping, there was break ups to make ups and miscommunication there was confidence building for both there was a dude name lyric that makes me want to know about him yum and that was trust and love Oh and Blair s back

  28. I really enjoyed reading this story Probably should have read the first book in the series first but it was easy to catch up This book had a few twists and turns but it was awesome to see Jazz grow I will definitely be picking up book 1 of the series to read

  29. This book was AMAZING I love how jaz is a spit fire and won t let nothing get her down heart condition be damned I love how mason and jaz are opposites it just shows opposites attract and love conquers all Can t wait for the 3rd one

  30. I simply adore this author The first book was so emotional and touching and this one is even soIt s real people, real love, friendships and family that will touch your heartIf you love a great read with a little mix of everything you will love this

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