The Hot Floor Josephine Myles The Hot Floor Two plus one equals scorching hot fun Dumped by his boyfriend and reduced to living in a grotty bedsit Josh Carpenter has gotten used to expecting the worst Now he lives only for his job as a glassbl
  • Title: The Hot Floor
  • Author: Josephine Myles
  • ISBN: 9781619213579
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
The Hot Floor Josephine MylesTwo plus one equals scorching hot fun.Dumped by his boyfriend and reduced to living in a grotty bedsit, Josh Carpenter has gotten used to expecting the worst Now he lives only for his job as a glassblower and occasional glimpses of his sexy downstairs neighbors, Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman.Every time he overhears the diminutive academic and the hunky plumber having loudTwo plus one equals scorching hot fun.Dumped by his boyfriend and reduced to living in a grotty bedsit, Josh Carpenter has gotten used to expecting the worst Now he lives only for his job as a glassblower and occasional glimpses of his sexy downstairs neighbors, Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman.Every time he overhears the diminutive academic and the hunky plumber having loud and obviously kinky sex, Josh is overwhelmed with lust and a longing for a fraction of what they have.To his amazement, Rai and Evan find his embarrassing tendency to blush utterly charming, and the three men grow closer over the course of the long, hot summer Despite Rai s charming flirtation and Evan s smoldering gaze, Josh is determined never to break his new friends loving bonds.On the night a naked Josh falls quite literally into the middle of one of Rai and Evan s marathon sex sessions, the force of their mutual attraction takes control But just as Josh dares to hope, he senses a change Leaving him to wonder if the winds of love are about to blow his way at last or if history is about to repeat itself.Warning Contains one well endowed stud with a sexy accent, one improbably toppy bottom boy with an unfortunate owl obsession, and one blushing na f who can t believe his luck Also, the occasional indulgence in mathematical spanking and some shameless armpit sex.
The Hot Floor Josephine Myles

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    352 Josephine Myles
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  1. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.Josh is completely smitten with his downstair neighbors Rai and Evan It doesn t help that every time he spends time with his best friend Denise who lives one floor below the men he can hear them having kinky, noisy sex that pounds the walls He longs for a piece of what they have a great relationship, unspoken communication and the daily reminder of the two hot men becomes the focal point of his fantasies after a disappointing relationship history To his surpr [...]

  2. How much fun was this And how hot was this Those are rhetorical questions, BTW, because this book was fun and also hot Josh s ex boyfriend told him that he was boring in bed Which just shows that the ex boyfriend must have had no skills, because when Josh gets the chance to have some fun with his neighbours Rai and Evan, nobody s complaining Also, the way Josh literally falls into the boys life hilarious I m always a bit wary of menages just because it s easy to lose people in a crowd but that s [...]

  3. Re read July 2017 man this book has alot of sex And I loved it Reading it again this time round has me craving a sequel Possibly my favourite MMM July 2015Loved this so much the second time round So funny with just a little bit of light kink spanking, humiliation and bondage Sooooo HOT and the relationship s still felt real and realistic Original review This was my first m m m novel I have read plenty of m m f menages and usually those involve bi sexual men who need a menage to feel happy and co [...]

  4. Well, lookey here An m m m book written by one of my favourite authors How could I resist There are two things I m looking for in an m m m book Firstly, I like there to be an honest look at the feelings of the men involved in such a relationship Three way sex is kinky and fun, but there s a step up from a light frolic with two other men, to something serious and long term By the end of an m m m romance story I have to be convinced that the relationship is going to work, and have seen some develo [...]

  5. Update There s a free 5000 word Christmas special featuring The Hot Floor guys over on my blog You can find it here Be warned, it s pure smut Why did I write this book Okay, I ll admit it s partly because of the sheer hotness that is three men together, but there s than that I wanted to create a menage relationship that could really work So many times when I read m m m romances there seem to be insurmountable problems ahead, and instead of the HEA I crave, I find myself left worried that they l [...]

  6. Sexy story that never lost its sense of humor The awkward moments, and times when things didn t go exactly as planned made this story so much hotter than all those impossibly beautiful bodies doing impossibly athletic, and erotic things I had an excellent feeling for all the characters, and I love how choosing to take a submissive role in sex didn t diminish any of the characters as men, and didn t mean that they had no ability to advocate for themselves, and their own needs Just what I was loo [...]

  7. 4.5 stars Very good m m m romance about a glassblower who s attracted to the couple living downstairs from him As they become friends, his attraction only increases, but he respects their rule about not getting involved with people they see all the time And then things change in a flood of surprising circumstances

  8. BR with my lady MarteThis was such a great MMM book Very funny, very English.Josh lives in this tiny apartment and has been enjoying the show every night of his two neighbors getting it on He has heard rumors that his neighbors Rai and Evan occasionally invite a third person to their bed, but he s doesn t think they will be interested in him That is until he takes a bath and crashes through the floor right into the bathroom of his hot neighbors Crack The whole bath shifted in a way that bathtubs [...]

  9. 3.75 stars The characters in the admittedly few m m m stories I have read usually seem to fall into two categories Either the three men involved are too underdeveloped to distinguish from each other, or the author takes such pains to draw attention to their differences that they end up as caricatures In The Hot Floor, Josephine Myles doesn t fall into either of those traps Josh, Rai, and Evan are distinct, multi dimensional characters who form a believable three way partnership The progress of t [...]

  10. Hoo boy This was indeed a hot story that I should not have read at my desk Hello Red head with fair skin and no poker face Wow fans self This book I have been tip toeing my way into the realm of m m m lately and it intrigues me to no end Not only does the imagery of three men together sound beyond sexy and amazing but I have always been curious as to how a m nage works, not mechanical but emotionally What drives it and how can the day to day functionality out of the bedroom work Ms Myles does a [...]

  11. The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles4 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsDear sweet, blushing Josh He really hasn t gotten past being told that he was boring in bed as he was being dumped by his boyfriend It s been six months, and despite one pathetic drunken hook up, he hasn t had sex at all He is living in a poorly partitioned and flimsily constructed apartment house He has a job that he really loves, a good boss and his best friend Denise but he is lonely and feels like he is missing something [...]

  12. Oh my God, they re at it again They re like bloody clockwork I could set my watch by them Denise scowled at the ceiling of her living room, and I did my best to look uninterested in the sounds that were pounding down through the bedsprings, floorboards and plaster The sounds of two horny men humping each other senseless We could swap flats, if you like You can hardly hear them from the top floor Even if you lay with your ear pressed to the floorboards Believe me, I d tried Why else would I choos [...]

  13. 4.5 starsFor the first time, this book gave my very favorite m m m book, The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas, a run for it s money It really is that good Smutty, angsty but not overwhelmingly so and delicious Evan Seriously Evan is the best , I was thrilled with The Hot Floor because it seemed realistic, which is something I find lacking in most menage books And the best part The humor This book was funny, in a so very British kind of way Excellent.

  14. 3.75 stars rounded upIt was the last day of March 2017 and I realized that I hadn t pick any book for my own personal challenge I am always a bit weary with MMM romance I love my men to be committed to just each other but I also know there must be some great MMM romance out there So I cheated a bit, I picked a genre I am not comfortable to read but with an author whose work I am quite familiar with The Hot Floor was a Samhain release, I had it with me for YEARS, so I thought about time I gave it [...]

  15. 4.5 Loved this What a delightful surprise this book was for me Josh Carpenter is a glassblower who was recently dumped by his boyfriend, forcing him to move into a small attic conversion to make ends meet Once moved in he begins crushing on his downstairs neighbors Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman Rai and Evan are an established couple who occasionally invite a third to play with them but they have very firm ground rules, no one they work with and no one they live near, these rules exist so that the [...]

  16. I assumed this would be a fun, sexy read, but I didn t expect to fall in love with the story so much or find it so relatable First off yes, it s hot as hell Scorchingly so The erotica aspect of this book is center stage, and it s so well done Sometimes the choreography gets confusing for me in a m nage, but this paints a VERY vivid image The kink is there, but it s not over the top.But this, to me, was than just erotica for the sake of erotica The way their triad came together hehe was perfect [...]

  17. MENAGE AND A JAPANESE CHARACTER IT HAD ME AT HELLO 4.5There s nothing that gets me excited than a m nage, and when you throw a Japanese character into it O_O well I just about lose my mind The Hot Floor felt like it was written for me cus it embodies all the things I love to read I am pretty much easy to please, but I do know what I want to read about in order to make a trias relationship work I think the author did a really good and I can believe in their HEA.Whenever Josh hangs out with his q [...]

  18. This book just hit all the right notes for me Josh is shy and self doubting after being dumped by his last boyfriend for being boring in bed, but his essential sweetness comes though clearly He can t help both envying and lusting after the couple one floor down, Evan and Rai They are a wonderful study in contrasts, each sexy and interesting in his own way, and when Josh hears from his best friend that they have had three ways in the past he can t help but picture it Still it s nothing but fantas [...]

  19. Hot plus Hotter equals Hottest.Yep, this was good kinky fun Not my favorite three in the bed but a scorching second place I always love a good Jo story and this was no exception

  20. This was my Friday Night Decompression Read, for which I wanted hot slutty sex, no non con, no slaves, and no meaningful content It totally delivered Squeeable hotness Evan s and Rai s dirty talk was particularly enjoyable.

  21. 4.5 stars for this hot kinky ride Really enjoyed the vulnerable side of each character they were three parts to a jigsaw they just fit

  22. Freaking loved this book A real triad, and I totally bought it Hot sex but made me go awww too Felt like a happy little marshmallow when I was done win.

  23. Yes, hot indeed lots of sex in this, and a flamboyant toppy bottom, a protective bear and a lonely heart.Also, the three of them got to have the most creative way of getting together EVERThe three leads were beautifully drawn, but I also liked all the supportive characters, recognizably painted in only a few bold strokes each I missed the house community by the end, though, would ve wished for a few sentences about what became of them after having gotten so invested with them This was BDSM light [...]

  24. I was reading this while in a train going home and I was like3 guys What can go wrong, right Sure, some moments were hot that earned me some semi, but that s it The cover is hot though.The story was flat The characters were okay.The writing eh.I almost DNFd it so

  25. 10 2014 I am happy to report this has stood the test of time I originally read in 2012 and have read many mm mmm tales since then and I enjoyed it just as much if not this time around.Has just the right amount of kink, humor and sexin Who could resist even tempered bear Evan, kinky nerd Rai and Josh who is still trying to find the way to happiness and Rai and Evan are just who he d like to show him the road to pleasure.They get to be friends before lovers and each have their own characters and [...]

  26. A solid 4 starsI don t like menage stories Except now apparently I do Alot This was bloody good and I can only be thankful to winning a giveaway on boymeetsboyreviews for making me actually pick this book because I doubt I d have ever bought it and read it otherwise Even liking Josephine Myles I didn t think I would enjoy this that much, but I was wrong to be distrustful you would think I d learn my lesson after my earler Anya Byrne debacle, but no So when I won and had to pick two titles and al [...]

  27. M nage Josephine Myles I YOU need this ____________________________OH MY GOD Josephine Myles you re a master This book is everything I like wrapped up and the hottest cover on top.I loved that this is all from Josh POV, this made the book real, you are inside Josh s mind and, with the author writing, you feel what he feels.The three MC s are so hot in their own way Kai the little Japanese nerd toppy bottom, Evan the BIG raises brow if you know what I mean hot plumber bear and Josh the sweetest [...]

  28. Earthy, amusing and than a few hints at kinky Sweet story chronicling how two become three A few missteps, some insecurities and a less than stellar communications make clear just how complicated polyamory can be.Evan is the brawny blue collar Northern who is calm and steady.Rai is the excitable, go for it academic who likes to mastermind a bit of carnal play.Josh is the outsider wishing he could find a lover he could really connect with and than just a bit jealous of the sweet and spicy relat [...]

  29. Really enjoyed this menage romp set in the lovely city of Bath 4.5 stars and Shortie review.ny books, no time This is the story of what happens when Josh s bath goes through the floor of his flat into the flat of the two guys below, Rai and Evan Loved it, and highly recommended.

  30. I went into this book with high hopes after seeing the reviews, but I think I am in minority after reading Unfortunately, this story just did not work for me I just couldn t connect with the characters and had that feeling that one was of a third wheel and not a complete part of the menage.

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