The Hunters W.E.B. Griffin The Hunters Delta Force Major Charley Castillo returns in the third crackling adventure in Griffin s New York Times bestselling series The first two novels in W E B Griffin s exciting new Presidential Agent ser
  • Title: The Hunters
  • Author: W.E.B. Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780399153792
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
The Hunters W.E.B. GriffinDelta Force Major Charley Castillo returns in the third crackling adventure in Griffin s 1 New York Times bestselling series The first two novels in W E B Griffin s exciting new Presidential Agent series, By Order of the President and The Hostage, immediately raced up the bestseller lists The Hostage debuting at 1 The Hunters picks up right where The Hostage left ofDelta Force Major Charley Castillo returns in the third crackling adventure in Griffin s 1 New York Times bestselling series.The first two novels in W E B Griffin s exciting new Presidential Agent series, By Order of the President and The Hostage, immediately raced up the bestseller lists The Hostage debuting at 1.The Hunters picks up right where The Hostage left off Two brutal murders and millions of missing dollars in the growing UN Iraq oil for food scandal have lead Castillo and his team to an estancia in Uruguay, where, to his shock, the man they are seeking is himself murdered right before their eyes Who is responsible Most likely, the people higher up in the money chain, those willing to risk anything to keep their secrets from being revealed They ve left just enough of a trail, though, for Castillo to pick up the scent, and, with carte blanche from the president, to follow it wherever it takes him, he ends up well, not exactly where he expected
The Hunters W.E.B. Griffin

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    318 W.E.B. Griffin
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  1. This novel is so long that often the main character is, exhausted Quite fitting for this over lengthy story that contains just enough points of interest to keep me engaged and anxiously awaiting its end 6 of 10 stars

  2. This series seems to be setting up to be an EPIC The first three novels in this series are interesting, but seem bent on describing the creation of a secret covert agency under a presidential finding At the same time, conincidence seems to be the best intelligence, though I suppose careful observation often creates such coincidence It is almost absurd that Charley s uncle close family friend employee would have details, at least a conspiracy theory, that would lead Charley further down the path [...]

  3. Why do I think that W.E.B Griffin has the inside scoop on how things really work in Washington When the CIA and FBI can t get the job done, what is a president to do Create his her own team, of course, under the guise of top secret presidential Such a group by no means escapes political wrangling by others who think that they should really be the ones in charge.This is the third in the Presidential Agent series by W.E.B Griffin, and so far it s my favorite The good guy characters are mostly all [...]

  4. This is the sequel to The Hostage, beginning at or, in fact, overlapping the end of that book Major Charley Castillo continues his hunt for the people involved in the Oil For Food scandal, with his merry band of buccaneers now being funded by the money he liberated from the safe of the bad guy at the end of the preceding book When I first read this, I put it off as errant nonsense, but I have come to think fondly of Griffin since then maybe he grows on one In fact, I like it enough that I will [...]

  5. Can you say Abridged I m not a fan of a shortened version of stories on Audio Book CDs, but definitely think this story could have easily been covered in 10 disks versus the 18 in the unabridged version There is way too much fluff in this story that really added no benefit to the story As I m listening I figure this story has to end with a big bang due to being dragged out so long, but I was totally disappointed when the reader listener was left with no conclusive answers or a true ending to thi [...]

  6. I kinda get tired of hearing about their cell phone conversations and things that don t matter to the plot they don t make the book or characters complex, just sometimes they seem like dingbats.

  7. The Honor Bound series went downhill rather quickly Maybe it is because this newish series is much interesting to Griffin Or maybe Griffin s son is writing the other series and Griffin is focused on this on Whatever the reason, the first few books of this series have the level of detail I think I remember from his earlier books There are a ton of characters to keep track of but the story stays interesting most of the time It does get a little dry as money is tracked from one offshore account to [...]

  8. Castillo Three Hunting the KGB FSB Assassins Simultaneous attacks on former KGB oil for food operatives in Vienna, Budapest and Tacuarembo point to a dedicated effort to remove all ties to the KGB and Putin Of pariculare interest to Charley are the Ninja team that struck Tacuarembo and the attempt on Eric Billy Kocian in Budapest As Charley slowly unravels the intrigue, doubts begin to form around the rogue former FBI bud of Alek Pevsner, Howard Kennedy After Castillo staves off a garrot attack [...]

  9. The third installment of the President Agent series picks up right where The Hostage left off, throwing the reader headfirst into the continuing mystery of the oil for food scandal and who was behind the Masterson murder.Charley Castillo finds himself promoted, given an office in D.C and allowed to use the money recovered in Uruguay as financing He s determined to find the people behind the murders as well as the oil for food ripoff, but wonders if he is capable of dealing with Montvale and othe [...]

  10. WEB Griffin s The Hunters book three in the Presidential Agent Series, was an entertaining read The plot line is not only realistic in its complexity but also in its portrayal of political events The book starts of right at the end of the previous book in the series The Hostage Technically the start of this book overlaps with the end of the The Hostage The major plot line involved in this book is the Iraqi oil for food scandal and the finding our who the people behind it are The book is well wri [...]

  11. Book III, The Hunters The Hunters picks up right where The Hostage left off Two brutal murders and millions of missing dollars in the growing United Nations Iraq oil for food scandal have led Castillo and his team to a remote ranch an estancia in Uruguay, where to their shock the man they seek to bring back to America is murdered right before their eyes Who is responsible Most likely it s the people higher up in the money chain, those willing to risk anything to keep their secrets from being rev [...]

  12. Ok, the Bond meets Clancy schick is wearing thin A major part of this genre if fluff Lots and lots of fluff Clancy once took an entire chapter explaining the backstory of a butler to show why he ducked in a counter terrorism raid That impressed me back when I was 12 Heck, Neal Stevenson will take 20 pages explaining the detail gastronomic mechanics behind eating Captain Crunch and leave you ENTHRALLED But this This is the most boring bureaucratic processes with a few plot points sprinkled throug [...]

  13. What I like most about this book is the dialog between the characters I enjoy books that allow the reader to get to know the characters through their dialog with each other This is the third book that I read by W.E.B Griffin all in this series and I really enjoy how he weaves his characters together He is also very good at describing the inner workings of military units As the story unfolds, we get a really good view into how special operations missions work the planning, the challenges, and the [...]

  14. While even in 2015 the materials reverent WEB tends to over simplify not a technology person i am guessing HE has to tell us that what the same button every time button the characters have to press to make a call their phones.Charlie seems to be a whinny guy who really needs constant validation from whomever he talks too and is kind of a cry baby to his superiors WEB tends to reintroduce the charters over and over No need to go back and read a previous book because he fills the new one with lots [...]

  15. Meh I read the first 2 books in the Presidential Agent series, and I thought the first was tremendous, and the second was solid This one however, was a real dissappointment Clocking in at 800 I expected much But what I got was just a tangle of characters talking to each other, basically recapping the second book Only a few pages of new action, and it seems not like a series, or even a sequel, but it should have been the same book as the second one in the series just bind them together, and it s [...]

  16. ErrorsIf there is ever an edited version done, please exchange my version with it This version is full of errors Throughout the book Mr is used when it should be Mrs Location s 1315, 2594, 2637, 5915, 6432, 6514, 2089, 2097, 2311, 2324, 2637, 3175, 3283, 3613, 3621, 6890, 7260, 7351, 7882, 7969, 7978, 8228, 8243, 8275, 8316, 8442, 8487, 8686, 9040, and 10076.Also missing misplaced hyphens Location s 2159 As kit Ask it, 3934 The yare They are, 5143 Onan On an, 5625 goon go on, Torreplied For repl [...]

  17. My review is of the audiobook 18 discs later a lot of it could have been cut down Every time a new person got added to the team or the main character, Charley Castillo reported to Washington there was a very long regurgitation of facts to bring each one up to speed If I had been reading the book I could have skipped past entire sections of the book due to this repetition, but bothersome to try and do while listening in your car and so I put up with it Not a lot going on except flying back and fo [...]

  18. This was mildly interesting, but for the ins and outs of espionage it describes than anything else The problem is that I tend to read for characters, and most of the characters in The Hunters are forgettable, verging on clich s at times The main character, Carlos Castillo, seems little than a horse there to carry the reader through the tale He s not consistent beyond being vaguely patriotic Maybe he d mean to me had I read the previous installments, but I haven t, and no one can make me.Actua [...]

  19. OK first off the bat if you haven t read the other book in the Presidential Agent series, don t read this Why Because it is not a stand alone book It is an integral part of a story arc and you won t get resolution with this novel I didn t figure that out until I waded through the whole thing It is well written with some clich s and plenty of twists and turns It wasn t amazing and there were times I found myself flicking through the pages thinking how much do I have to get through.What is nice i [...]

  20. I guess I like this Preseidential Agent Series by WEB Griffin I don t know if I would have gotten into the first one if I knew the story was basically going to keep going The first book was a separate story but the next two are tied together there is also another coming that also ties into these This one carries on from the The Hostage book as the main character is now in pursuit of the people behind the deed Again, it is military and action but I do enjoy them as diversion I read enough busines [...]

  21. This series offers something that no other has ever provided a plausible time line that picks up right after the previous book leaves off WEB Griffin allows the reader to know the characters and grow with them The flashbacks or memories might be of the same subject in every book but the perspective changes, the depth of character is enhanced and the story deepens The politics are plausible and the annoying reality of government efficiency is well played This is another great installment

  22. If you are reading the books in this series in sequence and close together this one will go fast Huge chunks of description and catch up plot info has been pasted in from the previous book, so you can skip pages at a time I d like to see the bad guys get fully identified, captured, and done away with, but doubt that will happen Each book throws out a piece of the puzzle, but never concludes the chase Charley his team can fly around some Language and treatment of females is getting really annoyi [...]

  23. An interesting bookical even by Griffin standards The plot was well constructed, but most of the book was about the procedure of dealing with the rare moments of something really happening It seemed certain characters were further developed in this series at the expense of action, but like I said, it was an interesting book I read the first two in this series some time ago, so it took a bit to get back into the overall plot of this series.

  24. This is one of a series of novels by the author I have read two other books in this series and have enjoyed them very much The Hunters is no exception I like reading books where the characters are familiar and appear in other books Mr Griffin s characters are very likeable, sometimes humorous and after reading the book seem to be people one would like to know better His stories are very detailed, well researched and written It is no wonder he has been such a best selling author.

  25. Good story Interesting twists but I had just read the first two books in the series and found the repetition of back story with each new character a bit tedious Also, I downloaded the book for my Sony ereader and all men and women were addressed as Mr Most of the time not too confusing, just annoying, but since there was a Mr Masterson senior, junior and a Mrs Masterson at times I had to figure out who was speaking or being quoted Guess someone did one select all change too many.

  26. I find myself drawn into this series time and again Normally I d be looking for something to nitpick, but I just keep plowing through anyway.Too many details eh, who cares They re still pretty interesting.Author summarizes what s already happened More than once No big deal, I could use the refresher.The author just hits my tastes not perfectly, but I m in for a penny and a pound.Good read Good series.

  27. I really enjoyed this book The characters and story line are interesting and exciting I especially enjoyed the parts set in Argentina and Uruguay The chief villain was a bit of a surprise That said, though, in this day of spiraling, out of control government spending, I had to cringe a bit at the empire building and the cost of all the cloak and dagger going on That s a small quibble and didn t spoil my enjoyment of the book.

  28. It took me forever to read this thing I almost never give up on a book, but I would have made an exception had I known that after 528 pages, I still wouldn t care about any of the characters or anything that happened The difference between this and later Tom Clancy books is that Clancy subjects the reader to hundreds of slow paced, rather boring pages, but ultimately provides the payoff This book was just 528 pages of waiting for the show to start.

  29. The Hunters continues the story arc begun in Book 2 While it s another solid entry by W.E.B Griffin, I have to say that I am kind of let down by this installment of the Presidential Agent Series The dialogue and character development were enjoyable, but the book seemed to be primarily a stage for building up to the next installment in the series That being said, I am looking forward to The Shooters Book 4

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