Swallowing a Donkey's Eye Paul Tremblay Swallowing a Donkey s Eye Farm is the mega conglomerate food supplier for City populated with rabidly bureaucratic superiors and sexually deviant tour guides dressed in chicken and duck suits City is sprawling technocratic
  • Title: Swallowing a Donkey's Eye
  • Author: Paul Tremblay
  • ISBN: 9781926851693
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
Swallowing a Donkey's Eye Paul TremblayFarm is the mega conglomerate food supplier for City, populated with rabidly bureaucratic superiors, and sexually deviant tour guides dressed in chicken and duck suits City is sprawling, technocratic, and rests hundreds of feet above the coastline on the creaking shoulders of a giant wooden pier When the narrator s mother disappears, he fears she has been deported underFarm is the mega conglomerate food supplier for City, populated with rabidly bureaucratic superiors, and sexually deviant tour guides dressed in chicken and duck suits City is sprawling, technocratic, and rests hundreds of feet above the coastline on the creaking shoulders of a giant wooden pier When the narrator s mother disappears, he fears she has been deported under City to Pier.
Swallowing a Donkey's Eye Paul Tremblay

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  1. oh, what, is that me and paul tremblay it most certainly is Trudi haha saw that title and my first thought was oh noes, she has officially reached rock bottom with the monster porn You have corrupted me I have been corrupted.i loved this post so much, i had to use it to start my review i hope that is okay.i love that you people thought this was erotica and i think paul will love it, too is not erotic, though, despite a golden shower scene it is hard to say what it is this book is two stories stu [...]

  2. Read 10 13 16 10 16 164 Stars Strongly Recommended it ll blow you off your ass like a donkey bomb, yo Pages 276Publisher ChiZine PublicationsReleased 2012This book knocked my fucking socks off I found the subversive and satirical nature of the novel intriguing as all hell and chewed through the thing like ET on a trail of Reese s pieces.In it, we find ourselves in the hands of an unnamed narrator who s signed himself over to Farm for six years in an effort to help relieve his mom of some of her [...]

  3. THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.Paul Tremblay s Swallowing a Donkey s Eye ChiZine Publications is a contemporary version of Animal Farm amped up on bitterness, future technology and sad realizations that things are not going to end well Our unnamed narrator is forced into situations beyond his control, a reluctant hero in search of his mother, an angry youth who has little love left for his father, a boy not quite ready to be a man.As a teen, he runs off to work at [...]

  4. Tremblay s dystopian, near future sf novel is funny, angry, and bittersweet all at once The setting, City, is a place of rampant bureaucracy and injustice, but Tremblay, like his windblown narrator, digs deep enough to find both the absurdity and the heart buried inside it Tremblay has always been a writer with a deep sense of humanity that comes through in his work, and the deeper you get into SWALLOWING A DONKEY S EYE, the humanity you ll find amid its sometimes slapdash shenanigans, over the [...]

  5. What an odd and awesome book this is What starts out as a kind of madcap dystopia turns much deeper and weirder as it goes on Some of it is hilarious, some of it is profoundly disturbing, but it kept surprising me and defying my expectations, which is excellent, and under the duck suits and golden showers.well, let s say beyond the duck suits and golden showers, there s a novel with serious ambitions and some very challenging ideas about life and death and love and forgiveness.

  6. With post modern echoes of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, also a young man s journey to find word of a missing departed parent this novel leads the reader deep into the underbelly of a perfected Capitalist dystopia The slapstick, stylized, and colorful in the way that an abandoned, haunted amusement park is colorful tone is a change of pace for Tremblay while maintaining the author s tongue in cheek or in this case, tongue in beak irreverence that makes the pointedly harsh lessons about ou [...]

  7. You could call Tremblay s novel the Ani mal Farm or Nine teen Eighty Four for a new gen er a tion, but that would be easy, and not quite right Like our other two entries, there s a great deal of sur face enjoy ment here, just enjoy ing the ride, but Trem blay con tin u ally digs to find hid den deposits of emo tion beneath the crazy, usu ally in ref er ence to the name less narrator s child hood There s a lot of Orwell scat tered about, yes, but Aldous Hux ley and Dou glas Adams are def i nitely [...]

  8. This was a refreshing, absurd and very enjoyable novel The main character and first person narrator who isn t given a name is a twenty something who has left home in City to begin work on Farm These locales are named for what they are, Farm, City and later in the story, Pier, a poverty and disease stricken place below City where the homeless and poor are exiled When the main character learns that his mother and this young man has some major mother and father issues, a trait which drives him thro [...]

  9. A young man manages to escape Farm when his mother goes missing in City, scared that she has gone homeless and been sent to Pier.Upon arrival, he stumbles upon his father, who left the house when he was a teenager, who tells him, City wants him a mayor.In a very dark and dystopian world, we come to follow the journey of that kinda rude character, entangled between gouvernment pressures, political issues and his personal beliefs.I really liked how the characters were developping, in that very str [...]

  10. It s not that George Orwell needed a makeover, really He s probably pertinent today than he ever was What Paul Tremblay did with SWALLOWING A DONKEY S EYE is to twist ANIMAL FARM into a strange, trapezoidal object of wonder Unlike Orwell s fable, this is an all out dystopia that talks to people of our age Maybe it won t age as well as the classic, but it speaks louder to our generation Tremblay goes over the most troubling issues of our age from corporate work environment, to our relationship t [...]

  11. Swallowing A Donkey s Eye tells a farcical, satirical, funny, angry, heartfelt, and tragic story It takes place in an imaginary City, in the now otherwhen Roughly the first third is farcical, the second, satirical, and the third is heartfelt All of it is funny, angry, and tragic I liked it a lot.I had a teensy weensy bit of trouble with a big reveal plot turn near the end It didn t quite fit, somehow Balancing that, the heartfelt part near the end involving the handwritten letter, followed by wh [...]

  12. This was a terrific read and it just kept getting better It s funny, sad, smart, and continually surprising A young man in a dystopic world of theme parks and arbitrary decisions breaks out of the Farm and finds that he s in an orchestrated run for Mayor He s also on a quest to find his mother, who s disappeared apparently to the Pier, the underworld beneath City, where all the refuse and homeless are tossed It s a magnificent world, screwy and awful and touching Tremblay s vision is sardonic an [...]

  13. Paul Tremblay s Swallowing a Donkey s Eye was a very fun read It s a unique story that is somewhat absurdist It feels like a mix between Kurt Vonnegut, Franz Kafka, and George Orwell, but it definitely has its own voice I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this book.I highly recommend this book.

  14. The idiots are shutting off this part of the fence They ll beep us when they re ready I notice angry proletariat guy Jonah is back But I don t say anything, I just nod, and stare at the fence Wonder how far I can run before security nabs me nabs being a pleasant word than the phrase summarily executed Let s pretend I m able to make it past the initial hurdle of the fence and Farm security, how would I make it through the checkpoints and into City Jonah says, What a fucking mess, huh We ll have [...]

  15. Sigh 2017 has got to be The Year of the DNF.Not sure what s going on, because I really love Tremblay s stuff, but this novel, Animal Farm on meth, simply did not hold my attention I gave it the standard 20% about 60 pages to grab me, and it just didn t.

  16. A young man from a broken family tries to make the best of it in a dystopian city by working at Farm, an artificial place that provides genetically altered food When he learns his mother may be in trouble, he needs to escape, but leaving Farm isn t so easy Soon he s on the run, entering politics, and learning that life is a miserable, complex thing, no matter what you do.This book has some rough edges, but its overall theme the chaos of life appeals to the side of me that fell in love with Josep [...]

  17. I ve had mixed experiences with Tremblay in the past disliking the narcoleptic detective books, liking much of the short fiction , so it s nice to be able to recommend this book without reservation Although the invention of comic dystopias seems a growth industry these days, this novel is completely fresh and often delightful The first third, which deals with life on the Farm, is perhaps the liveliest and most memorable part of the book, but the rest, recounting the hapless protagonist s adventu [...]

  18. I can t even begin to tell you how excited I was about this book I ve read most of Tremblay s other stuff and really loved the initial forays into to the City Pier world A full blown novel in the same setting Awesome The addition of Farm to the world Brilliant It was different than I expected, differently dark and horrific than some of the stories, but I enjoyed the hell out of it nonetheless My only wish is that I d waited just a liiiiiiittle longer to devour it I read it right when it came out [...]

  19. This is a dystopic novel about a city gone mad and a guy that s caught in the cogs of the insane system.The thing that I found difficult with Swallowing a Donkey s Eye by Paul TremblaySwallowing a Donkey s Eye, was the depressed tone of the narration I m not sure if it s the Audiobook or the tone of the text itself, but I preferred the jovial tone of Love in the Time of Fridges A similar book set in an city gone mad but with a humerus tone.Perhaps the humor helps me get over the dark dystopic [...]

  20. Swallowing A Donkey s Eye is a brilliant dystopian satire along the same lines as the very best of Kurt Vonnegut and George Saunders, but without mimicking the two masters distinctive voices Tremblay charts his own path and with his vivid, hilarious prose brings the worlds of Farm, City,and Pier to horrifying life Over the last several years with his weirdboiled novels, The Little Sleep and No Sleep Till Wonderland, and his diverse, disturbing short story collection, In The Mean Time, Tremblay h [...]

  21. Paul Tremblay s SWALLOWING A DONKEY S EYE is an odd story It s funny, artisric, real and dark The protagonist id on a journey Sometimes your sitting right next to him and other times your in another car along side observing.The generic settings of Farm and City serve both as chatacters if tbe story but also insignificant stories The story itself feels detatched at times yet the plight of the protagonist pulks you through the plot undaunted.This is an interesting story that takes place in an inte [...]

  22. A strange book with a surprising amount of heart Part dystopia, part Animal Farm, part 1984 If you like any of those parts, you ll like this book.

  23. The most dystopian of futures I have read in a long while with no hope and no real ending No resolution The main character is so flawed that you would like to like him, but really, he s too angry all the way through to make any connection with.

  24. A quick an easy read I m neutral about it Didn t feel for the character much until the end when he was wondering if his mom was happy or not His dad was just riding the tide of what he knew Anyways I m OK with it.

  25. This book is strange So, so strange Part dystopia and part political satire and part family drama And it all works, it really does It was absurd and unsettling at the same time I m not sure I liked it, but I sure as hell admired it.

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